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  • Brrr!!!

    12/16/2016 10:18:33 PM, by _LINDA

    I just about froze walking (very fast) back and forth to the bridge club today. Its -23º C (-9º F) but the wind just about rips your face off. ... Read more

  • Tired again today

    12/16/2016 8:23:34 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am tired again today. I go on Monday to see my doctor so I hope that she can figure out what is wrong with me. I think it is my white cells ag... Read more

  • Introspection moment- self-image and self esteem.

    12/16/2016 7:35:41 AM, by MIAMIRN

    Introspection moment. Hi all I was surfing the community forums when I read an interesting topic on self image and weight. I... Read more

  • Game Day GO SEAHAWKS

    12/15/2016 6:58:30 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Well I have everything done for Sparks tonight so that I can sit down and enjoy my game tonight. Only sport I like to watch on TV is Football. ... Read more

  • Ongoing Weight Loss Journey

    12/15/2016 1:48:33 PM, by NDHUNTRESS

    Well a major milestone came and went and I nearly forgot about it. I am officially at my lowest weight in over 18 years. When my daughter w... Read more

  • Feeling Better today

    12/14/2016 6:35:30 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am feeling much better today. Went to see my doctor for my elbow. It is still not good but they are sending me to the wound clinic to see if ... Read more

  • A Letter to Myself

    12/14/2016 9:19:54 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    Dear Cynthia, You have been doing great at losing weight! You are now approaching the place where you don't feel ill when you catch sight of y... Read more

  • Busy

    12/14/2016 7:43:21 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Been trying to keep busy. Have my good days and bad days. Yesterday was really busy. Figured out where to put the Christmas tree, but had to move... Read more

  • Still sick go to dr tomorrow

    12/13/2016 5:47:38 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Ugh I am still sick. I go to the doctors tomorrow for my elbow to see what they want to do with it but I am going to also ask them to check my C... Read more

  • A Revision

    12/11/2016 6:07:44 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    So several years ago I was a rabid raw vegan. My skin looked amazing. I had ZERO body odor....I felt good. But it is very very hard to maintain ... Read more

  • Not feel good

    12/10/2016 6:15:10 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Well for the last three days I have not felt well at all. I am hoping this will go away soon. I dont want to keep feeling this way. I did not p... Read more

  • Navel Gazing

    12/9/2016 5:52:52 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    I just spent time looking through some other people's Spark Pages. I see the pics of their activities, adventures, travel and athletic events. ... Read more

  • feeling run down today

    12/8/2016 5:23:55 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am feeling so run down today. I just want to go back to bed but I know I cant or I wont sleep tonight. Have done everything I needed to do fo... Read more

  • Kicking and Screaming

    12/8/2016 6:38:47 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    Why is it that I CANNOT talk myself into exercising? When I was in the rehab I busted my butt....to the point of sweating...I was motivated...l... Read more

  • Went to Doctors

    12/7/2016 6:29:07 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I went to my post op my surgery did not go the way we wanted to. It made it so that it was not as deep but it is still open. So now we are goin... Read more

  • Back home from Vacation

    12/7/2016 12:05:06 AM, by HAS2BEME

    Just got home from spending a week with my mom I wish I could have stayed longer. I am still really worried about my twin brother. He is out o... Read more

  • Feeling Blessed - Pics

    12/5/2016 7:40:04 AM, by PURPLE0906

    So far everyone is feeling better now. Been trying to keep myself busy but I still have to lay down after a while due to my neck and back and the... Read more

  • Ongoing journey to good health

    12/4/2016 10:30:48 AM, by NDHUNTRESS

    I am now 152 days post weight loss surgery. I have been oh so fortunate that I have had a text book recovery. No complications of which I am well... Read more

  • stress eating

    12/4/2016 10:29:07 AM, by LOISALLEN

    End result of having the stepdaughter come visit . She is into drugs and god knows what else. anyhow, I ended up eating a big piece of apple p... Read more

  • Struggles and Truth

    12/4/2016 5:18:36 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    I've been struggling lately...I'm really feeling depressed and am praying not to be swallowed whole by that monster again. I just have to dig my... Read more

  • heading to the airport

    11/29/2016 1:47:33 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Well I am heading to the Airport to go visit my mom and my twin brother who just got out of the hospital last night. It will be a nice break... Read more

  • They Are Up! Its Down :-(

    11/28/2016 10:07:37 PM, by _LINDA

    Mom and Angus got my new lights up: Love how they... Read more

  • Packing to leave for my moms

    11/28/2016 3:05:40 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Lots to do today. I need to finish packing to go to my mom's I need to find some crock pot recipes and then make them and freeze them so all my ... Read more

  • Photo Vignette

    11/27/2016 9:53:31 PM, by _LINDA

    My brother's new pup Bailee: Still water (moon sh... Read more

  • Dropping the Mole

    11/27/2016 8:11:32 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    So I've just rapidly lost about 20 lbs following the death of my mom. Food tasted like sawdust and I had no appetite at all. SO NOW comes the c... Read more

  • Dragging today

    11/26/2016 3:41:16 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I woke up this morning feeling like someone hit me with a Mac Truck. I went back to sleep for a little while got up and felt a little better but... Read more

  • Feeling better, Thanksgiving Day

    11/26/2016 6:18:57 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Thank you to everyone for your support, prayers and well wishes. I finally felt pretty good on Thanksgiving day and so has Lilly. She still has a... Read more

  • Black Friday

    11/25/2016 8:34:28 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I hope you survived Black Friday if you went out. I did not go out but I only have two ... Read more

  • Temptation

    11/24/2016 12:42:35 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Temptation is a desire to engage in short-term urges for enjoyment, that threatens long-term goals. Remember that temptation will try and brea... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone

    11/23/2016 7:44:26 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay strong and motivated this holiday... Read more

  • In case I'm not around tomorrow...

    11/23/2016 11:27:13 AM, by BETHUMZ

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Be happy & safe and don't feel the need to eat the entire turkey! ;)... Read more

  • what kind of exercise can I do when I am away from home

    11/22/2016 6:35:35 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am going to be going to my mom's for a week next week and I am not sure what kind of exercise I can do while i am there. I am going there beca... Read more

  • Stomach flu

    11/21/2016 5:44:28 PM, by PURPLE0906

    First, thank you to everyone who responded to my feed, it's greatly appreciated. Still not 100 percent. Only eating crackers, bread. Drinkin... Read more

  • Hanging in there

    11/20/2016 3:47:47 PM, by BIENKE

    I've been successful with logging my foods. So far I lost 3 lbs since surgery. Spending almost a month in bed and then sitting on my butt for ano... Read more

  • Struggling

    11/19/2016 12:13:17 AM, by _LINDA

    Really hurting all over. Just as I was getting ready to leave Mom's, I had another of those horrible foot cramps where it feels like the bottom ... Read more

  • Have to have Surgery on Monday

    11/18/2016 11:00:05 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Because of my RA i get Rheumatoid Nodules in Aug. ( 4 days after I moved to Sacramento ) I ended up having to go to the ER because my elbow was h... Read more

  • A FUN way to get your exercise in - HA!

    11/18/2016 10:35:07 AM, by BETHUMZ

    I don't know about the rest of you but I've ALWAYS been jealous of those kids with the shoes that light up. I mean, I want some too! They didn't ... Read more

  • May you Rest In Peace

    11/18/2016 5:23:39 AM, by PURPLE0906

    tuaries/Guido-... Read more

  • Keep on pushing

    11/17/2016 4:11:27 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am very fatigued today but I am pushing through it. I am going to get everything in today that I have to do. I wish that I was just not so fa... Read more

  • It has been a long time since I have been on here

    11/16/2016 5:19:24 PM, by HAS2BEME

    It has been a long time since I have been on here. I could say my life got hectic and it seems like time has flown by but that is kind of an exc... Read more

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