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  • new day

    10/24/2014 10:48:03 AM, by KL5682

    Im tired of starting over but its ok since I havent gained. Im trying yet another new approach....just dance for wii. Gets me somewhat active. My... Read more

  • Breast cancer month

    10/24/2014 10:46:27 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Sparkers be sure to take good care of yourselves on the journey to better health. Have you had your mammogram for the year or the other ... Read more

  • Inspiration

    10/24/2014 10:39:26 AM, by SCHECK5

    Together we can change the world one person and one healthy decision at a time!... Read more

  • Starting Again...and Again...and....Again.

    10/24/2014 10:38:55 AM, by LADYKANE

    So I've slowly been creeping up in weight throughout this past year. Ever since getting mono last fall, it's been rough. I lost nearly all of my ... Read more

  • Friday!

    10/24/2014 10:32:35 AM, by YOYONOMORE1

    Good morning. Yesterday's trip to Turkeyville for dinner and the show went well, great meal and good entertainment. The bus had a little problem ... Read more

  • The no-show trainer and the bike seat

    10/24/2014 10:31:28 AM, by SCULLY722

    Now that I am on this "going to the gym" kick, I decided that it was time to revisit with the trainer at the gym. I want to get a more structure... Read more

  • Pain is good

    10/24/2014 10:29:45 AM, by SENORPARTAGAS

    Started C25K a couple days ago. I stretched out as per instructions but the front of my thighs are REALLY sore today. Lots of Voltaren seems to b... Read more

  • Day 47. I've hiit it. (but not quit it)

    10/24/2014 10:26:26 AM, by JENSTRESS

    No, that isn't a misspelling. I used it on purpose, since Insanity is HIIT, with less slow intervals... I hit my wall. I knew I would, but... Read more

  • Changing The Goal Date

    10/24/2014 10:26:02 AM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    Today is day 51 of my streak! In September, I bought two size 1X shirts, which were too small for me. I called them my Motivation Shirts. Th... Read more

  • World Changers

    10/24/2014 10:25:37 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    Together we can change the world one person and one decision at a time!... Read more

  • Hi Sparkworld!

    10/24/2014 10:25:27 AM, by KIBOUSMOM

    So it's been forever plus 2 days since I have been on Sparkpeople. Nothing crazy happened. My life didn't get turned upside down or anything... Read more

  • 3

    10/24/2014 10:21:13 AM, by MSFITZ291

    I ate better,i feel better,and im living better... Read more

  • 10/23/14 ~ Baby Steps

    10/24/2014 10:21:13 AM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. ~ Chinese Proverb Read more

  • this Week In Review

    10/24/2014 10:17:51 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Wednesday Dh and I wen o he Farmer's Markey with our grandson, his mommy and Dan to pick pumpkins out for Halloween. Read more

  • 3

    10/24/2014 10:14:37 AM, by SUNSETBREEZE05

    1 Peter 4:8 (WEB) And above all things be earnest in your love among yourselves, for love covers a multitude of sins. Promise #297: My ... Read more

  • Have a great weekend!!

    10/24/2014 10:12:36 AM, by JACKIEWALKS4FUN

    ... Read more

  • In everything give thanks,

    10/24/2014 10:10:36 AM, by JSTETSER

    No matter what happens today, we have many things to be thankful for. Just look around at the joy and love that can be found. I found some cr... Read more


    10/24/2014 10:09:57 AM, by CIERAPOET

    Happy FREESTYLE FRIDAY Blessed Ones! ... Read more

  • Challenging Weekend

    10/24/2014 10:09:42 AM, by ASHMOOLEE

    I will be going home this weekend. I eat well, drink well, and always enjoy myself. This particular weekend I will be attending our State Fair, i... Read more

  • Hit to the head

    10/24/2014 10:08:14 AM, by GAL7288

    Literally that is what it took to make me realize I have been very bad with my body. I got a really bad cold mixed in with horrible allergies for... Read more

  • Cold and dreary day in WV

    10/24/2014 10:00:15 AM, by CONNIEDETHOMAS

    Typical dreary fall day outside. It has been all week. I walked to the park and sadly noticed all the picnic tables under the pavilion were... Read more

  • WORK

    10/24/2014 9:58:58 AM, by SPORT410

    well I don't get the promotion I interviewed for, but tonight I start training in a dual rate capacity, so I'll be ready to step into the postion... Read more

  • Every.single.time.

    10/24/2014 9:57:26 AM, by BLONDEDOG

    The cravings. The bloody cravings. They will be the end of me! I do have to say I have noticed an improvement in a couple of ways ... Read more

  • Why

    10/24/2014 9:52:33 AM, by NUTRON3

    Why do custody battles have to be so nasty!... Read more


    10/24/2014 9:51:44 AM, by GENRE009

    Please leave comments on the other blog not this one, because this one will get deleted. Thanks. eva Greet the day with your projection / S... Read more

  • Day 33 and today I weigh...

    10/24/2014 9:44:28 AM, by UDSKAM

    Today is Day 33 of my weight loss transformation and I weighed in at 172.8 lbs. Happy Friday! Not much to say today, but have a safe and fu... Read more

  • Forgot to add:

    10/24/2014 9:42:16 AM, by BETHLS79

    Mine eyes have seen the glory and that glory is PB2. I am a peanut butter junkie, but it's so high in calories that I tend to avoid it. PB2, th... Read more

  • Day 127--no headache this morning.

    10/24/2014 9:39:07 AM, by IMSTILLYOUNG!

    Day 4 of Whole30 and the wicked headache I had yesterday is gone. I took advil last night and was able to sleep just fine. This morning, I di... Read more

  • Brave/Apathetic Today

    10/24/2014 9:37:41 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    First I want to say thank you all for the encouragement, it really means a lot to me!! I've been called brave several times in the last two weeks... Read more

  • What a Difference One Day Makes

    10/24/2014 9:36:30 AM, by SMILINGTREE

    I've been whining about time management a whole lot lately. A big part of that is because I'm working three days a week at the restaurant. Five e... Read more

  • it's friday

    10/24/2014 9:35:24 AM, by MOMMY445

    i heard from my good friend the other day, the one who went overseas a few weeks ago. he is doing well and wants to know if i am doing well. a tr... Read more

  • Victorious

    10/24/2014 9:33:53 AM, by BETHLS79

    What an excellent few days I've had!!! I've been out of my office to attend a seminar, so I was out of my usual routine. The seminar was at a h... Read more

  • Ok I need help

    10/24/2014 9:32:18 AM, by JUSTBREATHE44

    I don't think I have been this unmotivated, ever. Granted I know I have 2 kids, one 9 month and the other 2 1/2 yrs but this is ridiculous. All... Read more

  • God to help me take off 30Lbs.

    10/24/2014 9:30:12 AM, by MYLILLIAN4ME

    I started two days ago I have to have a medical procedure on Monday and there is a list of foods not to eat for 7 days. I am 60 there were also a... Read more

  • A Tale of a NOT low carb day

    10/24/2014 9:23:58 AM, by CFODEL

    Yesterday was NOT a low carb day. I got cravings and GAVE IN to a huge helping of Cheese Nips. Then we went out to a buffet, and... Read more

  • A Thank You Note

    10/24/2014 9:22:18 AM, by KELLIEBEAN

    I've waited 11 years I think and it's finally happening. DH and I are going to Mexico in March with a local radio station. Every year they invit... Read more

  • Weekly Blog Update - Week #12

    10/24/2014 9:20:31 AM, by SMALLSTEPS

    Cold weather. Man, the cravings for warm pastas and dark chocolate whatevers can certainly take hold, huh? I haven't been drinking enough wa... Read more

  • Planning...

    10/24/2014 9:14:06 AM, by CALLIKIA

    So, I'm sitting with myself in the car this morning asking myself: "How do I get this going? What has worked before? What can still work with w... Read more

  • Staying Positive

    10/24/2014 9:09:44 AM, by DINAOREILLY

    I have found myself this past few weeks feeling very down with all the issues I have had to deal with that are completely unrelated to weight, ex... Read more


    10/24/2014 9:08:34 AM, by 4DOGNIGHT

    So about 8 months ago I joined a Sverapa Yoga class. Not sure that is how to spell it but it is an unusual name. There are many types of Yoga a... Read more

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