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  • Stress & Anxiety Update

    8/29/2015 6:57:49 AM, by PURPLE0906

    I guess my mind and body finally said enough was enough. I did go to my Doctor's and talked to him. Seems all I am doing is crying all the time. ... Read more

  • Computer Time :(

    8/29/2015 6:57:39 AM, by IRISH421

    I like to try to get as many points as I can accumulate doing everything I can on the SP page, but it doesn't seem to burn as many calories as ac... Read more

  • Saturday, August 29

    8/29/2015 6:54:09 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Coming to another month end and it's now two months of working till 10 PM Monday through Friday. Last night, I worked with a customer from 5:59 P... Read more

  • Memoirs of a Skinny Girl Trapped.

    8/29/2015 6:28:32 AM, by PRETTYPENGUIN22

    Well things are looking doctor finally prescribed me some weight loss medication...I really hope this will let me finally lose this weig... Read more

  • Encouragement

    8/29/2015 6:26:38 AM, by CATHRINE2010

    We all need encouragement and it comes in many forms. People today seem to criticize instead of positive reinforcement. I just want to take a mom... Read more

  • Meet the challenge head on!

    8/29/2015 6:11:20 AM, by JSTETSER

    Last night someone challenged a statement that I made. After working very hard during the first week of school, I did not want to meet a challen... Read more

  • Beck Trek Day 2

    8/29/2015 6:05:30 AM, by QUEENOTHEFOREST

    Pick a diet. Then pick another for a back up plan just in case the first stops working, becomes unsustainable. Day two’s assignment. I... Read more

  • My Fitbit Steps for 29 Aug 15

    8/29/2015 5:54:42 AM, by HODGEVL66

    ... Read more

  • My weakness. My enemy.

    8/29/2015 5:44:13 AM, by WIGGILLS

    There is 1 thing that will make me fall. 1 thing that make feel to roll up in ball stuff myself fool of chocolates. And that 1 thing is a clothes... Read more

  • Steps

    8/29/2015 5:43:08 AM, by ARLANDRIA606

    I've just reviewed my Fitbit data while having a sit-down after our morning walk, and flicking through the graphs, I found the one showing me my ... Read more


    8/29/2015 5:25:33 AM, by LITTLEWIND53

    AND THEN IT IS WINTER You know. . . time has a way of moving quickly and catching you unaware of the passing years. It seems just yes... Read more

  • On a Break

    8/29/2015 4:39:15 AM, by MICAROO

    We are between challenges, and I'm taking a bit of a break. I think I needed a break; I was feeling burned out. I've gained a few pounds in... Read more

  • August 29, Numbers 14

    8/29/2015 4:26:47 AM, by N_SPECT_R

    We look again at this familiar story of the spies that went into Canaan. I could understand how a person that has never seen God do miracles wou... Read more

  • Been busy

    8/29/2015 4:25:43 AM, by ARNETTELEE

    It's been a busy you can tell I haven't had a chance to blog and do other spark activities. Oh well. Happy sparking everyone!... Read more

  • Quote for the Day

    8/29/2015 4:19:39 AM, by JUDITH316

    The day that each person willingly accepts himself or herself for who he or she is and acknowledges the uniqueness of God's framing process marks... Read more

  • "One More Time" You Do It...

    8/29/2015 4:17:30 AM, by JUDITH316

    Good Morning All, Wishing you all a fantastic Friday and Weekend ahead.... Read more

  • Bible Verse for Today

    8/29/2015 4:11:07 AM, by JUDITH316

    Acts 17:28 For in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, For we are also His offspring. ... Read more

  • August- the 58th countdown - day 14

    8/29/2015 4:07:36 AM, by ODDLASS

    153lb 10t 13lb. I had a good night last night with friends, out in our garden. The food and drink went down well with all concerned. I thin... Read more

  • My long long day...

    8/29/2015 3:39:08 AM, by WITCHYWOMAN75

    I have no idea why I'm letting you all know about my day. I just need to keep blogging. Went to the dentist at 9:00 to have those bits of... Read more


    8/29/2015 3:13:44 AM, by HYE101

    The most important gifts you can give are your love, time , and attention . Slow down , take time to smile & enjoy loved ones ... life goes ... Read more

  • Project Restart- Day 10 of 10-Minute Fitness Streak

    8/29/2015 3:08:07 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    Day 10 of my 10-minute fitness streak! Today I was... Read more

  • A Happy Day!

    8/29/2015 3:00:46 AM, by SCOTTYDOG76

    I went to the doctor for a tetanus shot today and I am: ... Read more

  • Day 1...

    8/29/2015 2:53:47 AM, by LOULIE79

    So here I am, starting again! I'm 35 and have been overweight my whole life. It's time for a change!! I stumbled across SP last night, looks like... Read more

  • Friday wrap up

    8/29/2015 2:51:58 AM, by SOOZIEQUE55

    With the start of the new school year there are always changes that can be a bit disruptive. As I teach music, my schedule never stays the same f... Read more

  • I am grateful for, 8/28

    8/29/2015 2:43:21 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. my babies, because they are my darlings. 2. hitting the hole first thing, because it was a good hit. 3. surprise visits, because they answ... Read more

  • Sweet failure

    8/29/2015 2:34:25 AM, by BEMUSED2

    The family and I spent the evening getting nothing done. We packed the car with all our fishing gear, picked up the younger after soccer and fed... Read more

  • Day 77 - Counting my Blessings

    8/29/2015 2:12:28 AM, by LASHARINK

    Well I called the Neurologist again on Friday, and asked if she was not available, isn't there someone else I could speak to? I was told her ass... Read more


    8/29/2015 2:09:15 AM, by TODDERICKV

    Another great weight loss this week. I lost another five pounds this week for a total of 14 since school started. I had a nice evening. I met a ... Read more

  • Day #1

    8/29/2015 1:55:04 AM, by MISSMARTIC

    It is right now almost 2 am, August 29, 2015. I found myself looking up pictures of weight loss on my phone. I can't help but keep asking myself ... Read more

  • 8/28

    8/29/2015 1:52:48 AM, by BARCELONAME

    wishing you all a restful night..... sweet dreams... Read more

  • 10:30pm

    8/29/2015 1:42:10 AM, by ASMALLPKG

    Good day today. My bff is in town and we shopped till we LITERALLY dropped. Enjoyed dinner with friends. ..every Friday night! Life is too shor... Read more

  • Daily Positives

    8/29/2015 1:35:06 AM, by JUSTLIKEALICE

    At the group home we have a practice called a daily positive. It is a daily note from a member of the staff to each child in our care that tells ... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    8/29/2015 1:34:39 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings." - Samuel Johnson... Read more

  • What Is Wrong With Me?

    8/29/2015 1:23:22 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    I do really good one day and the next day I can't stay on track. I try to eat good. Every day I start off with the best of intentions. By the end... Read more

  • And again . . .

    8/29/2015 1:14:51 AM, by SUZYWM

    For someone with as much awareness as I showed in my last couple of posts, I sure do fall back into old habits. Huh. And well. Well well. ... Read more

  • SparkCoach Assignment

    8/29/2015 1:12:54 AM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Today's assignment is to post things I "love" about my body. Hm... Seems like that's no very modest. However immediately am really appreciat... Read more

  • Keeping on

    8/29/2015 1:09:30 AM, by YULSUNNY

    Hey everyone, There's been so much going on this past month, I'm exhausted and feeling pretty beaten down. We suffered two losses of fa... Read more

  • Hi folks! And bye folks!

    8/29/2015 1:08:47 AM, by DAVIDPRESCOTT

    I have been on Spark for around 5 years now, on and off, returning and leaving, throwing in a few posts and then disappearing again. But. ... Read more

  • "Find 10" Challenge (F10C) Day 1

    8/29/2015 1:08:02 AM, by GTNP4ME

    I am in need of a little extra prodding to get my dose of exercise each day, a sort of booster shot, so I just signed up for the this (seemingly)... Read more

  • Gratitude August 28 2015

    8/29/2015 1:07:36 AM, by JENNEINAZ

    This morning I crushed the tip of the ring finger of my right hand while trying to close the garage door from the outside. I broke the top part ... Read more

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