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  • Inspirational Thoughts

    9/30/2014 1:32:58 AM, by SORTIZA99

    A blessed day to everyone. Best regards. Take care.... Read more

  • An Eye Opener

    9/30/2014 1:15:23 AM, by FUZZYBEEZ

    Recently one of the Home Health Nurses that worked with my Dad told me what she thinks is happening. She told me that because of all the physica... Read more

  • A Humbling Experience

    9/30/2014 1:11:18 AM, by LALALOVELY76

    I ran across this online. This is 100 pounds of fat!!!! And I've lost over... Read more


    9/30/2014 1:08:54 AM, by HYE101

    Never let a win go to your head , or a loss to your hear . ~ Anonymous... Read more

  • HEY !!ITS' ME !!

    9/30/2014 1:03:06 AM, by GRANDMAFRANNY


  • dad called after 15 months

    9/30/2014 1:01:02 AM, by FENWAYGIRL18

    so I was about to text my hubby when my dads picture filled the phone and I thought OMG did I dial him by mistake and then I realized he was call... Read more

  • challenge done anyway

    9/30/2014 12:46:15 AM, by IMREITE

    i have been fighting a throat/head cold. i have been tiring faseter but i dinished my crunch challenge anyeay. i was hoping to be able to do sets... Read more

  • Sad but happy

    9/30/2014 12:45:32 AM, by SANDI92167

    This weekend we cleaned out my closet to get to my "skinny" clothes. I had forgotten that there was a pair of brand new jeans hanging in there a... Read more

  • Week Five

    9/30/2014 12:39:04 AM, by NORRISMOVIE

    9/24/14 Feeling good about myself and loving our BIO/Nutrition class with all of the self-awareness.(wink-wink) No, seriously! Today was sp... Read more

  • Tracking my food

    9/30/2014 12:38:17 AM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    I keep seeing posts where it seems for some of our sparkpeople it is very difficult for them to track their food. They seem to have a problem wi... Read more

  • Walking

    9/30/2014 12:29:11 AM, by CREE123

    My camera is broken. I am using my cellphone for photos now. My sis took th... Read more

  • Decadence

    9/30/2014 12:22:41 AM, by AAAACK

    1/2 oz gorgonzola 10g (about 5 halves) walnuts 4g (large drizzle) fresh honey total under 150 calories, but with so much flavor it was m... Read more

  • Tues

    9/30/2014 12:12:34 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Enjoy your day I'm want to go home but if you want to to weight go in to the hospital I am in I have to beg for food that I can actually eat th... Read more

  • Completely sore

    9/29/2014 11:58:51 PM, by MELYROD18

    Went for a run last night with my younger sister, cousin and neighbor. Wow ... Read more

  • The basement flooded from the garbage diposal.

    9/29/2014 11:53:13 PM, by NORASPAT

    I have been cleaning the basement floor. I started a blog and I had to leave it. As soon as I was ready to continue it went away. ... Read more

  • Day 140

    9/29/2014 11:52:39 PM, by EGMINGA

    "Nobody changes until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change" I needed to change because the outcome if I don'... Read more

  • You KNOW you're changing when....

    9/29/2014 11:52:32 PM, by MONTREALESTMOI

    You come home after a super long day at work and you do rigorous exercise for almost an hour. This new Neanie is doing all kinds of unexpe... Read more

  • September 29, 2014

    9/29/2014 11:52:03 PM, by DRJEANS26

    Had a good day today. Got quite a bit in for exercise. Washed my truck and got two walks in. Jus... Read more

  • It's a slow healing process

    9/29/2014 11:48:51 PM, by TARZANSGIRL2

    So a bit of an update on the shoulder issue. After getting my ultrasound result it was discovered that it wasn't a rotator cuff injury. My phys... Read more

  • Physical therapy push

    9/29/2014 11:43:30 PM, by DEBBIE_C

    Still in the race. Working with phys therapy to overcome some deficits. This week is all about pacing myself and moving every day. ... Read more

  • Day 46

    9/29/2014 11:42:16 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Today I did finish putting everything back in the closet. But in doing so I created another project that needs to get done. My husband died alm... Read more

  • Week Five

    9/29/2014 11:40:42 PM, by REDHENEXPLORING

    Week five and my goals have changed from cooking in bulk to incorporating more fiber rich super foods like avocado in my diet. I planted some spi... Read more

  • First Steps

    9/29/2014 11:39:15 PM, by CURVYGAL_70

    I've just begun my journey. I am estimating this process to take about 2 years. I am beginning this attempt the first week of September 2014. I'm... Read more

  • Catching up

    9/29/2014 11:35:30 PM, by COWGRRRL

    It's been a while since I blogged last. I've been sick on and off, and I hurt my back a few weeks back. It's been a bit rough. But I'm start... Read more

  • Little Bit Bummed

    9/29/2014 11:32:59 PM, by ELJAYS1

    So, I have really been trying to lose weight since Christmas. I have given up coke, quit eating fried foods, I add veggies to everything I eat, ... Read more

  • Monday

    9/29/2014 11:31:27 PM, by SEWINGMAMACDS

    It was good to get up early and do 30 minutes on the elliptical. I am ready to have a good week. My Daily Goals: Day 7 of 100 - 9/29 ... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge - Day 10

    9/29/2014 11:29:08 PM, by LYNNIERN

    I ran across this article today on my friend Katie/KATIEDIDTOO's post over on the Fitbit team. For someone whose been on the treadmill at 11:55 ... Read more

  • Rummage sale set up

    9/29/2014 11:27:16 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Busy day. Dr. appointment, Worked dish/kitchen room set up lots of mugs and dishes, cookware, etc. Fitness center for quick workout. Here ar... Read more

  • Minnesota Trip

    9/29/2014 11:22:37 PM, by BUBBLESTOO

    ... Read more

  • Remaining Focused

    9/29/2014 11:20:13 PM, by ROBBIEY

    As the season changes from Summer to Fall, I am trying to remain focused on maintaining my weight loss. It will be a challenge especially on day... Read more

  • October Goals

    9/29/2014 11:19:37 PM, by LORIVIOLA

    October Goals: ~ Stretch more (and find a yoga class?) ~ More freggies and water. ~ Oral care and foot care ~ Track food regularly ~ Ge... Read more

  • Accept Me As I Am...

    9/29/2014 11:05:23 PM, by KRYSSCOTT

    This is a continuation of blogs %$*! is about to get real & Roller Coaster Ride to Hockey Sticks. I share this with you not for your apologies... Read more

  • forward

    9/29/2014 11:03:00 PM, by BUSYBUSYBUSYBEE

    The past couple of weeks have really been one thing after another. My car's battery died; the lecture I gave went poorly; I found a big cavity in... Read more


    9/29/2014 10:57:46 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well yesterday we got things moved into my new store. Hubby got the hangers in the wall so I can hang things. I need a lot more merchandise. I... Read more

  • Where, oh where to find lost motivation!

    9/29/2014 10:54:05 PM, by AMYBELLES

    This week my blog assignment for Week 4 of the Aspire and Inspire BSG Team is... Read more

  • Food log #1772

    9/29/2014 10:51:35 PM, by LINDIEINRED

    Breakfast: Smoothie (banana, spinach, Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries), whole wheat toast Lunch: Pizza Snack: yogurt Dinner: G... Read more

  • Not Exercising Makes Me Feel Lumpy

    9/29/2014 10:49:47 PM, by THINBRANDY2014

    I hate when I don't get fitness in. I start out my day with wonderful plans of what I will do. I prep my meals, snacks, and workouts. The pro... Read more

  • Monday

    9/29/2014 10:48:19 PM, by HARROWJET

    I think I will start working on something else for October. I will still be exercising of course but I need something to keep myself motivated. ... Read more

  • Bogging Myself Down

    9/29/2014 10:46:59 PM, by YAKIRA_AVIGAYIL

    Sometimes, I allow myself to get bogged down in daily occurances in life. Then I don't take care of myself like I should. For example, we brought... Read more

  • Finding a solution

    9/29/2014 10:43:28 PM, by MSLZZY

    We are having some issues with our oldest son and his GF. She tries to get into every conversation, reads his emails and texts, calls us thro... Read more

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