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  • National Anthem Day

    3/3/2015 9:13:47 AM, by ADKISTLER

    National Anthem Day Date When Celebrated : Al... Read more

  • back from vacation

    3/3/2015 9:13:21 AM, by DEA5011

    Well, I guess I did ok over my long weekend trip away. I got tons of walking in, though I definitely overindulged a little bit on food. Need to g... Read more

  • Smiles

    3/3/2015 9:06:35 AM, by BARBARAJ73

    Have had my heart warmed by several things recently and I want to pause and enjoy them. And be thankful. Nothing extraordinary. In fact, prett... Read more

  • Active Tuesday

    3/3/2015 9:06:07 AM, by DWROBERGE

    Exercises are going very well. Weight is steady. Calories remain below 1300. Trivia is still at 100%. Looks like rain today. We have our you... Read more


    3/3/2015 9:05:16 AM, by TODDERICKV

    It looks like the warmer weather is around the corner. I am looking forward to getting outside and biking some more. Today, it is rainy, and I ... Read more

  • Motivation

    3/3/2015 9:03:55 AM, by SWITCHBLADE

    Sometimes I find it hard to get motivated. There are days when I am roaring to go and others where I am just....blah. Sometimes it helps ... Read more

  • Vacation and now back home

    3/3/2015 9:03:44 AM, by SUZIEQUE77

    I spent two weeks in the south, enjoying warm weather. It is sort of painful to return back home to "winter" and as for many, this winter is part... Read more

  • Still Here

    3/3/2015 9:01:28 AM, by LIGHTLY_

    Determined to stick with this. Spark has so much motivation and offers so much of what I need to keep going; ie tracking, interaction with other... Read more

  • You had me at WHOOPER

    3/3/2015 8:55:28 AM, by LUCKY1964

    I'll be a monkeys uncle If I didn't cave yesterday and give into eating badly by the end of the day. I had burger King not once but twice yesterd... Read more

  • New day

    3/3/2015 8:53:25 AM, by MRSBLAK43

    After being in a "don't care" attitude for 2yrs - i'm declaring that's over. I've allowed myself to fall: with weight increase, don't care how I ... Read more

  • Neighbor, Technology, Shaking Things Up

    3/3/2015 8:51:47 AM, by JAMIRBLAZE

    Dear Neighbor: This weekend, when you ran/walked past my house a couple of times and saw me smiling at you while doing yard work, I hope tha... Read more

  • Deep thoughts....

    3/3/2015 8:50:02 AM, by CALL-ME-QUEEN-B

    Not really. Haha. I was just thinking about that old SNL skit, "Deep Thought... Read more

  • Two major cooking days

    3/3/2015 8:47:44 AM, by IMAHAPPYSTEPPER

    I am traveling later this week, and have already planned my menus for those days that I am on the road. I will be chopping and cooking these mea... Read more

  • Reflecting

    3/3/2015 8:40:37 AM, by MAVERICK59

    Reflecting on this week’s team challenge to take a look at how I talk to and about myself. Do you know someone that wears glasses, walks wit... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    3/3/2015 8:39:57 AM, by MOMMY445

    a lovely day here today. there is going to be a bit of snow this afternoon here. that is fine by me and my daughter. spring is not too far away n... Read more

  • Fraud!!

    3/3/2015 8:32:04 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Yup, there it is, my undeserved February 2015 Trivia A student award. And I'm a fraud. An imposter!! Which makes me think more g... Read more

  • Day 58 - 233.6 - More Storms To Come

    3/3/2015 8:31:29 AM, by FANNYSMOM48

    It seems like it's never ending. More wintry mix this afternoon, lots of rain tomorrow, and then snow on Thursday. Please come, Spring! We miss y... Read more

  • Day Five - The Drama

    3/3/2015 8:29:15 AM, by LLBLCKRAINCLOUD

    So here's the drama that's been happening lately. We have a renter who is at a separate property. This renter was supposed to be moved out by the... Read more

  • Missed a long run

    3/3/2015 8:27:09 AM, by SCHYLLAEIRENES

    I got sick last week, really sick. Thursday was supposed to be my short run, 3.5 miles, and Saturday the long run, 11 miles. I missed them both b... Read more

  • This will brighten your day 998

    3/3/2015 8:21:51 AM, by LAC936

    ... Read more

  • Food

    3/3/2015 8:21:09 AM, by CHICHI4322

    I am don't know about others but I feel like I need to publicly protest my addiction and dependance on food. Since i have moved to arizona my big... Read more

  • FitBit stats Wk2/D2

    3/3/2015 8:18:34 AM, by BEYONDMYFENCES

    FitBit stats Wk2/D2 - 3/2/2015 10,980 steps / 4.69 miles / 12 flights of stairs 61 bpm resting heart rate / 2 hr 44 min "fat burn" zone ... Read more

  • Making SparkPeople a college class

    3/3/2015 8:14:33 AM, by GAILITCH

    **My 2nd class** I am taking college classes at night. This term, I have only one class (instead of the usual two) because I knew that Bob bei... Read more

  • 3/3/15

    3/3/2015 8:12:16 AM, by KNUCHI

    I went to the gym last night to take a class called Tone and Tighten. I felt like jelly afterwards. I was originally just going to go in and us... Read more

  • I forgot yesterday....hm

    3/3/2015 8:10:21 AM, by DSCROW

    I had to work early and dealt with sinus all day, I guess I forgot to sign in. Heading to Doc today to get the sinus dealt with. Have a gre... Read more

  • March Madness

    3/3/2015 8:09:36 AM, by SBEAR5

    It doesn't quite feel like March yet here in South Texas. We're still getting temps in the 30's and 40's. I know for some of you, that would be... Read more

  • The long haul.

    3/3/2015 8:07:45 AM, by JIMA64

    Sometimes I am a slave to the scale. Although I can feel clthes getting looser and feeling fat leaving my arms and legs from exercising I still ... Read more

  • Back to Square One

    3/3/2015 8:07:13 AM, by TAWA0823

    I went way off kilter the last few years and stopped doing my program. Well, I suppose I didn't stop completely because I didn't really gain a tr... Read more

  • back on track

    3/3/2015 8:06:37 AM, by GEEKYGRANDMOMMY

    I will get back on track. I will get back on track. I will get back on track. TODAY!!!!! ... Read more

  • Favourite Quote

    3/3/2015 8:06:00 AM, by MISSCLAVEL

    "You are what you repeatedly do." It's never impossible or too late to make changes - the little things we do today create a different tomor... Read more

  • I am back again

    3/3/2015 8:04:45 AM, by JCRAFT6

    I am back again... I have not only gained all my weight back but a little more... I now feel the need to really change. Taking it slow and litt... Read more

  • Whatever....Mar.3rd

    3/3/2015 8:03:58 AM, by WHSIPERINGPINE7

    ... Read more

  • It's good to be a BOTTOM FEEDER!!!

    3/3/2015 8:01:53 AM, by SANDICANE

    The local newspaper ran an article on addictive foods last Saturday. I'm sure NOBODY is ready to hear this, but here are the 5 most addictive an... Read more

  • 3/3/2015

    3/3/2015 7:55:13 AM, by TIATOPIA29

    Today is my last day off, then 5 days on, one off, two on. Then another stretch off. I have the breakfast choices made for Jason and I. Now I nee... Read more

  • Happy March

    3/3/2015 7:54:51 AM, by LADYMACK24

    Hope you are all ready for March madness, even if it isn't basketball. En... Read more

  • Just for me :)

    3/3/2015 7:53:43 AM, by FLYINGTOFREEDOM

    So, I got my tax money and bought a bunch of stuff we needed for the house, some stuff for the kids, some stuff for my spouse and low and behold ... Read more

  • Letting it Happen

    3/3/2015 7:53:17 AM, by DYANNE4293

    The first skill needed for the Inner Game is called "letting it happen." This means gradually building a trust in the innate ability of your body... Read more

  • Off to a good start

    3/3/2015 7:52:18 AM, by LILSHINE

    I've seen it posted that you should never miss a Monday workout! Why? Because it sets the tone for your week! So did I miss my Monday workout ... Read more

  • That first cup in the morning

    3/3/2015 7:42:12 AM, by DEADCENTER

    For me I find the best tasting coffee of the day is that first cup. When I was younger I never much appreciated mornings. But as I aged I found s... Read more

  • Mar 03: Strategy Oh Strategy

    3/3/2015 7:39:34 AM, by FATHINSN

    After cried worth seven seas last night, today I woke up with crazy headache due to bad sleep. And lots of dry heaves and finally, vomit. But I a... Read more

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