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Funny how the little things help lift my mood
4/17/2014 1:19:51 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Right now my new earrings are doing it for me. I continue with a low calorie high protein food plan. So far it's working. I envision that it will...  Read more


4/16/2014 2:00:03 PM,  3 COMMENTS

After 3 months, I feel like I'm starting to get back on the forward journey. I mean, we're always racing forward, it's inevitable. But now I feel prod...  Read more


Why My Spark Still Shines Brightly
4/16/2014 6:16:49 AM,  118 COMMENTS

I'm sure there are some people out there who wonder why I'm still active on SparkPeople since I'm "just" maintaining my weight and not losing anymore,...  Read more


Look Better To Feel Good
4/14/2014 11:48:53 AM,  1 COMMENTS

My mission when I get the chance sometime today: Look for some cool earrings Find a blouse with a colorful print Wear makeup as if I was goin...  Read more


What I saw on my walk today
4/13/2014 8:46:54 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Two small lizards came out to say hi. Three beautiful flower arrangements that smelled of roses. I had tea with two friends. It was a nice visit....  Read more


Continue with Spark for motivation
4/12/2014 1:45:52 PM,  1 COMMENTS

If it weren't for the Spark system of being able to log my calories I don't think I could have done it. Finally I'm on active weight loss. Weighing an...  Read more


Back in the same cycle again
4/12/2014 12:17:57 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I stay up late, then I go to bed after sun up. I get a little sleep. Then I have to get up a shortly later, and wonder why being so tired I keep stayi...  Read more


Less Cravings Woo Hoo
4/11/2014 4:39:30 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Lately I have noticed that food cravings are less. I almost didn't notice that they had disappeared. Today I am relishing the fact that it finally hap...  Read more


What I Learned Scrubbing Mold Off My Walls
4/10/2014 2:34:13 PM,  37 COMMENTS

Since it was essentially constructed on a swamp, Venice is perpetually humid. No matter the time of year, it's humid. Cold days feel even colder and h...  Read more


Keeping it Real: Is What We're Doing a Help or a Hindrance?
4/9/2014 4:17:23 AM,  153 COMMENTS

In my "dirty little secrets" blog from a few days ago, I wrote about the fact that I'm a daily weigher. To weigh or not to weigh every day has been a...  Read more


The Key To Happiness...
4/8/2014 1:41:34 PM,  4 COMMENTS

How come certain people expect other people to make them happy, when they can not even find happiness in themselves? It is unfair for anyone to expect...  Read more


The Changing Shape of Motivation
4/7/2014 6:07:24 PM,  120 COMMENTS

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to read and comment on my last blog about my "dirty little secrets". I had no idea it would touch so many...  Read more


Goals 04/07 - 04/12
4/6/2014 10:16:12 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Well I didn't do great on last week's goals but I didn't do too horribly either. This week I need to focus again on water, walking, and freggies. ...  Read more


My Dirty Little Secrets
4/5/2014 5:21:49 AM,  174 COMMENTS

1) I dislike exercise--sometimes intensely. I know we're supposed to love physical activity and seek out things that we truly enjoy. The truth for...  Read more


Update: I busted my butt and gained two pounds -- that scale better run away!
4/5/2014 3:31:09 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Ugh. I'm up two pounds. Seriously? I worked hard. Not amused. Still, I got back in the pool and will keep doing so. I'm trying to perfect my fre...  Read more


Day 5- Getting easier
4/4/2014 12:38:12 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Yay Day 5, getting closer to one week down. Still not sleeping very well, but I'm hoping that the adrenaline-y jitters slow down soon. Was up all nigh...  Read more


Renewed Strength
4/3/2014 11:46:50 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am so happy I found renewed strength. Sad that it took so long. Hope it stays with me. Sad that it was through seeing the terminal illness of a frie...  Read more


Day Three- The going gets tough
4/2/2014 8:10:21 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Urgh! For me, day three has always been the toughest. I think it's because it's the time when my metabolism starts to shift, or I start burning fat or...  Read more


Inspiration Found Through Media
4/2/2014 12:49:49 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Whenever I get the cravings I look for inspiration in Social Media or on Spark page. The other day I found it in the way of poems and healing sayings...  Read more


Busting my butt: Must lose at least 200 pounds to qualify for prosthetic knees
4/2/2014 3:03:06 AM,  10 COMMENTS

I know I haven't been around much lately. I don't know if very many people have noticed that, but in any case, for those that have, and for those that...  Read more


Goals for 03/31-04/05
3/30/2014 10:27:58 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So this is going to be a crazy week. The place where I am temping is mandating overtime for this week. I've already been working at least 45 hours a w...  Read more


Spiritual recovery through media
3/30/2014 4:13:49 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Hello, Surfing the net and found a Trailer about a movie made for women finally, that appears up-to-date as far as, connect the dots...what's hap...  Read more


Week 1 Weigh In!
3/28/2014 1:30:49 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Last week: 379.4 This week: 372.8 Loss of 6.6 lb! YAYYYYYYYYY Most of this is water weight/inflammation, and I think I still have so...  Read more


I Am Enough
3/26/2014 7:04:31 PM,  79 COMMENTS

When I reached goal a little over two years ago, I was in a bit of a panic--partially because I previously had always regained any weight I lost and p...  Read more


The road to success isnt always obvious...... Look to the small victories!
3/24/2014 3:29:09 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I havent been around much due to the success and expansion of but I had to share this most recent email that hit the nail on...  Read more


An active weekend
3/23/2014 11:42:24 PM,  11 COMMENTS

From my bike ride Saturday morning: I took these while I was kayaking today: From my beach combing walk Sunday evening: Geo...  Read more


Vanity vs. Health--Does it Make a Difference?
3/20/2014 6:28:11 PM,  92 COMMENTS

When I was younger and began to struggle with my weight, I always aimed to shed pounds for vanity reasons--understandably so, because what eight year...  Read more


Embracing Positive Change
3/18/2014 7:32:32 AM,  73 COMMENTS

I've read a few blogs recently here that have revolved around the themes of longer-term motivation and self sabotage. The idea of self sabotage is ver...  Read more


Happy St Patrick's Day!
3/17/2014 1:42:05 PM,  3 COMMENTS

137 438 440 437 May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may...  Read more


I feel falling off
3/17/2014 6:59:01 AM,  3 COMMENTS

What is is with reaching goal that makes us so complacent? I keep falling off. I seem to have this pattern - good on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu - then F...  Read more


Cross country skiing plus update
3/16/2014 9:52:51 PM,  11 COMMENTS

All the rain we've been getting at sea level meant there would be lots of snow on the mountains, so my sister, her boyfriend and I went cross country...  Read more


The Long and Winding Road to Moderation
3/12/2014 8:09:45 PM,  32 COMMENTS

Moderation is one of those things that's always seemed like a great idea, but that I've often had a hard time putting into practice. I've been thinkin...  Read more


My Life Broke... and now I'm picking up the pieces.
3/11/2014 7:33:52 PM,  10 COMMENTS

On January 10, 2014, the life that I had been building up came crashing down. My boyfriend of almost 5 years died in an automobile accident. I l...  Read more


Happy Birthday Dear Husband!
3/11/2014 12:37:08 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This is my husband's birthday cake. It's his Birthday today and I wish him all the happiness in the world. I used B...  Read more


1 mile dog walk for Herry's kids
3/10/2014 7:47:47 PM,  8 COMMENTS

participated in a great charity walk this last weekend. It was a 1 mile Dog Walk for Herry's kids, which takes care of children in Hospice care and he...  Read more


3/10/2014 9:25:11 AM,  4 COMMENTS

There's been a bit of confusion lately about what I'm trying to achieve. I need to clear this up. I had a little bit of a relapse these p...  Read more


3/7/2014 3:12:22 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Wow. This time around has been a little harder. Back up 3 lbs down 3 lbs up 5 lbs down 5 lbs. I would love to chuck it up to just having a baby and it...  Read more


I'm Possible!
3/7/2014 2:49:31 AM,  124 COMMENTS

Today I arrived at a huge milestone in terms of my weight management--that coveted two-year mark when my odds of regain go from as high as 98% all the...  Read more


Make it an Occasion!
3/6/2014 12:51:44 PM,  3 COMMENTS

It's only tea time right? Make your brew, and relax...unwind, get it done with. But no - I have started making a point of making...  Read more


Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
3/5/2014 3:41:56 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Firstly, I want to say that I know I've been slacking for the past week....but I wish I could have gone to the gym! I crashed my car and that was a bi...  Read more


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