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  • Use the Force

    10/2/2015 10:51:25 AM, by BPXDOMINO

    Signed up for the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge - a 10k followed by a half-marathon at Disney World in 2016. I kind of want to be done with runni... Read more

  • Love the Sparkpeople community!

    9/26/2015 10:28:02 PM, by GMARIE9999

    (I felt inspired to blog after reading some of the wonderful comments from great Sparkpeople!) I had a pretty rough couple of weeks. In my area... Read more

  • Believe it to receive it

    9/1/2015 12:14:24 PM, by MIDWESTLORRAINE

    Change happens when you change you heart. Its never about the food. Change happens when you change. Change happens when you call out that - that... Read more

  • Whole 30 update

    9/1/2015 10:12:09 AM, by GMARIE9999

    I loved the book's focus on REAL food. It definitely made me more conscious of true foods and basic cooking. I really enjoy cooking and many of... Read more

  • update... less baggage, more life

    9/1/2015 6:51:07 AM, by M2HEALTH

    1599 days ago I wrote about how someone's negative v... Read more

  • Whole30

    8/11/2015 2:41:47 PM, by GMARIE9999

    I picked up a copy of the Whole30 book this weekend from the library. What I'm not understanding is how it differs from a regular old-fashioned ... Read more

  • Hello Monday!

    8/10/2015 9:08:31 AM, by GMARIE9999

    Last week was only a partially successful goal week for me. I accomplished about half of the tasks I had on my list, however, I'm not very far f... Read more

  • Sparkers Rock

    8/2/2015 7:33:15 PM, by TRILLIANTOO

    It has been years since I have been a regular member of SparkPeople. I love this site, but got enough of a handle on my food & etc I didn't need ... Read more

  • Looking forward to the month of August!

    8/1/2015 9:39:33 AM, by GMARIE9999

    I've readjusted some of my goals for the month of August and am re-starting some good habits this month. I had to play catch-up a bit last month... Read more

  • A little update

    7/29/2015 3:21:20 PM, by JEREMYM

    i still like to blog but I have bloggers block. Here... Read more

  • New Opportunities Abound Daily

    7/12/2015 6:47:32 PM, by GMARIE9999

    Know that each day is another opportunity to make the day great! Keep going! ... Read more

  • Good news!

    7/12/2015 1:31:37 PM, by SWEETNSKINNY

    Thank you to everyone that posted on my video blog. I feel like the videos (although im weird on camera) give it a personal touch. Anyway, I just... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog

    7/10/2015 1:00:22 PM, by SWEETNSKINNY

    Still trying to win the battle of the buldge. Back on spark to get motivation, encouragement and accountability.... Read more

  • Bamboo Steamer and Veggie Challenge

    6/19/2015 9:30:03 AM, by GMARIE9999

    Now, back to my revelation! When I returned from China and went in search of bamboo steamers online. I knew they were available at Bed Bath and... Read more

  • Bamboo Steamers? What?!!!

    6/17/2015 9:25:59 AM, by GMARIE9999

    After traveling to China this past April (and enjoying a TON of Chinese Food on a daily basis), I decided to return home and begin eating even mo... Read more

  • KonMari

    6/14/2015 4:20:58 PM, by ASRMOM

    Hello! I had several people ask me what Konmari is. Honestly, I just found it about a month ago. A young Japanese woman named Marie Kondo aut... Read more

  • Hello

    6/6/2015 7:40:25 PM, by ASRMOM

    I didn't realize how long it had been since I have logged on! So many changes to SP since last time. I'm impressed I remembered my password! lo... Read more

  • A Blog with photos!

    5/18/2015 4:08:12 PM, by JEREMYM

    i like to post pictures in blogs! ... Read more

  • Eggs and Ice Cream

    5/14/2015 11:59:35 PM, by GMARIE9999

    I know it sounds like an odd combination, but when you're having dinner with my father, any food combinations are likely to be present. Well, at... Read more

  • new test blog

    5/14/2015 10:18:15 AM, by JEREMYM

    i'm so happy that everyone loves my blogs!... Read more

  • Day 1 of Bodybuilding

    5/12/2015 1:02:55 PM, by ALANDIS84

    So excited! I have recently teamed up with an amazing bodybuilder that is goin... Read more

  • Setting Up A ReStart

    5/4/2015 9:55:50 PM, by ANDEEWI

    Or something like it! :) Some of you may have noticed I haven't been around too much - even for the teams I lead or co-lead - lately. Life... Read more

  • Starting Over Again! Ugh!

    5/3/2015 4:20:08 PM, by ALANDIS84

    Starting Over several times with my Weight loss journey is a real pain in the... Read more

  • If you want to fly, you have to get rid of the weight that weighs you down

    4/20/2015 10:52:34 AM, by MIDWESTLORRAINE

    That struck a cord. I'm back. Time to get serious. And I mean serious. I'm getting rid of the who, what, when, why, how crap that weighs me down.... Read more

  • It's Been Awhile

    4/13/2015 6:50:04 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    Haven't blogged in a while, mostly because of sharing the computer with hubby and he has been working early mornings. How does one get self moti... Read more

  • Spring is Here

    4/6/2015 6:13:02 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    As the seasons change, how does this shape our views, behaviors or choices. Spring is always a time of renewed life, the flowers are blooming an... Read more

  • Monday Monday

    3/30/2015 5:56:20 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    Thinking about this past week and I'm ready for today! I will be traveling mid-week and busy at work now. I really worked my business this week... Read more

  • So Proud

    3/28/2015 8:02:09 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    I just need to brag! My daughter a freshman in college is leading a team in a dance a thon. It's called Knight Thon at University of Central Fl... Read more

  • Week Four

    3/26/2015 7:46:25 AM, by JEWELMAKER1

    I have not been on SparkPeople lately. That is because I have totally immersed myself with Dr. Gann's diet. To my great happiness, it is working!... Read more

  • Hump Day

    3/25/2015 6:29:58 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    Today is mid week accountability. So how are we doing? What I realize is that my workdays are better for me. I get home at night and I'm less ... Read more

  • Start with a Smile

    3/24/2015 6:33:04 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    How do we view the world? If we start with a smile, it helps see things in a different light. Our days are often an accumulation of interaction... Read more

  • Consistency

    3/23/2015 6:10:15 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    I saw a post from my dear friend and it was just one word - CONSISTENCY!! Is that what we strive for? The buy in on a daily basis? It is the c... Read more

  • Fighting Crazy!

    3/21/2015 1:40:04 PM, by MERLE641

    Just when I think I've got crazy beat, it rears its ugly head again. It's been over six months since I felt that dark curtain that holds me insid... Read more

  • Either Stand With Me....

    3/19/2015 1:19:27 PM, by SWEETNSKINNY

    Its funny. I've been the 'overweight' or 'pleasantly plump' girl for as long as I can remember. In high school and college if you asked me to run... Read more

  • St Baldricks . . .

    3/18/2015 10:42:01 PM, by HAPPY-DESTINY

    As some of you know .. I lost my 6 year old son to leukemia in 1994. Life has given me another opportunity to enjoy what might have been! T... Read more

  • What inspires you?

    3/17/2015 6:08:15 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    i wake up each morning, take my thrive vitamins and lay in bed, thinking....what will inspire me today? To feel inspired makes the most mundane ... Read more

  • Small Win

    3/16/2015 6:10:12 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    Today I am looking for that small win. I can honestly say that I will not give up on this - but I find myself challenged today. I need to feel ... Read more

  • I want to love Sundays...

    3/15/2015 9:12:04 PM, by MERLE641

    Sundays have always been hard for me since I was a kid. My mood always dropped thinking about the week to come be it school or work as an adult. ... Read more

  • Grrr

    3/15/2015 10:15:56 AM, by IRISHHONEYBEE

    So for some reason I can't stop taking my mask off. Its getting frustrating. How is this therapy supposed to work if I don't use the mask? I am... Read more

  • A Bump in the Road

    3/14/2015 10:26:22 AM, by THRIVINGLEE

    We all have those days...a bump in the road. For me it was a pop in the engine. Finishing a long afternoon of shopping and lunch, on the way ho... Read more

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