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  • Blog 47... doing it for ME!

    2/24/2018 5:17:16 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    You can imagine starting out over 300 # that I was not only in a hurry but had a basket full of nasty remarks as to why I was in a rush! Instead... Read more

  • Blog 46 exercise with a crowd

    2/23/2018 10:02:43 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    I use to be a bit embarrassed I was going so slow (not to mention my weight); so I walked along trails and out of the way beau ti ful spots in o... Read more

  • BLOG 45...NUTURING MYSELF (bad rant)

    2/22/2018 7:48:42 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    When I was a kid I was given treats for everything from being hurt to treats to excuse my parents drinking! They literally stuffed me with food ... Read more

  • Day 47

    2/21/2018 9:34:24 PM, by BERGEN127

    Today’s NSV is my shoes are looser, my daughter and I share shoes regularly I’m finding several of her flats are now to big for me. I didn’t no... Read more


    2/19/2018 6:23:54 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    When I am tempted to eat food first I give it a thought as to whether or not it is healthy! I accept that obesity if a risk factor for heart att... Read more

  • Day 44

    2/18/2018 7:54:23 PM, by BERGEN127

    Change is in the air! Changing my diet, changing my activities, changing my Church! All these changes are leading to a better version of me. ... Read more

  • Gratitude

    2/18/2018 1:44:38 AM, by 1NICUBABE

    The 30 day challenge asked us to write down three things we are grateful for so we can look at the positive in life rather than dwelling on the n... Read more

  • BLOG 43....1/2 of the Calories

    2/17/2018 8:05:18 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    I learned early on that any beverage be it juice, milk, beer, wine or whiskey; it would be 1/2 the calories to mix it with 1/2 water! I still a... Read more

  • Day 42

    2/16/2018 3:10:35 PM, by BERGEN127

    I’m still here. I’ve written out a blog twice since the last one. And lost it before I could post it. There is so much happening in my world r... Read more

  • Blog 42.....Visual Aids

    2/13/2018 6:05:42 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    My first (and favorite) visual aid was not graphs and charts! It simply consisted of a paper plate turned into a replica of me (another paper p... Read more

  • No Excuses!

    2/10/2018 8:30:42 AM, by 1NICUBABE

    I haven't blogged in quite some time, but am going to get back at it, al9ng with the rest of the program. So far I have been doing well with mak... Read more

  • BLOG 41......A.D.A.T.

    2/9/2018 7:45:32 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    I wanted my weight loss to be today! Obviously it didn't happen for me yesterday! But I wanted it all off and be done with it all at once! Tak... Read more

  • Day 16 Clafoutis recipe Alkaline foods/Acid foods list

    2/9/2018 8:44:56 AM, by XANADUREALM

    Clafoutis - this is how I do it Melt 3 Tbs Butter in pie pan in microwave Beat 4 eggs; 1/2 cup flour; 2/3 cup sugar; 2/3 cup milk ... Read more

  • BLOG 40..........hot & cold

    2/8/2018 4:42:08 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    They want us to exercise in Winter and in the Summer! If you workout outside right now you will burn more calories! The body burns more to heat... Read more

  • Day 31

    2/5/2018 8:47:59 PM, by BERGEN127

    So I’ve been at this a month. This Fitbit is nice. Turning the circles green motivates me to work harder! I’m not usually ok with frivolity at ... Read more

  • BLOG 39 ...portion control

    2/5/2018 8:27:10 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    well I learned you can eat low calorie (diet food) until the cows come home but if you are eating your dinner on a platter you will probably lik... Read more

  • Day 30

    2/4/2018 12:07:11 PM, by BERGEN127

    Official weigh in was two days ago. I hadn’t lost anything at that weigh in. Today I decided to weigh again on the “official” scale because my ... Read more

  • Day 11

    2/4/2018 8:12:20 AM, by XANADUREALM

    Today I am going to make a Clafoutis. It is a French Tart, I make it without the crust and use 4 eggs instead of 3. I am going to pour the bat... Read more

  • Day 28: time to focus on the future

    2/2/2018 7:09:41 PM, by BERGEN127

    This has been a very busy week. Tuesday night I worked concessions at the ballgame right after work. 4 hours of walking back and forth in a 10... Read more


    2/2/2018 6:41:00 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    It was a huge mistake for me to think I would start my diet tomorrow! Tomorrow never comes but my life is here today! I had to pick myself up, ... Read more

  • Day 9

    2/2/2018 6:43:32 AM, by XANADUREALM

    I was thinking since I am not eating very much meat maybe I should eat more protein. Unfortunately most of the protein sources that I know a... Read more

  • Day 8

    2/1/2018 1:59:40 PM, by XANADUREALM

    Still eating the same except that I added a serving of potato salad and a serving of coleslaw to the salad. I had made potato salad that didn't ... Read more

  • BLOG 37... getting the facts

    1/31/2018 1:29:36 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    Over the years I had a real thirst for knowledge as far as nutrition is concerned! Wish I had had that same thirst for exercising but the fact i... Read more

  • Blog 36.....SKIPPING MEALS

    1/30/2018 6:30:09 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    I was very big (still am at times) to have a feast and then go into famine mode! It never balanced itself out as when it was time for my next me... Read more

  • Day 6

    1/30/2018 10:23:29 AM, by XANADUREALM

    I totally forgot to post Day 4 and Day 5 but eating has been about the same. Today breakfast was the last of the fruit salad with half a ban... Read more

  • Blog 35....Eating Carbs

    1/28/2018 6:03:56 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    I eat cars but I have tried to completely change from refined carbs to complex carbs! I find these will stay in my system and keep me full much... Read more

  • Day 22

    1/27/2018 8:34:48 PM, by BERGEN127

    Our trip is over. We are officially home. I stayed on plan the whole trip, until our last meal on the way home. I’m not way over but more tha... Read more

  • Blog 34 I pass

    1/27/2018 4:40:59 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    on the alcohol! For some reason it makes my willpower go out the window! Most people do not know what is in my glass any way! I save bundles o... Read more

  • Day 3

    1/27/2018 1:12:46 PM, by XANADUREALM

    Basically I am eating the same thing as yesterday. The changes to the salad must have helped as I have not had heartburn. I did have a morn... Read more

  • Day 2

    1/26/2018 2:34:16 PM, by XANADUREALM

    Breakfast was the same as yesterday. Lunch was the same except the salad gave me heartburn yesterday so I cut the leaf lettuce to just one l... Read more

  • Day 20

    1/25/2018 10:06:35 PM, by BERGEN127

    Today was the first day of our trip. I actually stuck to plan despite eating out twice today. Luckily there is a neighborhood market next to th... Read more

  • Blog 33...loving myself

    1/25/2018 7:31:27 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    I always found it hard to love myself when I was so grossly over weight all my life! Sadly, most of the criticism came daily from my parents! I... Read more

  • Day One

    1/25/2018 12:46:03 PM, by XANADUREALM

    Breakfast: One egg, one piece of sausage, one apple. Lunch: 2 - 3 cup salad with two kinds of lettuce, cabbage, celery, carrots, tomato wi... Read more

  • Blog 32..... Remember When?

    1/24/2018 7:57:29 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    Remember when we had to get up off the couch to change the tv channel? Well, I started doing it any to get in extra steps! I park just a little... Read more

  • Getting on the Health Band Wagon

    1/24/2018 2:48:59 PM, by XANADUREALM

    Trying to record my progress: Went to the grocery store and bought all kinds of good thing: some sort of leaf lettuce (they were not marked)... Read more

  • Day 18

    1/23/2018 10:44:24 AM, by BERGEN127

    Diet is going really well. I never realized how much easier it is to stick to plan when the people around you are supportive. We have a trip pla... Read more


    1/22/2018 1:10:42 PM, by LINDAMARIEZ1

    I do not always have 1/2 hour to 45 minutes for my exercising! I always thought I had to do it all at once! Silly me! Maybe that was just one ... Read more

  • My Drinks for Cold Weather

    1/22/2018 10:41:04 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    Well the sun was shining most of the day yesterday, ... Read more

  • Snow Day

    1/20/2018 11:24:52 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    This shot was taken this morning, from my front door ... Read more

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