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  • the hunger strikes and the belly rolls

    2/6/2016 3:11:13 AM, by MSCOTT138

    I have been very hungry the past two days. Nothing satisfies me. I have just needed tons of food. Yesterday...or well the day before yesterday (s... Read more

  • Im going to do this!

    2/6/2016 2:39:27 AM, by SEALESTIALCAS

    1st day using this App I find it very helpful! I also have a workout schedule Mondays, Wendays and Fridays~ circuit training with my friends~ 50... Read more

  • Today...

    2/5/2016 10:11:38 PM, by HURST25

    I'm feeling a little frustrated today :/... Read more

  • Today...

    2/5/2016 10:11:38 PM, by HURST25

    I'm feeling a little frustrated today :/... Read more

  • 20 Pounds Lost!!!

    2/5/2016 9:31:04 PM, by STRONGDANI

    Oh my goodness!! I have hit the 20 pounds lost milesto... Read more

  • Social upset

    2/5/2016 9:01:28 PM, by SELDNYC

    Attended a friends birthday dinner last night. Everything was great for over an hour, and then just save after wave of people kept coming in thro... Read more

  • Mood: depressed

    2/5/2016 8:28:46 PM, by PNELSO26

    Tomorrow my birthday so I decided to have a piece of cheesecake today (my fav). I hardly eat it. Once or twice a year; on those special occasion.... Read more

  • Starting up

    2/5/2016 7:21:31 PM, by FBRAUN1

    2/5/2016 Here's to a new start! I have a goal loss of at least 50 pounds. I've really fallen off the wagon after having my children. With my new ... Read more

  • Zombies...

    2/5/2016 5:25:44 PM, by TARALEANNE12

    I will probably Die in the Zombie Apocalypse. Not because I cant defend myself, but because I Love zombies and i just want to hug one. lol ... Read more

  • New Year's Resolutions Feb. Update

    2/5/2016 5:12:31 PM, by MCASKEY6

    It is time to check up on my New Year's Resolutions to see how I'm doing. My Resolutions are: 1) Get my roommate to help out more 2) Red... Read more

  • A Reminder Why

    2/5/2016 4:44:09 PM, by GOODFELINE

    One thing about starting this kind of journey in making big changes in oneself is to keep in mind why you're doing it. I struggle with my motivat... Read more

  • Been feeling a little down and out lately

    2/5/2016 4:00:50 PM, by CHUBBYOTAKU

    You know those frustrating moments when all you can think is what the hell is wrong with me? That was my this morning. I jumped on the scale majo... Read more

  • Juice weekend

    2/5/2016 3:26:32 PM, by MARIOMAN88

    I'm gonna do a juice fast this weekend. Wish me luck!... Read more

  • The Start

    2/5/2016 3:01:52 PM, by LAURENUSELESS

    Today is my true first day determined to make a lifestyle change and lose the 60lbs (64lbs actually) I've gained over the last 7 years. From gett... Read more

  • Biggest Loser Yoga

    2/5/2016 2:21:34 PM, by KBENNETT88

    So started doing the Biggest Loser yoga videos today with Bob and wow do I feel the work out :) I never knew yoga could be so intense. I can't wa... Read more

  • Day 2

    2/5/2016 2:19:41 PM, by BREMOMOF1

    Day 2 of zumba. I made my first fitness goal of a who... Read more

  • bad bad baaad week :( Turning everything around!

    2/5/2016 1:34:20 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    This has been the worst week in my entire journey, hands down lol. I've been sick the ENTIRE week! I haven't been this sick in a looong time. Thi... Read more

  • Marsupial Fit

    2/5/2016 1:29:07 PM, by MCASKEY6

    The latest in fitness craze hits Australia's outback, Marsupial Fit. news.yahoo.com/roo-want-
    dee-i... Read more

  • Workout

    2/5/2016 1:05:47 PM, by PNELSO26

    This has been my 3rd day. I made it a gym day. I Spent 30 mins on the Treadmill. I know it's not but it's a start.... Read more

  • Portillos

    2/5/2016 12:49:20 PM, by KPINNEY91

    Going to Portillos tonight and I am trying yo figure what's decent calorie wise to eat!! Help!!! Any ideas?!?... Read more

  • Week 1 day 5

    2/5/2016 12:43:35 PM, by ASKAGGS5

    I did this for the first time today. These are not fu... Read more

  • Progress

    2/5/2016 12:25:17 PM, by AKFRYE

    So, I've had a lot of progress this week. I'm a little worried because I'm in such a good mood and feel really good about the stuff I've done. ... Read more

  • Progress

    2/5/2016 12:25:17 PM, by AKFRYE

    So, I've had a lot of progress this week. I'm a little worried because I'm in such a good mood and feel really good about the stuff I've done. ... Read more

  • Day 5! Tough it out!

    2/5/2016 11:32:00 AM, by KATIEV1989

    So I've been super motivated and doing awesome the last 4 days but today I'm exhausted and all I want to do is eat a piece of chocolate cake and ... Read more

  • one month

    2/5/2016 11:07:47 AM, by LATINA1081

    Hey, its been a month since ive started watching my diet, i haven't been able to exercise as much, but i have lost almost 10lbs, its in a healthy... Read more

  • Ready for the beach!!

    2/5/2016 10:14:08 AM, by EMILY_SHAN

    I got this new water bottle to keep me motivated! The... Read more

  • Struggling to see the loss

    2/5/2016 9:44:36 AM, by MCASKEY6

    I've hit a plateau in the my weight loss. Yet I've had all these non-scale rewards. I'm climbing stairs faster and getting less winded. ... Read more

  • East Coast

    2/5/2016 7:50:00 AM, by JALISSEP147

    Did an interview for the East Coast. I am only completely nervous! If I get it; it would be an awesome opportunity. I would also move from my ... Read more

  • February 5th

    2/5/2016 6:42:04 AM, by KSKELTON2

    Took yesterday as a cheat day. My boss brought in German chocolate cake and I indulged. Felt really guilty after.... Didn't work out last night I... Read more

  • Don't give up!!!!

    2/5/2016 5:36:31 AM, by MELYC91

    Today is Friday!!!!! We have came this far don't give... Read more

  • Picking it up!!!!

    2/5/2016 5:23:44 AM, by MELYC91

    The past 2 days I have been eating healthy however I have not been exercising. I will not go to bed today with out at least a 30 min workout. I c... Read more

  • My Inspiration

    2/5/2016 1:35:56 AM, by HISGIRLONFIRE

    My boyfriend has been my inspiration to get healthier. Not because he doesn't love me now, not because of an amount of weight he lost, but becaus... Read more

  • Sugar Cravings Journal 2/4

    2/4/2016 11:49:50 PM, by SMALITO88

    No real cravings today. I'm not sure why. I'm mostly just really, really tired. I did have a piece of cake.... Read more

  • Long, Long Week.

    2/4/2016 11:47:20 PM, by DANIE1993

    This week has been a rough one. Monday morning around six o'clock my mother woke me up to inform me that my paternal uncle had been in a car acci... Read more

  • Heading in the right direction

    2/4/2016 9:59:51 PM, by SANURALEOPARD

    It's been awhile since i've updated, but things have been going pretty well. I haven't been able to do much in terms of a traditional workou... Read more

  • Keeping it real

    2/4/2016 8:56:42 PM, by KNIGHTSBEAUTY

    Today was overall good but frustrating. For starters, I went in for my pre op at the hospital today for a procedure I am having done tomorrow. Th... Read more

  • 100%?

    2/4/2016 8:53:17 PM, by HURST25

    I have decided that I don't really give a 100% to my workouts. Lately I have been lacking motivation and when I actually do it, I do the minimum.... Read more

  • Lose 10 pounds

    2/4/2016 8:38:25 PM, by SIERADORITY

    Hey guys I have been on a diet since 1/23 and I have lose 10 pounds. I am now at a stand still any suggestions?... Read more

  • Starting over

    2/4/2016 8:26:07 PM, by FETT21

    I have done dieting and exercises since highschool. When I played field hockey I was a 145lbs lean, healthy, happy girl..then I quit after an inj... Read more

  • Still Going!

    2/4/2016 8:17:05 PM, by SSTEPHIESMILES

    Loving today! Up until now the day kind of dragged despite my high energy level,but im totally satisfied, I hit the weights, I improved my card... Read more

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