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  • Thurs 25 May 59kgs

    5/25/2017 3:10:30 AM, by LOWGIMEALPHOTOS

    Another bad night coughing, more of a wet cough on waking, feel like a truck's driven over me. Continuing with cough syrup, lozenges, Doliprane... Read more

  • I got love

    5/24/2017 11:06:42 PM, by OLMANED

    Last evening while meditating I had an epiphany. I realized that love doesn't always come in the way I expect it - that is my expectations. Howev... Read more

  • Day 26 I'm the maniac

    5/24/2017 9:47:21 PM, by NAPPY2HAPPY

    Just like Sponge Bob Square Pants realized he was the menace in the classic episode "Hall Monitor," I today realized I was the snack pushing fatt... Read more

  • Wednesday!

    5/24/2017 9:16:36 PM, by CINDY247

    Went to see my cute Doctor today! I'm healing nicely but I still have to take it easy - meaning low intensity workouts till next Tuesday! <... Read more

  • Slow But Sure In Spite Of

    5/24/2017 9:07:11 PM, by AGEE1944

    On the mend and working to get back to full activity. Sometimes comparing current activity to past activity can be depressing. Sounds like cutt... Read more

  • Surprises

    5/24/2017 6:38:39 PM, by LIVINFIT51

    What I never expected was how Much better I feel after one week (my third attempt with SP). I did not need an afternoon nap today, instead I tur... Read more

  • Sadness

    5/24/2017 6:31:32 PM, by MIMI

    A very good friend suffered a terrible loss. Her daughter suffered another miscarriage. It is hard for me to discuss this with her. She is trying... Read more

  • Good 'Diet Girl' but what about the long haul?

    5/24/2017 3:57:37 PM, by REDSPIRALWOMAN

    Sooo, in my first week on Spark I got all geared up. Yeppo, I printed my food journals, printed my weight and measurement chart, started a journa... Read more

  • I want to lose inches

    5/24/2017 3:02:50 PM, by PLANANAN

    I am sure I need to exercise to lose inches but which ones? I need to lose 7 inches from bust waist and hips and belly. Which exercises... Read more

  • 1st Week without sodas

    5/24/2017 1:06:17 PM, by PATTI24

    It has been a week since I have started not drinking any sodas. I have not had any problems so far. I have been drinking juices or water instead... Read more

  • Wed 24 May 59,2ks

    5/24/2017 12:28:12 PM, by LOWGIMEALPHOTOS

    Feeling so down about my bad throat, such an irritating cough, causing sleeping difficulties, etc Breakfast Soy milk, strawberries, handfu... Read more

  • Summer Goals

    5/24/2017 11:56:12 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    Each summer I write down some goals that I would like to accomplish before I go back to school in the fall. This year, I would like to: 1... Read more

  • Cutting grass

    5/24/2017 10:40:08 AM, by FRANK1441

    Well when I got a new lawn mower i picked a push mower. Just cut my grass and burnt some calories.... Read more

  • Roller coaster ride

    5/24/2017 10:05:21 AM, by LISAMARYK

    This month has been quite the roller coaster ride for me. I have not really been consistent with anything. Good intentions but not very good at k... Read more

  • Getting old sucks

    5/24/2017 8:34:06 AM, by JUDY1260

    I've been mentioning that shoulder pain has been affecting my workouts for several months. It's pretty stupid how it started - I fell asleep on t... Read more

  • Happiness Day 5

    5/24/2017 7:26:32 AM, by BBONET

    Happiness is seeing your previous 4th grade class now graduating from 8th grade. Congratulation to all the graduates! ... Read more

  • Day 144...the Power of Suggestion

    5/24/2017 7:24:33 AM, by TZAPP22

    I'm not one of those people who are easily led. I've always been a leader rather than a follower..But yesterday I must have been under some sort... Read more

  • Grateful

    5/24/2017 6:48:11 AM, by EARTHAKITT

    I am grateful to God for this day, and the Spark people community! ... Read more

  • Heart-felt Gifts

    5/24/2017 5:13:48 AM, by JSTETSER

    Heartfelt gifts, filled with love are the most beaut... Read more

  • Homeless and Hungry

    5/24/2017 1:03:02 AM, by GGRSPARK

    We are in a cycle of dismal rainy weather with the very occasional day of sun , like today. Warm with no wind - perfect for a walk. It normally t... Read more

  • Day 25 little victory

    5/23/2017 10:32:13 PM, by NAPPY2HAPPY

    Seriously not looking like I'm going to make my 30 day goal, but I did notice that when I wore an older slimmer pair of khakis today my busted ca... Read more

  • Salmon patty

    5/23/2017 7:33:06 PM, by FRANK1441

    My wife made some salmon patties and it was real good and she watch what she put in to keep the calories down. She is reading labels now which is... Read more

  • Happiness Day 4

    5/23/2017 6:55:00 PM, by BBONET

    Happiness means having your student wrap their arms around you and saying. "You are the best teacher". It melts my heart every time.... Read more

  • Dreams

    5/23/2017 4:52:45 PM, by DRAGKULENIA

    Dreams are great. They help point you in the right way. We all can dream, but, we must work at it too.... Read more

  • IMO Ranger

    5/23/2017 1:02:40 PM, by MBLANKFORD

    I had to put to sleep last night my companion of 13.5 ... Read more

  • Another Rainy Day....

    5/23/2017 9:10:20 AM, by CINDY247

    Still raining here in SE Virginia.... But this will NOT stop me from doing what I need to do! Yesterday, I received my latest issue of Wom... Read more

  • Day 143..Summer's coming....

    5/23/2017 7:28:24 AM, by TZAPP22

    Woke up to a forecast of rainy, crappy weather.. Hit the early morning cko kickboxing class, first ones there.. Monday's tend to be a little heav... Read more

  • If you want to feel rich....

    5/23/2017 5:17:17 AM, by JSTETSER

    If you want to feel rich count the things money can't buy .. Read more

  • Tues 23 May 59,2ks

    5/23/2017 4:09:23 AM, by LOWGIMEALPHOTOS

    Still feeling ill (bad cough, especially at night and waking, better during day, because I keep hydrated). Feel with age I'm becoming more vulner... Read more

  • Day 24 a little more balanced

    5/22/2017 9:48:38 PM, by NAPPY2HAPPY

    I came in 309 calories under and still kinda bummed I have not lost any weight but I can honestly say I have put in a good week and still very pr... Read more

  • jokes and Week 3 Blog for Aspire to Inspire

    5/22/2017 8:44:12 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This week's assignment for the Aspire and Inspire team is to blog about what outdoor activities we like to do in May. How do you like to spend yo... Read more

  • Rainy Monday

    5/22/2017 7:33:03 PM, by CINDY247

    It has rained all day long, it is so dreary and gray out that I feel the same way inside... Forcing myself to do what I need to do today. It... Read more

  • Cabbage and black bean soup.

    5/22/2017 6:08:05 PM, by FRANK1441

    We made some cabbage and black bean soup yesterday. Going to put a little turkey with it and can't wait to try it.... Read more

  • Happiness Day 3

    5/22/2017 3:34:17 PM, by BBONET

    WOW! What a day. Thank goodness I start out the day by taking some ME time and I felt happy when I left for work. I guess God laughs because... Read more

  • Long weekend

    5/22/2017 10:43:17 AM, by JOANNEELIDRISSI

    I'm enjoying a rare long weekend off. I've found that I don't track well on weekends. I don't eat differently or anything. My brain and body just... Read more

  • It is on !

    5/22/2017 10:30:25 AM, by SADYMAY

    Started Saturday with a FRIENDLY little competition with my better half. He looses weight so easily, but I am going to give it a go. Yesterday ... Read more

  • Today I start over.

    5/22/2017 8:25:32 AM, by VINCIGUB

    I've maintained my weight loss for a good year and half. I'm proud of myself. I've had a lot of stress in my life recently, a lot of anxiety. ... Read more

  • First week on maintenance

    5/22/2017 8:19:47 AM, by JUDY1260

    I just finished my first week of maintenance. It's a challenge to switch the brain from weight loss mode to maintaining. I lost a half pound desp... Read more

  • Day 142...Great Adventure

    5/22/2017 7:47:38 AM, by TZAPP22

    Yesterday was the annual Catholic Youth Rally at Great Adventure so we attended as we have been doing for several years now with a few of the kid... Read more

  • Deep Cleaning

    5/22/2017 5:18:23 AM, by JSTETSER

    Deep Cleaning It started out innocent enough. I sta... Read more

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