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Up and Down
7/24/2014 9:25:29 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Highest weight ever was last week = 255 lbs. Yesterday's weight = 251 lbs....  Read more


Looky what I found on the porch today....
7/24/2014 8:20:59 PM,  3 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Checking in again!!
7/24/2014 3:14:55 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It never cease to amaze me about the good things that someone can achieve with a little bit of perseverance and focus! It's been 5 months so far!...  Read more


Nature is the best motivation
7/24/2014 1:31:08 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I got out on my 1st walk today very early. What a motivation. It is making my day. The smells the peace and the beauty. I have almost 300 step...  Read more


grasping & grasped at... by memories & roots
7/24/2014 12:47:22 PM,  0 COMMENTS

"Without an understanding of the reasons why we hold on to the very behaviors that keep us from getting where we so desperately want to go, sustained...  Read more


My walking
7/24/2014 12:46:27 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I walk on my breaks and my lunch at work now. When I get home I am not so tried now. I have got my 14 year daughter try salad and new thing now. I j...  Read more


Working through the challenges.
7/24/2014 12:13:16 PM,  3 COMMENTS

This week is getting away from me in a big way. I can't believe it is Thursday already! Tuesday was a bust with everything going haywire. W...  Read more


Be Unstoppable
7/24/2014 11:47:18 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Among others, I have the "Be Unstoppable" slide scrolling through my goal board. Today that one really speaks to me. I can do this, you can do this,...  Read more


No Walking.
7/24/2014 11:07:18 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Ok I really need the scale to move downward, like seriously! All week it's been pretty much the same. I did not walk today on my treadmill. I do no...  Read more


Busy Busy
7/24/2014 11:03:41 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Egad the last couple of weeks have flown by. Lets see, after my successful step entry, I have yet to hit it again. At least I think so. I haven't link...  Read more


New Day
7/24/2014 10:28:28 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Well I turned yesterday around by walking 2.5 miles last night and only eating a roast beef sammie at the fair with half the bun and sharing a small s...  Read more


Sense and Sensibility
7/24/2014 9:47:10 AM,  8 COMMENTS

A few years ago, my husband bought me a popcorn maker for my birthday. It looks like this: I love it! And we used it quite a bit until about a...  Read more


Sometimes it works, sometimes it's an "Epic Fail"
7/24/2014 8:46:29 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Have you ever seen "Epic Fails" on YouTube? My husband and stepson love watching them. They are a lot like America's Funniest Home Videos. Lots of peo...  Read more


Crazy week
7/24/2014 8:11:57 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I get to work early and the entire network is down! Phones, everything! I did take some time to research the Whole 30 program and I am seriously...  Read more


Goal 1
7/24/2014 8:09:37 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I will loss 5 pounds by Sept 1, 2014....  Read more


Day 2 and 3
7/24/2014 7:35:45 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Doing well, blood sugar still not wnl. Today I am feeling better then yesterday. Not much to say right now. Praying for my daughter who is having...  Read more


Super quick update
7/24/2014 12:40:14 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I left Ghana, spent most of June and July in the States eating and drinking too much, somehow seem to have lost another size despite the copious amoun...  Read more


Learned a secret of life
7/23/2014 11:24:48 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Hi Everyone :) I have been missing after my surgery (complications - knee infection). However, I had a learning that I wanted to make sure to pas...  Read more


old clothes
7/23/2014 11:04:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I plan on getting rid of them all, by donating to charity....  Read more


Day 5 Food Sober...Stress and Weight Down
7/23/2014 10:02:04 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Today was Day 5 of being "food sober" and I saw 225 on the scale...nice surprise. It's going down. But lately, I've been hitting about this weight a...  Read more


7/23/2014 9:42:05 PM,  9 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Oh the irony...
7/23/2014 9:27:34 PM,  5 COMMENTS

*sigh* Sometimes I get so dag-gone frustrated! I went to the doctor's office yesterday because I was feeling a little bit like I was the day before I...  Read more


Top 5 reasons to get healthy and lose weight
7/23/2014 6:27:51 PM,  1 COMMENTS

5. to be able to walk in heels without feeling like an elephant on stilts! 24 4. to be able to go out with my friends shopping and actually be able...  Read more


Rest Day-The Best Day
7/23/2014 6:08:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I took it easy at the gym yesterday and today, as I knew would happen, I am very sore. The thought of simply changing clothes at work and going to th...  Read more


7/23/2014 4:34:18 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Feeling blahhh, I have eaten horribly today and that I am sure in not contributing to a good mood. I think my mind set went there when I knew we woul...  Read more


Looking for a better today.
7/23/2014 1:53:48 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Had a great 3 day weekend and yesterday I went back to work. I'm using lots of sentence fragments today, but too busy to sit and fiddle with wording....  Read more


Beautiful Day
7/23/2014 12:59:07 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I did it. I made ALL of my goals yesterday and enjoyed it! This might seem small, but I had over 5000 steps yesterday and 30 minutes of exercise....  Read more


Pineapple and thunderstorms
7/23/2014 10:48:42 AM,  2 COMMENTS

This morning my husband said words to me that shocked me so much I could barely respond. "Mind if I take the last of the pineapple today? I'm...  Read more


Here Comes the Rain Again
7/23/2014 10:44:00 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Yep, I'm thankful for rain. 27 I don't like being caught in it without an umbrella 257 , but there's something about rain. At night, the sou...  Read more


Why now?
7/23/2014 9:14:12 AM,  4 COMMENTS

My grand daughter Aubree She is 14 months. This is the reason for my new spark. I will be in better shape for her. I just grew and grew an...  Read more


Starting to walk more!
7/23/2014 8:56:48 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I am now working walking time when I am at work. I am walk at lunch and today I am going to start walk on my breaks to. I think since it is so hot o...  Read more


Gym and gardening
7/23/2014 8:49:04 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So I set up a mini "gym" in my basement. I have my new hybrid trainer and a tv along with some dumbells! HA! But at least it is a start. I have no...  Read more


My 100 Days Log
7/23/2014 8:42:40 AM,  1 COMMENTS

7/22- Day 1: 10 min bedroom aerobics 7/23- Day 2: 20 min dog walk...  Read more


So far, so good!
7/23/2014 8:10:49 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I only slept about 5.5 hours last night, so very tired today. I am up and at work - so far, so good! I hope to still get to the pool tonigh...  Read more


100 Days
7/23/2014 8:10:32 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I posted this in the Rochester Sparkers Team yesterday: I recently saw a post about a woman who made a 100 day commitment to exercise and posted...  Read more


Why it's ok to not be perfect
7/23/2014 7:44:59 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Perfection is a very subjective state. My idea of perfect is not the same as yours, or your neighbor, or your family members. So why to we keep stri...  Read more


Tuesday July 22, 2014
7/22/2014 11:59:34 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Had a very unproductive day today because my oldest daughter is so unorganized and lazy!! However, I refused to let it get to me..... the only upside...  Read more


Day 4 Food Sober...Doing Well
7/22/2014 11:32:10 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I had another "food sober" day...Day 4 complete. Work has been pretty stressful and the fact that I'm staying on plan is encouraging. It's not like...  Read more


7/22/2014 11:14:25 PM,  10 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Half way through T25
7/22/2014 10:24:48 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Well my original plan was to blog weekly but time has not allowed for me to do that so let me see if I can summarize this journey... I am a littl...  Read more


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