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Arkansas #27+: Rainy Days and Mondays
4/14/2014 11:03:50 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I will start by saying how saddened I am by the deaths of the two runners at Rock 'n' Roll Raliegh and the woman in the Diva race in Texas and the man...  Read more


A busy day
4/14/2014 10:24:03 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today was a somewhat busy day. Got 4 new tires on our vehicle. Had to get them before tomorrow because of the rebate that came with them. Went to Lowe...  Read more


Saving the old, so I can start anew!
4/14/2014 10:00:30 PM,  11 COMMENTS

This is the text that has been on my spark page for years. It took a lot of thought and effort, and I am very proud of the work I put into it (and th...  Read more


I can't believe I haven't blogged in 2 months!
4/14/2014 6:24:54 PM,  2 COMMENTS

198 I guess that is because of how busy I have been at work. I'm in a transition phase. Only 1 race planned before the Toronto Waterfront Mara...  Read more


hot as BLAZES in yoga today
4/14/2014 4:24:20 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Is this supposed to be hot yoga? NO, no it is not. Heck it isn't even "yoga". It's this thing at the Y called body flow that is supposed to...  Read more


4/14/2014 3:20:52 PM,  0 COMMENTS

great fun this weekend!!...  Read more


4/14/2014 1:46:11 PM,  6 COMMENTS



Weekend Recap w/ Pics!
4/14/2014 1:33:16 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Back from another weekend - I can honestly say that this one was super relaxing, and much needed :) I left work a little early on Friday because...  Read more


I want smaller arms
4/14/2014 1:25:56 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Inches are coming off all over my body, except my arms. My arms have never been attractive in my opinion. They've always been big, except when I was r...  Read more


My big goal for now!
4/14/2014 11:52:40 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am getting my Canadian Passport so that I can go on bike rides to the states. I been putting this off long enough . 521...  Read more


Here I try again
4/14/2014 11:39:18 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I am not one for blogging or journaling but I keep trying. I am struggling with motivation and staying away from the candy. Those little cadbury egg...  Read more


Disneyland House :o)
4/14/2014 11:02:58 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Thanks everyone for the input. It really was great to see the opinions of things based on what information I gave you and I think it was just the rig...  Read more


4/14/2014 9:52:03 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I am heading to the hospital to spend some time with Dan's family. I will post an update on his condition later today. Thanks for your prayers....  Read more


My First 10K Experience
4/14/2014 9:30:27 AM,  0 COMMENTS

So I had my first 10K on Saturday, and I was not at all prepared, though I did finish. In December, I ran my first 5 mile race, and really didn't trai...  Read more


Pics from a Great Race, the Paris-Roubaix!
4/14/2014 9:16:21 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Congrats to Niki Terpstra on winning the Paris-Roubaix! Niki races for Omega-Pharma-Quickstep out of the Netherlands. Here are some pics of my favorit...  Read more


Here We Go!
4/14/2014 9:09:38 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So, it's like a real thing now, this half marathon ... Sam bought us CamelBaks ... And it's not the name brand, but one off Amazon that got reall...  Read more


Tennessee is #26+/50+
4/13/2014 11:45:19 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Not too many travelogue pictures to night. Partly because I only got video at the race today ... I forgot my still camera. And partly because I am jus...  Read more


First Half-Marathon!
4/13/2014 11:01:10 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I completed my first half-marathon today! I did the Gazelle Girl in Grand Rapids, MI. The money raised went to support 4 different charities, one be...  Read more


Good Weekend Finally...
4/13/2014 10:08:46 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am just finishing up one of the better weekends I've had in a very long time. Life has taken me through a lot of ups and downs over the past two mo...  Read more


Running in Warm Weather
4/13/2014 8:40:28 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Yesterday was my last volunteer shift doing taxes. This weekend is still pretty full, but going forward I'm not overscheduled as badly as I was. One...  Read more


Running Update
4/13/2014 7:59:52 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Here in northeast Ohio, it has been absolutely gorgeous the past few days. Sunshine, 70 degrees - life is good. It's allowed me to get out the house...  Read more


Half way through Hat Trick training or "this seemed like a good idea at the time".
4/13/2014 7:43:32 PM,  2 COMMENTS

So last year I kind of took a break from running. I still ran and did a couple of 10ks but mostly stuck to 5ks. After several years of training for...  Read more


Our grand and glorious run
4/13/2014 5:13:21 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Today my daughter and I went on a run. It was hot and hilly, and we were having a grand and glorious time. We live in the country, and we can run...  Read more


Supporter, not runner
4/13/2014 4:15:01 PM,  6 COMMENTS

The 2nd running of a local half and full marathon was this morning. It sprinkled, cleared, then poured. The route took the race just a few blocks fro...  Read more


Training for the Hartford and DIvas Half Marathons, Day 2
4/13/2014 3:23:41 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Here I go again: 4/12/14: 61 minutes walking. 30 minutes of abs exercises and stretching. 4/13/14: 70 minutes walk/jog + 15 stretching and cr...  Read more


Update on Dan
4/13/2014 2:09:55 PM,  8 COMMENTS

We are heading in a little early to spend some time praying for one of our deacons who is facing surgery on Monday morning. While getting a wisdom too...  Read more


I need advice
4/13/2014 12:18:21 PM,  11 COMMENTS

The only person I've confided in was my bestie in PA who must just be exhausted from the drama that seems to follow. I know I am. LOL But I woke up...  Read more


Gained those 3 pounds back
4/13/2014 9:28:18 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I kind of know why I did gain those 3 pounds back. It's been a hectic week taking care of dad. I didn't do as much exercising as I would of liked to....  Read more


Paris-Roubaix Rolling Today!
4/13/2014 5:22:26 AM,  0 COMMENTS

If you'd like to know a little more about my favorite pro-cycling race, you can see my blog from a couple of days ago. For now, here's a picture of th...  Read more


Train for 5k walk / run.
4/13/2014 12:33:57 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Train for 5k walk / run - 3 days a week. On first first week - 20 minutes each time, the other 6 days walk / bike. 345 Tuesday-thursday-Frida...  Read more


Kentucky: DONE
4/12/2014 10:52:10 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Today we ran our first race of the series. And in spite of last night's thunderstorm, or maybe because of it, we had a beautiful morning to run. A bit...  Read more


A Rest Day
4/12/2014 9:35:03 PM,  0 COMMENTS

After riding my bike for six days in a row at a fairly brisk pace, I decided to take a day off today. The weather was descent in Minneapolis but I'm j...  Read more


Training for Hartford Half-Marathon and Divas Half- Marathons 10/2014 and 11/2014
4/12/2014 9:07:23 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Here I go again: 4/12/14: 61 minutes walking. 30 minutes of abs exercises and stretching....  Read more


4/12/2014 4:21:11 PM,  9 COMMENTS



Spring cleaning today
4/12/2014 3:23:28 PM,  4 COMMENTS

What is it about opening the windows and Spring cleaning the house that is so satisfying? Everything is sparkling clean. Including Pepper! She is s...  Read more


Remember to do those little things
4/12/2014 2:56:03 PM,  2 COMMENTS

You just never know what some small little action will lead to  Read more


A beautiful day
4/12/2014 2:50:17 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Its a beautiful day with it being in the 70s. That is better than in the sub zeros. I heard that Chicago is going to get snow. Yeah right. Dad s...  Read more


I'll throw that scale away!!!!
4/12/2014 12:49:17 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Ok now after all these months of hard work the scale is still not budging. But when I look at the pictures I took when I tried one of my new Kurt...  Read more


Getting Ready for another Indian Wedding
4/12/2014 12:35:41 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Next week I have 2 weddings to attend. One will last a week and one the usual 1 day. Both religious ceremonies are on Saturday. Now how is someon...  Read more


Beautiful Saturday
4/12/2014 12:19:28 PM,  5 COMMENTS

We are enjoying some beautiful weather in mid-Mo. however change is on the horizon with some storms tomorrow. Our oldest daughter is at work today, an...  Read more


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