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  • Plan of Attack

    8/23/2016 5:58:12 AM, by JULMATT

    Lots of things I want to and need to get done today, so there will be more temptation and urges. I will fight the urge to grab a quick unhealt... Read more

  • Better Week Ahead

    8/22/2016 8:50:01 AM, by JULMATT

    Last week was a total disaster when it came to eating healthy and exercising. I worked out 4 days, but each of those days I overate, majorly. ... Read more

  • Wisdom

    8/21/2016 8:18:20 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Our Pastor spoke on a very good topic this morning. He started the discourse with a question. The question: What do you think is meant by ... Read more

  • It's Big!

    8/18/2016 6:13:03 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Yesterday, August 17, 2016 was a big day for me! You see, after playing Stonewall Golf Course for 23 years, I finally had a Hole in One! <... Read more

  • Just 10

    8/17/2016 7:21:57 AM, by GOLFGMA

    I joined the team to find 30 minutes a day for e... Read more

  • The Reason

    8/16/2016 6:13:15 PM, by GOLFGMA

    This almost made me want to include an image of ... Read more

  • Loss and Gain

    8/15/2016 8:35:42 AM, by JULMATT

    Over the last week and half stress and stress eating has invaded my entire life, or so it feels like. Saturday my day calmed down. Sunday beca... Read more

  • Pride!

    8/14/2016 8:05:48 PM, by GOLFGMA

    I was so happy to see golf included in the Olymp... Read more

  • Shopping Trip

    8/13/2016 9:30:38 AM, by JULMATT

    Time of year to prepare for the winter months, which for me meant having to add a couple of pair of jeans to my wardrobe. I had to throw two a... Read more

  • It's My Fifth

    8/11/2016 3:40:25 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Today is my fifth anniversary on Spark People. ... Read more

  • Life Upside Ramble

    8/11/2016 9:20:47 AM, by JULMATT

    First thought this morning was why does it matter if I eat right or not. I gave into that thought to start with and went for some baked onions... Read more

  • Celebrating The 94th

    8/10/2016 8:52:22 AM, by GOLFGMA

    I feel so blessed that we were able to get together as family this past Sunday to celebrate my Mother's 94th birthday. Read more

  • FYI KettleBell Lovers

    8/9/2016 7:41:56 PM, by GOLFGMA

    I have liked KettleBell exercises since the first time I tried them. Yesterday I accidentally found a new instructor and loved her video. I was ... Read more

  • Broken Streak

    8/8/2016 6:25:23 AM, by JULMATT

    I was aiming for a second 30 day 30 minute cardio, but I strained the ligament in my bad ankle and had to let it rest yesterday. Iíll restart ... Read more

  • Wow! Stressors Go Away.

    8/6/2016 10:45:29 AM, by JULMATT

    Last three days have been an emotional roller coaster for me. I had promised myself that this known upcoming stressor wasnít going to beat me.... Read more

  • Instant Weight Loss!

    8/5/2016 4:08:25 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Did I forget to mention for Snow women only? ... Read more

  • Blood Sugar Level Blahs.

    8/5/2016 7:50:51 AM, by JULMATT

    Yesterday my blood sugar decided to stay low. All day, no matter what I ate or how much. Itís unusual behavior led to me overeating. Majorly. ... Read more

  • Exploring and Exercising

    8/4/2016 10:21:26 AM, by SWDESERTLOVER

    I've been trying to get out a little more lately, but I have to admit that the heat and humidity is making it really hard right now. My son Clif... Read more

  • Success Not Failure

    8/4/2016 5:24:38 AM, by JULMATT

    Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster, which ended with me losing my battle to reach for comfort food. I did good until the last unexpecte... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    8/3/2016 7:03:59 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Men need to watch what they say when we are tryi... Read more

  • Frustrated. Sort of.

    8/2/2016 7:57:18 AM, by JULMATT

    Yesterday I went over on my calorie intake by 71 calories. Not a whole lot and there was a legit reason. My blood sugar bottomed between break... Read more

  • August

    8/1/2016 8:13:45 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Am I ready for August? Wasn't so sure about tha... Read more

  • 30 Day 30 Minute Challenge Results

    8/1/2016 8:04:19 AM, by JULMATT

    On July 1st I began a 30 Day 30 Minute Challenge. My goal was simple 30 minutes a day of cardio for 30 days then on July 31st I would earn a n... Read more

  • Swap Out

    7/31/2016 3:58:39 AM, by JULMATT

    Few days ago I mentioned my love of getting popcorn while at the movies. I thought giving it up would be my only option, but someone reminded me ... Read more

  • One Pound!

    7/30/2016 2:32:49 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Read more

  • Challenge Encouragement

    7/30/2016 1:15:58 PM, by JULMATT

    Have to admit I never really considered how much encouragement giving myself a challenge to reach for would inspire me. Over the last 29 days ... Read more

  • Make It A Good One!

    7/28/2016 1:30:04 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Something about Sunflowers make me feel cheerful... Read more

  • Inventiveness Paid Off

    7/28/2016 4:35:24 AM, by JULMATT

    Night before last I rammed my elbow into a granite counter top. Yesterday, it hurt to move it and it was swelled up. In the past, I would have... Read more

  • 27 Days Down

    7/27/2016 8:35:26 AM, by JULMATT

    Three more days before I will complete my 30 Day 30 Minute Cardio Challenge. My mom asked me last night if I was going to keep doing exercise ... Read more

  • Believe

    7/27/2016 6:38:16 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Read more

  • Wonderful feeling

    7/26/2016 4:33:10 AM, by JULMATT

    I am five days away from completing my 30 day 30 minute cardio challenge. When I started it I never thought I would make it this far. Before t... Read more


    7/25/2016 8:42:59 AM, by GOLFGMA

    ... Read more

  • Truth Time

    7/25/2016 7:05:01 AM, by JULMATT

    A week ago, when I weighed in I chose, no chose is the wrong word, I purposely refused to log the weight. I did not want to see my own failure... Read more

  • Weight LOSS

    7/24/2016 2:08:56 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Read more

  • Another Non-Scale Victory

    7/24/2016 4:33:19 AM, by JULMATT

    I am a huge movie buff, but there is one draw back from it when it comes to eating healthy. Popcorn. Not the air popped kind without butter or... Read more

  • Worry Not

    7/23/2016 3:55:30 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Read more

  • Temptation Lost

    7/23/2016 12:13:36 PM, by JULMATT

    Last night I had supper all planned out to cook, but a storm blew through and mom decided she did not want me to cook while thundering was goi... Read more

  • Be Awesome

    7/22/2016 8:37:03 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Read more

  • Oh, What Power!

    7/21/2016 2:42:35 PM, by GOLFGMA

    The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it's fruit. Proverbs 18:21 My dear brothers and sisters, take no... Read more

  • Awakening Comes in the Strangest Ways.

    7/21/2016 9:21:06 AM, by JULMATT

    Monday I was told that my lower blood sugar levels were causing my intense stomach pain, so me and my doctor began working on a new dosage of ... Read more

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