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  • So Far So Good

    5/23/2016 4:39:49 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Mondays are a busy day for me and today was no exception but I managed to get in some exercise. Below are pictures of some examples of ways I l... Read more

  • Honesty With Self

    5/21/2016 6:56:01 AM, by JULMATT

    Six months I pushed forward on my healthy lifestyle journey strong and with great motivation. Then stress of life crept in and one thing after... Read more

  • Wednesday Workouts

    5/18/2016 8:33:13 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Today was cross-training day or rest day for the "5K Walking Challenge Team". I like taking my rest day on Sunday so I did the cross-training. ... Read more

  • five motivational reason

    5/18/2016 8:27:09 AM, by JULMATT

    Staying motivated is hard. Here os five things that keeps me pushing forward. 1. Desire for a healthy life. 2. Family 3. Walks woth my d... Read more

  • I Am A "Swinger"!

    5/16/2016 7:43:45 PM, by GOLFGMA

    I am so excited about my new exercise. I may have mentioned I purchased my first kettlebell last week. Today was cross-training day on my "Wal... Read more

  • Excited👏👏

    5/16/2016 2:02:04 PM, by SWEETWINE67

    Today I'm super excited because it's my fourth day counting calories and my weigh in shows I'm down 2 lbs!!!! Yay !!! I have never been able to d... Read more

  • 3 days

    5/16/2016 3:48:54 AM, by SWEETWINE67

    Three days into spark and I think I'm getting the hang of things 😀 I haven't been able to eat my full amount of caloric intake but I get close... Read more

  • Finding a small focal point.

    5/14/2016 6:27:59 AM, by JULMATT

    Since I met my first middle size goal I have been unable to narrow in a smaller goal to focus on. My mind kept wanting to reach for multiple s... Read more

  • Beginner

    5/14/2016 2:10:11 AM, by SWEETWINE67

    My first day with this and I feel like a failure 😥 I went over my calorie limit and only drank 4 glasses of H2O.... I will attempt to do bette... Read more

  • New Challenge

    5/13/2016 12:59:20 PM, by GOLFGMA

    It's been almost two weeks since I joined the "Walk 5K Challenge". I have enjoyed it and since there are days when we do strength training I am ... Read more

  • Fun For All

    5/11/2016 4:24:31 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Loved the trip to Myrtle Beach with my daughter. We took several walks on the beach and since she is a runner they were fast walks. Nice of her... Read more

  • Funny That I Thought Of This

    5/10/2016 1:22:19 PM, by GOLFGMA

    While my daughter and I were walking on the beach t... Read more

  • A Nice Day Outdoors

    5/8/2016 11:02:57 PM, by SWDESERTLOVER

    Today was a beautiful day and I decided to get in a hike at Hanging Rock. I was hoping the rhododendrons were blooming and I wasn't disappointed... Read more

  • And Away We Go!

    5/7/2016 8:42:59 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Mother's Day is wonderful! My daughter is taking me on vacation for my Mother's Day gift. Myrtle Beach, SC is our destination. ... Read more

  • Staying Busy

    5/6/2016 12:42:36 PM, by SWDESERTLOVER

    The last couple of months have been incredibly busy. I miss my sister (who passed away on March 19th) terribly, but I have my little grandson to... Read more

  • Excuses

    5/5/2016 8:55:35 AM, by GOLFGMA

    ... Read more

  • Self Assurance

    5/2/2016 9:30:46 AM, by GOLFGMA

    ... Read more

  • Picking Back Up

    4/30/2016 5:01:44 AM, by JULMATT

    Last week I had been on a roll with eating and exercising. Finally felt as if I was back on track. Did not last. Once again an unexpected life... Read more

  • Commitment

    4/29/2016 7:36:33 AM, by GOLFGMA

    It is useless to say we are going to do something u... Read more

  • The Best

    4/27/2016 8:32:22 PM, by GOLFGMA

    I agree with this statement. Nothing makes me feel... Read more

  • Time Suckers

    4/26/2016 8:19:27 PM, by BAILEYZFURMOM

    Today's SparkCoach assignment is to write a blog about things that waste my time and ways to get more out of my day. Thinking about it, I would ... Read more

  • The Party

    4/25/2016 10:46:10 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Friday night, April 22 was party night at my house. This was a party for "Ladies only". We started the party with food and getting to know each... Read more

  • Please Don't Tell

    4/20/2016 2:34:22 PM, by GOLFGMA

    I love my DH, but love my golf too. OK, ... Read more

  • My Weight Loss

    4/19/2016 8:24:51 PM, by BRITTANYBMB

    So today I decided to weight my self just for fun and learned I had lost almost 2 pounds in two day.....an I wasn't sure why. I just started usin... Read more

  • Commitment

    4/19/2016 8:59:19 AM, by GOLFGMA

    You either do it or not. There is no in-between! ... Read more

  • Not Giving Up

    4/16/2016 9:42:07 AM, by JULMATT

    For the last few days, okay longer, I have been struggling with finding a new motivation to keep me honest with my tracking and pushing forwa... Read more

  • How About That

    4/14/2016 8:28:30 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Wife: Did you notice how the opera singer's voice ... Read more

  • Food addiction

    4/13/2016 10:12:22 PM, by KWEST247

    "Experiments in animals and humans show that, for some people, the same reward and pleasure centers of the brain that are triggered by addictive... Read more

  • Its worth it

    4/12/2016 10:31:36 PM, by KWEST247

    I have been feeling so much better since I have changed my diet some. I was so proud of myself when I did not eat some of that pizza I bought my ... Read more

  • The New Challenge

    4/12/2016 5:26:48 PM, by GOLFGMA

    One of my team challenges for today was trying two new workouts. I , of course, went to google for suggestions. I looked at a list on "You Tube... Read more

  • Thoughts..

    4/11/2016 11:14:00 PM, by KWEST247

    So I was sitting here thinking about a few emotional things that probably have impacted my weight gain( besides having my kids)...well after I h... Read more

  • Wishing

    4/11/2016 7:54:21 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Many of us spend half of our time wishing for things we could have if we didn't spend half our time wishing. Reading this I couldn't help bu... Read more

  • Starting today!

    4/9/2016 2:35:19 PM, by KWEST247

    So I am new to this... Finally sick of not caring about my health. I have 2 beautiful boys to live for. If I continue on this path it will not be... Read more

  • Back to the Gym

    4/9/2016 10:07:22 AM, by JULMATT

    After getting a new membership to a gym I have been working hard on getting back into the flow of going to the gym at least five days a week. ... Read more


    4/8/2016 8:31:36 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Prisoner: You mean they're going to hang me? Guar... Read more

  • Can't Beat It!

    4/6/2016 7:56:02 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Chocolate milk was a childhood favorite of mine and... Read more

  • Surprise are wonderful

    4/4/2016 8:06:52 AM, by JULMATT

    Since my week spiraled down more than I expected last week i did not expect to see any weight loss on my scales on my Monday weigh-in. Needless t... Read more

  • Ups and Downs

    4/2/2016 6:49:11 AM, by JULMATT

    This week started off great. Had the right frame of mind to get and stay back on track of my healthy eating lifestyle. Made it three days befo... Read more

  • Think About It!

    4/1/2016 8:35:57 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on th... Read more

  • Humility

    3/29/2016 8:16:19 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Loved this quote! Humility is a strange thing. The minute you think you've got it, you've lost it.... Read more

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