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  • Power Scary Arms

    10/24/2014 6:20:33 PM, by DOGLADY13

    I have a case of Power Scary Arms. Power Scary Yoga made me more sore than the 50 Shades class. I think it was the back to back nights of intense... Read more

  • Time flies

    10/24/2014 8:04:39 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Whether one is having fun or not, time flies. Especially as we get older. I got a communication from a former employer in the mail this w... Read more

  • Stupid Meatball

    10/24/2014 12:41:07 AM, by FNIGHT

    OK not so much the meatball as what it represents. I served dinner to the family and ate myself. Brushed and flossed my teeth so I wouldn't be ... Read more

  • Power Vinyasa Yoga Day

    10/23/2014 10:31:56 PM, by DOGLADY13

    Today was scary yoga. The instructor calls it power vinyasa yoga. I think that loosely translates into power scary yoga. It's harder than the typ... Read more

  • Meeting The New Me

    10/23/2014 4:54:50 PM, by HILLSLUG98239

    Well, I haven't really met her yet. Right now, we're pen pals. I recently read a post from a Spark Friend about maintaining weight loss. You... Read more

  • Feeling Good

    10/23/2014 4:02:31 PM, by FNIGHT

    Had an alarm clock setting failure last night, as in I forgot to set my alarm. Woke up an hour later than usual when my son's alarm went off. L... Read more

  • Refuse to Regain: 12 tough rules - rule 1

    10/23/2014 7:45:11 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    This is a thin little book, by Barbara Berkeley, M.D. "Refuse to Regain! 12 Tough Rules to Maintain the Body You've Earned", and it came into m... Read more

  • Finding the Groove Again

    10/22/2014 8:56:04 PM, by DOGLADY13

    I'm praying the epsom salts do their magic. It was me and the Indian lady today. Today the focus was on arms and shoulders. In addition to the ar... Read more

  • I hate the scale

    10/22/2014 9:18:52 AM, by FNIGHT

    Really looking forward to taking measurements at the end of the month. My clothes are fitting better but I'm up two pounds on the scale this wee... Read more

  • Do you have a sandbox?

    10/22/2014 7:40:46 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Right next door to where I work, there is an on-going construction project. I've been watching it for several months, as it moved from phase to ... Read more

  • Go Royals - World Series Game One begins

    10/21/2014 8:16:38 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Guess the KC Royals are about as close to a "home team" as our area has in terms of Major League Baseball. Besides, we have a former Cornhusker... Read more

  • Time to buckle down

    10/21/2014 1:51:59 AM, by FNIGHT

    Emotional eating will be the death of me, probably literally. Just made it through another major milestone of food for comfort and looking ahead ... Read more

  • Another Season of 50 Shades

    10/20/2014 9:27:17 PM, by DOGLADY13

    Today was the first day of the Y's "Weight Loss Program" for the fall. This is the program that I fondly refer to as Fifty Shades of Sore. Lenny ... Read more

  • Ugh!

    10/20/2014 10:04:40 AM, by HILLSLUG98239

    This past weekend was our diocese's convention. I was a lay delegate. The conference was held at the Marcus Whitman in Walla Walla. The food was ... Read more

  • Governor's Cup - I AM a real runner

    10/20/2014 7:35:01 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Two years ago following this race I declared the phrase "I'm not a real runner" no longer applied to me. Here's my blog from the Governor's Cup ... Read more

  • Love Your Body

    10/19/2014 9:00:51 PM, by DOGLADY13

    So many good blogs today. I think SPINNINGJW's gave me the most to think about. You must follow the link to the article that she shared. It is be... Read more

  • Reaping the rewards

    10/19/2014 11:44:25 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    I named this blog to match an earlier one: "Paying the Price". Here's the deal: it takes time for lifestyle changes to truly have a big re... Read more

  • Today's Activities Were Fun

    10/18/2014 2:25:52 PM, by DOGLADY13

    Thanks to ALICIA363's blog, I am mindful that this morning's exercise was lots of fun. www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
    ge_public_journal... Read more

  • Hungry and cold

    10/17/2014 8:49:14 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    That's my classic response to the question my doctor is going to ask me in an hour and change: "How are you this morning?" Yep, it's time... Read more

  • Tracked Yesterday's Cheeseburger

    10/17/2014 8:01:13 AM, by DOGLADY13

    I tracked my food from yesterday a few minutes ago. The cheeseburger did some serious damage and put me 400 calories over the top. I can deal wit... Read more

  • Yeah... not so much

    10/16/2014 9:15:05 PM, by DOGLADY13

    I stuck to the plan until dinner. We even started on the right foot for dinner, but the "mother nature" restaurant was packed, so we left for ano... Read more

  • The power of keeping a promise to yourself

    10/16/2014 9:11:46 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    All it takes is keeping the steps small. * Ten minutes of strength training. * Drinking your water. * Taking a walk. Whatever small... Read more

  • Mid-Month Check-In

    10/16/2014 5:16:02 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    1) You vs. You Challenge at the gym (4 classes a week including one ST) I am making all my classes, having fun and feeling good! ... Read more

  • Thursday and a long weekend

    10/16/2014 1:11:55 PM, by SAM_FIT_2014

    I love long weekends. Even when I have to clean... Anyway, today is officially my Friday, so that makes me happy. I have slacked on e... Read more

  • Sticking to the Plan, FTW

    10/15/2014 10:05:21 PM, by DOGLADY13

    Today was a long day. I worked until 7:30. I made the commitment to write a weekly blog at work. We publish on Wednesday. I blew off last w... Read more

  • Quick Start, Day 3

    10/15/2014 7:48:16 PM, by HILLSLUG98239

    Today is my third day on the Racing Weight Quick Start. I have a few victories I want to pat myself on the back for. Today is Boss's Day. Ou... Read more

  • Paying the price

    10/15/2014 7:57:52 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Normally, when the Autumn hits, I start moving more and more of my walk/runs indoors. Because I tend to start dripping and sneezing this time of... Read more

  • The words I've been waiting all my life to hear:

    10/15/2014 5:26:49 AM, by OPTIMIST1948

    "Are you in shape? Go run up that hill to catch up with those kids." And I COULD DO IT. A little background - Yesterday we were on a f... Read more

  • No Cookies

    10/14/2014 9:04:07 PM, by DOGLADY13

    Did pretty good today. I went over on calories. Made it to the gym and cycled for 30 minutes. I did some core exercise and lots of stretching for... Read more

  • Tapping into my pride

    10/14/2014 12:46:42 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    I really, really have to send a huge thanks to 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI. I want her to know how much she's helped me modify my thinking in the past few d... Read more

  • Tuesday's report on Monday

    10/14/2014 12:12:31 PM, by SAM_FIT_2014

    Tried to fit in little bits of movement during the day yesterday - including a few yoga moves during lunch to get my body out of... Read more

  • Follow through

    10/14/2014 7:46:31 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Several months ago, WATERMELLEN posted a blog that referenced a book, "Refuse to Regain, 12 Tough Rules to Maintain the Body You've Earned", by B... Read more

  • It Doesn't Get Easier

    10/13/2014 5:44:44 PM, by DOGLADY13

    I have written and deleted several blogs, Sparkarinos. What I had to write was whiny, boring or not helpful to me or anyone else. Today I r... Read more

  • From the neck up

    10/13/2014 5:41:08 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    There's a Spark article out there that handles the question when it is OK to work out when you're not 100%: www.sparkpeople.com/blog
    ... Read more

  • 2nd week back - Results & Accountability

    10/13/2014 12:07:02 PM, by SAM_FIT_2014

    Well, today was weigh in day... after a weekend of not moving enough and not drinking much water, I was a little apprehensive to get on that scal... Read more

  • Where Have I Been?

    10/12/2014 6:53:47 PM, by HILLSLUG98239

    I can't believe it's been several weeks since I wrote a blog post. It's entirely possible I haven't had much to say. But that has changed! I... Read more

  • Shipwrecked Challenge - BLC26 Week 4

    10/12/2014 4:51:46 PM, by CIPHER1971

    Sorry if this blog seems a little disjointed our challenge this week involves posting about a number of things: Chest 1: 1) A health meal ... Read more

  • My favorite hour

    10/12/2014 5:51:09 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Yes, I've written about it in years past, but it is here again. My favorite hour of live streaming coverage. Kona, Hawaii, from 11 p.m. to midn... Read more

  • First meeting with new health coach!!

    10/11/2014 8:07:09 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    You guys, I'm so serious about reaching my goal weight and maintaining for LIFE that I have taken a new step -- something I've never done before ... Read more

  • Bashed by the Harvest Bash Bike Tour

    10/11/2014 4:57:57 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Yikes. My phone told me it was 38 Fahrenheit degrees when I climbed out of bed this morning. I had agreed to meet a friend for this 26 mile bik... Read more

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