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  • Friday

    12/19/2014 6:37:10 PM, by PICKIE98

    Lots of clearing our of papers and Christmas flyers today,,I filled a whole box with them!! Researched a website for a nice camera for DD, but ... Read more

  • Friday's Funny

    12/19/2014 6:23:38 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    Sign in a window of a rope company: If you can't afford a clothes dryer, ask us about our credit line.... Read more

  • Thursday's Thought

    12/18/2014 7:21:30 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write." John Adams... Read more

  • Thursday

    12/18/2014 6:03:58 AM, by PICKIE98

    It is still dark out..five bells, but I felt a snowflake on my nose last night when I went out to the mailbox. Temps are in the 20's now.. ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    12/17/2014 5:20:34 PM, by PICKIE98

    I felt so horrible this morning when I awoke!! I could barely move, get out of bed, my stomach was so full and heavy. I just wanted to stay ho... Read more

  • Hump Day Happy

    12/17/2014 6:22:58 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    Think: What you do when you can't thwim!... Read more

  • Tuesday

    12/16/2014 2:44:35 PM, by PICKIE98

    Tonight is our Christmas party. I am going to make hot nacho dip. I will go for a couple hours, but I have to get up early for work tomorrow,... Read more

  • Tuesday's Thought

    12/16/2014 7:21:59 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." Ben Franklin... Read more

  • monday

    12/15/2014 5:28:24 PM, by PICKIE98

    50 degrees, no snow.. dark at 4pm again. I just go home form getting three filings replaced .. I got to the clinic at 2:30p, was in the star... Read more

  • Monday's Silly

    12/15/2014 6:09:35 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    What does a hungry termite say when it strolls into a tavern? Hi! Is the bar tender here?... Read more

  • Sunday

    12/14/2014 4:21:07 PM, by PICKIE98

    really off on my timetable this weekend,,slept the whole day in chair after grocery shopping and laundry. Ham in crockpot, spuds in the oven,,di... Read more

  • Sunday

    12/14/2014 4:21:04 PM, by PICKIE98

    really off on my timetable this weekend,,slept the whole day in chair after grocery shopping and laundry. Ham in crockpot, spuds in the oven,,di... Read more

  • Sunday's Thought

    12/14/2014 12:09:10 PM, by TWEETYKC00

    "Fewer things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example." Mark Twain... Read more

  • Saturday

    12/13/2014 3:17:21 PM, by PICKIE98

    I had a horrible sleeping night:did not sleep. My nose was so plugged up I could not breathe. I sat up in bed, went to get some Coricidin high... Read more

  • Saturday's Silly

    12/13/2014 9:49:30 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "It's hard to get fired from the government. You have to, like, kill people." Wanda Sykes... Read more

  • Friday

    12/12/2014 7:28:43 PM, by PICKIE98

    Ran lots of errands after work today: Picked up a huge bag of gala apples at krogers while picking up a Rx. Off to credit union, then to Al... Read more

  • Friday's Funny

    12/12/2014 7:18:54 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know." Groucho Marx... Read more

  • Thursday

    12/11/2014 3:37:09 PM, by PICKIE98

    I met for an initial assessment yesterday with a dietitian and also had a nurse check my feet. I am scheduled to go to diabetic classes, got ... Read more

  • Thursday's Thought

    12/11/2014 6:27:38 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world." Lois Wyse... Read more

  • Thursday's Thought

    12/11/2014 6:27:38 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world." Lois Wyse... Read more

  • Registered Dietitian

    12/10/2014 2:29:49 PM, by PICKIE98

    I am out the door to meet with one for the first time ever... The ten page booklet I filled out to bring with me is my life history!!... Read more

  • Hump Day Happy

    12/10/2014 7:37:43 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "Anytime four New Yorkers get into a cab together without arguing, a bank robbery has just taken place." Johnny Carson... Read more

  • Tuesday

    12/9/2014 5:14:54 PM, by PICKIE98

    I just returned from my eye exam.. My health insurance requires, as a diabetic, that I get an exam every year. My pupils are now dilated, OR ev... Read more

  • Tuesday's Thought

    12/9/2014 7:11:57 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind yo... Read more

  • Gloomy dark day

    12/8/2014 2:47:51 PM, by PICKIE98

    I went to work in the dark, it has been dark all day, is still dark outside.. looks more like 8 PM instead of 2 PM. Got a reminder call from e... Read more

  • Monday's Silly

    12/8/2014 6:22:30 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    What is one of the best ways to make your wife happy? Always remember her birthday, just forget which one it is.... Read more

  • Sunday's Thought

    12/7/2014 9:29:33 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "Women are like teabags. We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water!" Eleanor Roosevelt... Read more

  • Beautiful sunrise!

    12/7/2014 8:09:56 AM, by PICKIE98

    A pink sky usually means a hot day here in MIchigan, but hot today is high of 21. No more snow yet, so no shoveling for me. I did have a tes... Read more

  • Saturday's Silly

    12/6/2014 11:46:21 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time." Charles M. Schultz... Read more

  • Saturday

    12/6/2014 8:26:10 AM, by PICKIE98

    Lots to do today indoors.. We ran the gauntlet yesterday after work. For some reason, my blog did not go through. I had to pick up five Rx's at... Read more

  • Friday's Funny

    12/5/2014 6:53:25 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    One of the privileges of old age is to relate experiences nobody will believe and give advice no one will follow.... Read more

  • Thursday

    12/4/2014 4:37:00 PM, by PICKIE98

    I was walking out of work today and an old neighbor and his girlfriend came to see me. He used to live right across the street and his wife wa... Read more

  • Thursday's Thought

    12/4/2014 6:25:33 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." Winston Churchill... Read more

  • testing drug

    12/3/2014 1:31:49 PM, by PICKIE98

    Today i forgot to take my nerve med at break, so when it was almost time to come home, I got the nerve pain. I immediately took the pill.. Withi... Read more

  • Hump Day Happy

    12/3/2014 7:44:36 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    What did one cabinet maker say to the other? We should really make more time for our shelves.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    12/2/2014 5:03:02 PM, by PICKIE98

    IT is now VERY cold here, in the teens. Weird, no snow though.. My nerve pain is gone again today,, I am in shock that the med works so wel... Read more

  • Tuesday's Thought

    12/2/2014 6:13:54 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "It has been said that idleness is the parent of mischief, which is very true; but mischief itself is merely an attempt to escape from the dreary... Read more

  • Cold MOnday

    12/1/2014 3:12:28 PM, by PICKIE98

    Temps dropped dramatically.. very cold.. nothing special today... Read more

  • Monday's Sillies

    12/1/2014 7:33:23 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    What do bad Eskimos get in their stockings for Xmas? A lump of cold. They top the charts every January the Black-Ice Peas. What do a ... Read more


    11/30/2014 1:31:06 PM, by PICKIE98

    Dark rainy. Just hanging out here..Now that Thanksgiving and black Friday are done for a year, I can rest easy. Just going to nap and read the ... Read more

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