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4/15/2014 10:00:46 PM,  1 COMMENTS

MY SP FRIENDS ARE THE BEST! How do you thank someone for all they do for you when you really don't know them at all. You are always there, and I say...  Read more


~ Day 14 & 15 : Chris PPC Reset ~
4/15/2014 8:30:15 PM,  3 COMMENTS

~ Day 15 ~ B: Paleo blueberry-apple breakfast clafouti(W30 recipe) w/pumpkin spice and side of bacon RECIPE LINK:  Read more


Back to Urgent Care Today
4/15/2014 8:23:46 PM,  6 COMMENTS

One week later, and I'm not doing well with this respiratory infection. Let's see if they helped me today after this visit. Just got in. I've got...  Read more


Spring Fever
4/15/2014 5:12:29 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I just returned from a spectacular walk through an amazing display of spring blooms. Every color of the rainbow merged with those delightful perfume...  Read more


Lifestyle Action Words
4/15/2014 3:32:30 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Mindset ~ I am excited and hopeful that I will be successful in this challenge. I am motivated to stick to my plan. Support ~ I will seek the sup...  Read more


I'm Not Dieting!!! LOL
4/15/2014 10:37:04 AM,  2 COMMENTS

We call it eating sensibly, eating everyday foods, and not depriving ourselves, etc. So why am I eating celery stalks and drinking chicken broth for m...  Read more


"Hold On!"©
4/15/2014 10:06:53 AM,  9 COMMENTS

9 210 449 172 This morning I have been thinking about "new things", "new people", "new Spark People members" I guess really, "all things new!...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/15/2014 7:04:01 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Apr 15, 1865: President Lincoln Dies ~~"President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, dies from an assassinís bullet. Sh...  Read more


The weak...
4/15/2014 6:09:17 AM,  21 COMMENTS

...  Read more


4/15/2014 5:40:43 AM,  27 COMMENTS

Dylan remained the same yesterday, no changes good or bad . He continues on the vent for support and a feeding tube for nutrition , multiple meds , et...  Read more


Happy results from consult at the VA Hospital!
4/14/2014 9:31:31 PM,  3 COMMENTS

In July I switched from a male healthcare professional to a female one. I am hardly ever sick and this was my annual exam. Well my new Dr after gett...  Read more


Why I started this
4/14/2014 5:39:15 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Why I started this in the first place? Well, isnít it obvious????? Fat is not cool. I canít breathe, I canít cross my legs, I can walk to the end of t...  Read more


Dress For LESS and Have FUN!!!!!!!
4/14/2014 2:37:26 PM,  14 COMMENTS

With age comes wisdom. Or at least that's what we hear. I have come to believe it's true in how much I spend on fashion. Or maybe it's the fact t...  Read more


You might feel...
4/14/2014 11:46:00 AM,  22 COMMENTS

...  Read more


So much Stress
4/14/2014 11:37:12 AM,  1 COMMENTS

So much stress I could scream. So i fell off plan hard. More like I fell down & rolled off a cliff into a volcano....perhaps not that bad but meh. I a...  Read more


Great Party!
4/14/2014 11:24:00 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Well, my daughter's party was a great success! Many friends and family attended. Unfortunately, I did not stay on my plan! How could I? There was wi...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/14/2014 7:18:19 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Apr 14, 1865: Lincoln Is Shot ~~"On this day in 1865, John Wilkes Booth, an actor and Confederate sympathizer, fatally shoots President Abraha...  Read more


Pray for Dylan
4/14/2014 5:45:30 AM,  42 COMMENTS

My 7 year old grandson Dylan was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday morning. Today he is in the PICU at Maine Medical, hooked up to life support, and...  Read more


Life Changing
4/14/2014 2:24:08 AM,  72 COMMENTS

I went to a conference this weekend where they were talking about changing lives by being a "Spa-Girl." Yes, I'm a spa girl, I pamper women as one of...  Read more


~ Day 13: 4/13/14: Chris PPC Reset ~
4/14/2014 12:12:31 AM,  3 COMMENTS

~ DAY 13 ~ B: Slept late L: Chicken patties and cauliflower/baby spinach saute' / Ginger-pear tea D: Chicken patties and cauliflower/ba...  Read more


Exercise is exercise
4/13/2014 11:49:31 PM,  8 COMMENTS

My usual workout is a walk/jog and strength training but on the recommendation of my chiropractor, I found a low impact aerobic work out that stayed w...  Read more


Here I go again
4/13/2014 10:11:56 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I am already getting ready for a little challenge all by myself. We are leaving Florida this week for Michigan and I know the challenges I am facing...  Read more


Things I saw
4/13/2014 8:57:00 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Yesterday, I decided to take a long walk for exercise. I have been doing the same exercise over and over at the gym (because I love it), but I could f...  Read more


Life Without Cheese
4/13/2014 6:29:28 PM,  15 COMMENTS

Almost identical blog as yesterday's about caffeine. Yes, I am - WAS - a cheese addict and since being sick, find that I can live without it. ...  Read more


Our Sweet Lap-Cat
4/13/2014 5:36:54 PM,  17 COMMENTS

I'm afraid tomorrow I'm going to hear the news that it is probably time to let our sweet lap-cat of about 8 years go to the Rainbow Bridge. Just putt...  Read more


Don't measure...
4/13/2014 5:13:57 PM,  31 COMMENTS

...  Read more


My Plans
4/13/2014 11:53:11 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I will cook more homemade meals I will dance to at least one song 5x a week with my fiance (more if he let's me) I will try new recipes out...  Read more


Life's gotten bumpy
4/13/2014 11:06:03 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Life's road has got quite bumpy as of late. I have indulged in occasional comfort meals but not binged. My fiance was diagnosed with melanoma at th...  Read more


7 month update, 72.8 lbs
4/13/2014 9:35:58 AM,  4 COMMENTS

This is a little late. I lost 6.4 lbs this past month. That makes a total of 72.8 lbs for 7 months. My weight loss has slowed up some, but at leas...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/13/2014 7:06:26 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Apr 13, 1997: Tiger Woods Wins First Major ~~"On this day in 1997, 21-year-old Tiger Woods wins the prestigious Masters Tournament by a record...  Read more


Changing the World! / Cambiando el mundo!
4/13/2014 6:16:01 AM,  21 COMMENTS

We are all changing the world in one way or another. We all have a purpose-through our work, our family and our friends. When we have the right bala...  Read more


Life Without Caffeine
4/12/2014 7:37:58 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Spark friends who've known me for some time know that I've tried numerous times to give up caffeine. Even though I've always imbibed a small mug of c...  Read more


~ Day 12: 4/12/14: Chris PPC Reset ~
4/12/2014 7:05:26 PM,  6 COMMENTS

~ DAY 12 ~ IF: 18 hours B: NONE L: Baked salmon croquettes with green onions, shredded cauliflower, egg & almond flour and caulif...  Read more


reintroducing myself and setting goals for april
4/12/2014 4:16:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

A little about myself I work seven very early mornings a week delivering newspapers, been diagnosed with degenerative disc in my lower back and neck...  Read more


Mirrors: Friend or Foe?
4/12/2014 4:11:25 PM,  28 COMMENTS

126126126126126126126126126126 304 for checking this "revisit" blog out. By reposting it I am fulfilling a promise to a SP friend, who finds...  Read more


I've Been Going Up - It's Time to Go Down (weight)!
4/12/2014 1:54:45 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Itís amazing how a few unexpected things can really change your habits. I unfortunately had a setback over the last year and Iím trying to get back t...  Read more


Camp WannaBeFit Goals
4/12/2014 11:51:36 AM,  7 COMMENTS

My goals for the first week are: Kick Clutter to the curb Cardio (mostly option 4) Good Nutrition Basics I have been wanting to start Fl...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/12/2014 7:34:42 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Apr 12, 1861: The Civil War Begins ~~"The bloodiest four years in American history begin when Confederate shore batteries under General P.G.T....  Read more


My Awesome Spark Friends!/ Mi increŪble Spark amigos!
4/12/2014 6:33:48 AM,  21 COMMENTS

Has anyone told you today that you are awesome? Well, you are! You have changed my life with your love and concern. When I fall off the wagon, and...  Read more


Our wounds...
4/12/2014 12:20:04 AM,  25 COMMENTS

...  Read more


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