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Yet Another Day I Don't Feel Like Walking
4/17/2014 11:58:58 PM,  29 COMMENTS

It's 8:56 PM, it's raining, my foot hurts, I already exercised for 60 minutes - BUT I am going out walking DAY 106 of my 10,000 Step Streak...  Read more


More Places I Go
4/16/2014 10:54:33 PM,  30 COMMENTS

These are pictures from the weekend in Washington Day 115 & Not Feeling I Will Do It The plantar faucets appears to have c...  Read more


Places I Go
4/15/2014 12:24:37 PM,  31 COMMENTS

Biking Barnston Island Barnston Island a little sheep farm we passsed 2,650 Steps From Home - ocean in the horizon 2,650 St...  Read more


4/14/2014 8:19:53 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I read this today, and thought I'd share.... FROM: Being healthy in the 21st century
...  Read more


Having a bad day
4/9/2014 9:08:36 AM,  25 COMMENTS

Today the mental breakdown that I knew was coming finally happened. After a rather unpleasant doctor visit this morning, I was almost killed, twice, w...  Read more


Something Wonderful Happened Along the Way
4/6/2014 7:15:01 PM,  47 COMMENTS

April 2014 My DGS, DH and my dog Kali June 2007 My little friend and my dog Kali I was looking at one of my Spark pictures taken...  Read more


Warning--obstacle ahead
4/5/2014 7:12:16 PM,  15 COMMENTS

Okay, so I'm pretty miserable. Since last week, my hip/back injury has taken a turn. On Monday, when I couldn't bear weight on my hip, I decided...  Read more


I'm telling you it's going to be worth it...
4/3/2014 5:51:37 PM,  36 COMMENTS

I watched an online beginners’ kettlebell exercise video and thought it seemed easy enough, so I bought a 5 pounder to get started. It is easy to foll...  Read more


Drew James
4/1/2014 9:01:51 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Our second grandchild was born today (April 1st) at 1:28 PM.Molly now gets to be a big sister! ...  Read more


Struggled But... Success is Built on Success!
4/1/2014 3:53:42 PM,  33 COMMENTS

I really struggled yesterday to get in my daily 10,200 steps (which goes to 10,300 today). I was tired, busy and overall not feeling well, I did not f...  Read more


Spring 5% Challenge Exercise & Diet Commitment
3/31/2014 12:04:15 AM,  19 COMMENTS

In between Challenges I have worked on my weight loss and developing some new habits. I am doing all my cardio outside now. I am eating fruit with my...  Read more


Go and Get the Life You Want (Reprisal)
3/25/2014 1:22:40 PM,  9 COMMENTS

(yourself) FROM: Mark's Daily Apple Why You Should Let Yourself Succeed and Go Get the Life You Want www....  Read more


Body Acceptance... or Not? (It bears repeating...)
3/25/2014 1:09:20 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Original HERE:
why-body-acceptance-isnt-for-everyone (Below edited for 'profanity' of sorts... I misse...  Read more


Beauty Defined
3/25/2014 1:01:41 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I love movies. I especially love sharing movies I love with my daughter... I love seeing her 'get it' and vibrate with the very same awarenesses that...  Read more


There, But for the Choosing, Go I
3/25/2014 12:37:11 PM,  9 COMMENTS

(I'm riffing off an inbox missive...) If you put a BUZZARD in a pen 6 feet by 8 feet entirely open at the top, the bird, in spite of...  Read more


Challenging Myself Between Challenges!
3/24/2014 12:36:16 AM,  26 COMMENTS

In the Winter Challenge I established my 10,000 step daily streak - Day 81 today. I was in Palm Springs for two months and often walked in the evening...  Read more


“Something happened while the rest of us were making excuses…”
3/19/2014 1:43:43 PM,  63 COMMENTS

“…You did it—you lost weight and have kept it off. And it was so easy for you.” A co-worker said this to me today. Initially, I shrugged it off,...  Read more


Time for a more positive blog
3/17/2014 1:07:05 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Yep, my last few blogs have not been the best I have to offer. In fact, I may just delete them altogether. I found that the stress caused by the...  Read more


5% Challenge Invitation
3/17/2014 11:27:55 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the Spring 5% Challenge! Team members will work towards losin...  Read more


Please join the Spring 5% Challenge
3/16/2014 10:21:27 PM,  9 COMMENTS

My Sunday - a day of happiness and purpose Church Indian restaurant for lunch Green grocer for freggies Treadmill desk Nap Volunteer a...  Read more


Amazon Response
3/11/2014 6:48:59 PM,  14 COMMENTS

Amazon's response is that their duty is to protect their seller first. So they are not willing to intervene to remedy this situation. Anyone who choos...  Read more


"What's up?" you ask... (or maybe you didn't)
3/11/2014 11:50:06 AM,  20 COMMENTS

Like Hugh Grant says in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral: "I think I should be where people are not." I'm feeling pi$$Y, fed-up and unch...  Read more


Update to Scam Story
3/11/2014 10:32:44 AM,  10 COMMENTS

I need to add that I contacted Amazon on Friday, March 7, as soon as we realized there was a problem. They are "investigating" and have been very litt...  Read more


3/11/2014 9:39:36 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Our lives are a series of connections; old and new, strange and familiar, pleasant and not so much so. We all need them in one form or another. Whethe...  Read more


Scammed and need to vent
3/10/2014 9:29:44 AM,  21 COMMENTS

My husband and I are working on finishing our basement. My exercise equipment is there, so we are excited that I will have a finished space for my wor...  Read more


Increased Intensity, Less Spark Time
3/10/2014 12:38:35 AM,  24 COMMENTS

For 2 months in Palm Springs I was walking in the evening after sunset. I enjoyed listening to my audio books as I walked along looking at the moon, s...  Read more


Your Journey
3/9/2014 11:26:31 PM,  8 COMMENTS

"Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. There is no shor...  Read more


Random thoughts on running
3/9/2014 7:12:50 PM,  10 COMMENTS

It's no joke that I've had a love/hate relationship with running for a long time. And it has been a real struggle for me to add miles on to my runs, e...  Read more


Abstain? Moderate?
3/7/2014 1:06:50 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Or, something else? In reference to the following article, I was asked today which I favour: abstaining,...  Read more


Check Out When You'll Probably Die
3/7/2014 12:08:40 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Some of us have it better than others based purely on where we were born. Like, a lot better.
...  Read more


Time for an Update
3/6/2014 3:15:12 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I guess it’s been a bit of time since I last blogged. Not much news to report—it’s still cold (14 below zero this morning) and we still have a lot of...  Read more


Lexophiles? Are you one?
3/6/2014 10:06:16 AM,  16 COMMENTS

I started my day laughing (my aunt sent me this). LEXOPHILE: ... a lover of words ... one who derives pleasure from various use o...  Read more


I Rise, Again, from Ashes...
3/5/2014 1:13:01 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Larger Image:
s.j...  Read more


Dance Xplosion, 3/4/14!!
3/4/2014 8:02:51 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the dance competition, and this is probably the easiest way to do it. It was a long day from the moment we w...  Read more


Last Supper?
3/3/2014 3:44:09 PM,  16 COMMENTS

If you had just one day left on earth, what would your last meal be? Last Meals
ls.php?page=all ...  Read more


March Goal
3/1/2014 10:53:45 AM,  26 COMMENTS

Just one goal this month - 3 servings of fruit a day - one each meal! My 10,000 step daily walking streak is blazing along - Day 59 today! M...  Read more


Natural Remedies, Natural Health!
3/1/2014 3:34:39 AM,  14 COMMENTS

A big part of my life, which contines to grow in prominence, is an interest and active application of Natural Remedies...  Read more


Still drinking Soda/Pop?
2/26/2014 1:13:27 PM,  18 COMMENTS

I've been eating an exceptional and nutritionally sound diet for years now, so most of you wouldn't know that up until three years ago, I...  Read more


Gone are the days...
2/24/2014 7:26:23 AM,  7 COMMENTS

There is a frame of mind that develops when you have a decent rate of metabolism and an ability to lose weight relatively quickly with short bursts of...  Read more


Proud of myself :)
2/19/2014 3:46:45 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I was looking online for motivational stuff for my weight loss group and I found something that woke me up. You see I have been working 12 - 14...  Read more


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