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Getting Rid of The Monkey - Weight Gain / no big deal !
3/24/2014 1:20:51 PM,  26 COMMENTS

I am not stressed or obsessed with the scale - I had a gain today of nine pounds but this is after a 120 pound loss prior ( for those that do not kn...  Read more


Carb cycling/exercise program:nutrition
3/23/2014 9:16:01 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Shaun Hadsall has a 14 day strategic weight-loss plan with carb-depletion diet & cardio days 1,3,5, 8,10,12; carb-included diet & body-weight or resis...  Read more


Easy, Cute, Tasty -- What More Could You Want?
3/23/2014 3:07:33 PM,  21 COMMENTS

We made these cute banana dolphins today and the kids loved them!!...  Read more


Seabrook Double Half Marathon
3/23/2014 2:53:15 PM,  14 COMMENTS

It has been brought to my attention that I never put together a blog about my double half marathons last weekend. I guess part of the reason is I feel...  Read more


RŚskinnet is coming again!
3/23/2014 12:03:07 PM,  9 COMMENTS

We are finally starting to see some sun and good weather here in Norway and things are starting to really look up. I started running again in earnest...  Read more


Donít be *that* runner (or walker)
3/23/2014 6:12:44 AM,  20 COMMENTS

Since Iíve been running a bit more lately, my list of Ďrunnerí pet peeves has grown. Along with these 2 things: 1. Donít stop right in front of m...  Read more


8K for only $20
3/23/2014 12:07:46 AM,  10 COMMENTS

This is my kind of deal: In lovely Rockville, Maryland, an 8K for only $20. Includes t-shirt and, at the finish, free beer and all the food you can ea...  Read more


Asheville HM Race Report - My first and most memorable
3/22/2014 9:32:26 PM,  18 COMMENTS

The Biltmore is a perfect backdrop for a race for a Marathon or Half Marathon since a visitor really gets to view the spectacular scenic, rollin...  Read more


My challenges and Roadblocks
3/22/2014 11:24:38 AM,  23 COMMENTS

I love this because it reminds me that even great people started out, or ended up at some point, in a place where everything seemed crazy and lo...  Read more


Dude, like this is the best water
3/22/2014 7:48:41 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Sometimes, I'm my own worst enemy. Drinking enough water falls into that category. The past few days I've shied away from the tap (a reverse osm...  Read more


My Favorite Spring Poem
3/21/2014 2:16:04 PM,  15 COMMENTS

When I homeschooled my kids we read this poem every spring and then went to the local botannical garden on a field trip. They have a huge field...  Read more


Portland Water District Full Moon Snowshoe Trek
3/21/2014 1:15:22 PM,  3 COMMENTS

2 hour hike at Sunset on Tuesday! This picture was taken at Snake Pond - Nope no snakes around that night! PS I am the second from...  Read more


Another Celebration Of 5 Years of Maintenance!!
3/21/2014 11:59:48 AM,  20 COMMENTS

NOW I'm officially at 5 years of maintenance! I've gotten wonderful applause and congrats from the At Goal & Maintaining Plus Transition to Maintenanc...  Read more


Tomorrow Friday!
3/20/2014 11:53:03 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Not a fancy blog just a week recap. Last blog I mentioned that Maggie was coming back the next day - well, that did not happened because the weather w...  Read more


Dig Deep. Push Forward.
3/20/2014 10:54:06 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I might not be the best for advice. I tend to get hurt from a certain level of stupidity. And I'm not always the most patient person. BUT, I'VE...  Read more


Healing, Dancing, Running and Changing
3/20/2014 7:17:38 PM,  15 COMMENTS

Gwen (3 year old granddaughter who I keep 4-6 days a week) is much, much better. She's eating and sleeping and wanting to play. Runny nose is about he...  Read more


Not Afraid Any More
3/20/2014 1:05:06 PM,  31 COMMENTS

DH has been transferred to a recovery section , the procedure was long and tense but successful- it will be a few weeks before he returns home - Tha...  Read more


Kate Hepburn: I Hate Spring.
3/20/2014 12:08:28 PM,  6 COMMENTS

It's a glorious day in Buckeye-Land, and happens to be the first day of spring. I've already run, finished my half-day of work at the library and have...  Read more


BLING! The the ups and downs of a destination race. And bling for virtual races.
3/20/2014 9:31:38 AM,  12 COMMENTS

I'm back home and getting back to routine and still the same weight. Is that good or bad or just what it is? I had a great little vacation and got...  Read more


ďHave you tried to lose weight and had no success?"
3/20/2014 8:02:36 AM,  15 COMMENTS

"Maybe itís not YOU. Maybe itís your dietĒ - Huh? Iím confused by this ad for a popular diet plan. Itís not YOU? Who else decides what you...  Read more


Quick and Good update.
3/19/2014 9:45:51 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Planed on doing a full entry tonight, but have to go in very very early. Everything is tough this week, but moving forward. All "fires" are be...  Read more


"My Little Pony" Bully Debate
3/19/2014 2:10:54 PM,  9 COMMENTS
-ditch-pony-bag-article-1.1726433 Is this a tough issue or what? When I first heard the story on...  Read more


3/19/2014 11:26:49 AM,  17 COMMENTS

I'm still here. Struggling.....again. Excuses....again. My weight forever in the 170s.....again. Frustrated......again. Looki...  Read more


Rejection was so much fun until someone paid attention to me
3/19/2014 10:57:40 AM,  17 COMMENTS

I mentioned in my last blog that I submitted some artwork to an online magazine for consideration and a few days ago I got rejected by them. This ma...  Read more


Is GMO Salmon coming to a supermarket near you?
3/19/2014 6:44:18 AM,  14 COMMENTS

Kroger and Safeway say they will not carry it even if it is approved by the FDA Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Target say they will not carry the g...  Read more


Wanting Relief for Gwen and Sleep for Her Mom
3/18/2014 7:57:39 PM,  18 COMMENTS

Gwen, the 3 year old, is really sick now. For a couple days she had too many symptoms to take her to the YMCA, but she didn't feel bad. I thought her...  Read more


My house is making me fat
3/18/2014 11:41:59 AM,  13 COMMENTS

So that's it! I finally found the reason why I'm fat, you know, beside the poor food choices and excessive intake. It's my house! 1. Paint in red...  Read more


A second opinion and a solution from an unexpected source
3/18/2014 9:00:17 AM,  25 COMMENTS

I couldnít believe I didnít realize it myself, but sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is what we need. One reason my last 3 weeks of training were su...  Read more


50K Mud Run Not Fun
3/17/2014 6:02:58 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I did the Seneca Creek 50K last week. This was the 2nd year I had done it. Last time, conditions were ideal. This year, not so much. This year, i...  Read more


Giving Up Scale Struggles this Happy St Paddy's Day
3/17/2014 12:51:58 PM,  18 COMMENTS

If you've ever struggled with the scale number, and especially if you've ever let the scale number cause you to give up your efforts to be your health...  Read more


Heart Transplant Scheduled for later today
3/17/2014 12:36:26 PM,  50 COMMENTS

I am evolving into Simplicity - Simple is as simple doesn't - today I am creating a simple and sweet life style that's right for me - Sue Patten Thoe...  Read more


I really wanted this beach towel, so I ran 13.1 miles!
3/17/2014 9:18:34 AM,  32 COMMENTS

It took 2:25:50 but at nearly 67 years old, Iím grateful to still be ďin the raceĒ If youíve read my March 5th blog, ďDo you believe in Jinxes...  Read more


Malware Issue !!! All Clean :)
3/16/2014 3:07:46 PM,  22 COMMENTS

Tiny update - in the past few days I experienced a Malware Issue on my CPU - It was a Booster that I did not purchase scary as it disabled essentials...  Read more


As sexy as . . .
3/15/2014 11:01:46 PM,  10 COMMENTS

. . . Usain Bolt. That's how I felt on my run today, wearing my Sun Run running tights. No one else knew of course, as I wore windbreaker pants...  Read more


Newest Activities.
3/15/2014 9:46:29 PM,  3 COMMENTS

My daughter is still in the "Clinic". Mental state seemed to improve, but now she is talking about the voices. She is being seen three times a day a...  Read more


If I can run 12.5 miles today...
3/15/2014 4:04:00 PM,  12 COMMENTS

then I should be able to manage 13.1 on April 6, no? My half-marathon schedule has been sadly interrupted by what I like to call the axis of evi...  Read more


Monkeys on my back
3/15/2014 4:00:14 PM,  18 COMMENTS

For a while (from about June 2013 to Feb 2014) I was the number one "stepper" on FitBit for New Hampshire and also at or near the top for the NH Spark...  Read more


The Shamrock 8 K - It's Spring in Virginia
3/15/2014 3:51:54 PM,  16 COMMENTS

When we left Massachusetts it was 10 degrees and snowing. Today we ran the Yuengling Shamrock 8 K in Virginia Beach in short sleeves. I was nerv...  Read more


Inspired by Slimkatie
3/15/2014 2:36:52 PM,  17 COMMENTS

I was so proud to see my SparkFriend, SlimKatie, featured in April's Runner's World magazine. She is AWESOME. Page 50 and 51 are more than half filled...  Read more


Result: 20,818 days
3/14/2014 4:39:19 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I turn 57 years old tomorrow, and while that may be an unremarkable age, what caught my eye is turning 57 and having been born in 1957. Symmetry... ...  Read more


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