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  • Doll Clothes

    12/22/2014 5:33:55 AM, by JSTETSER

    Having a little grand daughter has opened up a new world of sewing for me. I am making doll clothes out of the same fabric as I made Lina's litt... Read more

  • A gift - Silent Night by Bing Crosby

    12/22/2014 1:44:31 AM, by STEVEN2GO2

    http://youtu.be?Erx3FUq2lQ... Read more

  • Mom and her new machine

    12/21/2014 7:38:21 AM, by JSTETSER

    I gave my Mom her Christmas present early so that she could finish off her own Christmas presents! Read more

  • Peace

    12/21/2014 1:07:32 AM, by STEVEN2GO2

    May you find peace in your heart this Holiday Season. Be grateful for the many God given gifts, talents and abilities you have been granted ~ try... Read more

  • Mamma, me, and her sewing machines

    12/20/2014 6:13:44 AM, by JSTETSER

    Mamma taught me to sew when I was young on a treddle.. I must admit, for years, I let her do all of the hard parts. It took some time to coordi... Read more


    12/20/2014 12:51:52 AM, by STEVEN2GO2

    I know Thanksgiving is past, though I would like to give thanks to the whole community here at sparks! From the coaches, the technicians, the adv... Read more

  • Grr...lost much sleep last night

    12/19/2014 11:26:03 AM, by MKELLY72

    But, on the bright side, today is the last day of work (school) for me until Jan 1, 2015! Fiance let the dog out in the middle of the night, and... Read more

  • One more day!!!

    12/19/2014 4:52:09 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today will be another busy day of transition. It is party day at school, and kids will be over the top with excitement! Today is a day for me ... Read more

  • In my own words...

    12/18/2014 11:54:13 PM, by STEVEN2GO2

    The best present I ever recieved from God, my Parents, family and friends is/was unconditional LOVE... when you are given this, return it too. It... Read more

  • Unsupervised goodies in the Teachers Room

    12/18/2014 5:31:39 AM, by JSTETSER

    Of all my downfalls, this is the worst. The delicious chocolates, lemon scones and peanut butter fudge got to me yesterday. Today I will s... Read more

  • In my own words...

    12/17/2014 11:47:03 PM, by STEVEN2GO2

    Take each moment to improve YOU.....because YOU are worth every moment! yourself ... Read more

  • Balance

    12/17/2014 5:22:53 AM, by JSTETSER

    My students are learning about balance in geometry with glow sticks. I need... Read more

  • I my own words...

    12/16/2014 11:39:30 PM, by STEVEN2GO2

    There is no mistakes.....just learning opportunities!!!... Read more

  • Waiting...

    12/16/2014 5:31:12 AM, by JSTETSER

    Baby Lena is heading north fron SC soon! I can hardly wait to hug her and play with her again. Thank God for holidays! Time for families to ... Read more

  • The Icy Climb

    12/15/2014 5:05:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    The weather report said "nice day". Monadnock did not agree. Sometimes mountains have their own micro weather patterns. Our hike was shrouded ... Read more

  • A prayer...

    12/14/2014 10:01:52 PM, by STEVEN2GO2

    GOD'S "PHONE NUMBER" Hello God, I called tonight To talk a little while I need a friend who'll listen To my anxiety and trial. ... Read more

  • Climbing Day!

    12/14/2014 5:54:05 AM, by JSTETSER

    Monadnock on a calm day is much different than Monadnock on a frigid winter ... Read more

  • The miracle of 12/13/14

    12/13/2014 6:40:12 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today is an amazing day with perfect numerical balance. It is a day to try something new- Take a step of faith! Love your neighbor! Forgi... Read more

  • Reading to children

    12/12/2014 6:56:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    When you take time to read to children, they learn to love books. Reading is a great way to expand our horizons, no matter what our age! <... Read more

  • Words to consder...

    12/11/2014 11:57:16 PM, by STEVEN2GO2

    RESPECT the old when you are young... HELP the weak when you are strong... CONFESS the fault when you are wrong... BECAUSE... ... Read more

  • Looking like Christmas!

    12/11/2014 5:25:25 AM, by JSTETSER

    The other day a friend gave us this lovely credenza. My husband wasn't quite sure if it would go with our rustic living room furniture, but it f... Read more

  • Some words to consider...

    12/10/2014 11:24:38 PM, by STEVEN2GO2

    "Do not wait for another person to give you flowers. Instead plant your own garden and decorate your own soul." Author unknown. ... Read more

  • Snowmen on the wall

    12/10/2014 6:51:07 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yes, it's time to decorate the school, and the kids have chosen to do it with snowmen! They have organized their own coloring contest. I get... Read more

  • Tuesday funny

    12/10/2014 12:04:19 AM, by STEVEN2GO2

    A busload of politicians were driving down a country road when the bus suddenly ran off the road and crashed into an old farmer's field. ... Read more

  • Waiting for No School

    12/9/2014 5:08:07 AM, by JSTETSER

    There is a major storm in our forecast for the next 4 days... Although it has not arrived here at 5 am, I was hoping for a school cancellation ... Read more

  • Magical & Manic Monday.

    12/8/2014 11:27:29 PM, by STEVEN2GO2

    Let's see ~ three loads of laundry, lots of walking, core workout and the FINAL gift this year ~ treats for my cousin's pup Vegas. I am so worn o... Read more

  • Long term BOY SCOUT

    12/8/2014 5:13:47 AM, by JSTETSER

    My husband John spent many years working for the BSA office in Maine. "I... Read more

  • Motivation for Monday.

    12/8/2014 12:41:25 AM, by STEVEN2GO2

    You have heard that MOTIVATION just does not last. Well if you think about it neither does BATHING. That's why it's recommended daily & even mor... Read more

  • Making mittens

    12/7/2014 5:50:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every day I make 4-6 pair of mittens. I just got 3 yards of gray fleece fabric. When I finish with it, I should be done. So far, I have made 4... Read more

  • TO BE RICH....

    12/7/2014 1:37:03 AM, by STEVEN2GO2


  • Cookie Walk at Smith Memorial Church

    12/6/2014 7:47:37 AM, by JSTETSER

    Come and join us from 9-12 today at the 26th annual cookie walk. Hope to see you there! Read more

  • New experiences

    12/5/2014 10:04:07 AM, by JSTETSER

    This is a photo of my niece's baby after her first bite of rice cereal. S... Read more

  • Thursday Joke

    12/5/2014 1:19:14 AM, by STEVEN2GO2

    The ABC of love... After being married for thirty years, a wife asked her husband to describe her. He looked at her carefully, then s... Read more

  • Goals

    12/4/2014 5:32:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    Our goals in life are often like an ice filled driveway- We just need to keep chipping away at them. (Unfortunately, I lost that photo) Lif... Read more

  • Facts to smile about today ~

    12/3/2014 11:23:49 PM, by STEVEN2GO2

    15 Facts That'll Make You Smile You can always pick up a newspaper and read sad facts. But there also some very happy facts in this world, s... Read more

  • Looks like I'm losing again!

    12/3/2014 1:49:07 PM, by MKELLY72

    I'm going to officially say that in the past two weeks, I have experienced about 3-5 pounds lost. Having been a maintainer for more than a year... Read more

  • soon on our way...

    12/3/2014 6:50:07 AM, by THINRONNA

    Big push today donating things and having our car hauled away. I also returned library books and am a little stressed because there is one still... Read more

  • Delays

    12/3/2014 5:45:48 AM, by JSTETSER

    School dela... Read more


    12/3/2014 12:46:29 AM, by STEVEN2GO2

    Good News, Bad News A woman phones up her husband at work for a chat... He answers, "I'm sorry honey but I'm up to my neck in work tod... Read more

  • Sugar Cycle Broken?

    12/2/2014 3:51:59 PM, by MKELLY72

    Dare I say it "out loud"? I have recently encountered some research on gut health as associated with mood, and weight, and overall good healt... Read more

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