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Blogs by Members of SP Class of January 13-19, 2008

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  • June 27th

    6/27/2017 3:42:00 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Pete is away tonight, he's working in Harrogate tomorrow so has taken the opportunity to visit with his brother so they can discuss the situation... Read more

  • Summer challenge

    6/27/2017 2:30:17 AM, by GONABFIT

    It's summer time ALREADY!! I'm planning to use my time wisely this summer to release some unnecessary pounds and gain some much needed muscle. I ... Read more

  • June 26th

    6/26/2017 10:47:39 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I've spent a lot of time today trying to sort out my repeat prescriptions with phone calls between the Doctors Surgery & the Chemist. Hopefully a... Read more

  • June 25th

    6/25/2017 12:48:57 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Spoke to Mum today, she thoroughly enjoyed herself yesterday and wasn't too tired after all the travelling. Must admit, I was worn out and fell f... Read more

  • June 24th

    6/24/2017 12:57:40 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a lovely day so far, my brother & SIL brought my Mum down for a visit. It's quite some time since she was last here so she had lots to check ... Read more

  • June 23rd

    6/23/2017 9:59:14 AM, by BRANDI1809

    It was very quiet at group last night with not a lot of losses & quite a few gains. I put on 1/2 a pound but I'm pretty sure it's not too bad as ... Read more

  • June 22nd

    6/22/2017 11:15:18 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Not holding out much hope for weigh in tonight probably because I've not eaten enough this week. With it being so hot I've not really felt like e... Read more

  • June 21st

    6/21/2017 4:40:07 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Our first crop of cherries for this year and the tree... Read more

  • June 20th

    6/20/2017 4:03:43 PM, by BRANDI1809

    It was a lovely day today, we had a guy come to cut the hedge at the very front of our garden. Pete is only able to do a bit of the face of it bu... Read more

  • June 19th

    6/19/2017 7:12:16 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Phew it's so hot here in the UK, not as hot as it was in Florida last month but unfortunately not as bearable. At least in Florida we were on hol... Read more

  • June 18th

    6/18/2017 8:19:35 AM, by BRANDI1809

    It's Fathers Day & once again my thoughts turn to my lovely Dad, not that I don't think about him every day but today I get my photos of him out ... Read more

  • June 17th

    6/17/2017 5:20:50 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Went to the Garden Center this morning and bought 5 shrubs to put in our new border. What was even better, there was a fast charger there so whil... Read more

  • June 16th

    6/16/2017 10:29:42 AM, by BRANDI1809

    It's going to be a quieter weekend than the last one although we've got Pete's Mum & dad coming over for lunch on Sunday for Fathers Day. The t... Read more

  • June 15th

    6/15/2017 8:47:27 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I won't be doing any gardening today because I've just done the ironing & I'm aching. I might go & sit out for a bit & get some sun on my joints ... Read more

  • June 14th

    6/14/2017 9:38:09 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Trying to do a bit more in the garden today, every little bit helps. Couldn't believe the news when I woke up this morning, all those people... Read more

  • June 13th

    6/13/2017 2:01:18 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Managed another two miles in the pool today which was amazing considering I did half of it with my eyes closed I was so tired and my B12 injectio... Read more

  • June 12th

    6/12/2017 12:03:30 PM, by BRANDI1809

    After changing the bed & doing 3 loads of washing this morning (there's only 2 of us, where does it all come from) I spent a very painful hour & ... Read more

  • June 10th & 11th

    6/11/2017 4:51:16 PM, by BRANDI1809

    We've had a super weekend! Yesterday was fantastic, we arrived at the Olympic Park, Read more

  • June 9th

    6/9/2017 7:22:06 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I was a bit disappointed with just a half pound loss last night especially when Pete lost another 2 1/2 lbs! We... Read more

  • June 8th

    6/8/2017 12:46:59 PM, by BRANDI1809

    I put my status as "Weigh-in & Voting in the Election tonight, not sure how either will turn out." I know this isn't the place for the second b... Read more

  • June 7th

    6/7/2017 11:34:04 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Off to a West Midlands Stop & Search Panel meeting at the Police Station in Birmingham tonight. We really enjoyed the last one as it give us an i... Read more

  • June 5th & 6th

    6/6/2017 4:44:54 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Again I had computer problems yesterday, but back to normal today.... Read more

  • June 3rd & 4th

    6/4/2017 9:02:41 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had computer problems yesterday so just about managed to spin the wheel. Absolutely devastated to wake up this morning to the dreadful news ... Read more

  • June 2nd

    6/2/2017 9:50:44 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Thank goodness the scales were kind last night, both Pete & I lost 3.5 lbs. So since we got back from holiday I've lost 14 lbs, not bad over 3 we... Read more

  • June 1st

    6/1/2017 9:24:18 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Off to weigh in later on this evening but I'm not very hopeful. I know I've been drinking enough but not sure if I've eaten enough. I've not real... Read more

  • May 31st

    5/31/2017 8:35:45 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Writing this whilst knowing that I have loads of ironing calling to me from the verranda. I've used lots of excuses so far over the last two days... Read more

  • May 30th

    5/30/2017 2:38:41 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Happy 93rd birthday to my fantastic Mum. We had a ... Read more

  • May 29th

    5/29/2017 3:05:30 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Typical Bank Holiday Monday weather so Pete and I have spent our day in the kitchen making Cottage Pie, SW Sausage Casserole, Caribbean Pepperpot... Read more

  • May 28th

    5/28/2017 7:22:10 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Doing bits around the house & garden today then going over to the 'Outlaws' for an hour this afternoon. Tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday, we're goin... Read more

  • May 27th

    5/27/2017 5:17:12 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a lovely day today, we drove up to Mums' to take her out to lunch for her birthday. I'd arranged for my cousin to come over to surprise Mum b... Read more

  • May 26th

    5/26/2017 4:47:01 PM, by BRANDI1809

    I lost a pound this week according to the scales at group, I'm a bit disappointed as I was hoping to have lost a bit more of my holiday gain. Oh ... Read more

  • May 25th

    5/25/2017 11:40:18 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I observed the 1 minute silence at 11am today to remember those who lost their lives and those who were injured in Manchestar on Monday night. I ... Read more

  • May 24th

    5/24/2017 10:00:17 AM, by BRANDI1809

    A gorgeous day here in the UK Midlands but I'm stuck inside at the moment because the man is here fitting the charging unit for my new car. Hope ... Read more

  • May 23rd

    5/23/2017 5:32:50 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Pete is safely home again Thank Goodness. The day has been awful, as the facts have been released, my heart goes out to the families who hav... Read more

  • May 22nd

    5/22/2017 5:44:50 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a quiet sort of day today, Pete went off earlier than normal to travel up to Newcastle upon Tyne for work and he won't be back until tomorrow... Read more

  • May 21st

    5/21/2017 5:49:59 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a very late get up this morning. We had a brilliant night with our neighbours but for the first time in years I had a few glasses of wine and... Read more

  • May 20th

    5/20/2017 12:58:54 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Going next door to our friends tonight and taking a chicken & mushroom curry & a vegetable rice we're going to make. It's so good to have great n... Read more

  • May 19th

    5/19/2017 5:12:51 PM, by BRANDI1809

    I stepped on the scales at group last night & I was 10lbs heavier than before I went on holiday which definitely means I've lost 10lbs since Sund... Read more

  • May 18th

    5/18/2017 1:47:21 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Went swimming/water walking today, first time for weeks & weeks and I managed 110 lengths which is 1.8 miles, not too bad. For the first time i... Read more

  • May 17th

    5/17/2017 4:28:20 PM, by BRANDI1809

    The weight is definately coming off, so far since we weighed in on Sunday when we got back Pete has lost 6lbs & I've lost 7! So hopefully when we... Read more

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