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  • August 21st

    8/21/2017 11:19:00 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had my scrambled eggs this morning with onion & spinach. Lunch was a lovely salad and tonight we're having Salmon Curry. Food is under contro... Read more

  • August 20th

    8/20/2017 4:13:48 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had another good day for food with Brunch consisting of Slimming World homefries, skinless low fat sausage patties, baked beans and scrambled egg... Read more

  • August 19th

    8/19/2017 4:26:53 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a lovely day today, we drove up to see my Mum, went out for lunch & then went over to my Brother & SIL's and spent a couple of hours with the... Read more

  • August 18th

    8/18/2017 2:31:56 PM, by BRANDI1809

    It's been another busy old day, with the morning spent at the In-Laws' and an assessment by a Physiotherapist. Hopefully things are now moving in... Read more

  • My life has been flipped upside down

    8/18/2017 12:46:12 PM, by CADILLACLADY

    August 18, 2017, May 2013 I met the love of my life, despite our "culture" differences, we have a common bond--LOVE.... We bought a hou... Read more

  • Once again, back at it....

    8/18/2017 7:15:35 AM, by BARBARADELFA

    I have been back on SparkPeople for a little over 2 weeks now. Feels good to be here, as it always does. I know (as I have always known) that t... Read more

  • August 17th

    8/17/2017 5:12:43 PM, by BRANDI1809

    One pound loss this week so I'm happy enough with that. It was a good and lively group tonight with lots of ideas for new recipes. I feel a plann... Read more

  • August 16th

    8/16/2017 2:24:39 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Took MIL & FIL to the hospital for MILs appointment this morning and although we didn't learn anything new, at least I've got a clearer idea of w... Read more

  • August 15th

    8/15/2017 12:49:17 PM, by BRANDI1809

    I wasn't able to go to the pool today as it was the morning for our new gardener to come. She's done an awful lot of weeding.and clearing out of ... Read more

  • August 14th

    8/14/2017 11:43:25 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I didn't get chance to post much over the last couple of days, Saturday because we were getting the bungalow ready for Pete's relatives & Sunday ... Read more

  • August 13th

    8/13/2017 4:31:20 PM, by BRANDI1809

    We had a lovely time last night and it's been good today. Just off next door (at 9.30pm) to sit in their jacuzzi & maybe look for the meteors. Wi... Read more

  • August 12th

    8/12/2017 10:58:29 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Been busy tidying the bungalow from top to bottom today because Pete's Aunt & Uncle are going to see his Mom & Dad, we're going to take a Chinese... Read more

  • August 11th

    8/11/2017 4:24:26 PM, by BRANDI1809

    I'm a bit miffed having put on half a pound this week...... how can that happen when I've stuck to the plan and written down everything I've eate... Read more

  • August 10th

    8/10/2017 11:01:35 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I've been totally 'On Plan' (as usual) all week, actually going back to writing everything down, measuring everyrhing. It's been quite good seein... Read more

  • August 9th

    8/9/2017 5:17:42 PM, by BRANDI1809

    A good day for food, our evening meal today was Slimming World Campfire Stew with added sweetcorn, pasta and beetroot. Very nice. Read more

  • August 8th

    8/8/2017 5:32:40 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Went to the pool today and did a mile and a half.... Read more

  • Cardio Challenge

    8/7/2017 5:49:21 PM, by RACHSW1MS

    Cardio Challenge--Weekly Total Calories Add how much you have burn over a week—including shopping, cleaning the house, playing with your ch... Read more

  • Saving

    8/7/2017 5:45:01 PM, by RACHSW1MS

    ****TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER CHALLENGE****** Cardio for the Challenge: Week 1 —5000 calories Week 2— 6500 calories Week 3—7500 calories... Read more

  • August 7th

    8/7/2017 12:14:33 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Continuing to log all my food and not spotted any surprises as yet. Looking forward to tonights meal, we're having the other half of the Salmon C... Read more

  • August 6th

    8/6/2017 2:43:16 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Meals today........ Brunch was scrambled egg with red onion, bacon and my daily portion of low fat cheese, baked beans, 2 Slimming World Cho... Read more

  • August 4th & 5th

    8/5/2017 4:48:49 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Pete came home from work yesterday & as usual we had a quick 'on plan' meal then went out to do the weekly shopping. We got back home & decided t... Read more

  • August 3rd

    8/3/2017 8:42:48 AM, by BRANDI1809

    It's Thursday again & I'm not looking forward to the scales tonight because for some reason my scales just seem to be working against me. I know ... Read more

  • August 2nd

    8/2/2017 1:51:06 PM, by BRANDI1809

    It's been another miserable drizzley day. What has happened to our Summer?... Read more

  • August 1st

    8/1/2017 4:40:35 PM, by BRANDI1809

    A new month and a fresh chance to be successful, that's what I put on the Team post and I'm hoping that it works out that way. This week, I feel ... Read more

  • July 31st

    7/31/2017 8:05:29 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Just been watching the memorial service from Passchendaele even though it was 100 years ago, it's still awful to think how many were wounded & di... Read more

  • July 29th & 30th

    7/30/2017 4:37:04 PM, by BRANDI1809

    I didn't blog yesterday because we went over to our friends for a get-together of our old group of pals. I was feeling very old yesterday because... Read more

  • July 28th

    7/28/2017 1:01:34 PM, by BRANDI1809

    The scales showed a 3 1/2 lb gain last night so after the 3 lb loss last week because of illness it'sbeen a half pound gain. No worries, I'll j... Read more

  • July 27th

    7/27/2017 11:17:55 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I'm not looking forward to weigh in tonight. Last week I lost 3lbs after being ill for a couple of days, today I think I'll have put that back on... Read more

  • July 26th

    7/26/2017 2:15:59 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Can't believe I'm ahead of the game, a leader in my community.... Why? Well there was an item on the news today saying how by 2040 they will have... Read more

  • July 25th

    7/25/2017 4:54:26 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Couldn't work out what to have for our evening meal tonight, we'd planned every other meal except todays for some strange reason. So I defrosted ... Read more

  • July 24th

    7/24/2017 2:27:30 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had the most gorgeous "Salmon Curry in a Hurry" tonight with peas Pillau rice. We made it last month & I can vouch for the fact that it tastes al... Read more

  • July 23rd

    7/23/2017 11:52:51 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Not managed to get out in the garden today but I've stripped & remade the bed, done 3 loads of washing and we've cleared out the cupboard in the ... Read more

  • July 22nd

    7/22/2017 3:57:06 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had quite a busy day and quite successful too, got loads done. Glad I'm feeling back to normal again. Hope the weather is better tomorrow so we c... Read more

  • July 21st

    7/21/2017 10:02:01 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Really feeling better today & I've enjoyed a lovely egg salad for lunch. Think I'm getting back to normal, well as normal as I can be lol! The ... Read more

  • July 20th

    7/20/2017 5:31:58 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Feeling a little better today but still only managed a small salad at lunchtime. Weighed in tonight & another 3 lb gone. Good loss but mainly bec... Read more

  • July 19th

    7/19/2017 5:25:55 PM, by BRANDI1809

    I've felt really 'pants' today, I think I messed up with my pain meds & missed yesterday morning & didn't realise until halfway through this morn... Read more

  • July 18th

    7/18/2017 7:40:42 AM, by BRANDI1809

    My knees have been giving me a lot of pain over the last couple of days despite my normal medication. If it carries on like this I'm going to hav... Read more

  • July 17th

    7/17/2017 5:18:49 PM, by BRANDI1809

    It's been a lovely day today but I've not done too much although I have had to pick off all my bumper crop of Conference pears. Unfortunately all... Read more

  • July 15th & 16th

    7/16/2017 7:46:22 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a lovely day yesterday going up to see my Mum, taking her out for lunch then watching the Ladies Wimbledon Final with her then driving back h... Read more

  • July 14th

    7/14/2017 6:36:12 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I was a bit disappointed with a half pound gain on the scales last night but I'll just be more determined next week. Off to visit my Mum tomorr... Read more

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