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Blogs by Members of SP Class of January 13-19, 2008

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  • Embracing my inner hedghog

    2/27/2017 10:25:25 PM, by LEYAFLUTE

    I've taking up bartering house cleaning for things I want or need. Recently a facebook friend asked if I wanted to trade house cleaning for acupu... Read more

  • February 27th

    2/27/2017 12:26:56 PM, by BRANDI1809

    It's a new week and I'm continuing mostly on SP because a) it gave me a good result last week and b) I love it. Last night we made SW Lasagne e... Read more

  • February 25th & 26th

    2/26/2017 12:34:09 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Didn't get to blogg yesterday what with food shopping, having our feet done and then preparing for our friends who came over for a meal last nigh... Read more

  • February 24th

    2/24/2017 3:18:47 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a very successful week with a 3lb loss thanks to following the Slimming World SP meals. For those people who don't know about Slimming World ... Read more

  • February 23rd

    2/23/2017 5:52:19 PM, by BRANDI1809

    My breakfast today was scrambled egg with spinach and my usual fruit. Read more

  • February 22nd

    2/22/2017 4:23:45 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Meals for today...... Breakfast - Left over Quiche from last night with the usual fruit to follow. Read more

  • February 20th & 21st

    2/21/2017 3:01:52 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Missed my blog yesterday so here are some of the meals I had over the two days, obviously I couldn't put everything on here. Breakfast Monday -... Read more

  • February 19th

    2/19/2017 3:00:19 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Keeping on with posting my meals on here & to show how healthy the food I'm having is..... This was my breakfast, 20g low fat Mozarella Chee... Read more

  • February 18th

    2/18/2017 2:27:50 PM, by BRANDI1809

    We've just cooked & eaten Chicken in Black Bean Sauce & whilst Pete had pasta I had a mixture of courgette & butternut squash spaghetti. Very yum... Read more

  • February 17th

    2/17/2017 9:36:28 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Finally the scales have moved downwards again, only by half a pound but at least it's going in the right direction. I passed my food log to my ... Read more

  • February 16th

    2/16/2017 12:49:35 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Can't wait for weigh in tonight after writing absolutely everything down all week as my SW Consultant asked, according to my home scales there wi... Read more

  • February 15th

    2/15/2017 2:52:32 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Tried something different for our meal tonight, Baked Sweet Potato halves with chicken in fajita seasoning, mushrooms, peppers, carrots & onions.... Read more

  • February 14th

    2/14/2017 1:59:05 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Happy Valentines Day! Pete & I don't bother with all the faff around Valentines, we don't need to pay out money to show how much we care abo... Read more

  • February 13th

    2/13/2017 3:52:33 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Chicken mushrooms onions and sweet peppers (all very speedy) done with a Mexican seasoning pot with roasted sweet potatoes and added speedy cauli... Read more

  • February 12th

    2/12/2017 11:25:22 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a lovely lazy morning apart from stripping the bed & washing the sheets. Now had an invite to join the neighbour for a meal this evening, tha... Read more

  • February 11th

    2/11/2017 4:37:11 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a lovely time visiting up with my Mum and I think it cheered her up a bit. She's recently heard some bad news about her friend & neighbour wh... Read more

  • February 10th

    2/10/2017 5:04:20 PM, by BRANDI1809

    I put on half a pound again this week! Bummer! So I've decided to take my Consultants advice and even though I know exactly what I eat every day ... Read more

  • February 9th

    2/9/2017 9:51:11 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I'm not feeling on top form today. I was up at the crack of dawn to take Pete to his first physio appointment at 7.30! Didn't know they started s... Read more

  • February 8th

    2/8/2017 11:57:08 AM, by BRANDI1809

    We were at the hospital this morning for Pete's dressing to be removed! It took us 2 hours round trip for 5 minutes in with a nurse! I could hav... Read more

  • February 7th

    2/7/2017 2:18:13 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Managed anothe 2 1/2 miles in the pool today although it was a bit of a chore. I'm hoping I feel brighter when I go again on Thursday.... Read more

  • February 6th

    2/6/2017 3:25:08 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Got a bit of a shock this morning, the phone rang quite early and I could see it was my brother. Immediately I wondered what was wrong with my Mu... Read more

  • February 5th

    2/5/2017 12:48:01 PM, by BRANDI1809

    We are having a very very lazy day today. We did make it out into the world for a short time to look for a memorial brick at our local football g... Read more

  • February 4th

    2/4/2017 4:23:01 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a lovely day today when we took Petes Mum & Dad to meet up with 10 other members of the family. Everyone had a great time and can't wait unti... Read more

  • February 3rd

    2/3/2017 12:28:02 PM, by BRANDI1809

    We didn't win! But our great friends Steve & Tammie did so that's ok. There were lots of different tasters brought in. We made the Herb Gnocchi i... Read more

  • 50° Overcast , Windy

    2/2/2017 3:57:09 PM, by 100LBLIGHTER

    Not a pretty day... cooler and windy. No walking for any length of time... Just walking the dog 4 or 5 times today. I hear the flu is going a... Read more

  • February 2nd

    2/2/2017 12:13:14 PM, by BRANDI1809

    We're having our annual Mr & Mrs Slimming World event tonight & once again Pete & I have been nominated. I always find it's a bit of a strain tel... Read more

  • February 1st

    2/1/2017 3:35:12 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Peter & I have had Chicken in Oyster Sauce with noodl... Read more

  • Zumba class

    2/1/2017 12:01:46 AM, by ANA3VAS

    Do you think you burn enough calories while dancing?... Read more

  • 79° outside

    1/31/2017 3:53:30 PM, by 100LBLIGHTER

    What a nice day to walk. 79° and very windy.... Read more

  • January 31st

    1/31/2017 3:24:07 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Where has January gone? Can't believe it's February tomorrow, not that I'm too bothered it just means I'm closer to my holiday at the end of Apri... Read more

  • January 30th

    1/30/2017 11:20:24 AM, by BRANDI1809

    For those who wanted the recipe for our Chicken in Black Bean Sauce meal we had yesterday, here it is. Seared strips of chicken with crunchy... Read more

  • Brush Your Teeth!

    1/30/2017 6:50:39 AM, by FARMGIRLINWV

    I"m not suggesting you brush your teeth because you... Read more

  • Day #1

    1/30/2017 5:29:49 AM, by FARMGIRLINWV

    My primary goal is to consistently track my food. If I bite, I write! Looks like I won't be going to work today. I live on a Tertiary Rural... Read more

  • January 29th

    1/29/2017 4:27:52 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Pete & I made a batch of Chicken in Blackbean Sauce... Read more

  • Allow Me to Introduce Myself

    1/29/2017 11:59:29 AM, by FARMGIRLINWV

    Hello: I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brenda I am 53 years old . My goal is to lose about 25 pounds so that I can impro... Read more

  • In flagrante delicto

    1/29/2017 11:32:58 AM, by TCAVASOZ

    My partner took photos of me on Thursday and showed them to me last night. He wasn't hiding it/them, I knew he had taken them that night (I aske... Read more

  • Reformer and I Are Being Introduced

    1/28/2017 5:14:11 PM, by 100LBLIGHTER

    As strange as it may seem, this time when I tried t... Read more

  • January 28th

    1/28/2017 3:45:53 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Don't think Pete is going to make a very good patient! He only had the op on Thursday & he's bored already. Ho hum it's going to be a long two we... Read more

  • January 27th

    1/27/2017 4:19:47 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Didn't get to weigh in last night. I went to group but the first session was still going strong because they'd had a problem with the scales & so... Read more

  • Elderberries.....

    1/27/2017 2:29:25 PM, by 100LBLIGHTER

    I have a great memory of me and my cousins who live... Read more

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