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Blogs by Members of SP Class of January 13-19, 2008

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  • October 23rd

    10/23/2014 7:34:30 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a swine of a day so far. I was out at 7.30 this morning taking Brandi to the Vets for 8am for a thyroid blood test but the traffic was so bad... Read more

  • October 22nd

    10/22/2014 6:28:15 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Having a bit of a rest day today, I'm obviously taking longer to bounce back after my B12 injection. A bit of time out will do me good.... Read more

  • October 21st

    10/21/2014 6:20:35 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Today I get my B12 shot in the arm. Can't wait. Hopefully I'll start feeling more lively.... Read more

  • October 20th

    10/20/2014 6:28:46 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a good weekend & hopefully once I've had my B12 injection tomorrow the week will get even better.... Read more

  • Back on Spark People

    10/19/2014 8:54:42 PM, by CHERYL14062

    A few years ago I walked away from Spark People, I walked away from exercising, I walked away from eating healthy, I walked away from me.......I ... Read more

  • October 19th

    10/19/2014 5:52:54 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a lovely day yesterday with a visit from Petes cousin, husband & son who were checking out a local University then we went out with friends l... Read more

  • October 18th

    10/18/2014 10:12:50 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Well I did it! Even though I was so very tired, I went to the pool & managed another 100 lengths. Mind you I wasn't worth a bean for the rest of ... Read more

  • October 17th

    10/17/2014 6:00:20 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Okay, so I'm still feeling so tired & low again ( my B12 injection is due on Tuesday ) I've got my stuff together ready & I've got half an hour t... Read more

  • October 16th

    10/16/2014 7:03:13 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I went to the pool yesterday & managed 100 lengths! I was very pleased as I'd thought I'd not manage a mile (65 lengths) just shows that you shou... Read more

  • October 15th

    10/15/2014 5:52:07 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Going to the pool later but not sure if I'll last very long as I don't feel 100% today but I must try.... Read more

  • October 14th

    10/14/2014 6:16:47 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had problems giving Brandi her tablet last night so I'm searching around today to find some more ideas to get her to take her medication. If she ... Read more

  • October 13th

    10/13/2014 7:07:27 AM, by BRANDI1809

    ... Read more

  • October 12th

    10/12/2014 11:28:50 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Pete has led a 40 mile cycle ride today which has given him a boost towards his sponsored ride a week next Saturday.... Read more

  • Saturday

    10/11/2014 8:37:01 PM, by DAIZYSTARLITE

    This above all; to thine own self be true. William Shakespeare ... Read more

  • October 11th

    10/11/2014 1:05:01 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Been up for a visit with Mum today but didn't stay too late as we wanted to get back to give Brandi her tablet. Had a lovely time with her though... Read more

  • October 10th

    10/10/2014 10:52:29 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I think we're going to win giving Brandi her tablets, it was a bit of a fight but managed it in the end & she didn't hold it against us for too l... Read more

  • October 9th

    10/9/2014 6:48:25 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Took Brandi back to the Vets this morning for the results of her blood tests. Turns out that she has an over active thyroid which if we can get h... Read more

  • October 8th

    10/8/2014 5:55:12 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Going to go to the pool for a swim today as I've not been since Tuesday last week.... Read more

  • October 7th

    10/7/2014 6:36:52 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Brandi came home last night with a bald tummy & leg but was fine & immediately dived into her food even though the nurses had fed her earlier! We... Read more

  • Bathroom Completed....

    10/6/2014 9:27:33 PM, by 100LBLIGHTER

    Just a note to tell you the bathroom has been completed....and here is a picture story. All work was done by the Hubby and I. ..... Read more

  • I've been blogging!

    10/6/2014 8:29:36 PM, by GONABFIT

    ess.com Check me out :)... Read more

  • October 6th

    10/6/2014 7:23:21 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Dropped Brandi off at the Vets this morning & the Vet has phoned me twice already. The first time was to tell me the results of her Ultra-sound w... Read more

  • October 5th

    10/5/2014 6:33:46 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Not looking forward to tomorrow. Brandi had 2 further episodes last night so it looks like the Vet was right in saying that it is seizures caused... Read more

  • October 4th

    10/4/2014 7:00:51 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Having a relaxing day today, we've been to do the weekly shop but now just chilling out & catching up with each other. Considering Pete was only ... Read more

  • October 3rd

    10/3/2014 7:33:58 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Hubby is coming home today. He should be here in an hour or so. ... Read more

  • Thursday

    10/2/2014 9:03:56 PM, by DAIZYSTARLITE

    All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many ... Read more

  • October

    10/2/2014 10:00:52 AM, by JAB2010

    Can it be October? It seems like yesterday it was August... like the song says "don't blink or you just might miss......"! Anyway to recap S... Read more

  • October 2nd

    10/2/2014 7:09:50 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Had a bit of a rough night last night, Brandi, our dark Tortie suddenly started to walk very strangely on her back legs. I phoned our out of hour... Read more

  • Wednesday

    10/1/2014 10:27:42 PM, by DAIZYSTARLITE

    It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. William Shakespeare ... Read more

  • October 1st

    10/1/2014 11:02:25 AM, by BRANDI1809

    'Ecky thump' as they say in Yorkshire, it's October already & only 3 more months & it'll be 2015! Time is going so quickly. Pete's trip is g... Read more

  • September 30th

    9/30/2014 6:07:01 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Spoke to Pete twice on Skype last night, the first time he'd just arrived in his room & looked sooooo tired after travelling for 25 hours with ve... Read more

  • September 29th

    9/29/2014 8:44:36 AM, by BRANDI1809

    I woke up at about 5am this morning & checked Facebook to find that Pete had just posted that he'd arrived in Abu Dhabi Airport & was now waiting... Read more

  • Sunday

    9/28/2014 12:38:20 PM, by DAIZYSTARLITE

    You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi ... Read more

  • September 28th

    9/28/2014 7:22:36 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Pete is packing his case & I'm just going to start cooking dinner. His flight isn't until 9pm tonight but he's got to pick up his boss on the way... Read more

  • Satuday

    9/27/2014 9:20:54 PM, by DAIZYSTARLITE

    Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is st... Read more

  • September 27th

    9/27/2014 10:56:32 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Busy day today getting ready for Petes trip to India tomorrow. He's only going for just under a week & will be back on Friday but he wants to get... Read more

  • Friday

    9/26/2014 10:48:49 PM, by DAIZYSTARLITE

    Hope is a waking dream. Aristotle ... Read more

  • September 26th

    9/26/2014 11:05:48 AM, by BRANDI1809

    Didn't manage to get to the pool yesterday so went today instead. I was amazed & proud of myself because I did 130 lengths which is 2 miles in 2 ... Read more

  • Thursday

    9/25/2014 9:55:36 PM, by DAIZYSTARLITE

    Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. William Shakespeare ... Read more

  • I'm Back

    9/25/2014 10:59:08 AM, by STALALAI

    Well, I am back! Time to get back into shape. Although I am suffering with Plantar Fasciitis, I am going to put my best effort into my new bootc... Read more

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