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Happy Administrative Assistant Day!
4/23/2014 4:51:10 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Happy Administrative Assistant Day! Although I am not an admin I still am counted as a valued member of our organization. So for you guys do as...  Read more


So much for chocolate
4/23/2014 8:57:12 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I've been struggling for quite some time since My Guy passed with getting my eating patterns under control again, and using the self-discipline I've t...  Read more


Don't Give Up!
4/22/2014 11:52:52 PM,  3 COMMENTS

It's a week before my first piano festival in 12 years and there's a part of me that just so badly wants to give up. With all honesty I feel like I'v...  Read more


AJ's Yummy Sauce
4/21/2014 11:08:09 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Youtube and recipe! Can't wait to make!
em 1.5 c. cannellini beans Juice & zest of 1 lemon (1...  Read more


Happy Easter Sunday!
4/20/2014 9:59:56 PM,  5 COMMENTS

What a joyous Resurrection Easter Sunday! He continues to bless & keep each of us. His Son Jesus our Savior died the sins of the world, hallelujah to...  Read more


Maintaining Focus with a New Plan
4/20/2014 9:14:10 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am refocusing on my eating plan. I have heard about food combining before but never truly understood what it is all about. A girlfriend recent...  Read more


McDougall's Max Weight Loss Plan Condensed
4/19/2014 2:05:06 PM,  3 COMMENTS

This goes along with the Chef AJ's Weight Loss--McDougall's way of eating for maximum weight loss. I have his book The Starch Solution, but the max w...  Read more


I took a picture of myself
4/16/2014 11:19:22 AM,  15 COMMENTS

OK never done this before!! But I did it, and to keep me accountable I will post a picture once a week!! This is me in a Medium shirt, I usually wear...  Read more


Happy Monday!!!
4/14/2014 2:51:12 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I was really feeling like this this morning. After a great birthday weekend with bowling & good food and family time, I chipped a tooth. If anybody...  Read more


18 more days in April
4/13/2014 1:21:44 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I saw someone, wrote a blog that said only 3 more minutes, till I hit 500 min. For March, so that got me thinking, I tried to go and find whose blog t...  Read more


Chef AJ's Weight Loss Plan
4/12/2014 12:22:41 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Chef AJ is shrinking like a snowman in summer (I want to too!). She has a couple article's/videos on explaining it and how she eats. ...  Read more


Please Share Healthier Treats Suggestions
4/7/2014 3:05:58 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Good Day Sparkfam!! It's a beautiful day here in Chicago which made it equally hard to come to work.... I made it in and a few minutes to spare but...  Read more


It's the most busiest time of the year. . .
4/6/2014 10:32:54 AM,  2 COMMENTS

March and April are my craziest months of the year (with September, November & December following close behind) and it has been truly crazy. But exci...  Read more


When did SparkCoach Start and how did I miss it!!
4/6/2014 10:27:42 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Not even sure how I found it!! but I think this is what I need and have been missing. Ya!ll need to check it out!!...  Read more


my old plan being revisited to be healthier
3/30/2014 8:24:03 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I will be 55 May, 24th and with the help of my Slytherin friend's and Beyond the Scale Team, I think I can be healthier and smaller!! And with my othe...  Read more


God is Good!
3/30/2014 6:13:03 PM,  8 COMMENTS

So I haven't posted in a while even though I Spark almost everyday. I just have been trying to listen and be quiet. A leader of my church group said I...  Read more


I have always want to learn how to Clog!!
3/18/2014 5:00:33 PM,  9 COMMENTS

So I have found four tutorials online!! geez I am so uncoordinated, it take me forever to just learn the first few steps, but that's why I am doing it...  Read more


My CLOCK changed itself this AM
3/9/2014 1:55:22 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Hey, have you ever heard of this!! Well neither have I, anyway my son Christopher gave us this clock for an anniversary, he is the one in Heaven, he d...  Read more


Rewards System, Rationalization, and Misc.
3/9/2014 8:56:07 AM,  22 COMMENTS

I really crack myself up sometimes. I've recently noticed the humorous side of my own rewards system. For example, when I pay my credit card balance...  Read more


Fish Tacos, Sansone, Springing Ahead
3/8/2014 10:13:42 AM,  21 COMMENTS

Today I'm going with a friend to dinner and will be ordering my favorite fish tacos at On The Border. I love their fish tacos and, yes, they are a mi...  Read more


Maybe I Should've Missed the Dance (WARNING: NOT A HAPPY HAPPY)
3/7/2014 10:21:36 AM,  23 COMMENTS

The other day, I heard a mother say that if she'd known how painful it would be to lose a child, she would have never had kids. It jolted me to hear...  Read more


Rayon difficulties, Matthew Mcconaughey, Harry's Eyeball Update
3/6/2014 3:49:39 PM,  17 COMMENTS

I've been thrilled to find some beautiful blouses lately, but today it occurred to me to research the fabric upkeep. Not good news about rayon as it'...  Read more


Good-bye Rick, I'll miss you
3/5/2014 10:00:55 PM,  2 COMMENTS

On Monday, March 3rd, my ex husband passed away. We'd been divorced for almost 20 years. But we were always on friendly terms. We were a united...  Read more


Collards & Chard. My first time for each.
3/5/2014 3:11:35 PM,  20 COMMENTS

I've come to rely on one green smoothie a day. I started by using spinach, but shortly thereafter, found that my fave grocery store has regular markd...  Read more


Can This Be True about Sunflower Seeds?
3/4/2014 7:59:07 AM,  26 COMMENTS

Yesterday, I picked up a tiny bag of sunflower seeds to buy as a snack. Looking at the label, I had to read it a couple of times to see if it wasn't...  Read more


Looking Forward to DayLight Savings
3/3/2014 8:16:08 AM,  22 COMMENTS

I prefer longer daylight and welcome this coming weekend's time change. Now, if they'd only leave it alone and not change the time anymore as they do...  Read more


Leslie Sansone, Rain, Harry, Academy Awards
3/2/2014 1:14:04 PM,  14 COMMENTS

It's day 3 of rain. Intermittent rain, that is. Everything is turning greener like magic - just in time for St. Patty's Day. Love rain so much. Ho...  Read more


Exercise Embarrassment
2/23/2014 3:46:39 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I've started adding in some 20 minute cardio workouts in addition to my 15 min or so of yoga a day and I know why I'm having such a hard time committi...  Read more


Feeling "Thin"
2/20/2014 11:47:20 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today I woke up feeling great about myself and I thought I'd give the scale a go. No weight loss, still within my three pound new normal range. I wa...  Read more


Nearly 20 Down!
2/20/2014 4:54:53 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Well, it has been nearly two months since I started this journey again and I am already almost 20 lbs down. I feel amazing...I have lost 5 inches on...  Read more


Feeling GREAT, 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Goal!! Need Accountability Partner..
2/17/2014 3:53:08 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Well weighed in today at 237.8!!! YASSSS!!!! So, my 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up April 7th. My goal is to lose 5 pounds by 1 year we...  Read more


Feeling Strong
2/14/2014 11:19:28 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today was day 8 of 30 of the 30 day yoga challenge and I'm starting to feel stronger. My downward dogs have strength in them and my hips and shoulder...  Read more


Bad Night, New Start Today
2/12/2014 8:56:46 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Last night sucked. D just wouldn't go to sleep and after two hours of trying we finally gave up and Mike slept in the guest room and I slept with D i...  Read more


Edited my Sparkpage
2/7/2014 11:03:36 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It's been bugging me for awhile, but I've finally edited my spark page to reflect where I am actually at, instead of some outdated thing from nearly 2...  Read more


Broke Another Chair
2/3/2014 2:16:21 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Yup, I've broken two rocking chairs now. I am overweight, about 40 pounds overweight. But really, is 158 pounds enough to break two wooden rocki...  Read more


RE: I'm Back, After A, Very Very, Long Break.
1/31/2014 10:50:36 AM,  84 COMMENTS

RE: I'm back, after a very very, long break, i'll be, very very, honest with, you now, i have not had the energy to go out much, so have been hiding...  Read more


Food Choices Change Your Life!
1/31/2014 9:19:10 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I read a blog this morning that pushed me into writing a version of my own. For years, I've been struggling with food focus! This has improved a...  Read more


So, I didn't Lose Weight but Gained.. BUT.. I reached other Goals!!
1/27/2014 12:17:49 PM,  22 COMMENTS

Happy Monday Sparkers!! Well didn't lose any weight but instead gained 1.6 pounds. However, I won't beat myself up b/c I worked out 5 days &...  Read more


Getting back on track....
1/25/2014 8:46:44 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So after a month of feeling blah and eating junky, I am back on track for healthier eating and being. I cannot say I have been 100% on, but I certain...  Read more


New Spark Name
1/25/2014 11:41:06 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Yep! It's still me! *WHITE-LOTUS* After a long over-due catch-up call with a long time Spark pal (Just_Breathe08), I decided it was time for...  Read more


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