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  • Prayers Needed Please!

    9/14/2014 8:08:11 AM, by LIONESS822

    I fell twice yesterday and had to call 911 to come get me up and take me to the emergency room. I cant put any weight on my new knee. I am havi... Read more

  • WOW

    9/12/2014 9:35:30 PM, by NFLATTE

    Just before dismissal we found out we will not have school on Monday~A local police officer was shot & killed in the line of duty and his funeral... Read more

  • ugggh

    9/11/2014 10:40:39 PM, by NFLATTE

    No yoga tonight...maybe Saturday... Read more

  • tutoring

    9/10/2014 10:16:35 PM, by NFLATTE

    Tutoring after school...Looong day.......... Read more

  • Worried

    9/10/2014 6:49:23 AM, by PATTYJ48

    I just needed a place to vent this morning. My DH is working on a house that his sister is building along a river. The river was up high this p... Read more

  • Doing great and learning lots

    9/9/2014 11:22:48 PM, by NWIBERG

    I have been taking advantage of every tool I can find. I have been reading success stories, articles, and using different pedometers and other ap... Read more

  • Off..

    9/9/2014 6:06:10 PM, by NFLATTE

    Off to yoga...... Read more

  • Instruction

    9/8/2014 11:10:03 PM, by NFLATTE

    Home bound instruction for a student on M, W & F has curtailed my Monday nite zumba class for this semester...Well at least there's yoga on T & z... Read more

  • Paperwork

    9/7/2014 8:26:29 PM, by NFLATTE

    Got caught up on lots of paperwork today...Prepping for my new student both during AND after school...... Read more

  • I want the brave girl to come back.

    9/5/2014 9:26:06 AM, by MAIM138

    A few years ago, when I lost 40-some pounds, I was a machine. I worked out before work, during work, after work. I tried everything. A boxing cla... Read more

  • Whoo hoo!

    9/5/2014 6:39:09 AM, by NFLATTE

    It's Friday! Farmers market & yoga tomorrow am!... Read more

  • Busy, but...

    9/4/2014 10:27:11 PM, by NFLATTE

    Busy day...taking on 2 students from the Intense Intervention room 1 who are ready to have more challenges in my room......Prepping for a transfe... Read more

  • Looong day

    9/3/2014 9:29:56 PM, by NFLATTE

    Loooong day....Started out with a move-in conference for a new student...Got some walking in...Ending working on my horrific schedule for work...... Read more

  • Back..

    9/2/2014 10:28:28 PM, by NFLATTE

    Back from a great yoga class...and back to my walking routine now that school is back in session... Read more

  • Nice day

    9/1/2014 6:23:27 PM, by NFLATTE

    Got lots done for school...Now time to relax a bit...... Read more

  • Festival

    8/31/2014 10:38:53 PM, by NFLATTE

    Made it to the Frankfort Fall Festival today....Picked up some neat artwork & crafts! Enjoying this long holiday weekend ... Read more

  • Happy birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law and late husband

    8/31/2014 8:47:21 PM, by JUDITHANNIE

    Yes, it's my mother-in-laws 93rd birthday and my last husbands birthday also. We lost him almost 28 yrs. ago but I still miss him and have the be... Read more

  • Yoga and then...

    8/30/2014 9:07:27 AM, by NFLATTE

    Just sitting here with my coffee and computer...Getting ready to go to yoga, and then to an outdoor family party...Good times ... Read more

  • Tips To Dropping Weight (over 200 pounds worth!)

    8/25/2014 7:43:10 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I used SparkPeople and ate MORE naturally, in other words, less processed food... Read more

  • Hot

    8/24/2014 9:10:06 PM, by NFLATTE

    Note to self: DO NOT do yardwork on a day like today ... Read more

  • Busy

    8/23/2014 6:56:20 PM, by NFLATTE

    Farmers Market, oil change, then on to yoga this am...Went grocery shopping after yoga & the heavens opened up on the way home. I couldn't even ... Read more

  • Day 2

    8/22/2014 10:57:29 PM, by NFLATTE

    Good ending to a short week...Yoga in the am... Read more

  • Busy day...

    8/21/2014 10:35:54 PM, by NFLATTE

    First day of school with minimal issues...Great to see my students...Finished the day with zumba and yoga classes ... Read more

  • Tomorrow

    8/20/2014 9:05:32 PM, by NFLATTE

    Another new student on my caseload...and a meeting that was totally unnecessary during what turned out to be a working lunch....Well, that's an h... Read more

  • BLC 26 Registration is Now Open!!!!

    8/20/2014 3:09:19 PM, by PATTYJ48

    Are you ready to do something for YOU this fall? It's TIME! The Registration Team for BLC 26 is NOW OPEN! Follow the LINK below to... Read more

  • First of several

    8/19/2014 10:09:09 PM, by NFLATTE

    Tonight was the first of several 'parent nights' for me for the new school year....Missed yoga, but DID get my challenge done ... Read more

  • Gearing up...

    8/18/2014 8:15:41 PM, by NFLATTE

    Gearing up for the corporation's back-to-school pep talk tomorrow am...and then later, the first of many back-to-school open house nights so th... Read more

  • New challenge

    8/17/2014 10:04:11 PM, by NFLATTE

    Some of my exercise buddies and I started a new month-long challenge to accompany our various zumba-yoga-bootcamp-tae bo classes : daily planks... Read more

  • Great day for...

    8/16/2014 8:01:47 PM, by NFLATTE

    Great day for morning yoga .... Nice way to start the last weekend before the start of a new school year! ... Read more

  • Workshop

    8/15/2014 6:25:56 PM, by NFLATTE

    Just got back from a before-the-start-of school workshop: Managing Disruptive Student behaviors.....FUNFUNFUN! Hope I don't have many to manag... Read more

  • Off to ...

    8/14/2014 3:05:02 PM, by NFLATTE

    Off to a department cookout, then to yoga... Read more

  • Off to ...

    8/14/2014 3:04:59 PM, by NFLATTE

    Off to a department cookout, then to yoga... Read more

  • Off to a meeting

    8/12/2014 6:36:31 AM, by NFLATTE

    Off to a meeting...on to a consult with a new teacher...then yoga later...... Read more

  • Zumba

    8/11/2014 9:20:28 PM, by NFLATTE

    Great class ... Read more

  • Temptation all around me

    8/11/2014 2:23:49 PM, by NWIBERG

    Well this is going to be an incredibly hard journey for me because I am an ... Read more

  • Yoga

    8/9/2014 9:27:43 PM, by NFLATTE

    Yoga...A great way to start a Saturday!... Read more

  • Working on my classroom...

    8/8/2014 5:22:26 PM, by NFLATTE

    I was going to wait until next week to start on my room, but an e-mail this a.m. informed me of ANOTHER meeting for next week, followed by a cons... Read more

  • Start Down The Yellow Brick Road

    8/8/2014 2:44:03 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Rode my bike for the third time and fell again, this hurting my knee and shoulder, both of which already need surgery. Also pulled on a hernia, ... Read more

  • Off to zumba...

    8/7/2014 5:43:03 PM, by NFLATTE

    Off to zumba ...then on to yoga ... Read more

  • Last minute

    8/5/2014 10:23:54 PM, by NFLATTE

    Lots of last minute running around helping my sister to get ready for her flight back tomorrow ... Read more

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