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California dreamin'.
4/23/2014 5:29:45 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Heya sparkles, I'm back! Sorry for my extended absence... at first I was avoiding Spark because I was off track (naturally, that's generally always th...  Read more


Sugar sabotages me
4/23/2014 3:16:20 PM,  3 COMMENTS

This week, I realized the impact eating added sugar has on me. Sugar sabotages me. It makes me feel tired and starts my cravings for junk foods. I...  Read more


Back again
4/23/2014 1:48:27 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Spark always seems to be my little sanctuary that I run to occasionally to find something positive in this world... this seems to be the one place tha...  Read more


no more treat days
4/23/2014 11:54:59 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Since I'd burned so many calories on Sunday, had allowed myself some extra goodies. No cake, or ice cream. Just some of my favorite dried fruit and...  Read more


4/23/2014 11:12:01 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Lately I have been a hard time being motivated I'm not sure why. My current job has very low stress, you would think that having lower stress I wou...  Read more


4/23/2014 8:06:25 AM,  1 COMMENTS

have a good day...  Read more


4/23/2014 6:43:43 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am very proud of myself. My family wanted Burger King for dinner. I went there and bought food only for them and nothing for myself. I didn't ask fo...  Read more


Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think
4/23/2014 6:23:49 AM,  21 COMMENTS

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said; BUT, they will always remember how you made them feel.” ALWAYS remember thi...  Read more


Sprinkle on the happiness....
4/23/2014 12:58:41 AM,  5 COMMENTS

with ice cream! have such a sweet tooth... and one for my honey who has always sprinkled happiness in our lives 26 ...  Read more


not just about weight
4/22/2014 10:50:45 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Had always heard for weight loss to be noticeable, it had to be at least 10% of your starting weight. So far I've lost only about 5% of my starting w...  Read more


A cry for help...
4/22/2014 8:48:02 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I need some help. I am really still struggling with binging almost every day. I will make it through most of the day just fine, then I get home and it...  Read more


4/22/2014 8:19:37 AM,  0 COMMENTS

have a good day...  Read more


Big 4-0
4/22/2014 6:51:41 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I am quickly approaching this number in age and like many other people it really depresses me. I just cannot believe I am this old already. It seems l...  Read more


Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think
4/22/2014 5:32:04 AM,  23 COMMENTS

“God’s gift to us is more talent and ability than we’ll ever hope to use in our lifetime. Our gift to God is to develop as much of that talent and abi...  Read more


Day 8
4/22/2014 12:25:41 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Well, it's Monday and I'm feeling pretty good! I weighed myself this morning and I lost 4 pounds! It really made me feel good, because it just shows t...  Read more


What is ME Time?
4/21/2014 12:30:35 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I sometimes wonder what counts as ME time on SP challenges? Is it doing something we wouldn't normally do? Is it just spending a few minutes with an...  Read more


HUGE calorie burn
4/21/2014 11:06:08 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Had to dig another hole to China - only this was for the a new garden bed. Soil was compacted so out came the pick axe and the shovel. Got about 1/3...  Read more


4/21/2014 7:57:45 AM,  0 COMMENTS

off and moving towards a great day after all I am the only one who can make it good or bad so I choose good have a good day...  Read more


Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think
4/21/2014 6:29:48 AM,  19 COMMENTS

“Your intent is for the future, but your attention is in the present” Depak Chopra I have certainly seen this before but it really "sunk in" toda...  Read more


Weird question for women
4/21/2014 6:02:49 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Is it just me or has anyone else gained weight after having sex. I notice that I seem to have a one day weight gain of a few pounds the morning after...  Read more


happy easter
4/20/2014 11:15:07 AM,  2 COMMENTS

to all those who celebrate. Easter Sunday or not, got out the kick boxing DVD and worked my way through it. Last time I did this one, only got t...  Read more


4/20/2014 10:48:32 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Happy Easter everyone Have a good day...  Read more


Good Day
4/20/2014 6:35:54 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter 244...  Read more


No Matter How You Spend Today
4/20/2014 6:05:36 AM,  19 COMMENTS

I wish you all a blessed day...whether you celebrate Resurrection Day/Easter or if you're Jewish I wish you Shavua Tov (please correct me if I a...  Read more


Still doing my thing
4/19/2014 8:19:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I thought I would just let everyone who is interested that I am taking some time off. I am still committed everyday to exercise. My husband is very...  Read more


My old treadmill died :( BUT I headed to the gym.
4/19/2014 4:23:45 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This time of year I had been enjoying doing my cardio by walking outside. But this morning I was stuffed up and worried about my upper respiratory in...  Read more


Shopping in the rest of the store...
4/19/2014 4:13:25 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I needed some new shirts as my old ones are either getting too big :) or worn out. Summer temps are here in Arizona, so it was time for some casual s...  Read more


14 IS a Magic Number! (14-day results)
4/19/2014 12:04:47 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Exactly two weeks ago, I set a goal to track food and exercise daily on SparkPeople. My friend, LINDAK25 had inspired me with her two blogs about a 1...  Read more


4/19/2014 11:41:41 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I am off and going it is my my day and I love it going to a calm place and learn new things have a great day...  Read more


4/19/2014 11:18:44 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Another morning of dance. Had forgotten how much I enjoyed dancing - DH does not. First round with major weight loss, he had promised to take me dan...  Read more


4/19/2014 6:52:50 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I feel like I'm dying. I cannot stop blowing my nose. I never used to have allergies. It must be a new thing with age....  Read more


Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think
4/19/2014 5:45:03 AM,  17 COMMENTS

“A person cannot elevate himself by putting another person down”. How TRUE this is! So why do people still do this? Have a wonderful Saturday a...  Read more


George Bernard Shaw
4/18/2014 12:51:26 PM,  1 COMMENTS

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw...  Read more


4/18/2014 11:21:56 AM,  1 COMMENTS

We all know that we need to vary our exercise routines for best results. We all know how easy it is to fall into the routine of doing the same thing....  Read more


4/18/2014 8:23:46 AM,  0 COMMENTS

have a good day...  Read more


4/18/2014 7:04:49 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Eight years ago today I lost my mother to breast cancer. She was only 57. 382...  Read more


Day 4: Sweatin' out the Stess
4/17/2014 11:27:12 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I feel really good right now. I've been working really hard these past four days to staying on track with my goals. I know that the tough part is com...  Read more


4/17/2014 4:56:53 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It is so hot in Tucson, AZ right now especially when you have to run a half dozen errands all at once....  Read more


moving on
4/17/2014 11:27:03 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Phone call at 5:15AM!!!!! so out the door earlly with the dog, and then, eyes still blurry, put on the "cardio quick fix" DVD for kickboxing. Could...  Read more


4/17/2014 8:02:47 AM,  2 COMMENTS

it is a much better day so far I got up on time and I feel better I got to go walk this morning what a great way to start the day have a good...  Read more


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