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lots of changes
4/9/2014 9:13:29 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Getting used to new home, now found out where I work is closing, so I have to get used to a new work place as well, not easy when your trying to creat...  Read more


day twelve
4/9/2014 7:59:50 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Barely two weeks in to this project and Iíve already been surprised by so many things. Mostly Iím surprised by my reactions and little things I hadnít...  Read more


Streak Day 10
4/9/2014 7:40:12 PM,  5 COMMENTS

It's Streak Day 10 for me. I can hardly believe, I've gotten myself back on track with making a difference to my LIFE through SPARKING!! I have exer...  Read more


Accountability: day 3
4/9/2014 5:22:58 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Today: Great day personally...except for the school stabbings this morning...emotionally. Still watching my food choices since my root canal and my ja...  Read more


Being Optimistic April 9 2014
4/9/2014 5:16:21 PM,  3 COMMENTS

ďA pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.Ē ~Winston Churchill ...  Read more


Last training run before my half marathon
4/9/2014 3:17:43 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I look forward to the week before my races. It's a little like rehearsal week before a performance. The hard training is done, and now it's all about...  Read more


Sticking to my goals...
4/9/2014 2:37:34 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Through my reading and research I came across a few items that have helped me stick to my goals... 1. Ask "Why" and then decide. If you do not ha...  Read more


Heavy heart...
4/9/2014 11:43:08 AM,  6 COMMENTS

This morning at 7 am a local school district made yet another unbelievable headline! Stabbing rampage injurying at least 20 students!! Franklin Region...  Read more


a mild day
4/9/2014 8:36:57 AM,  11 COMMENTS

i signed up for a workshop at a different school campus today. i was going to sign up for two more, except that they are full. every chance i get to d...  Read more


4/9/2014 8:06:27 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Not sure why I love this but I have great need to share:)...  Read more


Persistence, patience, perseverance, commitment...
4/9/2014 6:54:18 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I began my SP journey in 2004. I'm back after taking time away for the past two years. I lost close to 50 pounds and kept most of it all off, except t...  Read more


Today's Inspiration
4/9/2014 12:06:05 AM,  7 COMMENTS

" It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it." - Anonymous...  Read more


Today's Inspiration
4/8/2014 11:41:54 PM,  2 COMMENTS

" Trust your own inner guidance. Have faith that your steps are carrying you toward your dreams. Keep your eyes on the heavens and believe tha...  Read more


Overheard on my walk tonight...
4/8/2014 9:36:46 PM,  4 COMMENTS

So I'm out for my nightly walk with the pup, since it was nice weather out and still daylight, I decided to take a longer walk into the trails and aro...  Read more


4/8/2014 7:59:52 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today was pretty good considering I had to work by myself, when you own a convenience store and you have the best deli in town then you will know how...  Read more


day eleven
4/8/2014 7:30:13 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Couldnít stop smiling today as I was happy to be feeling so much better. I praise God that the medicine helped me to get through this week and one mor...  Read more


Accountability: day 2
4/8/2014 5:29:22 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today: I had a successful day...even with my root canal and needing to eat softer foods. Meaning no snack of nuts today. Kept active again today becau...  Read more


4/8/2014 12:24:00 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Clyde Walking regularie Meal 1 ? Kitchen Clyde Hunger 6 ? Satisfied...  Read more


on the road again
4/8/2014 11:44:07 AM,  2 COMMENTS

i am on my way back to kelly and the khatib household. i do miss all the kids, just not all the work, lol. it seems as though i just got home. this...  Read more


a new week
4/8/2014 10:02:39 AM,  4 COMMENTS

just got back to school today after being away from it for a few weeks. i got right back in the swing of things,too. i found out what part i have to d...  Read more


For April 7 2014: My tender heart felt too battered and to post ( Vulnerbilty )
4/8/2014 9:30:33 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I Choose to not harden my heart toward people. Hurting people often hurt others as a way...  Read more


to do list
4/8/2014 7:30:06 AM,  9 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Next thing I just tried,, WOW ! Water AEROBICS !
4/8/2014 2:30:16 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Tonight I tried WATER AEROBICS Deep end !! YO !!! It was a GUININE WORK OUT FOR SURAH !!! It was ALSO HARD in that I could NOT see what it...  Read more


Second new recipe for the first week of April
4/7/2014 10:46:23 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Today's new adventure was chicken salad. Chicken salad doesn't sound all that adventurous does it? Or all that healthy for that matter. Well, you just...  Read more


in a pickle, guess I'll enjoy
4/7/2014 9:41:27 PM,  3 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Hi Sparkfriends...
4/7/2014 9:02:57 PM,  8 COMMENTS

213 Spark 220's It's been along time since my last blog. I've been quiet..... I finally got the click and my weight loss moving. I...  Read more


Accountability: day 1
4/7/2014 8:15:48 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Accountability to ME has helped me through my healthy lifestyle journey. This is one area where no matter if I stray...I mark it down and learn from i...  Read more


I'm back to Sparking because...
4/7/2014 7:47:23 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I originally began my healthy lifestyle journey with SparkPeople in 2004. I started off slow, no exercising or tracking...just reading. I read blogs,...  Read more


4/7/2014 5:23:49 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Obviously I haven't been active. I can't stand looking at myself in pictures or the mirror anymore. I had a set back before Christmas by breaking my...  Read more


The Lemon that Wasn't
4/7/2014 3:24:59 PM,  7 COMMENTS

11:20 Pacific Standard Time. "Let's go I shout to my husband". It was 11:20 and I wanted to go on the dot (I don't have anything that counts my steps...  Read more


a sunny spring day
4/7/2014 3:07:16 PM,  6 COMMENTS

getting back into the swing of things today. my daughter's school pictures came out really nice. she is enjoying school and learning to swim,too. i am...  Read more


Please Share Healthier Treats Suggestions
4/7/2014 3:05:58 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Good Day Sparkfam!! It's a beautiful day here in Chicago which made it equally hard to come to work.... I made it in and a few minutes to spare but...  Read more


my starting week 4/07/14
4/7/2014 2:55:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Starting my week out a lot better. Fixed my breakfast and lunch plus a snack or two depending on long I will be at the store. Will try and drink mo...  Read more


I've gone Koookooo for Veggies.
4/7/2014 1:03:16 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Inc. Hungry for Change, Food Matters and Farmageddon.... All documentarys I watched on Netflix. Normally I...  Read more


4/7/2014 10:24:28 AM,  3 COMMENTS

today was my doctors appointment. i thought i would get weighed and be able to check my progress. MY DOCTOR CALLED OFF. this is the second appointm...  Read more


Back at it Monday!
4/7/2014 10:10:31 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Feeling pretty good considering the grueling workout weekend! I am ready for today. Starting off with a light walk and stretch this morning. Do...  Read more


day ten
4/7/2014 9:59:40 AM,  0 COMMENTS

After four days in ďsurvival modeĒ in which I made it to work, made it home, drank little, ate little, I am happy to say that the constant fever is go...  Read more


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