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  • I Won!

    10/28/2016 10:47:20 AM, by DEEKELLYE

    This past Saturday I ended up working even tho I... Read more

  • Routines and Plans

    10/28/2016 7:30:52 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Still in NC...still enjoying GD. I got to meet her ABA yesterday (therapist that comes to the home and works with her due to autism). She was s... Read more

  • Frustrated

    10/27/2016 4:58:27 PM, by SNOWSTARZ

    I keep falling of the healthy wagon and seeing my weight creep up and my activity decrease. I'm at the heaviest I've ever been, including when I ... Read more

  • Frustrated

    10/27/2016 4:58:23 PM, by SNOWSTARZ

    I keep falling of the healthy wagon and seeing my weight creep up and my activity decrease. I'm at the heaviest I've ever been, including when I ... Read more

  • Good Trip! Freedom!

    10/27/2016 8:16:29 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Made it to DS's house in North Carolina. It was about a 9-hour drive. It went pretty fast. I only stopped twice. It's so good to see my littl... Read more

  • Hump Day Hurrah

    10/26/2016 9:25:41 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Well I made it! So many times I wanted to nap or not exercise, but I persevered. I'm glad I did. I'm 1/3 of the way through ab and push-up challe... Read more

  • Gettin Ready to Go!

    10/26/2016 6:13:21 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Work yesterday...not good. We had some issues with one of our accounts and had to do a lot of back and forth with the bank...not fun. Then I ha... Read more

  • Eating for Hunger or...

    10/25/2016 11:20:56 AM, by HUNGRYWOMAN2

    The nibble monsters are attacking and it is only mid-morning. It feels like I am hungry, but am I really? Currently I am drinking a glass of ... Read more

  • Leaving my Defects on the Highway

    10/25/2016 6:32:35 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    One last day of work, today, and it's off to North Carolina! I'm excited. I'm looking forward to the time alone on the way down...for meditatin... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Chasing 195 and Guilty Pleasures Sing-Along

    10/24/2016 9:50:57 AM, by MOSTMOM1

    I promised I wouldn't flood you with my Creative Sprint entries and I don't think I have. This is the last week! I hadn't planned on sharing this... Read more

  • Trip on the Horizon

    10/24/2016 6:59:55 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good Sunday with the GD'S. My 3-year-old definitely has the snack bug. She asks for snacks a LOT. Sometimes, I say okay. Sometimes, I... Read more

  • Sunday Sunday 7 and counting

    10/23/2016 3:25:17 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Again I'm up early. Loving the yoga, it's getting easier, 😊, and I can barely wait to get out and walk. I feel so much better about me, and li... Read more

  • My First F2F OA Meeting

    10/23/2016 7:58:59 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday was a really good day. I got my kitchen table all sorted out and looking nice again. Then, I went to my first OA face-to-face meeting... Read more

  • Ooh it's day 6 and I'm full of tricks! ☺️

    10/22/2016 8:59:34 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    As I sit here eating my very healthy dinner of yellow squash with onions and chicken sausage with garlic and mozzarella, I couldn't be more proud... Read more

  • joke and Halloween blog

    10/22/2016 8:55:41 PM, by CANDOK1260

    I love Halloween, When I was little Halloween was always about getting the most candy. We would go in our neighborhood and then my Aunt nei... Read more

  • Planning the Day

    10/22/2016 6:37:40 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good Friday. Everything went well at work. I continued in abstinence from overeating. DH and I had a good evening at home together. ... Read more

  • Five and ready to thrive

    10/21/2016 9:23:01 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    I FEEL AMAZING! I have been up since six, yoga, mad walking, and totally transforming my room! I almost caved at three and took a power nap but I... Read more

  • Anxiety vs. Confidence

    10/21/2016 6:26:27 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Everything went well yesterday. I went to the "big meeting" with the other company that is supposed to be giving us a bunch of business. I was ... Read more

  • Day 4 still trying to roar

    10/20/2016 5:17:12 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Yesterday was a trying day. I put in 2 hours of exercise. I slept so good! I woke up somewhat late, but I felt I deserved it. I've picked up anot... Read more

  • Didn't deserve it...

    10/20/2016 3:13:22 PM, by MYRNA929

    Today, I rushed out during my lunch hour to run an errand that usually takes me 50 minutes of my lunch hour if I time it just right. Today, howe... Read more

  • Happy Birthday, DH!

    10/20/2016 7:01:45 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Today is DH's birthday! The older we get, the harder the gifting. I got him a subscription to two different magazines that he likes and gift ca... Read more

  • Positive Returns!

    10/19/2016 6:51:06 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I saw a little drop in weight on the scale this morning. Yay! It's a nice confirmation of what I already knew. When you are being abstinent fr... Read more

  • Day 2, what's a girl to do?

    10/18/2016 8:17:21 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    So I'm on day two of my challenge, and I'll tell you what I did. I KICKED BUTT TODAY!! I woke up early, started cleaning, took a short walk, then... Read more

  • Starting on the Next Quest

    10/18/2016 6:32:13 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good day yesterday. The client did not show up for her conflict resolution meeting; but I was able to talk to her by phone and did the m... Read more

  • Perimenopause

    10/18/2016 1:58:37 AM, by PLANTPOWERGIRL

    I recently took a week off exercise to lay in bed, watch tv, and eat too much chocolate. The depression I've been feeling has been eating me aliv... Read more

  • Starting all over again

    10/17/2016 5:47:27 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    The song says it's gonna be rough, but I have a new mindset. I'm not going to be so hard on myself. I am trying, and what counts. I'm excited for... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog

    10/17/2016 3:40:45 PM, by MOSTMOM1

    Wow! I hadn't realized it's been so long since I blogged... Thought I'd dash over here and drop a super short, creative sprint video because it i... Read more

  • Sleep

    10/17/2016 11:43:31 AM, by DEEKELLYE

    Elijah is off of school today and mom kept him u... Read more

  • Stressors...One Down, One to Go!

    10/17/2016 6:39:16 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good Sunday with DH. We did our weekly shopping. He's having a hard time with his left knee. I know how that is. I've had my share of... Read more

  • Jokes and Aspire & Inspire Challenge

    10/16/2016 10:55:11 PM, by CANDOK1260

    My blog for bsg this week is about Write about how you incorporate stretching and other types of relaxation into your daily routine. You can use ... Read more

  • Cathy 2.0

    10/16/2016 7:43:55 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    So, the garage sale went well yesterday. I sold some stuff and enjoyed my time with my DD's and GD's. Also, DH's parents came over and visited ... Read more

  • So much to do!!

    10/15/2016 12:00:00 PM, by CHELLE82

    Starting off, some of my clothes are becoming loose i really haven't done much other than cutting back on food. With this said the batteries in t... Read more

  • Feeling Better...Garage Sale!

    10/15/2016 6:30:49 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    So yesterday was a better day. The "problem" from Thursday is still being resolved. I am scheduled Monday with the problem client and am confid... Read more

  • Rough Day

    10/14/2016 7:00:51 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I survived a not-so-awesome day at work yesterday. I had two criticisms come against me right at the end of the day and was really glad to come ... Read more

  • Doctor appointment today...

    10/14/2016 5:20:09 AM, by LANCE992

    I have been sick for 2 weeks now with a headache and a head cold that is not responding to medicine. I think it could be the change in the seas... Read more

  • Excited about Weight Loss!

    10/13/2016 7:24:33 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I'm pretty excited this morning. Finally, the 10th pound is gone. Hallelujah! 4 weeks of being abstinent from overeating = 10.8 lbs down! Yes... Read more

  • Good-Bye to the Roller Coaster Days!

    10/12/2016 6:33:15 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Today completes 4 weeks...on plan...abstinent from compulsive overeating/emotional overeating/binge eating...ahhhh. Feels good. It's such a rel... Read more

  • Clarity and Slogans

    10/11/2016 7:03:22 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    One of the biggest changes I have noticed in myself in the last 27 days, of abstinence from overeating, is clear thinking. Many people describe ... Read more

  • What I'm doing right this round of BLC

    10/10/2016 9:01:53 PM, by GIVWIG

    This round has been tough squeezing team chats. I'm doing better with my fitness thanks to my fitbit. Since I have been sitting at a desk most da... Read more

  • 10/10 What I am doing right

    10/10/2016 6:44:58 PM, by CHERYLN

    oooh, this is a touchy subject. I'm on vacation right now and not doing well in the eating department. I am trying to balance out my choices so... Read more

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