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  • January: Fresh Beginnings!

    1/16/2017 7:42:56 AM, by JODROX

    I vanished! Like magic! No, really, I've just got a whole lot of personal stuff going on right now. I can see why losing weight worked for ... Read more

  • New week

    1/15/2017 11:28:32 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Sending light love joy and happiness enjoy your day hugs... Read more

  • inspiration: keep going

    1/15/2017 4:57:15 PM, by NATUREGIRL71

    some images to keep my spirits up - was 0.5 lb more this week but not letting it derail me. Just keep swimming! Read more

  • Fake Foods article on SparkPeople

    1/15/2017 4:20:47 PM, by DAWNGW

    I wanted to post this article I just read on SparkPeople... it is really important to know what it is that you are putting into your body. What ... Read more

  • Don't forget to stretch!

    1/15/2017 1:33:25 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    Not too long ago I wrote about how important I have found that eating right is. When my husband and I skip dinner or don't eat a well balanced h... Read more

  • Sunday

    1/15/2017 9:53:39 AM, by GABYMORRIS

    I woke up feeling good. Weighed myself down 2.8 lbs. ... Read more

  • Waiting on Storm

    1/15/2017 9:14:35 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Sounds like most of it will be south of us. Hey?? when did they start naming "all" storms? is this a new thing ? Picked up the very happy... Read more

  • The Year of "Re"

    1/14/2017 3:09:12 PM, by ZELLAZM

    2017 - New Year, trying again! 5% Challenge starts today but I've already started on my way down. Too hard to choose one word so I'm focussing at... Read more

  • Staples grocery list

    1/14/2017 1:38:46 PM, by SCOTIANRUNNER

    As per Thursdays "get started" goal, I made/updated my grocery list for the week. Tomorrow, I hope to shop and do meal prep for the week so I sta... Read more

  • Week 3: building a rhythm

    1/14/2017 11:53:52 AM, by NATUREGIRL71

    Saturday has become family day at the Y. Boys go to the kids drop-in program while hub and I workout. Then we all shoot hoops and carry on with o... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #8!

    1/14/2017 11:46:26 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Great start to the weekend! I ended up being able to leave work early to do an extra Crossfit class at 5 pm. The workout was great and it was the... Read more

  • Home..

    1/14/2017 9:29:59 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Drove home last afternoon. So very nice to have our own bed. Mother in law was sleeping most of the day yesterday. Have noticed some disorient... Read more

  • 1.13.17

    1/13/2017 9:56:44 PM, by CARILOUIE

    Friday the 13th! I'm actually not superstitious about the date, but it's still fun to say it in a spooky voice. I was up in New York early t... Read more

  • New Chapter of My Life

    1/13/2017 1:48:51 PM, by KLMEIRING

    Hello Spark Community. I am probably not going to be seen in the Community very much for the next 16 weeks or so. I am on the home stretch ... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #7!

    1/13/2017 1:10:01 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Happy Friday everyone! So far the week is going well and I'm staying on track! I've only eaten out once during the week, which was yesterday... Read more

  • I think I am going to blow up

    1/13/2017 12:28:14 PM, by NEED2MOVE2

    Bad belly bloating, gas , burps and abdominal pain! Trying no wheat and lactose free. Hoping it helps. Here is to a positive change!!! ... Read more

  • Winter challenge checklist

    1/13/2017 12:02:47 PM, by SCOTIANRUNNER

    Saturday: Campfire Introduction (introduce yourself on our boards) Sunday: Weigh in post (set up your winter challenge weigh in ... Read more

  • it's friday

    1/13/2017 11:15:30 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today. my daughter says hI! i am catching up on some errands and housework today. other than that, i have no other pla... Read more

  • Trains

    1/13/2017 10:23:26 AM, by BEWITCHED_0226

    I live out in a newer part of the city that until recently was over ran with commerce. They took some of the empty fields out there and are start... Read more


    1/13/2017 10:14:42 AM, by DEBBIE0468

    I had an amazing breakfast today!! The sun is shining, I went to the Dr and found out that I have high Cholesterol as well as I have high bloo... Read more

  • Good day.....

    1/13/2017 9:24:52 AM, by LDYHAZ

    She was alert and oriented. Concerned about everyone. Was a major relief that she looked so well yesterday. This morning not so good. Pain and di... Read more

  • Diet sabotoge

    1/13/2017 7:46:03 AM, by SOXYINMO

    Is someone sabotaging my healthy eating plan? There have been little snippets here & there. My mom is about the worst. She managed to lose a lot ... Read more

  • Thursday

    1/13/2017 6:35:27 AM, by GABYMORRIS

    Well my intentions were good. I told myself all day I would work out and take a run on the treadmill when I got home. Nope I didn't do it. But I ... Read more

  • What a stressful and busy week

    1/12/2017 9:03:50 PM, by SMILEABBYG

    What a week! Ever since I arrived , I did nothing but go out, haven't really stayed at home for the whole day yet, well I guess this week I did a... Read more

  • Just the facts

    1/12/2017 4:21:34 PM, by ZIPITUP

    Our first report was due yesterday and I did want to do a "Tale form the Scales" but was busy and good news I am actual... Read more

  • Realizations

    1/12/2017 3:58:13 PM, by BEWITCHED_0226

    So I have been tracking my food intake and really trying to think about what my goals should be when someone on here told me about flylady.com. ... Read more

  • Goals update January 8-14

    1/12/2017 3:18:35 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Soda sober aka completely off soda New year's day ... Read more

  • And Another Week

    1/12/2017 9:51:48 AM, by DDHEART

    The second week of January 2017. The severe cold I have had has gotten better. My activity level has returned to nearly normal. That is,... Read more

  • Rough time

    1/12/2017 7:00:59 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Arlene ended up having quadruple bypass and remained out of it at the time we took father in law to hotel. Prayers for a good night for all and a... Read more

  • Freecycle, Goodwill, Not-ironing etc reply to yesterday's blog!

    1/12/2017 4:32:14 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I was surprised by all the comments on my new iron blog yesterday. I found I needed to make several replies, so forgive me if I put them all tog... Read more

  • Dinner out

    1/11/2017 10:23:41 PM, by GINGERSSPARK

    So for the first time since I started this program I went out to dinner to Red Robin. I love a good hamburger but I pulled up the menu online an... Read more

  • 1.11.17

    1/11/2017 9:07:12 PM, by CARILOUIE

    I went to a hot yoga class tonight with hubs - I'm feeling relaxed and loose. Tomorrow night I have a trapeze class, and then a few days off of w... Read more

  • Winter challenge

    1/11/2017 3:51:05 PM, by SCOTIANRUNNER

    Over the next 8 weeks my goals are: Nutritional- Drink 64 ounces a day. Bring vegetables back into my routine. 2-... Read more

  • I want it so bad!

    1/11/2017 2:39:27 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    Healthbet has officially kicked off this week. I had every intention of doing my H/C Strength yesterday as ST is one of my all time favorites. W... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #6!

    1/11/2017 12:49:52 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    I picked up arugula last week. I'm honestly not really sure why. Most likely I saw it in a recipe on Food Network and thought "ohhhh arugula!" Th... Read more

  • January 11th - pressing situation!

    1/11/2017 8:22:40 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    Well, I had a feeling January would be about de-cluttering, and I knew I would need a new iron sooner or later - but I didn't expect it to fall a... Read more

  • Yesterday

    1/11/2017 7:51:27 AM, by GABYMORRIS

    I ran on the treadmill for 30 min and did 1.96 miles on it. Color run 5 k in March here I come!... Read more

  • Prayers

    1/11/2017 6:41:48 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Dale's mother is having triple bypass this morning. Please send all prayers for Arlene.... Read more

  • The 1st morning

    1/10/2017 5:06:27 PM, by BEWITCHED_0226

    So this morning I was determined to start the new routine. Getting up early appears to be my downfall - and I know it stems from going to bed to... Read more

  • Toy Problem here huhuhu

    1/10/2017 1:42:05 PM, by SMILEABBYG

    I just can't seem to log in in fitbit, always saying that my email and password are incorrect, and most of the time fitbit.com is down for mainte... Read more

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