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  • I am pulling out that Pink Book Again!

    2/25/2018 10:48:54 AM, by WINACHST

    I am so tired of of thinking getting the better of me. I am pulling out that Beck Diet Solution Again. That book, even though I never made it thr... Read more

  • Birthdays

    2/25/2018 2:14:38 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Good bye February birthdays. Dont have to deal with cakes till August ;) Next up Easter hehe ;/... Read more

  • Got 2nd opinion and onto next phase

    2/23/2018 5:07:05 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I had my 2nd opinion yesterday. Nothing major in the upper part of my breasts and lymph nodes. Mostly its fat. But we are going to check in... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/23/2018 10:37:35 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! i get to meet up with a few of my friends on sunday and i am really looking forward to it. i have not seen them for ... Read more

  • Happy Girl

    2/22/2018 12:37:07 PM, by AWIL298

    feeling good today - i will accomplish this... Read more

  • need to get back motivated

    2/22/2018 12:37:04 PM, by SOFREKENCUTE

    trying to get back in to the workout thing and lose some weight and being a better me... Read more

  • it's thursday

    2/22/2018 10:34:00 AM, by MOMMY445

    a much cooler day here today. my daughter and i dressed warmly before heading out this morning. after getting some much needed errands done the o... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    2/21/2018 11:02:39 AM, by MOMMY445

    i have yet to go for the x-ray and ultrasound tests because i came down with what feels like the flu. this is the first time i have been out of t... Read more

  • I cannot have it both ways!

    2/21/2018 9:55:54 AM, by WINACHST

    My little motivational card that I made when I attempted to follow the Beck Diet Solution that I read this morning is: I cannot have it both ways... Read more

  • Tired

    2/20/2018 3:03:22 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    I'm struggling with tiredness tonight and have only exercised briefly. Planning my meals for tomorrow. When I finish worm I'm starving and have ... Read more

  • Feeling Discouraged

    2/19/2018 4:33:18 PM, by LIVINGLIFEAGAIN

    I've decided not to "sugar coat" my feelings today. Normally, I am a very upbeat and positive person but lately I have felt the complete opposit... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/16/2018 1:49:16 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am taking it easy today. for the first time in a few days, it is actually cool weather here today. sunny and windy,too. now i feel like i may b... Read more

  • Got appointment for 2nd opinion

    2/16/2018 1:05:25 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, found out why I didn't get the appointment for the 2nd opinion on the day we had dad's 2 appointments. The gal that was making the appointm... Read more

  • update

    2/15/2018 1:59:30 PM, by MOMMY445

    i saw the doctor today. i have to go for two more x-rays and one more ultrasound. the x-rays are for my left hip area and my lower back. the ultr... Read more

  • Hitting a few rough spots

    2/15/2018 8:50:59 AM, by WINACHST

    I have been struggling these past couple of days. I am getting the munchies and wish my hubby would support my good intent rather than my bad. He... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    2/14/2018 11:57:24 AM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great dinner out last night and i was able to meet up with my good friend.too! my daughter says hi and happy valentine's day! all of the... Read more


    2/13/2018 1:35:58 PM, by SPARKMEFIT

    This past sunday 2/11 we had to put our baby boy Jack russell to sleep I know he was just old and lived a long life but my heart is hurting....... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/13/2018 1:10:19 PM, by MOMMY445

    i decided to treat myself to dinner tonight. it has been a really long time since i have had dinner out. my daughter will be having dinner at her... Read more

  • Waiting to get in for 2nd opinion

    2/13/2018 11:39:54 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I am waiting to hear from the nurse PA for me to see her tomorrow while my dad and I are up there. My dad has 2 appointments tomorrow and I am ho... Read more

  • working on the routine -

    2/13/2018 8:55:43 AM, by AWIL298

    need to step it up - too many excuses i find - this is about me and only me this time- i can do this for myself -... Read more

  • Just saying

    2/12/2018 11:20:54 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Im so hot. Between the heat and hot flushes I've not had much sleep. Do you think its possible to sleep on a lilo? Hehe... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/12/2018 11:12:40 AM, by MOMMY445

    i go to see the movie jumanji the other day and i really enjoyed it. i have an appointment with my own doctor for later this week. i will finally... Read more

  • Burning up

    2/11/2018 2:58:55 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Oh dear hot flushes please let me sleep tonight ;) zzzzz Exciting news, finally the scales moved and I'm officially 200lb. Yes i CAN do this! It... Read more

  • *smiles contently*

    2/10/2018 6:12:21 PM, by --BELLE--

    Today has been WONDERFUL! (Maybe not diet-wise, but in many other ways!) this morning was the Valentines ladies breakfast at my church (hints the... Read more

  • 5% Winter Challenge

    2/10/2018 9:18:52 AM, by WINACHST

    My, oh, my! I cannot believe we are at week 5 and I am still working toward my goal. My weight loss is moving very slowly, but then I don't expec... Read more

  • Black berries

    2/10/2018 2:50:12 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Found these on yesterdays walk and went back to pick ... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/9/2018 11:57:55 AM, by MOMMY445

    it will be snowing here every day for the next few days. that is fine with me and with my daughter. i am already starting to look at activities t... Read more

  • Change before you have to.

    2/9/2018 7:50:30 AM, by WINACHST

    My quote for the day is "Change before you have to." ~ Jack Welch Change is going to happen no matter what. That change will have an impact ... Read more

  • Weigh day

    2/9/2018 4:15:57 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Well i cant expect a great deal of benifit tomorrow as ive only been eating strocyly on point a couple of days in the last week. One day at a tim... Read more

  • it's thursday

    2/8/2018 10:46:36 AM, by MOMMY445

    i will get to see my own doctor next week. then i can get some more specific results as to what is causing my leg to still hurt and be sore. in t... Read more

  • Hill climb

    2/8/2018 4:25:43 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Big hill ckimb with my daughter and our dogs today. Fun! Eating not quite on point. Better tomorrow missy :)... Read more

  • This is my WHY...

    2/6/2018 9:45:17 PM, by SAVINGSADIE

    I’ve been trying very hard to get 100% on board with my healthy lifestyle change (aka permanent healthful eating, exercise, and weight loss) but ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/6/2018 1:25:07 PM, by MOMMY445

    i did get to see the doctor yesterday. the latest ultrasound showed no problems. the doctor did not have much advice to offer me, other than what... Read more

  • Chugging along

    2/6/2018 4:14:07 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Relaxed morning prior to going to hospital. My Mother remains in a confused pain ridden state. Hard to watch your dear mum but nurses and drs are... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/5/2018 3:13:22 PM, by MOMMY445

    i just got back a while ago from seeing the doctor. the last test results came back clear. there are no signs of any clots or other problems in m... Read more

  • Back to it

    2/5/2018 12:20:19 PM, by STEMPY22

    I didn't stick to my plan or work out as much as I should have in December and then only went once when we got back from Mexico in January. It i... Read more

  • Hospital

    2/4/2018 7:23:14 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Well didnt expect to be here today. Hopefully my Mother can be treated and home soon. Been a teary day :( On the bright side she is blessed to ha... Read more

  • New York Deli lunch

    2/3/2018 8:56:11 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Oh dear, my sandwich was huge and ice tea had sugar in it! Its going to be skinny pickings for my evening meal 😲 Lovely family lunch though and ... Read more

  • Saturday Hike

    2/3/2018 12:10:09 PM, by NYARAMULA

    Read more

  • End of the 21 days

    2/3/2018 10:31:46 AM, by LSCONTI

    1/28/18 - At the end of the 21 Day Fix, I weighed in at 126.7. A total of 8.1 pounds lost in three weeks. Continuing for another three weeks bu... Read more

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