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  • Trying not to panick -

    7/3/2015 11:07:36 AM, by NEELIXNKES

    I was just sitting here - enjoying a lazy morning off and then it dawned on me - I have exactly 3 months until my niece's wedding. s... Read more

  • Garlic, Zucchini chips and Sun!!!!

    7/3/2015 9:29:21 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Yesterday was interesting and nice. I got up early but sinuses were acting up so I took a benadryl and laid down, When I got up Melissa and Lilly... Read more


    7/3/2015 8:30:30 AM, by SMIDGON

    I wish YOU and everyone a 'safe' and 'fun-filled... Read more

  • Groundhog Day

    7/3/2015 2:31:45 AM, by KRYSALISS

    I've been an eventful few months. IBS kicked my rear, I lost my job, I renewed my freelance business, I started volunteering at my local queer co... Read more

  • Day 4 Eating out adventure

    7/2/2015 9:58:59 AM, by MFABER3

    On the way to hubby's Dr Appointment, we planned to eat lunch. Originally it was Chick-Fil-A, but they were so busy, we just headed further South... Read more

  • Thursday

    7/2/2015 7:56:14 AM, by PURPLE0906

    ok, enough with the rain, storms, I need the sun!! Waiting to hear from Melissa and my older sister. Melissa had to take Pat to the medic... Read more

  • 4 of 90

    7/1/2015 11:42:44 PM, by MAGA99

    day 4 sparking daily -- getting more involved exercising -- actually walked to the mailbox and back blogging -- measuri... Read more

  • My Story and How I Lost 225 Pounds

    7/1/2015 5:07:32 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Life is happening now, not 10 pounds from now. Beth Donovan's No Weight Loss Surgery, No Crazy Diets, No Extreme Exercise Story of Joy on a... Read more

  • Day 3 Stressful day

    7/1/2015 11:04:05 AM, by MFABER3

    I enjoyed my dinner out a little more than I should have, but not as bad as I could have. After posting yesterday, we received some stressf... Read more

  • Wed. 7/1/2015

    7/1/2015 7:11:39 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Can't believe it's already July. Woke up this morning around 2am to a very nasty storm. Lots of lightening, wind, heavy rain. The rain sounded li... Read more

  • Day 2 - Inspirations & Plans

    6/30/2015 10:58:01 AM, by MFABER3

    It's been 10 months since my last post, wow. The bad news is I gained back the 5 pounds I had lost at that point, the good news is I've already l... Read more

  • 3 of 90

    6/29/2015 5:30:41 PM, by MAGA99

    today is day 3 my bronchitis is getting worse instead of better so no exercise today but I've done some strength training I did a little... Read more

  • The little ones count!

    6/29/2015 4:43:25 PM, by MISSLORI5

    I'm sitting here in my recliner, taking a lunch break, and thinking about my progress. What surprises me is I've made some! Every once in a while... Read more

  • Sugar, sugar everywhere!

    6/29/2015 12:53:58 PM, by MANLEYSANDY

    So last week I started a 10 day no sugar challenge, on top of trying to go about 80-90% gluten free. I cannot believe how much sugar is in every... Read more

  • vacation

    6/29/2015 12:04:20 PM, by PATIENTSAM

    i just got back from a mini vacation. I planned my menus ahead of time as best as I could. I brought along my Shaklee smoothie mix and milk for b... Read more

  • Need to get over this

    6/28/2015 10:27:44 PM, by SEASIDEDEBBIE

    I have not had a voice for over 3 weeks. I saw the Dr 2 weeks ago and was loaded down with meds which also included prednisone. I do not usuall... Read more

  • 2 of 90

    6/28/2015 8:52:00 PM, by MAGA99

    today is day 2 since its Sunday so no exercise but this being said I did spark I'm blogging and I'm working on the food thing now... Read more

  • Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do

    6/28/2015 11:17:55 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I love the saying from the television series Lost t... Read more

  • Please tell me the scale is wrong!

    6/27/2015 9:11:24 PM, by AMBERBELL

    I went on a three day practicum, stayed in a nice motel, had a great time...apparently too great of time. The scales say I gained 7 pounds in th... Read more

  • Current struggles

    6/27/2015 5:46:17 PM, by BRUISEME

    So two things: 1) I am coming off of my medicine (zoloft(sertraline) and wellbutrin(bupropion)). It has been giving me wicked withdrawals an... Read more

  • FRIENDS of IRENE (this is Marcy)

    6/27/2015 9:53:04 AM, by MNNSAIDE

    IRENE HAS HAD ANOTHER FALL AND IS IN THE HOSPITAL. I talked to her a while ago (hard to understand her and I don't think she could hear me c... Read more

  • Nature Walks

    6/26/2015 10:55:26 PM, by MNNSAIDE

    As I walked the orchard outside Frontera (after closing) I was serenaded by several Great Kisskadee's, Mourning Dove's and other birds. ... Read more

  • Update

    6/26/2015 4:57:45 PM, by CATFANDU

    I was reading some of my old blogs, my how times have changed! Anymore I can't even eat half the stuff on the diets I've been on before. I don'... Read more

  • Finally feeling good

    6/26/2015 7:56:35 AM, by DWILLIAMSLIFE

    The iron pill is finally starting to help. I finally have some energy and some color to my skin. I'm praying that was the sole issue and I stay... Read more

  • Having fun and losing weight at the same time

    6/25/2015 2:40:22 PM, by JMAHNKEN

    I am having lots of fun going to lots of different networking mixers lately. I went to one for Women only Tuesday night. Last night I went to o... Read more

  • Just Don't Eat The Whole Cake

    6/25/2015 7:08:12 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    A few old college friends and I were at a birthday party, sitting near the birthday cake and talking about our dieting struggles and how hard it ... Read more

  • Off and On

    6/24/2015 12:42:32 AM, by SILVER_WOLF1221

    It seems like I am in a rhythm. I do really well and then I fall off the wagon, then I do really well and then I fall off the wagon. There really... Read more

  • Feeling Better

    6/23/2015 11:00:40 PM, by LINDA!

    It has been a couple of weeks since I started using a CPAP for severe sleep apnea. I was hesitant at first. I really did not want to sleep ... Read more

  • Way Off the Rails

    6/22/2015 9:35:30 AM, by CYN5200

    Well, I had went completely off the rails yesterday. I did pretty good up until dinnertime, then my husband grilled some unbelievably delicious ... Read more

  • Busy, productive weekend

    6/22/2015 6:36:45 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Lilly was not over this weekend but we got a lot done. John worked on side jobs with Marty (his friend) and also got some cleaning done in the ga... Read more

  • How to RESET Your Weight Loss Goal on SparkPeople

    6/21/2015 12:34:58 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I have to keep changing things up. I reset my spark nutrition tracker goal every 10-20 pounds so that it stays relevant to my new weight so I co... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    another update

    6/20/2015 9:11:59 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    yet another update for you... Read more

  • Great Grandfather

    6/20/2015 9:23:29 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Below is a pic of John's granddaughter (Alicia), boyfriend (Brandon) and their son. Jeremiah Scott Ball-Flores was born on Wed. 6/17/2015. He i... Read more

  • ETL day 6

    6/20/2015 3:55:48 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    No loss again today- in fact there was a pound gain so I am down 3.2 pounds so far this week. Still amazing progress, but I do need to buckle do... Read more

  • Something is Better Than Nothing

    6/19/2015 10:10:46 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Something is better than nothing. If you can't exercise 30 minutes, do 10. Do 5. Do it a few times a day if you have to. Cut back just a litt... Read more

  • ETL day 5

    6/19/2015 8:30:23 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    No loss today. I knew eventually it would have to stop, but my diet was partially to blame. I ate mostly fruit yesterday as I had a second day ... Read more

  • War on weeds and sweets-not much difference!

    6/18/2015 12:37:00 PM, by MISSLORI5

    It's that time again! I go through it every year! The weeds fill up this particular part of my backyard because I am involved in other activities... Read more

  • ETL day 4

    6/18/2015 2:37:45 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    Yesterday ended in major migraine and withdrawal symptoms. I guess giving up one cup of coffee a day is a lot harder than I expected. The day w... Read more

  • Positive thinking

    6/17/2015 11:14:47 PM, by BRUISEME

    I am going to make an effort to say I will lose weight and do positive thinking since I believe in that so here we go. By sept 1 this year I wil... Read more

  • 6-17-2015

    6/17/2015 7:12:00 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Have not really been blogging lately. This weather is hot, humid and zapping my energy. Had Lilly last weekend, she loves coming over here and ... Read more

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