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  • Maths towards mainting - 154 days

    10/5/2015 5:02:49 AM, by ANNETJE

    So... this might not be for everyone, but I like goals and timelines and breaking things down into steps and milestones. Making things concrete a... Read more

  • Failure on a Colossal Level

    10/4/2015 11:47:36 PM, by BENTOGYRL

    Today's lunch was....horrible. Disgusting. Utterly foul. Rank. Read more

  • Today was great despite...

    10/4/2015 7:42:31 PM, by ANNETJE

    ... going over my calorie count I was about to beat myself up. I went over my calorie count by 106 calories And then I remembered... I ate heal... Read more

  • Day 71

    10/4/2015 11:55:57 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Long walk today, got my heart rate going and felt good. I saw some people playing 'Quidditch' in the park, which was interesting. I'm not sure wh... Read more

  • Sweet Tooth Journal 10/1-10/3

    10/4/2015 10:44:23 AM, by LIZZYB2006_

    I've been indulging my sweet tooth way too much! My weigh-in tomorrow will not be pretty. ... Read more

  • I am numb

    10/4/2015 9:37:40 AM, by MISSA526

    Shawn, my boyfriend, his mom died today of a massive aneurysm. She was 63 years old. I played care taker for everyone especially him. She was lik... Read more

  • Training Day

    10/4/2015 8:18:08 AM, by HIPPYJONJON

    A beautiful crisp October morning and Jack, my husb... Read more

  • Sinusitis

    10/3/2015 10:19:22 PM, by DOROTHY58X

    Not feeling well at all, today, and it came on all of a sudden. Stayed in bed, and will again tomorrow. Difficult to drink but I'm getting 8 gla... Read more

  • I am numb

    10/3/2015 10:18:05 PM, by MISSA526

    Shawn, my boyfriend, his mom died today of a massive aneurysm. She was 63 years old. I played care taker for everyone especially him. She was lik... Read more

  • 10/3 Stress Journal

    10/3/2015 8:09:29 PM, by LIZZYB2006_

    Been completely stressed out about school, plus I've been in a lot of pain, which is stressful. ... Read more

  • Day 70

    10/3/2015 4:49:29 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Had a nice day out today at a tabletop sale and plant sale. This evening I did a couple of exercise videos and felt really worked out, which is a... Read more

  • When it rains it pours

    10/3/2015 3:31:57 PM, by MISSA526

    Where do I even begin... My Baker;s Cyst came back within a few days of it getting it drained. I saw my Rhuemotologist a little over two weeks ag... Read more

  • Good day

    10/2/2015 6:57:50 PM, by LEGGSMALON

    First blog,I'm having a good day no migraine,cool day,and finally got to clean my cathouse out!! SWEET! HOPE IT LAST ALL DAY... Read more

  • 9/28-10/2 Sleep Journal

    10/2/2015 4:13:02 PM, by LIZZYB2006_

    9/28 1. What time did you wake up today? 5:33 am 2. What time are you lying down to go to sleep? 10:42pm 3. In total, how ma... Read more

  • Day 69

    10/2/2015 11:16:57 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Had a great cycle today where I pushed myself a bit and felt great. When I eat well and exercise I feel so healthy, but when I slip into eating l... Read more

  • Friday 10/2/15

    10/2/2015 9:06:34 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Went to PT yesterday morning, then went and picked up the cd from my neck MRI. Went to my Doctor's appointment which was at 2pm. Waited an hr ... Read more

  • Being Thankful...Day Number 2

    10/2/2015 8:19:33 AM, by SOON2BDIRTY30

    It sure does feel like fall here in Ohio! I took a walk/run last night and although it sure wasn't what I have been used to in the evenings, it w... Read more

  • Day 68

    10/1/2015 11:28:20 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Started out for my walk today full of enthusiasm, but quickly became self concious and unsure. I don't know why, but I suddenly felt fat and ugly... Read more

  • 9/30-10/1 Binge Joural

    10/1/2015 11:27:30 AM, by LIZZYB2006_

    Ugh My BED is going crazy, too much stress, yesterday I ate a tube pack of Oreos a package of Twizzlers and finished off 1/4 of a gallon of ice c... Read more

  • October 1st

    10/1/2015 8:18:44 AM, by SOON2BDIRTY30

    Hard to believe we are in October already. This year has gone by too fast. I'm a summer person so I'm a little bummed over my favorite time of th... Read more

  • Have you found me?

    9/30/2015 8:28:39 PM, by MACHOL

    A lot of things have happened in this past year. In some ways, I feel like I've lost my identity. Who am I now? Can I find myself? Can I ... Read more

  • Binge/ Sweet Tooth Journal 9/25-9/30

    9/30/2015 1:20:21 PM, by LIZZYB2006_

    I have gone on quite a few sugar/ carb binges lately, I think it's from all the stress.... Read more

  • Day 67

    9/30/2015 10:28:44 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Nice long cycle in the sun today. Almost seven miles in an hour. Also feeling great today because I managed to fit into some clothes that I could... Read more

  • Stay Present to Lose and Enjoy

    9/30/2015 9:22:33 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Working on being more mindful. I've discovered that my mind kind of takes off when I should be enjoying where I'm at in the moment. I shouldn't... Read more

  • Wednesday 9-30

    9/30/2015 7:47:11 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Have PT this morning at 9 am, then Family Doctor at 2 pm. Have not really been doing much, just do not have the energy and kind of feel like a zo... Read more


    9/29/2015 6:24:20 PM, by SMIDGON

    HOORAY! We got it set up today an appt.for tomorrow so John can get paperwork done to start his chemo.. Also, his insurance has take... Read more

  • Day 66

    9/29/2015 4:03:24 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Walked for just over an hour in sunshine today. Sat for a little while in the middle to read Storm of Swords (3.1 of the Game of Thrones series) ... Read more

  • Way too Long! Now One Day at a Time!

    9/29/2015 1:03:18 PM, by DIANEHOLLISTER

    Friends ... my last post was 7 years ago. Nothing has changed to the positive with my health. I need to get back on track and do this. I need t... Read more

  • Way too Long! Now One Day at a Time!

    9/29/2015 1:03:14 PM, by DIANEHOLLISTER

    Friends ... my last post was 7 years ago. Nothing has changed to the positive with my health. I need to get back on track and do this. I need t... Read more

  • Join ~Indygirl's Team!

    9/29/2015 11:59:32 AM, by ~INDYGIRL
    gid=50783 This is a VERY active team that is supportive and led b... Read more

  • Foods for Weight Loss

    9/29/2015 9:52:10 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I am not a big fan of starvation. Feeling hungry all the time makes me miserable and likely to binge eat. After reading a book called "You on a ... Read more

  • Day 65

    9/28/2015 12:47:58 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Bit of a rest today after running yesterday, got out to cycle late afternoon for about 46 minutes. My legs were still tired from yesterday, so ... Read more

  • Sewing Project

    9/28/2015 11:24:31 AM, by TESENISIS1

    Ok so here is what some of you have been waiting for...please keep in mind that this gentleman had worn this costume all day at an event prior to... Read more

  • Somewhat a success and somewhat a failure

    9/28/2015 2:36:31 AM, by BENTOGYRL

    Well one good thing happened over the past couple of weeks, my moral dilemma disappeared. See my fitbit doesn't play nice with my spark people ac... Read more

  • Goal for the day

    9/27/2015 9:31:05 PM, by MACHOL

    My small steps goal for the day was to do 10 minutes of exercise. It's been cool and rainy all day. I walked 15 minutes in my neighborhood. It... Read more

  • Day 64

    9/27/2015 2:57:23 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    I really enjoyed my Rainbow Run today, so much so t... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    how I have been doing since Ladies Retreat

    9/27/2015 2:14:36 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    just what it says... Read more

  • 9/24-9/26 Stress Journal

    9/27/2015 11:00:12 AM, by LIZZYB2006_

    I've been feeling like crap and trying to keep up w/ school work, lots of stress there. I have been fighting w/ my computer more stress, and also... Read more

  • Saturday 9/26

    9/27/2015 6:51:33 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Poor Lilly is still not feeling well. I decided not to take her to the Art on the Green. John had called and said it was cold and windy so Lilly ... Read more

  • There Is SOME Progress...Still On My Journey

    9/26/2015 11:19:31 PM, by LINDA!

    It is autumn, already, the year is passing quickly. I have made some progress in my journey. I can tell that my waist is a bit smaller due to my ... Read more

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