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  • Stuck on a plateau

    1/18/2017 11:04:41 PM, by BETTYBOOPLOLLY

    I have been stuck in a plateau for months! I am going to work harder to overcome this. I don't drink enough water because it tastes so bland. My ... Read more

  • One day at a time

    1/18/2017 5:36:52 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Been keeping pretty busy lately. John picked up a bunch of clear totes and have been sorting out stuff for Ebay, yarn, clothes etc. I did send a ... Read more

  • Post Baby Attempt

    1/17/2017 10:36:17 PM, by MKRANJCE

    It has been 7 years since I posted on here, and 2 years since I tracked my weight. Happily, I am at the same weight as I was then, but it is very... Read more

  • Why I had trouble exercise today:

    1/17/2017 9:39:21 PM, by 813SLIM

    I was too busy this morning and too exhausted tonight.... Read more

  • My quest for consistency

    1/17/2017 5:50:18 PM, by OHHHCHELLE

    Recently I revisited a question that I've asked myself many time and I'm sure many others have asked this same question: Why can't I stick ... Read more

  • It's been a while....

    1/17/2017 1:38:22 PM, by JENNLAYTON11

    I haven't been here in 6 years! Alot has happened in that time, like gaining more weight! So I'm back and this time I want to succeed!... Read more

  • Wish I was Healthier

    1/16/2017 1:10:13 PM, by NEW-LEAF1

    So I joined Spark People on January 1, 2017 and I was admitted to hospital on January 3, 2017. I was in hospital for 10 days with abdominal pain ... Read more

  • A weekend's confession and beginning anew!

    1/16/2017 12:56:49 PM, by MISSLORI5

    Ate too much yesterday! I know it, the tracker knows it, and soon, my weight will reflect it! It has its consequences! But it doesn't have to sta... Read more

  • Giving Spark another try!

    1/16/2017 8:40:25 AM, by ESMERILDA1313

    I have been trying to workout 3 times a week! Even o... Read more

  • Cleansing

    1/15/2017 9:37:31 PM, by MADCRUISER88

    I felt really bloated n full yesterday, even though I didn't overeat. So today, I'm cleansing. Feeling good. I cleaned the apt and kept busy. Hav... Read more

  • Scrubbing away

    1/15/2017 11:51:41 AM, by DMGUMAER

    The only good thing about messy clods is having to scrub the whole house. It will also help get rid of the germs since it seems like the sniffles... Read more

  • Benefits of tracking

    1/13/2017 8:24:11 PM, by DMGUMAER

    Today I tracked about 5 minutes ago. I'm sure I missed something and I realized how much you stick with your goal when you track. I went over way... Read more

  • Mind Shift

    1/13/2017 2:48:52 PM, by MICHELLERDA

    Recently, I've been focusing on how I look at and think about things....particularly weight loss. Now, I've always been a glass half full ... Read more

  • Stop Apologizing

    1/13/2017 12:12:52 PM, by MACROTRACKER

    A lady who acts as my personal trainer told me something important today. Stop apologizing. She told me, I apologize too much for thing... Read more

  • Good Day for Nutrition

    1/12/2017 7:45:24 PM, by MISSCRIT

    I was very careful with my food today. Watched the clock and tried to eat every 3 hours. Breakfast: Protein Shake with chia seeds Snack:... Read more

  • Tingles

    1/12/2017 9:40:51 AM, by DMGUMAER

    I regularly have high BP... I take medications but have noticed lately (after gaining 6lbs) that it was jumping and my arms are tingly after slee... Read more

  • A jigsaw puzzle of life!

    1/11/2017 8:53:30 PM, by MISSLORI5

    Recently I pulled out my Christmas jigsaw puzzle. Thought it would pass the dreary days of winter a little quicker! You might ask, 'why so late?'... Read more

  • new at this

    1/11/2017 5:26:04 PM, by JUDYEVANS39

    I think I signed up a long time ago but just didn't know how to use this site. I plan to have bariatric surgery in Feb or March and would love to... Read more

  • Tracking and measuring

    1/10/2017 8:17:56 PM, by DMGUMAER

    Does anyone else dread measuring and tracking??? I dread it. I know for myself that this is a sure way for me to lose weight. PORTION CONTROL... ... Read more

  • Talk is only talk

    1/10/2017 9:59:24 AM, by MISSCRIT

    I definitely have the talking part of being healthy down but obviously am severely lacking in the action part. I wake up every day with a positi... Read more

  • First Blog of 2017 aka 100 yen saved!

    1/9/2017 11:12:28 PM, by BENTOGYRL

    It is the blog you've all been waiting for, the "New Year's Resolution" Blog. To put the year in review, it was a steady uphill battle that ... Read more

  • A Wrench in My Gear

    1/9/2017 4:26:00 PM, by OHHHCHELLE

    I'm sure that is has happened to everyone here. I know it's happened to me a bunch of times. Why is it that just when you think you have thi... Read more

  • Today

    1/9/2017 11:46:29 AM, by HOTWINGZ11

    Today started off kind of bad due to the flareup that I am experiencing. But I am hopeful that this flareup will come to an end the more I move a... Read more

  • An amazing person

    1/9/2017 5:20:03 AM, by PURPLE0906

    homeless/93979928/ I came across... Read more

  • Back Again

    1/8/2017 9:12:31 PM, by JNREMETA

    Been a while since I was active on here, had some big challenges, my older son was diagnosed with SPD and CAPD so we've been fighting the school ... Read more

  • Living Lights

    1/8/2017 8:37:12 PM, by FANCYQTR

    Last night my friend and I went to see Living Lights at the Butterfly Pavilion. The last time I went to anything they had around here for the ho... Read more

  • Sparkcoach

    1/8/2017 9:44:44 AM, by MISSA526

    Passed up pizza yesterday!... Read more

  • Measurments

    1/7/2017 3:26:26 PM, by HESTEENROX

    37.75 breasts 32.25 waist 41.5 hips... Read more

  • The change!

    1/7/2017 2:34:09 PM, by MACROTRACKER

    It's amazing how a few days of positive change can really get me fired up and excited about what I'm doing. Sticking to food choices, CHECK ... Read more

  • My World

    1/6/2017 8:33:48 PM, by JANEYWEBBY

    I know it seems strange but this blog seems to be where I pour out my heart because it is a safe place. Firstly I began 2017 at 298 pound. ... Read more


    1/6/2017 7:00:50 PM, by SMIDGON

    I wrote another blog yesterday but where is it? I wrote that yesterday (Oct 05 ) was the third month since John has left us. It meandt ... Read more


    1/6/2017 6:56:37 PM, by SMIDGON

    I wrote another blog yesterday but where is it? I wrote that yesterday (Oct 05 ) was the third month since John has left us. It meandt ... Read more

  • Testing the water

    1/5/2017 7:52:40 PM, by KNIT4U

    It's been a while since I blogged. I am in day 5 of treating myself better - eating more healthily and making sleep a priority. i have reached ... Read more

  • When it comes to exercise

    1/4/2017 7:31:01 PM, by 813SLIM

    Ian good at scheduled activity. Not so good at doing it ad-lib.... Read more

  • The things to work on.

    1/4/2017 1:03:37 PM, by MACROTRACKER

    January 4th, and I'm using today to start working on one bad habit that I have and trying to brain storm ways to eliminate it from my life. ... Read more

  • No fear!

    1/3/2017 3:13:14 PM, by CARRIE6193

    The bitter truth... Read more

  • New Year!!!

    1/3/2017 3:10:28 PM, by CARRIE6193

    Well here I am. It is 2017 and i didn't meet my goals last year. BUT i am starting again. This time Inhave two work friends that are working out ... Read more

  • Determination

    1/3/2017 12:52:09 PM, by NEEDTOBEFITMAMA

    The New Year has arrived. 2017. After much deliberation she has finally made the decision. The decision that despite the fact she has no one... Read more

  • My workout just tried to kill me (being a tad dramatic)

    1/3/2017 12:41:52 PM, by MOTOSGIRL7

    Whoa, I gotta say that if I had known what was in store for me... I probably would have procrastinated and made excuses. But I finished it and I ... Read more

  • Goals for January 2017

    1/3/2017 9:36:04 AM, by OHHHCHELLE

    Here are my daily goals for the month of January: - No chocolate - easy since I don't eat much chocolate anyway - No chips - difficult becaus... Read more

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