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When your happy and you know it CLAP your Hands
4/19/2014 12:22:35 PM,  4 COMMENTS

256 Yesterday I hiked down to the creek that runs behind our house in the greenbelt. I went in search of food to eat. I could just ima...  Read more


A Winner is Just a Loser Who Tried One More Time
4/19/2014 11:49:38 AM,  10 COMMENTS

That is so true! So many people have told me that they could never do what I have done, but I don't believe it. Why? Because I didn't believe I cou...  Read more


~Universal ~ LOVE~
4/19/2014 10:23:16 AM,  3 COMMENTS

~UNIVERSAL ~ LOVE ~ ..... my definitione of Universal LOVE is very similar to the Concept of Namaste.... its a very powerful...  Read more


Is it worth it?
4/19/2014 8:35:59 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Do you ever start wondering is this journey worth it? Do you ever wonder when you are in the midst of a power walk or lifting weights or running, is t...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Saturday, April 19, 2014
4/19/2014 7:33:06 AM,  7 COMMENTS

USELESS WORK When our actions are not what God wants us to do, they are worthless. When we do things without going to God and asking Him to guid...  Read more


Reflecting on a trip
4/19/2014 6:23:27 AM,  1 COMMENTS

When we left for Moscow to visit our daughter who moved there last summer, I knew that I wouldn't have regular access to the internet. I made the dec...  Read more


4/19/2014 12:38:05 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Today is the Ozawa Cup starting early. I pray and ask for guidence I am asking not to hurt but dissapointment in others is natural. So please be bl...  Read more


It is a Good Friday...
4/18/2014 11:16:49 PM,  3 COMMENTS

It's not about Easter eggs and jelly beans, new dresses and honey baked ham. It's not about my aches and pains, my sadness and grief about my Mom in...  Read more


Asthma........... Ergh
4/18/2014 10:25:50 PM,  1 COMMENTS

With this crazy weather that changes every 5 seconds I have been trying to adjust to this new weather and climate. I have been living in OKC for almos...  Read more


A new chapter....
4/18/2014 5:45:57 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I have over the last several months been battling something very unhappy inside of me. I looked back at my life and I realized I have worked so hard...  Read more


What, YOUR BUYING WEEDs??? Hubby says loudy.
4/18/2014 3:48:32 PM,  47 COMMENTS

532 Hubby and I are at Safeway in the self-checkout line. Hubby grabs the produce and starts scanning it. Everything is just peachy-f...  Read more


Weight loss Goal Met, Size 10, and Picture Too :-)
4/18/2014 2:44:51 PM,  56 COMMENTS

So this week has been good to me! I dropped to a 37 inch waist and I fit into a size 10 dress! A few weeks ago I bought a dress on clearance at dressb...  Read more


Good Friday
4/18/2014 2:23:46 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I've always wondered how Good Friday got its name. If you've wondered too, I'm sorry, but I don't have the answer. My husband's Ukrainian Catholic C...  Read more


Looking forward to my birthday!
4/18/2014 2:22:01 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Looking forward to my birthday next Friday because - Brenden (my middle son), pictured, was nominated for Prom Court, those nominated will be givin...  Read more


Got up early
4/18/2014 1:22:58 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I got up early today so got a bunch of stuff done and am going for my 40 minute run soon then not sure what I will do for the remainder of the day. Ho...  Read more


4/18/2014 9:24:11 AM,  8 COMMENTS

~OUR LIFE is our LIVING FairyTale~ ..... How true this is for me... I have learned over the years... that without realizing it.....  Read more


Italian Lentil Soup
4/18/2014 9:10:49 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Hello Sparkfamily! Soups on! Take a peek! Ingredients~ 1 lb. package Italian style chicken sausage 1 onion, chopped 2-3 carrots, peeled...  Read more


taking it easy
4/18/2014 8:51:44 AM,  11 COMMENTS

my allergies are flaring up a bit today, so i am taking it easy. my daughter says hi. all of the birds also say hello. the last day of school went wel...  Read more


friday--fingers crossed for tomorrow
4/18/2014 6:41:32 AM,  7 COMMENTS

hi everyone. well--tomorrow is my first ever 10K race. yesterday I just did an hour of walking and a little yoga. my training tips say to take it e...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Friday, April 18, 2014
4/18/2014 6:35:28 AM,  11 COMMENTS

KEEP LOOKING Our eyes, our hearts and our minds need to stay focused on God. We need to depend only on Him to help us in all things. When we look...  Read more


4/18/2014 4:27:57 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Well right now I am sad but decisions have to be made so many people are full of crap mostly men Hope I did the right thing ...Lovee prayers and bless...  Read more


Yet Another Day I Don't Feel Like Walking
4/17/2014 11:58:58 PM,  28 COMMENTS

It's 8:56 PM, it's raining, my foot hurts, I already exercised for 60 minutes - BUT I am going out walking DAY 106 of my 10,000 Step Streak...  Read more


Sidelined by a toothache...
4/17/2014 11:52:11 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Holy cow people - have you ever had a really bad toothache? Mine was hurting sporadically for about a week, nothing major, just super sensitive to ho...  Read more


World's Hardest Job
4/17/2014 10:38:32 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Looking for a change of work environment? I'm not sure this is it!
yer_detailpage&v=HB3xM93rXbY ...  Read more


Doing pretty good with the walks. Happy Easter
4/17/2014 4:09:28 PM,  8 COMMENTS

So I am really trying to get my 4+ miles in everyday. Some days I do achieve that goal, some days I am a bit short. I just keep trucking along as best...  Read more


Happy Easter!!
4/17/2014 3:02:17 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Hi all friends! Hope you are doing well......wishing you all a Happy Easter....blessings to you all..... hugs, Wendy 448...  Read more


Keeping fingers busy
4/17/2014 2:58:58 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Nothing much to blog about today, in fact I wouldn't be here at all if I wasn't in desperate need of keeping my fingers busy today. I had good resolve...  Read more


There is no such thing as JUNK FOOD.
4/17/2014 2:23:35 PM,  92 COMMENTS

18 What do you think? I AGREE. 43 This is true too. It's a wort...  Read more


On Plan Comfort Food- Roast Lamb Chops w/ Black Pepper Cauliflower Mash
4/17/2014 1:58:57 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Comfort food. In times of stress, I like eating something that reminds me of Mom and home. Something that seems to feed the heart and spirit as muc...  Read more


4/17/2014 1:06:31 PM,  2 COMMENTS

One of my true loves in life is hiking. It started when I was little, I loved camping and being out in nature. The rest of my family thought I was cra...  Read more


Going to Wal-mart
4/17/2014 12:47:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Going to Wal-mart to get a toy that I promised hubby's dog C.C. and maybe something for my garden. One of our adopted kids came over and brought me a...  Read more


Body Aches
4/17/2014 12:26:55 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Well still no change in my weight grrr. it's so frustrating when you're working out and eating healthy. I make sure to track my foods and exercise and...  Read more


4/17/2014 12:20:02 PM,  8 COMMENTS

last official day of classes for me today! woo hoo! heading off shortly to do my first final exam. i am as prepared as i can be for it. in the first c...  Read more


Two hour workouts
4/17/2014 11:41:55 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Soooo I've gained back a bunch of my weight from all the wining and dining lately. It's time to get back to business. I've been doing back to back Zum...  Read more


Good Ol' Banana Pudd'in
4/17/2014 10:11:27 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Hello Sparkfanily! I got some good ol' banana pudd'in for y'all! Take a look! Ingredients~ 2 bags pepperidge farm Chessman cookies 6-8...  Read more


Too Busy For What?
4/17/2014 8:33:16 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Well there you have it, something that I personally needed to hear (or read). But these past few weeks have been hectic for me. I am now current...  Read more


It's official...this Easter we are breaking away from the pack & going to Key West with friends! Y
4/17/2014 8:27:18 AM,  22 COMMENTS

452 453 450 448 449 I LOVE 26 Easter! For the miracle of the biblical learnings...and also because when we lived back in snowy Iowa Easter...  Read more


4/17/2014 8:18:30 AM,  7 COMMENTS

~Pay Close Attention to your THOUGHTS~ ..... Just Think about it.... right now... on this Computer you are pecking away.... this...  Read more


Winsor Pilates came yesterday!
4/17/2014 7:55:19 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I've been telling myself I need to get the Winsor Pilates first DVD set that I really loved and had bought years ago on VHS. I love this workout and...  Read more


thursday--DAY ONE HUNDRED!!
4/17/2014 7:04:09 AM,  5 COMMENTS

hi folks--today I put the ONE HUNDREDTH post it in the pile that logs my spark days. ONE HUNDRED consecutive days of logging on and tracking. I can'...  Read more


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