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  • Overcomer

    3/1/2015 6:36:56 AM, by FACETOTHEVEIL

    ... Read more


    3/1/2015 1:34:12 AM, by HYE101

    Peace is not the absence of affliction , but the presence of God . ~ Anonymous... Read more

  • not easy

    2/28/2015 10:07:10 PM, by MAGA99

    I didn't think that it would be so hard to restart. Just cant seem to get into a routine. I'm recovering from surgery ( 2 wks ago I had a cyst r... Read more

  • The Pound That Saved Me

    2/28/2015 9:26:24 PM, by JENNIEQKA

    Today is a day of joy! A day of celebration! My scale finally moved. It is... Read more

  • The Day With Family

    2/28/2015 8:49:19 PM, by GOLFGMA

    My sisters and I were so looking forward to this day. We had a call from a cousin last week asking us to save today for a visit from her and her... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/28/2015 5:40:28 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I didn't go to the gym today, but I DID do something I haven't done in a long, long time: I WAS SOCIAL. I took Daughter to the animal ... Read more

  • Day 10 of the 'Q'

    2/28/2015 3:06:51 PM, by HOLLYPOTTER

    I stepped on the scale this morning and honestly just wanted to scream. Again, I have gained. 10 days into a pill that has helped curb my appetit... Read more


    2/28/2015 1:08:24 AM, by HYE101

    The answer lies within ourselves . If we canít find peace and happiness there , itís not going to come from the outside . ~ Tenzin P... Read more

  • Thinking about trying again (again).

    2/27/2015 9:28:59 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I think I may actually go to the gym tomorrow. I've been feeling so terribly depressed about my gains, and about my humongous weight in general, ... Read more

  • Day 9 of the 'Q'

    2/27/2015 7:54:51 PM, by HOLLYPOTTER

    Much better day today. The snow melted enough the DH could take the boys to daycare and I had the morning to myself as he ran some errands. I cle... Read more

  • Fun Workout!

    2/27/2015 1:10:06 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Actually, a better description would have been "funny" as in ha, ha. I enjoy watching the talk show "Live With Kelly And Michael". This m... Read more

  • Think it's time to

    2/27/2015 9:24:21 AM, by NEWLITTLE1

    head to the store, get some soil, and start my garden... yes, that will cheer me up... what should I plant this yer... Read more

  • Day 10: Specific Goals, A vent, A reframing, A new day

    2/27/2015 6:56:53 AM, by LEIAFRUMA51

    The internet was intermittent yesterday, so I took a break and doodled and r... Read more

  • Everyday blunders

    2/27/2015 6:12:53 AM, by LNSYLVSDOGS

    Love those loooong walks on the beach, weather permitting. When it's too cold, we were happy to go to the exercise room. All that new equipment... Read more


    2/27/2015 1:48:36 AM, by HYE101

    Successful people are not gifted ; they just work hard , then succeed on purpose . ~ G.K. Nielson... Read more

  • Finally!

    2/26/2015 9:41:17 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Today was the day! Finally got the Aria scale set up and I am glad the wait is over. The advocate who helped today was very kind and took me th... Read more

  • Day 8 of the 'Q'

    2/26/2015 8:36:35 PM, by HOLLYPOTTER

    Not sure if it's the last two weeks of snow days, but today I have been tired as all get out. I even made it for my dark o'clock workout and felt... Read more

  • No matter the weather

    2/26/2015 6:01:26 PM, by LNSYLVSDOGS

    There are some days that are simply TOO cold. Most days, cold or not, I am out there & logging the miles. Even the needs... Read more

  • Enjoying the Creation

    2/26/2015 10:41:41 AM, by JENNIEQKA

    This morning I woke up to a beautiful sight! While I'm not too happy to be (almost) the only one who is in the office today, as I drove along the... Read more


    2/26/2015 2:24:45 AM, by HYE101

    Life can be messy and bring changes and thatís alright , donít give up just know that its going to be alright . ~ Anonymous... Read more

  • Day 7 of the 'Q'

    2/25/2015 6:05:21 PM, by HOLLYPOTTER

    *twitch twitch* Spoke too soon about that brow twitch... I feel like my 20-something year old self again. Like this dieting thing was not on... Read more

  • Pawse Week 7

    2/25/2015 2:25:42 PM, by FACETOTHEVEIL

    SW 232 CW 218.8 Half way through BLC 27, and THE celebration is in order. I have officially lost 100 pounds. I began this journe... Read more

  • Finally back online

    2/25/2015 9:34:52 AM, by WEAVERCAT

    For the last week I have not been able to get online due to a technical issue which finally got resolved this morning. However I did keep up wit... Read more

  • Clearly Confusion!

    2/25/2015 8:29:52 AM, by GOLFGMA

    I am finding myself a little confused about water intake. I have spent some time trying to decide if you can drink too much water. I know that ... Read more

  • Day 8 of Specific Goals and some exploration Ö.

    2/25/2015 7:18:15 AM, by LEIAFRUMA51

    I have been setting specific goals for a week now. I have been utilizing S... Read more


    2/25/2015 1:38:15 AM, by HYE101

    I have this rule I live by: Only do what you can do . That means you're never looking outside for what's popular ; you're always looking inside f... Read more

  • Day 6 of the 'Q'

    2/24/2015 6:39:20 PM, by HOLLYPOTTER

    Hey, only a tiny bit of brow twitching today. Yay! Today was another snow day, as I live in one of those underprepared southern states whic... Read more

  • on line biz

    2/24/2015 3:03:23 PM, by ALEXANDRAE

    I am using Sparkpeople's goal setting system to help me get my online biz off the ground. I will track my progress and blog about it. today I ... Read more

  • Planning worked!

    2/24/2015 2:54:47 PM, by ALEXANDRAE

    I had my whole day of meals planned out.When the weatherman said snow was coming, my mom invited me to spend the night and enjoy her fireplace. I... Read more

  • Surprise!

    2/24/2015 8:37:08 AM, by GOLFGMA

    According to the "Weather Chanel" we were to possibly get some snow on Wed... Read more

  • Today's Act

    2/24/2015 8:34:15 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    Today's Act from 40acts is to thank someone. I decided to thank the great Sparksters who have been so encouraging and helpful during my current j... Read more

  • Tuesday 2/24/15 - Day 7 Specific Goals (updated) (final update)

    2/24/2015 5:47:06 AM, by LEIAFRUMA51

    Tuesday just may be another snow day here in Western NC! Here are my goals fo... Read more

  • Monday - Day 6 Specific Goals

    2/24/2015 5:36:37 AM, by LEIAFRUMA51

    I was too busy and had a challenging day yesterday. I did not get a chance... Read more


    2/24/2015 2:08:54 AM, by HYE101

    Think about winning the day ... If you are worried about the mountain in the distance ,you might trip over the molehill right in front of you .... Read more

  • Fewer Steps

    2/23/2015 8:19:24 PM, by BEATACROCHETS

    Due to the really warm weather yesterday after being iced in for a week resulted in me getting way more walking in than has recently been the cas... Read more

  • Day 5 of the 'Q'

    2/23/2015 7:50:38 PM, by HOLLYPOTTER

    If my thoughts were a yappy dog yesterday, then today was like a squirrel on Red Bull. It feels like I have been living under a heavy black cloud... Read more

  • Stuck

    2/23/2015 5:11:45 PM, by WYLKIOT

    Had lost 20 pounds a year ago. I have gained back 10. Some of that is due to menstrual problems, but every month, it does not go away and here ... Read more

  • Persistence, Dedication and Determination equals Progress

    2/23/2015 1:30:49 PM, by MCLYMORE

    Persistence, Dedication and Determination equals Progress Okay, I canít wa... Read more

  • Joined a New Gym

    2/23/2015 10:14:49 AM, by JKANT88

    I found a gym close to my new house that has what I need. I had been a member of the JCC, but it was too far away so I ended up almost never goi... Read more


    2/23/2015 12:15:34 AM, by HYE101

    We cannot always choose what happens in the external world , but we do have the capacity to choose how we respond to it .. and that in itself c... Read more

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