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  • Help from another Sparker!

    1/20/2017 11:21:19 PM, by MIMIMOMOF3

    Today I decided to look at some member blogs. I saw a Blog by Strong Dawg called "Dawg Days, 9:04 edition. It really inspired me. Strong Dawg tal... Read more

  • A Parents Worst Nightmare!!!!

    1/20/2017 4:12:44 PM, by FOUNTOFBLESSING

    Ever have the dreaded parents worst nightmare of a missing child? I experienced that last week with my 10 yro son missing. We had revival ... Read more

  • Scale Junkie - can't stop

    1/20/2017 10:38:29 AM, by PINKD333

    I have a trainer now who I spoke honestly with about my insanity regarding the scale and he suggested that I weigh once a month. I needed that b... Read more

  • Positive Thinking

    1/20/2017 10:24:34 AM, by CFODEL

    I had my last Physical Therapy session yesterday. I left with a printed list of exercises she wants me to continue with. It was the kind of gui... Read more

  • New idea.

    1/20/2017 9:52:39 AM, by SHOUSANOHAI

    Given my not so tech savvy self finally figured out how, I figured I'd keep a photo journal of my progress. Keeps step count screen shots out of ... Read more

  • Bones(part 3)

    1/20/2017 7:04:02 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Using more weight with more energy will strengthen the bones. Increasing the reps with less rest time give more results. There are numerous exe... Read more

  • Day 13 HCG diet

    1/19/2017 10:54:57 PM, by MIMIMOMOF3

    Hello fellow Spark people! I am feeling pretty good today! The only bad thing was that I forgot to bring my lunch to work today.... Thank goodn... Read more

  • Exercise choices for Disabled Veteran..

    1/19/2017 6:54:45 PM, by MARINEKN27886

    I am a Disabled Marine and because of my Service Connected Knee conditions I am unable to stand long periods. Are there any good exercises that c... Read more

  • I'm back

    1/19/2017 4:29:38 PM, by HLOPEZ84

    After September of last year I dropped off spark. I went back to my old ways but not that bad. Thankfully not much weight gained. I have been doi... Read more

  • Bones(Part 2)

    1/19/2017 3:46:17 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Adding to the issue of building our bones to prevent osteoporosis we can do body weight exercise. We have so many choices for these with direct... Read more

  • Thursday

    1/19/2017 3:40:27 PM, by NCFITCHICK

    Today was another one those days where I did not want to workout. But when I finally got out of the bed and let the dog out I saw that it was a b... Read more

  • Challenge

    1/19/2017 1:42:43 PM, by JYNASYS98

    I challenge who ever reads this to not go out to eat for the remainder of the month. Comment once you read this and let's do it together!!!... Read more


    1/19/2017 9:06:35 AM, by SWEESIN

    By now, many of you know that I enjoy Joyce Meyers teachings. Today she was speaking on seizing the day. It reminded me of the shows 600 lb. life... Read more

  • Wednesday - So Far, So Good

    1/18/2017 6:36:02 PM, by NCFITCHICK

    I can't believe it's Wednesday already! This week seems to be flying by. But it's going good so far. Got in a good circuit workout and have... Read more

  • Day 12 HCG Diet

    1/18/2017 12:04:53 PM, by MIMIMOMOF3

    I did so good while I was away, but the Monday after we got home, we went to Applebees for my son's birthday. I did not want to orde... Read more

  • Bones(part 1)

    1/18/2017 10:23:24 AM, by GOLFGMA

    The blog is regarding an article I read here on SP which made me think more about making my bones healthier and choosing exercise that would MOST... Read more

  • Today I am a Pessimist

    1/18/2017 8:59:12 AM, by CFODEL

    My husband has been nagging for us to join a gym for a few weeks now. I told him I was all for it, as long as we could afford the fee, and that ... Read more

  • Too much to chew

    1/17/2017 9:02:14 PM, by SHOUSANOHAI

    Well first day done but what a day. The run took ever... Read more

  • Tuesday - Relief

    1/17/2017 6:16:27 PM, by NCFITCHICK

    Today was a pretty good day. I've eaten (so far) within my calorie range. I'm getting closer to meeting the low end of that range but I'm getting... Read more

  • Happiness is...

    1/17/2017 12:10:25 AM, by IAMHOLDINGON

    ...and the Perfect Pillow... Read more

  • Monday - New Jeans (Sort of)!

    1/16/2017 7:56:04 PM, by NCFITCHICK

    I was so happy today! I was searching through my clothes to see if there were things in there that I hadn't worn in a while (the purpose was to s... Read more

  • Recap of the second week of January...

    1/16/2017 7:08:30 PM, by CATHOLICCORGI

    The beginning of the week was good. Laptop crashing on Thursday upset the apple-cart... I was up late Thursday getting computer fixed and doing d... Read more

  • Day 10 HCG Diet

    1/16/2017 12:43:34 PM, by MIMIMOMOF3

    I really have to say that I am happy that I have decided to try the HCG diet! As of this morning I am down 13.8 lbs! I am also really proud of my... Read more

  • Time for change

    1/16/2017 12:27:24 PM, by DEPOTMODE

    Starting over from a different place. I re-injured my back in November, and have had another round of oral steroids. Also more muscle relaxers, a... Read more

  • Time for change

    1/16/2017 12:27:23 PM, by DEPOTMODE

    Starting over from a different place. I re-injured my back in November, and have had another round of oral steroids. Also more muscle relaxers, a... Read more

  • After Pnuemonia

    1/16/2017 10:18:34 AM, by RARTMAN

    I haven't been to the gym in six weeks, and I'm still coughing. But I decided today was the day to start back. I work out in the pool but did a l... Read more

  • Progress

    1/16/2017 9:25:28 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    It's the middle of the first month of 2017. I decided to check in on this month's goals. I am making progress on my Long Term and Short Term goal... Read more

  • Changing Habits

    1/16/2017 8:28:21 AM, by GOLFGMA

    I have discovered that I love challenges. Challenges on SP are fun because with any goal you need a plan for reaching the goal. With challenges... Read more

  • Sunday - Goals

    1/15/2017 6:10:10 PM, by NCFITCHICK

    My goals for this week are just a tad different. 1) Workout early so that it doesn't get pushed to the side or skipped completely; 2) Make... Read more

  • Update

    1/15/2017 12:49:28 PM, by EMARTIN1974

    Hello everyone, Yes, I'm still here, and still maintaining, though over the past few months I gained a little bit of weight - back up to 126... Read more

  • Blah!

    1/15/2017 11:12:54 AM, by VELVEETA4

    OK so with this DS surgery, it's mainly high protein/low to no carbs and my digestive system is screaming for roughage. I feel so sluggish, but ... Read more

  • Saturday - Quieting Down

    1/14/2017 7:43:59 PM, by NCFITCHICK

    Today was a quiet day. DD is still hurting but she kept to her room all day and didn't really want to be bothered. So I spent the morning in serv... Read more

  • Setting up for class

    1/14/2017 3:46:57 PM, by SHOUSANOHAI

    Well I'm not sure if I have set myself up this semester for success or failure in my goals. I have three classes on campus. Two are in the scien... Read more

  • It starts with me

    1/14/2017 6:27:09 AM, by BOWDIDDLE

    Today the Winter 5% Challenge starts, and I have de... Read more

  • Thursday/Friday - Just Being a Mom

    1/13/2017 4:29:34 PM, by NCFITCHICK

    I didn't get a chance to blog anything on Thursday because my oldest daughter (she's 22) has been ill. She has been getting some nasty headache... Read more

  • Blah

    1/13/2017 12:11:05 PM, by NURSEMEL404

    So we joined the Y. I have made a point of getting up early 3 days this week on top of what I normally do and running 1 mile, today I did a 5K on... Read more

  • Finally got to workout

    1/13/2017 10:26:40 AM, by 1PATTY1

    I love to swim, but I have injury and am afraid that ... Read more

  • Mirror

    1/13/2017 6:57:38 AM, by IAMHOLDINGON

    Today's Coaching Center Tip said... "When you look in the mirror, smile and focus on positive thoughts about yourself and your body. If you fee... Read more

  • Lesson Learned

    1/13/2017 5:57:31 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    I wish that I had my camera. I didn't get my walk in last night until 7:00. My husband went with me for a little walk around the neighborho... Read more

  • Terrible Feeling

    1/12/2017 8:07:18 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Here we are 12 days into the new year and all was well until I stepped on the old today. Last week when I stepped on it I was ... Read more

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