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  • My final week of January 2015

    1/30/2015 6:18:31 PM, by DBELLE39

    Sunday I started getting a sore throat. By Monday morning, I added an earache & nasal pressure. I went to the Dr, diagnosis was Strep Throat. & S... Read more

  • Back from NYC

    1/30/2015 12:36:53 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I made it through the airport to and from NYC without giving into the temptation that is Cinnabon! In fact, I did not indulge in a single desser... Read more

  • Quick NSV

    1/30/2015 11:02:01 AM, by ALICIALYNNE

    No progress update since yesterday was a rest day. I did get my steps in; that will be included on the next update. I had a NSV last night t... Read more

  • Day 60 of 111

    1/30/2015 10:46:27 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    Wednesday night from 11:30 pm to Thursday afternoon at 3:30 was my first 16 hour fast. Between hours 12-14, I was starving. My stomach was growli... Read more

  • The gift of 10

    1/30/2015 5:58:36 AM, by LEIAFRUMA51

    Each time I tell myself that I only have to work out for 10 minutes, I end up working out for longer! I am learning to be an evening exerciser!... Read more


    1/30/2015 1:08:47 AM, by HYE101

    No matter what the question , Love is the answer . ~ Anonymous... Read more

  • A day and a half

    1/30/2015 12:11:58 AM, by EBETH13

    Well, I had a business trip with my new job to Charlotte this week...just a one night stay and 2 tiring days of training and product introduction... Read more

  • First Zumba Class

    1/29/2015 10:05:29 PM, by WAYSOFGRACE

    The first class was 45 minutes long. At 30 minutes in I was beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea. At 45 minutes, I was glad I went.... Read more

  • Dreams: What's YOUR dream?

    1/29/2015 8:41:56 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I've had a dream for many years. My dream is to be free. Free from the burdens I've carried for so long. I dream for financial freedom. I dream t... Read more

  • PAWSE Week 3

    1/29/2015 4:14:22 PM, by FACETOTHEVEIL

    SW 232 CW 224.6 Still shrinking! Last week was great - high energy, lots of motivation, lots of good choices. This week I'm... Read more

  • Setting the schedule

    1/29/2015 3:16:16 PM, by WAYSOFGRACE

    Plex and I decided that workout days will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We do travel a bit on weekends, so those days are always iffy... Read more

  • Seeing Results

    1/29/2015 12:20:13 PM, by WILLBTHIN15

    Yay! No sodas! Been eating pretty good and going to the gym! Starting to see inches disappear! I'm also feeling better and having more energy. ... Read more

  • I don't even know where to begin!

    1/29/2015 9:24:59 AM, by ALICIALYNNE

    Well, I guess I can go ahead and get this part out of the way... As of yesterday, we were 90.3% through the month. 4,000 steps: 22/25 ... Read more

  • Dear Sparkblog,

    1/29/2015 9:07:53 AM, by JESS7296

    Oh beloved online blog diary, How on earth does one drink enough water through out the day? Don't get me wrong, I love water, but at least 8... Read more


    1/29/2015 12:29:39 AM, by HYE101

    Prayer should be the Key in the Morning , And The Lock at night . ~ Anonymous... Read more

  • No Salt/Potato Chips

    1/28/2015 10:37:52 PM, by DELIGHTFULDEE3

    One of my goals is to cut back or use no salt at all. I am shocked cause I'm the type that puts salt on my food before I even taste it. But, I ... Read more

  • I hate the elliptical machine

    1/28/2015 9:21:55 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I love running more than anything when I am in shape or getting in shape. Since I am recovering from a broken ankle, running, or any high impact... Read more

  • Day 58 of 111

    1/28/2015 7:24:13 PM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    I have come to the conclusion that running a marathon may not be an option for me. Every time I started getting my long runs up into the double d... Read more

  • Your Shape Calorie Count

    1/28/2015 6:23:40 PM, by BEKKILYN

    Getting 10,000 calories in this game is a very long process. I did one of the non-tutorial sessions of Bollywood and the moves were sped up so fa... Read more

  • Sometimes the best thing isn't the latest & the greatest

    1/28/2015 4:00:01 PM, by LNSYLVSDOGS

    I enjoy my silly old R.Simmons Oldies workout DVDs. They aren't the latest fad, but they do the trick. He's easy to follow. No matter what exe... Read more

  • Day 13

    1/28/2015 10:18:35 AM, by CREATETHENEWYOU

    Weight: 223.4 lbs Calories Burned This Week: 506 Yesterday, I weighed in at 222.8 lbs, which was a major loss, but today I'm at 223.4, whi... Read more

  • Zippety Dooh Dah!

    1/28/2015 9:33:06 AM, by GOLFGMA

    In my opinion yesterday was a zippety dooh dah day. The sun was shinning and outside was calling my name. I bundled up with fuzzy gear and warm... Read more

  • Know what helps a stressful day?

    1/28/2015 8:56:43 AM, by WAYSOFGRACE

    EXERCISE!!! Yesterday was stressful at home due to issues I won't get into, but after my workout last night I felt in better control both ph... Read more

  • Countdown to Move

    1/28/2015 7:06:16 AM, by WEAVERCAT

    Yesterday I met with my mover and the move is set for 2/16. Then later in the day I went out and bought some organizing systems systems for the ... Read more


    1/28/2015 12:09:56 AM, by HYE101

    A little more persistence , a little more effort , and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success . ~ Anonymous... Read more

  • Binge averted

    1/27/2015 9:41:20 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I made a good decision today. I had a bad morning and most of the afternoon. The hubby and I got into a huge argument that went on for hours. ... Read more

  • The Day After Next

    1/27/2015 6:08:44 PM, by BEKKILYN

    Blog titles just aren't coming to me this week. :) I was at school most of the day today for classes. In my morning class, we had to do teac... Read more

  • 7 Things to Do Before You Lose Weight Creating a Plan to Succeed -- By Ellen G. Goldman, Health an

    1/27/2015 1:25:27 PM, by LEIAFRUMA51

    1. Create your personal wellness vision. Success looks like me; consistently eating healthily, exercising regularly. I will feel better in my... Read more

  • Motivation, or lack of.

    1/27/2015 12:17:44 PM, by MICHELLEZO

    I have been paying fora gym membership since June. The last time I went there was when I signed up. The worst part is I had only joined because m... Read more

  • Logged my true pregnancy weight.

    1/27/2015 9:59:59 AM, by F70176555

    I just changed my weight tracker to my true pregnancy weight. I know I am not trying to loose weight I just want my little ticker to be accurate.... Read more

  • Jan 27 Update

    1/27/2015 9:55:12 AM, by ALICIALYNNE

    As of yesterday, we were 87.09% through the month. 4,000 steps: 20/25 days 80% ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT All food tracked: 22/25 days 88% ONLY 3 D... Read more

  • A Tip Or Two

    1/27/2015 9:18:10 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Mt tips are just those that we hear every day on Spark People, but I need the reminders constantly to stay on track. Since pictures speak strong... Read more


    1/27/2015 12:49:44 AM, by HYE101

    My best friends are like a fairytale . They’ve been there since once upon a time and will be there until forever after . ~ Anonymous... Read more

  • Stereotypes

    1/26/2015 11:04:28 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    My daughter had a social studies assignment today to think of six stereotypes and their possible impact to society. One she chose to write about... Read more

  • Feeling Results After Three Weeks

    1/26/2015 10:40:40 PM, by CHROMACERL183

    Tomorrow marks three weeks of starting the process of becoming healthier. This morning I started 'feeling' results. 1) While getting ready f... Read more

  • Lost a friend

    1/26/2015 8:34:41 PM, by KBREV2156

    I had a dear friend pass away last week. She was the kind of friend that was always there, the kind of friends I hope to be too others. I realize... Read more

  • First night back at the gym

    1/26/2015 8:21:44 PM, by WAYSOFGRACE

    I decided that I would wait until Thursday to begin the Zumba class. Thursday night classes are 45 minutes, and Monday nights is an hour. I wan... Read more

  • Your Shape the Next Day

    1/26/2015 5:08:30 PM, by BEKKILYN

    Today I got the achievement for 7000 calories accomplished, so yippee! Less than 3000 to go before maxing them out. Naturally the virtual lady wa... Read more

  • Insanity is well insane!

    1/26/2015 10:50:12 AM, by AFWIFE21

    Today I started my insanity workout journey! I'm not gonna sugar coat anything it's ridiculous but! When I finished the fit test ( that's the fir... Read more

  • New adventures are exciting!

    1/26/2015 10:28:40 AM, by WAYSOFGRACE

    I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about having joined the Y. I am really and truly excited! So much so, in fact, that I told Plex I wa... Read more

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