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  • feeling run down today

    12/8/2016 5:23:55 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am feeling so run down today. I just want to go back to bed but I know I cant or I wont sleep tonight. Have done everything I needed to do fo... Read more

  • Went to Doctors

    12/7/2016 6:29:07 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I went to my post op my surgery did not go the way we wanted to. It made it so that it was not as deep but it is still open. So now we are goin... Read more

  • Back home from Vacation

    12/7/2016 12:05:06 AM, by HAS2BEME

    Just got home from spending a week with my mom I wish I could have stayed longer. I am still really worried about my twin brother. He is out o... Read more

  • Still at it!

    12/2/2016 12:01:34 PM, by KATIBUG49

    It was a little eye opening yesterday with how much sodium was in the food I was eating, did ok with calories was under in protein & fiber. I wi... Read more

  • My day!

    12/1/2016 10:14:57 AM, by KATIBUG49

    As I read over the wonderful comments from my last blog & they had some great ideas, so thank you to everyone for taking the time to post on my b... Read more

  • A few days

    11/29/2016 1:54:12 PM, by KATIBUG49

    I'm still not making the changes I need to be making, somehow I have to find the energy to get it together. I know I'm the only one that can do ... Read more

  • heading to the airport

    11/29/2016 1:47:33 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Well I am heading to the Airport to go visit my mom and my twin brother who just got out of the hospital last night. It will be a nice break... Read more

  • Packing to leave for my moms

    11/28/2016 3:05:40 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Lots to do today. I need to finish packing to go to my mom's I need to find some crock pot recipes and then make them and freeze them so all my ... Read more

  • Dragging today

    11/26/2016 3:41:16 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I woke up this morning feeling like someone hit me with a Mac Truck. I went back to sleep for a little while got up and felt a little better but... Read more

  • Black Friday

    11/25/2016 8:34:28 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I hope you survived Black Friday if you went out. I did not go out but I only have two ... Read more

  • Again!

    11/25/2016 4:32:54 PM, by KATIBUG49

    I'm not sure I have in me to start over yet again! How many times have I told myself that this will be the time, that I can do it? How do I get t... Read more

  • Temptation

    11/24/2016 12:42:35 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Temptation is a desire to engage in short-term urges for enjoyment, that threatens long-term goals. Remember that temptation will try and brea... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone

    11/23/2016 7:44:26 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay strong and motivated this holiday... Read more

  • Good Day

    11/11/2016 9:47:36 PM, by MISSCRIT

    60 minutes with personal trainer, things are getting a little easier but he still pushes me to do more reps now...lol 13,000 steps today!! Nu... Read more

  • Personal Trainer

    11/9/2016 12:18:32 PM, by MISSCRIT

    Great workout with my personal trainer! Love it when he tells me that I am much stronger and my endurance has greatly improved! Very good worko... Read more

  • Finally Will Be Back Online Tomorrow

    11/8/2016 12:31:24 AM, by TAMMYD45

    Oh my everyone. I am so sorry for the long delay in posting. Anywho, I am on tonight to let you know that I will have full internet tomo... Read more

  • Down 3lbs

    11/5/2016 11:12:54 AM, by MISSCRIT

    Finally the scale has moved! Very excited after gaining 6 lbs then 4 weeks of no changes on the scale. I have been working out daily and gettin... Read more

  • Feeling Frustrated

    11/4/2016 7:57:40 AM, by MISSCRIT

    This is my first blog entry. Time to add something new to try and help myself get "un-stuck". I was going steady and strong, losing on average ... Read more

  • slower build this time

    10/5/2016 12:23:35 PM, by CYNTHIUSS

    I'm back to walking...I think it was the step exercises I was trying that nailed my mobility. I will take it very slow....thought I was, but mayb... Read more

  • setback, stepback

    10/4/2016 1:43:16 AM, by CYNTHIUSS

    ankle and knee gave...they do that some times. its been a long painful day...tried to keep pushing...backfired...now I just want to be able to wa... Read more

  • eating half as much and moving more

    10/1/2016 2:51:54 AM, by CYNTHIUSS

    It took a lot to sustain 200# plus! The weight is falling off just reducing portions and moving more! Not even a lot more, just more, every day! ... Read more

  • still here..help...life crisis food response

    9/29/2016 11:43:36 AM, by CYNTHIUSS

    day 3 back, but didn't make it on yesterday...multiple life crisis...family in Er, another in ICU. I got knocked off my stability. I was already... Read more

  • I'm back...again. moving forward

    9/27/2016 10:56:11 AM, by CYNTHIUSS

    It's been 200 days since I was last here. I've made progress. 3 steps forward, 1-2 steps back. Way more aware. Way healthier in so many ways. Car... Read more

  • A long time has gone by...

    9/21/2016 10:25:18 AM, by PAT41164

    A long time has gone by since I was last on SparkPeople. And a lot has happened. Worst of all, my husband (you might have seen our wedding photos... Read more

  • Good Day

    8/10/2016 11:04:32 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Things went very good last night, managed to do our DVD without being out of breath! Starting to feel better, ready to get it together for a bett... Read more

  • It's a Start...It's About Keeping Goals

    7/31/2016 10:08:02 AM, by MDBUTTERFLY

    Down 3 pounds this week. Baby steps...small goals. Still recouping from diverticulitis attack. Saw GI doc Friday, scheduled for CT scan on T... Read more

  • One Thing to Remember!

    7/30/2016 9:56:53 PM, by KATIBUG49

    The picture says it all, some times things are hard... Read more

  • Friday

    7/29/2016 11:28:41 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Still working at it, one day at a time. As I have posted food I can see where I have gone over in areas, so working on listing everything I eat &... Read more

  • The Big "D"

    7/27/2016 5:04:51 PM, by MDBUTTERFLY

    Nope, not Divorce...been there, done that! The new "D" in my world is Diverticulitis. Currently dealing with 2nd "episode" in 5 weeks, what fun! ... Read more

  • I can't seem to keep at it!

    7/26/2016 6:54:45 PM, by KATIBUG49

    No matter what I say or do I can't seem to get it together, I keep gaining instead of losing. I know what to d yet I don't do it! I ask myself, "... Read more

  • Frustrated

    7/14/2016 3:23:05 PM, by AMY5556

    Well here I am again. On medication that causes weight... Read more

  • Today

    7/13/2016 9:38:12 AM, by AMY5556

    Measured myself for the first time since I started my diet 4 years ago. Will see the changes in a month.... Read more

  • Today

    7/12/2016 1:27:44 PM, by AMY5556

    Well according to my spark coaches I need to measure myself. Since I sprained my ankles difficult to stand up to do it. Otherwise doing well stay... Read more

  • Haven't been here for a while

    7/11/2016 9:28:03 PM, by AMY5556

    I started my weight loss journey at 277 after my docto... Read more

  • Lentil Soup and Nutrition Tracker Info

    7/3/2016 7:56:52 PM, by AALLEY2

    My nutrition tracker is available for all to see during the summer 5% challenge. If you want to view a recipe that is listed on someones's tracke... Read more

  • 5% Summer Challenge "We landed"

    6/30/2016 12:36:35 PM, by AALLEY2

    Here are just a few places I'd like to see: If we were in Tokyo what place would be on your must-see list? add in a nice sushi lunch and shoppi... Read more

  • Reasons why I want to shed 5%

    6/22/2016 4:21:22 PM, by AALLEY2

    Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. - Jim Ryun Today's assignment is to list 10 reasons you want to lose we... Read more

  • It's Worth It!

    6/14/2016 11:03:41 AM, by KATIBUG49

    If I just keep telling myself this, then maybe it will sink in! Have a wonderful day! Read more

  • It's My Fault

    6/9/2016 12:00:04 PM, by KATIBUG49

    ... Read more

  • NO and YES

    6/8/2016 11:18:23 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Picture says it all!... Read more

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