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  • Gods Day

    8/1/2015 11:52:15 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and enjoy life sendg light love joy and sendinginess hugs... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/31/2015 11:39:45 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a wonderful and very blessed day enjoy your day hugs... Read more

  • reward

    7/29/2015 5:16:28 PM, by LR237787

    New reward for every day that I exercise: $1 to my New Shoes fund!... Read more

  • July Fun

    7/28/2015 12:34:19 PM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Hi Sparkies! I hope y'all are doing well and that you've had a great week so far! Last week was good overall as was my weekend. Last week, ... Read more

  • Facebook??

    7/22/2015 9:11:21 PM, by LAMOURA

    Hi everyone!!! Sorry I was gone but I went over to wanna join us?? If so here is the link
    596350... Read more

  • Scaling Down

    7/20/2015 12:46:56 PM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Howdy Sparkies! I'm back on top of blogging for y'all, and happy about it! This past week was just crazy! I feel like I never really cau... Read more

  • Summer Update!

    7/18/2015 6:16:26 PM, by BRENNA84

    I tried to do a fitness challenge, 4 weeks long for low - impact by Fitness Blender. SOOO many of their workouts just weren't good for my back... Read more

  • Midsummer

    7/15/2015 11:30:02 AM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Howdy friends! Hope y'all are doing well out in the "Sparkiverse"! :-) It's been a BUSY week for me... This past weekend we went up to my h... Read more

  • The Dress and the Donation Pile

    7/14/2015 1:37:31 PM, by NJOYNOW

    Last night I got together with two grade school pals - women that I've known for a long time, yet don't see very often. Like years in between vis... Read more

  • Up and Running!

    7/7/2015 11:11:22 AM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Howdy to all my Sparkies! I hope y'all had a wonderful Independence Day weekend! Mine really wasn't anything super special, but it was very nic... Read more

  • 1/1/2013

    7/5/2015 8:54:20 PM, by SASSINA

    That day was a turning point in my life and it started with one little statement, It takes 30 days to make a habit. I started using the tread cl... Read more

  • The same people !

    7/3/2015 9:18:29 AM, by MOM_TO_AKI

    We are still on summer holiday and on Wednesday my parents turned in the keys for there old home and are officially moved. And we can enjoy the ... Read more

  • Worth It!

    6/30/2015 8:31:24 PM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Hello to my lovely Sparkfriends! I missed being active in your weekend, but I promise you...I had fun on my vacation with my hubby! And please b... Read more

  • #ProjectSaltAndLight

    6/28/2015 8:40:41 PM, by D710DANCE

    Historically and as a rule, I do not openly discuss political and controversial topics; however, the atrocious massacre of the nine innocent live... Read more

  • The 5% summer challenge is starting

    6/26/2015 9:41:05 AM, by MOM_TO_AKI

    Here we go again. The 5% summer challenging is starting. I ended the spring challenge 74.9 kg but am starting this one at 73,9 kg so that is g... Read more

  • Thought energy alone isn't enough

    6/24/2015 3:54:49 PM, by NJOYNOW

    A while ago I read an article that talked about the negative correlation between reading about fitness and health and achieving goals. Now, I'm a... Read more

  • Berry Good

    6/23/2015 11:10:55 AM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Howdy Sparkfriends! I hope this finds you well and that your weeks are filled with berries and Summer fun (that's of course...assuming you like ... Read more

  • Catching up :)

    6/22/2015 7:55:37 AM, by CONFIDENTLY_FIT

    Hello, hello Spark buddies:) Another school year comes to a close. As I reflect back on my practices this year, I would say my skills in troub... Read more

  • I'm so spoiled...

    6/21/2015 6:41:29 PM, by PRINCHESSA

    So, while upgrading my phone to a Samsung Note 4 today, I noticed they had the Gear S smart watches on sale. Now, it's only been a few weeks sin... Read more

  • Week Off

    6/18/2015 9:03:45 AM, by PSYCHOTAZ

    I decided to take this week off from Cardio to try to get my Planters Fasciitis under control. I still went to my House of Pain class on Tuesday... Read more

  • Climbing Up!

    6/16/2015 3:30:09 PM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Howdy Sparkfriends!!! Welcome to another beautiful Summer week, and I hope all is well for y'all! Last week was a GREAT week for me overall... Read more

  • Some summer progress

    6/15/2015 8:47:27 PM, by BRENNA84

    I'm still having a hard time getting the right exercise with kidz home all the time. BUT, with all the walking I've been making to the grocery st... Read more

  • Only a year plus later...

    6/11/2015 12:40:28 AM, by PRINCHESSA

    And, I'm baaaack... new fitbit on wrist (Charge HR)... another new start! Been really good at tracking everything in the last well, 10 days ... Read more

  • Never ever give up

    6/10/2015 9:20:51 AM, by BIGGESTLOSER_V

    Never ever give up Because you are worth begging Heal... Read more

  • Never Give Up!

    6/9/2015 2:57:24 PM, by VIKTORIALYN

    It has been almost 2 years since I've added a blog entry. It's been a rough past year w/ health problems surrounding my family. 42 days ago I s... Read more

  • Took the Plunge

    6/8/2015 12:20:50 PM, by DRPEPPIE121

    HOWDY! I hope you had a fine weekend full of sunshine and Summer! I love the Summer, even if it goes by WAY too fast! This past week was... Read more

  • 14 DAYS DONE

    6/8/2015 10:29:32 AM, by PSYCHOTAZ

    My running streak is still intact. Yesteday was day 14. It is getting harder with my planters fascitis, but I am trying some new stretching tec... Read more

  • Visualization

    6/7/2015 11:20:12 AM, by SOLEMNHISTORY

    Today's visualization task from SparkCoach is a good one: Imagine holding the amount of weight you want to lose as dumbbells in your hands. ... Read more

  • Staying Strong (or trying to ...)

    6/6/2015 1:52:53 PM, by SOLEMNHISTORY

    Had a great dinner last night (Sloppy Joes), hung out with the family and read a book ... and then, around 8:30, my dad came home with a box of p... Read more

  • Not Giving Up

    6/5/2015 8:43:05 AM, by SOLEMNHISTORY

    One of my goals is to write a little bit every day (to reflect, to get the mopes out, etc.) and share a little motivational image. I love this on... Read more

  • Softball part 2

    6/4/2015 11:01:40 AM, by PSYCHOTAZ

    Last night was awesome!!! I ran 1.5 miles before in order to loosen up my legs. Plus it was National Runners Day, and I was afraid that after t... Read more

  • Softball!!!

    6/3/2015 9:38:39 AM, by PSYCHOTAZ

    So excited, I got an unexpected text this morning. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to play softball this year. I have not played in 2 yea... Read more

  • Day 2: Tiny Setbacks and a New Day

    6/3/2015 8:53:25 AM, by SOLEMNHISTORY

    I saw this graphic late last night and thought that... Read more

  • June Bug

    6/2/2015 12:36:19 PM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Can you believe it's June already??? Seriously...where did May go??? Oi vey. Last month was supposed to be less busy for me... but OH MAN was ... Read more

  • Day 9

    6/2/2015 9:54:05 AM, by PSYCHOTAZ

    Today will be day 9 on my Runners World streak. I may do the dreadmill tonight to give my heel a little break. My Planters Faciitis is really b... Read more

  • New Knee Issues

    6/1/2015 9:24:05 PM, by BRENNA84

    I've been having pain on the inside of my knees pretty bad and I have a hard time crossing my legs. I went to the doctor today and I had st... Read more

  • Bright Yellow!

    5/27/2015 12:52:42 PM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Hi Sparkfriends! I hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that you're off to a great end of the month! We're almost there... HOW H... Read more

  • Day 1

    5/25/2015 8:58:48 PM, by PSYCHOTAZ

    Finished day 1 of my new running streak. It was a hot run at 80 degrees, but that is how I like it. My planters fasciitis has decided to flare up... Read more

  • New Streak starting soon

    5/22/2015 11:11:04 AM, by PSYCHOTAZ

    I am getting excited thinking about my upcoming running streak. Officially the runners world streak starts on Monday, but I am starting mine on ... Read more

  • S'More Stuff!

    5/19/2015 11:04:44 AM, by DRPEPPIE121

    Howdy, Sparkfriends!!! I hope you've had a great week and are on your way to a successful completion of May as it is LITERALLY around the corner... Read more

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