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  • New week

    11/20/2017 7:18:26 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a wonderful and blessed week sending out love light joy and happiness to all Happy Thanksgiving week... Read more

  • Day 16... I did it!!!

    11/20/2017 12:14:59 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Despite there being nothing but chaos at work today, I did something today I haven't done in years... I sprinted up / down 2 flights of stairs (s... Read more

  • Need a buddy

    11/19/2017 3:06:58 PM, by GREEN99EYEZ

    🙋 hi everyone I really need a buddy anyone interested we can text or email please let me know I'll be a great buddy💖💖... Read more

  • New start 💖💖

    11/19/2017 2:49:37 PM, by GREEN99EYEZ

    I'm back again and if you look through my blogs you'll see that statement at the top over and over again. oh well tomorrow is a new day and a new... Read more

  • Arizona Falls Bike Ride: Photos

    11/19/2017 10:01:08 AM, by REEDSKI

    South of Camelback Mountain is this little park I w... Read more

  • Day 15... What's there not to understand?

    11/19/2017 12:34:31 AM, by WIGIRL74

    I'm making a conscious effort to lose weight by eating healthier, becoming more active, and exercising more. In doing so, I'm utilizing the free ... Read more

  • it's saturday

    11/18/2017 3:30:38 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter and i had a great day yesterday! we saw the movie called Wonder and really enjoyed it. both of us are taking it easy today. it has be... Read more

  • It's Been a While

    11/18/2017 9:54:48 AM, by DEEKELLYE

    A couple of weeks ago I snagged mom's YMCA membersh... Read more

  • Day 14... Exhausted

    11/17/2017 11:41:15 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Just finished eating a small dinner after a grueling day @ work. I worked the counter by myself for 4 hours... Yeah, I know it doesn't soun... Read more

  • Day 13... The chaos begins...

    11/17/2017 12:30:19 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Tis the season to give thanks... Then, within a few weeks, it's fa-la-la-la-la-ba-h-um-bug. (j/k). No, seriously with all the holidays fast ... Read more

  • Day 12... Motivated to succeed

    11/15/2017 11:47:08 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Last night, I received some shocking (yet not so shocking) news from a very good friend of mine who I've known for 20+ years. As mentioned, ... Read more

  • Day 11... The streak continues

    11/14/2017 11:00:45 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'Successful people know the difference between patience & procrastination.' (Quote Soup) Talking with some co-workers today, I was surprised... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    11/14/2017 10:20:27 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am well prepared for my job interview tomorrow. my daughter says hi. she has a day off school this week. we may go to the movies on that day if... Read more

  • Day 10... Change in schedule

    11/13/2017 8:58:43 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Today, I was scheduled to work the early shift @ work (6 am - 2 pm). With my whole afternoon open, I slept in until 4:00 am, skipping my morning ... Read more

  • 2Hour Bike Ride Sunday

    11/13/2017 8:22:04 AM, by REEDSKI

    I didn't want to do exercise videos. I didn't have time for a good hike and knew that would wear me out. I wanted to drive somewhere and try a di... Read more

  • Day 9... The streak continues...

    11/13/2017 12:14:56 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Started my morning early exercising w/ Coach Nicole (video) again. I'm turning this into a healthy habit because it gets me pumped up / energized... Read more

  • Love Thyself...

    11/12/2017 7:44:48 PM, by MARJIJANE

    So... I woke this morning and I felt grateful that I was alive... I thanked God for one more day... I asked Him... Lord, will you show me, today,... Read more

  • Working out the nutrition

    11/12/2017 5:01:10 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    Yesterday I recommitted to my physical well being while continuing to also work on the emotional. They all work together anyhow. My biggest focu... Read more

  • Love Thyself...

    11/12/2017 12:33:40 AM, by MARJIJANE

    So... I woke this morning and I felt grateful that I was alive... I thanked God for one more day... I asked Him... Lord, will you show me, today,... Read more

  • Day 8

    11/12/2017 12:20:25 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Tis the season to develop new (healthy) habits... Woke up early again this morning to start my day exercising w/ Coach Nicole (video). Toda... Read more

  • it's saturday

    11/11/2017 1:30:47 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is another cool day here today. my daughter and i are at the local library relaxing and taking it easy. i will know in about two weeks whether... Read more

  • Never Give Up

    11/11/2017 10:29:15 AM, by MRSGIXXER

    A few years ago I was dealing with some very emotional issues that I am still recovering from today. I don't feel like I am a strong person but ... Read more

  • Early Morning Bike Ride

    11/11/2017 8:52:05 AM, by REEDSKI

    I got on my bike by 6:09. It was dark. About 3/4 of a mile in, the sun began to rise. Roosters were crowing all over the place. I rode for 4 mile... Read more

  • Forgot

    11/11/2017 8:51:13 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Forgot to post yesterday, was too busy getting ready to leave. Today's post is done. Would like to thank all the veteran's and their families for... Read more

  • All About Me with a Hectic Schedule Thrown in!

    11/10/2017 6:15:23 PM, by REEDSKI

    Somehow I am busier than ever during a work week and weekend where I should be limiting my activity and focusing on grading and posting grades.... Read more

  • Energized... Day 7

    11/10/2017 5:41:01 PM, by WIGIRL74

    I had another day off of work today... Decided to make up for 'slacking' yesterday by focusing on eating healthy & exercising more today. Ex... Read more

  • it's friday

    11/10/2017 4:29:34 PM, by MOMMY445

    i had just one job related appointment today. turns out the first one i originally thought was all set was changed once the company hired someone... Read more

  • R&R... Day 6 (cont.)

    11/9/2017 11:08:05 PM, by WIGIRL74

    As always, I was happy to arrive home from my friend's house. In doing so, I threw on my workout clothes & did another 30 minutes of cardio... An... Read more


    11/9/2017 8:56:58 PM, by PUNCHILOUIE

    After the Imperial Palace we returned to Tokyo Station and took the JR train to Hamamatsucho Station, which is located in the south of Tokyo, to ... Read more

  • R&R (Rest & Relaxation)... Day 6

    11/9/2017 5:13:46 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Day off of work today... Woke up early to return a call to my cardiologist regarding a refill on one of my prescriptions. I'm at a loss thou... Read more

  • it's thursday

    11/9/2017 11:08:50 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to relax and take it easy for me today. tomorrow i have two job interviews. one interview is in the morning and the other one is in the aft... Read more

  • The streak continues... Day 5

    11/9/2017 12:13:01 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Had an amazing day today. I kicked off my day early with a 30 minute strength training workout before sitting down to make a few phone calls... Read more

  • It's wednesday

    11/8/2017 10:36:15 AM, by MOMMY445

    i heard from a completely different job place yesterday afternoon. i will be going for testing and to fill out some paperwork on friday afternoon... Read more

  • Accomplishment: Day 4

    11/7/2017 11:18:46 PM, by WIGIRL74

    What a day today... My day started early with a scheduled echocardiogram at 7:30 am. Leaving the hospital's cardiovascular unit, it was back... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    11/7/2017 12:56:48 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter says hi to everyone! i heard from another place for a completely different job. i will know more about it later on when i talk with t... Read more


    11/7/2017 12:55:46 PM, by PUNCHILOUIE

    Once we visited the museum and watched the video about the shogun and samurais that controlled this town, we were ready for the very modern and f... Read more

  • Day 3...

    11/7/2017 12:10:11 AM, by WIGIRL74

    As I mentioned before, I work in a bakery full time... That's 8+ hours on my feet 5 days a week. Talking with someone at work about my weight los... Read more

  • it's monday

    11/6/2017 3:35:50 PM, by MOMMY445

    the in-person interview for today was rescheduled to friday morning. i did have a phone interview for the other job earlier this afternoon. i wil... Read more

  • Week one Marathon training

    11/6/2017 6:35:12 AM, by NURSEMEL404

    So I have a UTI and missed 2 runs, but I got my long run in yesterday and was impressed with my time. I ran with friends that I don't normally ru... Read more

  • Back in the saddle again... Day 2

    11/5/2017 11:55:46 PM, by WIGIRL74

    I work in a bakery full-time. The temptation is always there to try the new items and / or grab something to eat on break. Today, I succeede... Read more

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