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Blogs by Members of Perimenopause to Menopause: what should you expect

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  • Day 111

    5/6/2015 10:08:00 PM, by SHAWFAN

    What a day! To make it short, I walked an hour this morning. Went to the gym and had an elliptical workout for about 35 minutes. Step total fo... Read more

  • I know I am going to be sore

    5/6/2015 9:07:59 PM, by CHERYLE51

    My DR and I did zimba on the XBOX. It was tough, but fun. Work is getting crazy. We are in count down mode. We are in the 20 some days. Can't wa... Read more

  • Bicycling

    5/6/2015 6:43:00 PM, by ECONLADY

    A couple of months ago I loaned my daughter in college my car. Hubby and I got through the disagreements and I have been biking to the gym and n... Read more

  • a beautiful sunny day

    5/6/2015 9:39:03 AM, by MOMMY445

    at work this week, our department is short handed. yesterday, it was short two people, which resulted in everyone having to work past midnight la... Read more

  • Day 110

    5/5/2015 9:22:45 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Welp, not as good a day as yesterday, that's for sure. This morning I just couldn't get myself going. Probably because I didn't sleep very w... Read more

  • work or bugs bunny?

    5/5/2015 1:21:02 PM, by MEGAN6277

    Well so far my weeks been in the pooper! Yesterday i had a vet appointment scheduled and my husband tells me to clear my schedule to go for a rid... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    5/5/2015 1:11:21 PM, by MOMMY445

    another mild day here today. my daughter is enjoying the weather these days and so am i. getting ready to leave for work shortly. all the birds s... Read more

  • Day 109

    5/4/2015 9:39:59 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Today was a pretty good day. Started with a 45 minute walk before work and got some extra walking in during the day for various reasons. After ... Read more

  • a little me time

    5/4/2015 4:55:32 PM, by MEGAN6277

    Well I took the time to do this to my nails. Thought they turned out really p... Read more

  • Numbers 5/4/15

    5/4/2015 2:25:27 PM, by SOO-ZEN

    I weighed myself today… 214 lbs. That’s five pounds lost according to my bathroom scale. I count steps every day. My goal i... Read more

  • it's monday

    5/4/2015 8:58:19 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week has begun! with incredible weather here,too! i treated my good friend to dinner the other day. he has been such a huge help and is a h... Read more

  • Day 108

    5/3/2015 8:58:45 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Today was a relax day, sort of. DD and I went grocery shopping this morning and got most of my walking in at that time. I got in a good 35 minu... Read more

  • my creation

    5/3/2015 7:30:23 PM, by MEGAN6277

    Ive been searching online for new ideas and patterns that are quick to make. I... Read more

  • my creation

    5/3/2015 7:29:53 PM, by MEGAN6277

    Ive been searching online for new ideas and patterns that are quick to make. I... Read more

  • Circles...

    5/3/2015 5:00:38 PM, by ADLINS

    I'm still here. Just struggling a bit. This move has been tougher than I thought and the proof is in the weight gain. It could have been worse... Read more

  • Mountain blue birds

    5/3/2015 2:23:47 PM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    We seem to have some of these blue birds all over. It is a good walk to check all the boxes. I love the blue birds, they are like a piece of ... Read more

  • Day 106 and 107

    5/2/2015 3:06:34 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Happy Saturday everyone!! I'm back home after a successful seminar and trip! And frankly, I had fun! Learned a lot, which is always nice. Do... Read more

  • Fenugreek, Milk thistle, cinnamon, protein for breakfast = improved blood sugar

    5/2/2015 2:12:02 PM, by MZZCHIEF

    Hi Sparkers! Hope everyone has been enjoying Spring! As most of you know, in addition to thyroid challenges, I've been having problems ... Read more

  • April confession

    5/2/2015 6:54:45 AM, by MEGAN6277

    After an entire month of what seemed like non stop stress, I have a huge confes... Read more

  • it's friday

    5/1/2015 9:18:12 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! the weather is going to be warm and mostly sunny here this weekend. so i will definitely get out and enjoy it and i ... Read more

  • Day 105

    4/30/2015 9:17:19 PM, by SHAWFAN

    And it's my Friday, although I will be working tomorrow and Saturday. At least I'll be out of the office for a day. And traveli... Read more

  • plenty of sunshine

    4/30/2015 8:58:43 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful,sunny spring day here today! woo hoo! a day for me to get outdoors and have fun! get to spend some time with my family today,includin... Read more

  • Week 5 of vegetarian diet

    4/30/2015 3:30:27 AM, by STEPHLOKI

    My Nutritionist is still worried about the pancreatitis I had some years back. So she wants me to continue with a lighter liver flush. Right now ... Read more

  • Day 104

    4/29/2015 9:36:50 PM, by SHAWFAN

    A quick blog.... Didn't do too well today, but then again, I'm still not feeling quite up to par. The sore throat is gone, and now I'm congest... Read more

  • Low carb is working!

    4/29/2015 8:08:54 AM, by DJONES3423

    It seems as if I've been on a "diet" for most of my adult life. Recently, after struggling for months with little progress, I decided to give low... Read more

  • Emotional healing

    4/28/2015 11:59:06 PM, by KATHIERAE

    So much has happened the last few weeks!! I shared a while ago how I am planning to open a private practice, for counseling. But I was plann... Read more

  • Oh, the sizes they are a changin' ... both directions ...

    4/28/2015 10:04:34 PM, by LNSYLOU

    Unfortunately! It gets harder & harder to find jeans that fit right. I... Read more

  • Day 103

    4/28/2015 9:10:15 PM, by SHAWFAN

    And still not feeling well today. I went to work with a sore throat and a headache this morning and just couldn't beat either one, even though I... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    4/28/2015 1:39:51 PM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful,sunny spring day here today. went out for a long walk this morning. heading off to work shortly. my daughter says hi and so do all th... Read more

  • Here I am once again!

    4/28/2015 12:19:07 PM, by DEANNABOYD

    Well here I am once again trying to get healthy. I have been reading all of my blog posts starting all the way back when I started SP a longgg ti... Read more

  • Day 102

    4/27/2015 9:28:31 PM, by SHAWFAN

    And another quick blog. Busy day getting caught up from having last Friday off. I did get a 30 minute walk in this morning, which felt good. W... Read more

  • Ive gotta share this sweet gesture

    4/27/2015 7:59:10 PM, by MEGAN6277

    My 3 yr old found about .30 $ on the floor. He was very excited, he came over ... Read more

  • Trying out a low-carb/high-fat diet--with SUCCESS!

    4/27/2015 10:49:08 AM, by DJONES3423

    After waking up feeling like crud on yet another Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I started toying with the thought of going low-carb. Even when... Read more

  • Week 2 to of liver cleanse done

    4/27/2015 2:45:06 AM, by STEPHLOKI

    Ok, almost done, only need to get through today. Fruits only. But I got through the worst day of apple juice & lemon juice only. As of yeste... Read more

  • Day 101

    4/26/2015 9:48:28 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Just a quick entry tonight. It wasn't too busy a day today. I took it easy, except for finishing the laundry and cleaning a couple of rooms. T... Read more

  • it's sunday

    4/26/2015 9:13:04 PM, by MOMMY445

    a day to rest and reflect for me today. got some course work done, some housework done and the grocery shopping done. my daughter says hi. all of... Read more

  • tired

    4/26/2015 2:46:06 PM, by MEGAN6277

    Today i havent accomplished much of anything really accept getting annoyed an... Read more

  • Day 100

    4/25/2015 5:42:36 PM, by SHAWFAN

    It's been a rainy, cool day here in KC. In answer to your question from yesterday, CAZ, I pretty much had a trim done on my hair. They took of... Read more

  • Day 99

    4/24/2015 10:13:43 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Even though I had the day off, that doesn't mean that I lazed around all day. DD and I each had our hair done this morning. Afterward, we ha... Read more

  • another crazy week behind me!

    4/24/2015 7:52:01 PM, by MEGAN6277

    This week has been so nuts its unreal! I had to take my puppy to the vet to be... Read more

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