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  • Snow Day

    1/20/2018 11:24:52 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    This shot was taken this morning, from my front door ... Read more

  • goals

    1/20/2018 7:52:27 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    I am changing some stuff on my trackers and goal pages. I been so busy making sure that I meet all the goals and challenges that I forgot for a m... Read more

  • up and down

    1/19/2018 8:10:05 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    We are back on the rollercoaster, weather wise that is. I went walking yesterday late morning because it was still colder at my usual time and I... Read more

  • 300 miles

    1/15/2018 7:59:37 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    Wow, I was just looking at one of the trophies I got here on Spark... 300 life time miles! I never thought to count miles before. For as long as... Read more

  • Down 5#

    1/12/2018 12:21:44 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    I forgot to mention that when I went to the clinic, I got weighed in at 183#. I quickly kicked my shoes off before stepping on their scales b... Read more

  • drive me crazy

    1/11/2018 4:24:21 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    It's like April fools day and the weather is thumping it's nose at us. It went from 48 degrees about 7.30 am to snow flurries and heavy grey sky... Read more

  • New Year New Me = New Situations :(

    1/10/2018 2:19:01 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    I know im forgiven by God but now its just between her and God = her unforgiveness in this situation. Soo with all that going on i was stressed ... Read more

  • I hate being sick: Ear Infection and flu

    1/10/2018 12:25:46 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    My roommate went to the clinic first and was diagnose... Read more

  • MIA: but back again

    1/9/2018 3:08:46 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    It would take all night to explain my whereabouts for the last 16 months. I have been all over the place physically and mentally. Read more

  • double digit trivia

    1/7/2018 2:47:43 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    So here are some funny facts for you... Today is my sons Birthday!! He is 33! His wife is 33 (for another 6 month) In 11 days my hubby t... Read more

  • weird

    1/7/2018 7:37:09 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    What a weird week.. It's 6.15 am and we have 51 degrees outside. Just a week ago we had 11degrees. How on earth can we get all this up and down i... Read more

  • step right up and count

    1/6/2018 9:24:01 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    January is about a week old now and so far so good. I gained a little bit at the beginning of the week, however I lost it already and a little mo... Read more

  • projet complete

    1/5/2018 9:45:11 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    project complete.. this is my grand-daughters sweater I was working on. Read more

  • hair

    1/3/2018 9:49:03 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    My hubby has this beautiful long hair. It almost reaches the middle of his back. But, he is finely tired of the maintenance it takes for him to ... Read more


    1/1/2018 7:14:56 PM, by ICECUB

    ... Read more


    1/1/2018 7:05:49 PM, by ICECUB


  • Thought for the moment

    1/1/2018 5:06:18 PM, by JOYLARK

    I can't change yesterday but I can work on making better choices for the future !... Read more

  • Starting Over

    1/1/2018 12:57:18 PM, by DONNAMM1225

    This has been a difficult year emotionally and health-wise. I am having back and hip problems that make it difficult to do anything - walk, sit, ... Read more

  • no fooling

    1/1/2018 12:19:07 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    This is going on outside my window while I walk o... Read more

  • Happy New Year - short update

    1/1/2018 7:16:10 AM, by JOYLARK

    Happy New Year for 2018! I hope this is a wonderful year for everyone reading I also hope this is a better year for health for me, an... Read more

  • cold

    12/30/2017 7:38:49 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    It's way too cold outside to walk. the temps really dropped today, For tomorrow we have snow flurries in the forecast. We'll see... I walke... Read more

  • nice surprise

    12/28/2017 8:34:57 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    I woke up this morning and got out of bed after 9 hours of sleep. Well, I didn't sleep all the way through. First I woke with an headache, sinuse... Read more

  • Christmas and more

    12/27/2017 7:19:47 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    We had a change of plan at the last minute. Usually we go Christmas to my daughters mother-in- laws house. We got that all split up, I do Than... Read more

  • cookies

    12/20/2017 4:40:34 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    This morning I wrapped a few of my "special" cookies in tissue paper and took them to the local bank when I cashed my check. It was silly and fu... Read more

  • the rest of the year

    12/18/2017 6:00:03 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    Over the past few days and if I think about it since the beginning of the month... I find myself walking more and more often 4 miles on my morni... Read more

  • check-in

    12/14/2017 11:00:04 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    We had a cold front last night; so on my walk this morning I checked on the babies... Read more

  • so creative

    12/14/2017 6:08:01 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    My brother in law is real creative. Every year he comes up with new ideas for Christmas decorations. He does quite a bit of woodwork and build... Read more

  • no book

    12/13/2017 9:23:32 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    I am addicted to reading. I freely admit that and there is not a day I don't pick up my kindle and at least read a couple of pages. I even carry ... Read more

  • Happy Holidays

    12/12/2017 5:34:24 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    Happy Holidays Texan Style one of my neighb... Read more

  • on my way

    12/12/2017 11:21:58 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    So I upgraded to walking at least 3 miles in the morning now, sometimes it's mid morning when it gets warm enough to get out there. Mostly though... Read more

  • 12/10/17

    12/10/2017 10:49:28 PM, by MAMATRAUB

    The weather is not helping my arthritis but I am not giving up! ... Read more

  • Surgery today!

    12/10/2017 3:56:47 PM, by JOYLARK

    I have my hernia repair scheduled for later today ... just really hoping it will help and not cause more problems! Hopefully once it's done I'll ... Read more

  • dampfnoodel

    12/8/2017 6:14:50 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    When I grew up in Germany, my mother would once in a great while make dampfnoodel. It's a yeast concoction that can be sweet or savory and is se... Read more

  • surprise

    12/7/2017 5:34:18 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    I got a surprise phone call today from Germany. One of my class mates from 40 years ago tracked me down via my brother apparently. He surprised... Read more

  • Vet visit

    12/6/2017 3:55:53 AM, by JOYLARK

    I had to take my dog to the vet last night for his annual vaccination. During the visit she did a thourough investigation and thinks he has a can... Read more

  • Victory

    12/5/2017 4:45:31 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    I finished my 5 challenge today. Weather changed over night, so hubby told me I was gonna freeze my tosh off... lol. I was putting on my le... Read more

  • Feeling Empowered!!!

    12/4/2017 1:08:49 PM, by CAMPBELL51

    First of all, I just want to honor God by thanking Him for giving my cardiologist the skills needed to treat me. On November 20, 2017, I had a m... Read more

  • weekend

    12/3/2017 8:22:49 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    So much fun... but I messed up my sleep by taking a late nap last night. I was tired and hubby said just take a nap. I usually nap like 10 -15 m... Read more

  • On the 1st day of Christmas I was challenged to write a blog entry

    12/2/2017 12:45:14 PM, by MUSIKAT62

    Hard to believe December is here already. December 1 is my DH birthday and we had pizza and cake. Lots of veggies on the pizza and the cake is c... Read more

  • movement game

    12/1/2017 8:46:41 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    So here is something fun for today... In my take 10 challenge I am suppose to do 10 jumping jacks once every hour. With the bad state of my kne... Read more

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