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Fat and Furious
7/31/2014 9:26:43 AM,  0 COMMENTS

From "You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again," by Julia Phillips. Of female comedy writers, she’d noted: "She was fat in high school. Whether...  Read more


Dropping into the new training plan in week 2
7/31/2014 7:40:11 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Yesterday I came to a decision about how to deal with the Olympic triathlon on September 14th combined with training for a half marathon November 9th....  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/31/2014 5:41:18 AM,  14 COMMENTS

“Weight loss is not the key to your dreams. The truth is there is no lock and the door is flimsy.” ― Golda Poretsky I agree with this......  Read more


7/30/2014 10:07:18 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today was not the best day I have had recently. I was working in the garden and somehow I did too much and now have a sore back. I had a massage this...  Read more


Psst... hey you! Yes, you... walking with the walker...
7/30/2014 9:33:22 PM,  16 COMMENTS

Did you know you inspire me? That you were one of my early motivations? You may be walking with a walker now. You may have had body parts repla...  Read more


Adventure in Onederland - Yay - I'm *Just* Overweight
7/30/2014 8:07:39 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Hallelujah! I'm overweight instead of obese. I did not think I would make my goal of a BMI below 30 by the end of July, but I just squeaked it in....  Read more


7/30/2014 11:57:06 AM,  15 COMMENTS

Our habits - especially bad ones - are not easy to change. Sometimes they seem to be set in cement . . . hard and unmovable. But, over ti...  Read more


Here Again...
7/30/2014 9:33:09 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I just looked to see when my last entry was...July 6th...I started this journey at 248 lbs. back in Dec. 2011. When I got back from Myrtle Beach this...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/30/2014 8:40:50 AM,  19 COMMENTS

“Women get boob jobs to give themselves a certain edge. Frankly, I don't see why they nearly kill themselves trying to diet off their equally bulbous...  Read more


What Do You Like About Your Body?
7/30/2014 6:44:04 AM,  2 COMMENTS

What do you like most about your body? Has what you like most about your changed as you've progressed towards your goals? I like the fact that m...  Read more


7/29/2014 9:00:02 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I am not quite up to 10,000 daily steps but I have been getting a minimum 5000 lately. Some days I am happy to see the number go past 10,000 but so f...  Read more


Priorities in training
7/29/2014 7:54:15 AM,  16 COMMENTS

I'm at the point of "what's next" in deciding how training should proceed. I've printed out the second half of the 14 week Olympic distance triathlon...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/29/2014 6:47:56 AM,  21 COMMENTS

“Associated with this weight gain are increased risks in adulthood for joint problems, angina, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, type...  Read more


7/28/2014 11:29:55 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I am still on track. I planned to log more steps after supper. I walked to the library so I met part of my goal but Hubby followed with the truck an...  Read more


7/28/2014 11:38:13 AM,  19 COMMENTS

It's going to be another busy week and I have placed taking care of myself at the top of my TO DO each day. 104 104 521 104 381 ...  Read more


7/28/2014 9:49:32 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I am on a mission. As I get older I am realizing that "stuff" is stifling. Sure I keep way too many "skinny" clothes, but I have gone through them a...  Read more


We all have our reasons
7/28/2014 7:20:01 AM,  26 COMMENTS

As I was rolling Sophia back to the car, after yesterday's triathlon, I said aloud, "That was so much FUN!" Of course, I said it in the hearing of an...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/28/2014 7:00:29 AM,  17 COMMENTS

“Managing perfect body weight is not a complicated rocket science. Our body is made up of food which we eat during our day to day life. If we are over...  Read more


7/27/2014 8:02:38 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This afternoon while Hubby was at a car show, I went for a 3-mile walk. He was home when I got back and told me my face was red. It was warmer than...  Read more


Cornhusker State Games Triathlon Race Report
7/27/2014 3:03:46 PM,  21 COMMENTS

First a "cheater" photo... I took this one last weekend at the open water swim. But since the swim leg is in the same lake, figured this gives you a...  Read more


Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables --- I approve this idea!
7/27/2014 12:53:43 PM,  22 COMMENTS

550 265 291 372 369 474 373 367267 371 In the United States of America -- three hundred million tons of fresh produce is thrown away...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/27/2014 11:02:07 AM,  14 COMMENTS

“Sometimes customizing is necessary because of an injury or the inability to do, for a short or long period, the kind of exercise you formerly did. Wh...  Read more


7/26/2014 10:36:04 PM,  3 COMMENTS

This afternoon I walked to the library to return a movie. From there I decided to walk around the block - well one of them. It was a nice walk and i...  Read more


Looking back, looking forward
7/26/2014 6:31:29 PM,  19 COMMENTS

Just curious . . . . (My note would say LIVE TODAY!) Well we all know life doesn't allow do-overs. We can't go back and change...  Read more


Bonus blog: The hoop and Tamriel
7/26/2014 4:26:22 PM,  14 COMMENTS

This shot doesn't show the young man who threw the ball, but it got the hoop, now installed, and the ball post-shot. Hot and humid out there....  Read more


My strange taper week is in its final day
7/26/2014 12:21:24 PM,  16 COMMENTS

Today is reserved for "chores". Started by taking the car in for its oil change. Since then I've been trying to get my "stuff" organized for t...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/26/2014 7:10:43 AM,  17 COMMENTS

“On need of supplement & vitamins- "If you eat a balanced diet you get all the vitamins and minerals you need and you don’t need any supplement and ov...  Read more


Day 3
7/25/2014 10:02:04 PM,  6 COMMENTS

All is well. Today I worked in my garden. Something is 'attacking' my irises. I dug them all up. I hope I can salvage some but quite a few are gon...  Read more


Taking time for the second guessing
7/25/2014 7:29:49 AM,  20 COMMENTS

Over-peopled as I was, I decided to take a half day vacation yesterday. I delegated an afternoon meeting to a team member who is more suited for the...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/25/2014 6:02:02 AM,  18 COMMENTS

“...the reward centers of the brain--where the pleasure of those high-calorie foods registers--also respond to other substances that bring about pleas...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/24/2014 11:28:45 AM,  15 COMMENTS

Simple and TRUE: “Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight effortlessly and become slim a...  Read more


Day Two
7/24/2014 10:31:59 AM,  2 COMMENTS

248 I got up and went for a walk. I do much better when I go for a walk first thing. Then I know it is done and if the day happens to get hot, I kno...  Read more


Make Today Count!
7/24/2014 9:57:47 AM,  20 COMMENTS

After all, before ya know it, it'll be Halloween. What would YOU be able to accomplish in 100 days if you really set your mind to it? ...  Read more


The comedy of a recording scale...
7/24/2014 7:29:51 AM,  24 COMMENTS

193 I probably blogged about it when I got the Withings Healthmate scale back last September, I think it was, when my old less fancy scale finally gav...  Read more


43 To do or not to do
7/24/2014 2:52:09 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Yesterday I read the "Fighting the urge" e-book by dr Amy Johnson
2/Fighting-the-Urge_Dr-Amy-Johnson....  Read more


July 23
7/23/2014 8:20:36 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Checking in late tonite...have had no internet since early, early this morning....praying all are well and have had a blessed Hump Day 247...  Read more


Day One
7/23/2014 8:08:51 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I joined SparkGuy's 10 Minute Fitness Club this morning. Since I have not been working with my health coach, I have been slipping back. I need a st...  Read more


Yukon - Walk This Way -- WINNERS!!!!
7/23/2014 11:20:06 AM,  6 COMMENTS

244 We got the results of our City Wide Walking Challenge last week. I have held off writing about it because I was hoping for a lot More Information...  Read more


7/23/2014 10:17:03 AM,  25 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Unusual week
7/23/2014 7:40:17 AM,  17 COMMENTS

Normally the week of the Cornhusker State Games is a quiet one for me. The heat, the work schedule, form a backdrop as I do one weekend's event (Open...  Read more


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