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Taking time for the second guessing
7/25/2014 7:29:49 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Over-peopled as I was, I decided to take a half day vacation yesterday. I delegated an afternoon meeting to a team member who is more suited for the...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/25/2014 6:02:02 AM,  15 COMMENTS

“...the reward centers of the brain--where the pleasure of those high-calorie foods registers--also respond to other substances that bring about pleas...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/24/2014 11:28:45 AM,  14 COMMENTS

Simple and TRUE: “Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight effortlessly and become slim a...  Read more


Day Two
7/24/2014 10:31:59 AM,  1 COMMENTS

248 I got up and went for a walk. I do much better when I go for a walk first thing. Then I know it is done and if the day happens to get hot, I kno...  Read more


Make Today Count!
7/24/2014 9:57:47 AM,  18 COMMENTS

After all, before ya know it, it'll be Halloween. What would YOU be able to accomplish in 100 days if you really set your mind to it? ...  Read more


The comedy of a recording scale...
7/24/2014 7:29:51 AM,  24 COMMENTS

193 I probably blogged about it when I got the Withings Healthmate scale back last September, I think it was, when my old less fancy scale finally gav...  Read more


43 To do or not to do
7/24/2014 2:52:09 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Yesterday I read the "Fighting the urge" e-book by dr Amy Johnson
2/Fighting-the-Urge_Dr-Amy-Johnson....  Read more


July 23
7/23/2014 8:20:36 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Checking in late tonite...have had no internet since early, early this morning....praying all are well and have had a blessed Hump Day 247...  Read more


Day One
7/23/2014 8:08:51 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I joined SparkGuy's 10 Minute Fitness Club this morning. Since I have not been working with my health coach, I have been slipping back. I need a st...  Read more


Yukon - Walk This Way -- WINNERS!!!!
7/23/2014 11:20:06 AM,  5 COMMENTS

244 We got the results of our City Wide Walking Challenge last week. I have held off writing about it because I was hoping for a lot More Information...  Read more


7/23/2014 10:17:03 AM,  25 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Unusual week
7/23/2014 7:40:17 AM,  17 COMMENTS

Normally the week of the Cornhusker State Games is a quiet one for me. The heat, the work schedule, form a backdrop as I do one weekend's event (Open...  Read more


Dueling computers
7/22/2014 8:34:09 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Having a great evening with three computers at the dining room table. SPINNINGJW and her daughter are here... we're looking things up online and disc...  Read more


The Secret To Loving Exercise: Pleasure, NOT Pain!!
7/22/2014 6:26:31 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I am not necessarily a huge Fan of Dr Oz, but I DO Believe that Exercise Should Be Fun. And I think that we all need to be reminded sometimes to Enjo...  Read more


7/22/2014 12:24:05 PM,  0 COMMENTS

This is from the weekly Spark. I looked it up on You tube to share. If you are a woman, you should listen to this, and then go have an amazing day...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/22/2014 9:13:59 AM,  17 COMMENTS

“If you keep on eating unhealthy food than no matter how many weight loss tips you follow, you are likely to retain weight and become obese. If only y...  Read more


41 The heat is on
7/22/2014 1:14:24 AM,  4 COMMENTS

It´s hot again - the disadvantage is that I can´t play the accordioan as freely as before because the windiw is open and it will be heard out on the s...  Read more


My Garden
7/21/2014 7:07:49 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Hi all, This blog if for those who have asked me about my garden. I am finally getting around to putting some of the pictures together. I have b...  Read more


Uh Oh, I am going nowhere fast
7/21/2014 2:47:58 PM,  6 COMMENTS

A spark friend gently reminded me today that I have not updated my challenge goals for nearly a month. As you can all guess, I have not updated them...  Read more


Tea Sandwiches by TopsBear
7/21/2014 2:22:58 PM,  14 COMMENTS

190 4 190 4 190 4 190 4 190 4 Ideas/recipes too mouthwateringly delectable sounding not to share. Enjoy!  Read more


Reviewing My Plan
7/21/2014 12:42:00 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Today could be one of those days. It's Monday, the first day after vacation. 5AM rolled around much too early this morning. YAWN.... But i...  Read more


Voyeurism is alive and thriving on Spark.
7/21/2014 8:12:31 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Voyeurism is the activity of watching others do what you secretly or not so secretly wish to do. We all know the way this is used for the most part i...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/21/2014 7:00:05 AM,  23 COMMENTS

“When people tell me they can’t afford to join a gym, I tell them to go outside; planet Earth is a gym and we’re already members. Run, climb, sweat, a...  Read more


Extra ears
7/21/2014 5:49:46 AM,  22 COMMENTS

They tell folks when they go to meet with medical people to take someone along. This is so wise and important, and SOME of us are so stubborn as to t...  Read more


10 Health Benefits Of Watermelon
7/21/2014 1:11:33 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Watermelon is a natural source of most powerful antioxidants provided by nature. It is a good source of the antioxidant vitamins C and A to protect us...  Read more


What's in a SparkName?
7/20/2014 6:19:24 PM,  19 COMMENTS

The variety of names on this site is amazing. Some use birthdays as part of their SparkName or another significant date. There are those who have ni...  Read more


Full life... and it is good.
7/20/2014 4:54:47 PM,  21 COMMENTS

Sophia took me on a lovely long ride this morning. We took to the biking trails in town, out to the cemetary where mom & dad are buried, then up the...  Read more


Sunday 7/20
7/20/2014 12:15:29 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So far so good today, made a Jamba Juice smoothie for breakfast. Trying to stick to my program......had a good start. Have a potluck dinner at church...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/20/2014 7:23:13 AM,  23 COMMENTS

“Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” ― Elizabeth Berg, The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted: And Other Small Acts of Liberation This...  Read more


39 The new passion...
7/20/2014 1:59:07 AM,  7 COMMENTS

So I got my accordion yesterday - wow! When I left if to this old man for repairing, he said that it would be a couple of weeks – that´s why I went t...  Read more


Don't have time for a sit down breakfast?
7/20/2014 12:08:00 AM,  5 COMMENTS

198 What will they think of next? ...  Read more


Time for an update
7/19/2014 9:52:55 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I have updated my sparkpage, now time for a blog! A lot has been going on..... I have given up my trainer (or maybe she gave up on me!). I am s...  Read more


Week 11 review. Week 12 plan.
7/19/2014 6:52:16 PM,  17 COMMENTS

Well I'm certain you all know that week 11 was truly packed with deep thoughts and emotions. That's why the deep thinking blogs! LOL Today cu...  Read more


Well... I'm glad this was a C event
7/19/2014 12:29:59 PM,  32 COMMENTS

First off, it was a beautiful morning, albeit a bit chilly for the swimmers (59 F in the air, water was GREAT, though). You can see how p...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/19/2014 7:42:50 AM,  19 COMMENTS

“She'd even violated the only sensible rule of dieting she'd ever run across, the sage advice of the Muppets' Miss Piggy, who recommended never eating...  Read more


Caturday!!!! Cats and dogs
7/19/2014 7:02:28 AM,  25 COMMENTS

When I was a young girl I always heard that cats and dogs do not get along. I've seen that to be true at times. I've also seen the opposite. So to...  Read more


A Non-Scale Victory At The Grocery Store
7/18/2014 1:10:52 PM,  195 COMMENTS

I got up bright and early this morning to go grocery shopping with my youngest son. I had my list written out, and I was ready to only buy healt...  Read more


Decluttering? Dismantling? or Deconstructing an old worn out self?
7/18/2014 8:04:54 AM,  20 COMMENTS

The level I am working at in my living environment definitely is best defined by deconstructing an old worn out self! It's long overdo. I just had t...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/18/2014 8:00:26 AM,  18 COMMENTS

“Eating crappy food isn't a reward -- it's a punishment.” ― Drew Carey Hope everyone is blessed today and a blessing to others! 24...  Read more


Training through, versus tapering
7/18/2014 7:49:01 AM,  15 COMMENTS

Reading from the Triathlete's Training Bible, when Joe Friel discusses designing your ANNUAL training plan, he talks about the target "A" races, the "...  Read more


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