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National Lasagna Day
7/29/2014 2:37:37 AM,  7 COMMENTS

National Lasagna Day When : July 29th National Lasagna Day is today. We hope you have a big appetite. Sure, it's July. Its hot and hu...  Read more


Today's Inspiration
7/29/2014 1:02:09 AM,  5 COMMENTS

" Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it." - Unk...  Read more


Looooong Day
7/28/2014 11:34:36 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Worked late today so I got home late, worked out late, showered late, feed the animal late and now I am going to bed late. Have a great day tomorrow!...  Read more


7/28/2014 11:04:27 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It's hot in Texas right now, and today my house air conditioning died. What a surprise! I'm so glad that my AC repairman is a friend, and wi...  Read more


Self Frustration
7/28/2014 10:25:36 PM,  0 COMMENTS

198 I am very frustrated with myself! I am not following what I need to be doing and I am not losing any weight at all! It is no ones fault but my o...  Read more


A Cardio start and strength training!
7/28/2014 10:14:16 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This is my second week of working out at a local gym. I've decided not to hire a trainer and I am not fit enough yet to join the classes (I've watched...  Read more


Are You Wearing Sun Screen?
7/28/2014 10:05:26 PM,  6 COMMENTS

It only takes once......  Read more


Last Week's Progress/This Week's Plan
7/28/2014 6:54:50 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Mine and my husband's plans for this week: Monday: Masterchef and Hotel Hell Tuesday: Tuesday: Cardio Wednesday: Strength Training and video gam...  Read more


7/28/2014 6:30:21 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I have to say my motivation is high, and I am beginning to feel good about myself. I lost 5 more pounds. Down 15 now!! I am still working on...  Read more


Exercised, Feeling Better (Not That You Care)
7/28/2014 6:16:35 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Still a little bummed out but it's not as bad as before. Managed 16 minutes on the elliptical after I promised myself I would do ten (but no more) sin...  Read more


turkey prep
7/28/2014 6:01:01 PM,  0 COMMENTS

all iswell in the house ,today I boiled aturkey and deboned,and make small bags of sandwich meat for later in the week.I also made somme turkey salad...  Read more


Isn't Monday Great
7/28/2014 5:15:36 PM,  1 COMMENTS

The start of another week and I am not dreading it. That is FUN!. My goals for the week are starting out good. Tracker - remembered Walk 3 - 10...  Read more


Skin Grafts are Coming
7/28/2014 5:07:38 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Bailie will see her surgeon Wednesday for a possible date for skin grafts....  Read more


7/28/2014 3:03:22 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm a big person, I know this. However, when I look in the mirror, I don't feel that I look as big as I should at my weight. Over the past few days, m...  Read more


Paleo--- or no?
7/28/2014 2:55:11 PM,  4 COMMENTS

So for the last month I have been following a semi-strict paleo diet. Outside of eating low fat cottage cheese and some peanut butter here and there,...  Read more


Today's Inspiration
7/28/2014 2:42:28 PM,  5 COMMENTS

" You know that you have fully experienced love when you turn into love - that is the spiritual goal of life." - Deepak Chopra...  Read more


28th July
7/28/2014 2:41:18 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Got moving today! walked 3.6 miles & completed a 28 minute circuit session in the gym. Smaller walk for tomorrow & a hospital appointment, which...  Read more


7/28/2014 1:22:41 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I feel like I've been two steps forward, one step back for MONTHS! I lost like four pounds, and magically gained it all back practically overnight. ...  Read more


I'm just really happy today
7/28/2014 1:17:21 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I have a new mattress and peacefully slept all through the night. I normally toss and turn and wake up almost every hour. I feel rested and my my back...  Read more


Back to work
7/28/2014 12:21:28 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Why is it that I am starving when I am at work but I'm just fine at home? Shouldn't it be the other way around?...  Read more


Weekend Mish Mash
7/28/2014 11:31:47 AM,  1 COMMENTS

This weekend was a whole mish mash of stuff. First up, honey pie and I are gearing up for my mom to come visit. So alllll of that stuff we have...  Read more


Today's (7.28.14) Plan...
7/28/2014 11:19:13 AM,  13 COMMENTS

In addition to regular weekday activities and my FlyLady tasks, Ifve set the following goals to be completed today: Business 17 248 Confirm...  Read more


New day Monday
7/28/2014 11:11:57 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Crab Regatta 2014. Had a great weekend. We came in 3rd place. In this "race" you can only win 1st place once. We had 1 first, 2 seconds, and...  Read more


Moody Monday
7/28/2014 10:55:45 AM,  1 COMMENTS

It is all in your perspective, isn't it, Patty? I like the way you think. Yesterday a friend called and was going to drop me off a couple of fis...  Read more


Getting Prepared!
7/28/2014 10:52:33 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Well today and the next 2 days I plan on getting as much exercise that I can. I have my menu ready and I am going to stick to it. On Thurs. I won't b...  Read more


No Fear
7/28/2014 10:31:32 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Last night I had a wonderful dream and woke up feeling so optimistic for the first time in years. In my dream I was traveling somewhere foreign. I rod...  Read more


Starting Round 3
7/28/2014 9:57:26 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Today marks the start of the 3rd set of 3 weeks on the fat-burning diet I got from Debbi. I weighed in at 174.4. I'd hoped for a lower number but hope...  Read more


Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood
7/28/2014 9:14:35 AM,  2 COMMENTS

You know its going to be a good Monday when your ear worm for the day is the theme from Mister Rodgers Neighborhood. I have a plan for the week!...  Read more


Trial of New Pancake idea for clean eating!
7/28/2014 9:12:09 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Today I wanted pancakes, but I want ones that give me the nutritional kick my body deserves in the morning....meaning not processed and no  Read more


Wish me luck!
7/28/2014 8:46:37 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am just a half pound away from pre vacation weight! Yesterday I had the opppurtunity to go out w/ girlfriends but I knew the night would be a long o...  Read more


National Milk Chocolate Day
7/28/2014 8:39:01 AM,  4 COMMENTS

National Milk Chocolate Day When : July 28th National Milk Chocolate Day is a special day for a special treat. Are you a "Chocola-hol...  Read more


21 day challenge day #1...join me if you wish
7/28/2014 8:07:58 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Good morning. Last few days of July already. Summer is about over and it's almost time for the kids to head back to school. My weekend was borin...  Read more


7/28/2014 7:49:07 AM,  0 COMMENTS

have a wonderful day today make the best out of it do a good dead for some one we are good people...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Monday, July 28, 2014
7/28/2014 6:58:38 AM,  4 COMMENTS

July 28, 2014 FINDING UNDERSTANDING How is it that some of us are better at finding things than others? Some of us can look in certain places an...  Read more


day 2 of whole30
7/28/2014 6:55:35 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Good Morning,thanking God for another day,I am blessed.Today is day 2 of my plan,I went to the store yesterday and bought veggies and fruits. I weigh...  Read more


Take your TIME!!
7/28/2014 6:04:41 AM,  16 COMMENTS

Don't rush through the mountains~ Life is a journey, not a race! Notice the flowers and the fields, Trees and shrubs. Feel the soft bree...  Read more


Another unusual storm - for us here in the UK
7/28/2014 5:19:41 AM,  4 COMMENTS

The photo below, sent to me by a friend just now, is of one of our local train stations after a very fierce early morning storm - two hours of massive...  Read more


I'm back!
7/28/2014 5:03:02 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I was just reading my lasat blog entry, and wow. What a place I was at a few years ago, and how much life changes so quickly. I'm almost up to...  Read more


One good thing - one not so much
7/28/2014 4:50:43 AM,  4 COMMENTS

The good thng is that I havent weighed since the end of June due to various domestic upheavals but I was resolved to do so this morning. Was delighted...  Read more


I Go Back To HIM!!!
7/28/2014 1:43:00 AM,  5 COMMENTS

There are times in my life, especially now, when I get off kilter. I get out of focus with my spirit. I'm unable to see clearly, because of the shin...  Read more


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