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  • just sad

    5/24/2015 4:34:09 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    i am trying really hard,im going to counselling n on meds n keeping busy,it just seems nothing is working and my family is laughing at my heart a... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    5/24/2015 12:34:21 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Flowers are Nature's messengers - reminders of an unspeakable beauty." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Spectacular Saturday

    5/24/2015 12:27:30 AM, by KNEEMAKER

    Saturday, May 23, 2015 ... Read more

  • My first 5 k

    5/23/2015 11:28:50 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    ... Read more

  • 5/23

    5/23/2015 11:23:32 PM, by BARCELONAME

    I guess I was expecting more for today..... it was cold and rainy in the morning.... so.... I had to change my plans and instead of going out for... Read more

  • Day 70 Calories... vs...Excersicse and pain management.

    5/23/2015 11:02:27 PM, by ALLEYANDME

    I think I eat more calories than I think I do, even when I log them on the nutrition log. But I am at a stage now, where I am less concerned abou... Read more

  • Better Day

    5/23/2015 10:21:40 PM, by BETRHO48

    It's Saturday evening and although I am still in pain today, thankfully it is not as severe as it was yesterday. With a good night's ... Read more

  • Day 75 - 1/5 of the way there!

    5/23/2015 9:47:56 PM, by BRYZACH

    Today marks 1/5 of the way into my healthy journey. Though I am considering it and going to make it a lifestyle change one of my goals is to rea... Read more

  • Ahhh

    5/23/2015 9:42:24 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    My first day out of school has been fantastic. I w... Read more

  • Short Quiz #5 (for fun)!

    5/23/2015 8:52:30 PM, by IMAVISION

    58 Well, 524Read more

  • Myth busting - pt 2

    5/23/2015 8:41:20 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    I suppose much of my "stinkin' thinkin'" comes from being homeless and without when I was younger, but its stupid to hold onto fears of the past... Read more

  • Day 23 of 30 of Walk It Off in 30 Days with Leslie Sansone

    5/23/2015 8:34:18 PM, by SHELTER-PETS

    Walked a LOT at the zoo today with the family! We had a LOT of fun! I will do firm and burn with Leslie tomorrow morning. Enjoy the day!... Read more

  • how do you deal

    5/23/2015 8:28:26 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    It's not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters .' Epictetus Every notice some people never complain no matter how bad ... Read more

  • My First 5k is Tomorrow!

    5/23/2015 8:13:08 PM, by MAKINGHERPROUD

    Omg I'm so excited and so nervous at the same time. I'... Read more

  • Weekly Email & Blog Check-In

    5/23/2015 7:34:07 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone I hope you are having a good weekend. Here is the great video I mentioned in my email: