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  • It just keeps going

    9/17/2014 11:48:55 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Today my carpool buddy told me she's leaving to take another job. So I have two and a half weeks to figure out another carpool or get another car... Read more

  • I owe everyone an apology

    9/10/2014 10:08:49 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been going through a lot lately. Sunday night I became very ill. After throwing up I fell asleep. Sometime during t... Read more

  • Embracing Food

    9/9/2014 1:46:11 PM, by FOXGLOVE999

    I have to say I've spent a lot of time lately reading other people's ideas about weight and nutrition, and I've found very little of it useful. D... Read more

  • Greenhouse Aquaponics Adventure

    9/8/2014 8:02:09 AM, by WINE4GIRL

    We started our aquaponics last winter and managed to keep some of the "animals" alive all winter. The summer has been extreme in keeping the GH c... Read more

  • Random ramblings

    9/7/2014 1:37:38 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Full disclosure: I've been drinking WAY too much wine since my sister died. The pain has been intense. Like today I'm working on a lace stole th... Read more

  • Cooperative Extension

    9/4/2014 7:25:21 AM, by WINE4GIRL

    I stumbled across a website yesterday while doing some research for a meeting. I am a Master Gardener... why have I never seen this site before?!... Read more

  • My sister just died

    9/2/2014 6:15:02 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I just got a call from my niece. My best friend and adopted sister just passed from a heart attack. I don't think I can breathe. Now we'll never ... Read more

  • Sunday simmer

    8/31/2014 10:18:14 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    It's so bloody hot here that I had to quit working on my son's birthday afghan (try holding a double-thick blanket on your lap when you're alread... Read more

  • Best diet ever!

    8/30/2014 9:16:31 PM, by WINE4GIRL

    Probably the best diet you can ever go on! www.bs-diet.com/the-bs-d
    iet-quick-start-guide/ ... Read more

  • Been MIA for awhile

    8/29/2014 10:02:58 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I haven't had ANY Spark of late. Not just low, none. All this week work was sheer H**l, and I've been so depressed I couldn't do anything. W... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/23/2014 1:14:57 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    (For those who asked, crab stars are a gorgeous Chinese or Chinese-American appetizer. They're won ton skins stuffed with a mix of crab, cream ch... Read more

  • What a day...

    8/21/2014 11:42:16 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I am totally exhausted. Today has been BRUTAL. They finally told me I could go ahead and post the state Medicaid. That's about $200,000 post... Read more

  • The object lesson and other stories

    8/19/2014 10:09:55 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Further to my recent blog about my cookbooks: I recently got the Culinary Institute of America's home baking book. There was a recipe for rye ro... Read more

  • Sunday slump

    8/17/2014 10:29:46 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    It's Sunday evening, and it's HOT here. Dreading tomorrow morning. The boss is back from vacation, and she'll find something to be ticked off at ... Read more

  • Rules

    8/15/2014 8:00:42 AM, by WINE4GIRL

    ... Read more

  • Thursday thingamajigs

    8/14/2014 9:30:41 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    For one brief, glorious nanosecond this afternoon I thought it was Friday. Then I remembered. Ooof. I saw a cute item on Facebook last night... Read more

  • Wednesday night

    8/13/2014 10:10:38 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    My computer finally got upgraded today. Funny, my co-workers all said the IT guy is an ogre to work with. I had no trouble with him. The upgrade ... Read more

  • And the beat goes on

    8/12/2014 10:42:29 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    As if I didn't have enough fun yesterday, I woke up this morning with a huge pimple right on the tip of my nose! I think Somebody upstairs doesn'... Read more

  • Monday night rant

    8/11/2014 9:31:16 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I've had a maddening, frustrating and generally upsetting day. Friday afternoon my computer at work was supposed to be upgraded. The technic... Read more

  • Further to last night...

    8/10/2014 1:43:22 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Here's a photo of Friday night's insanely delicious Indian dinner. I'm still drooling. (And no, I am NOT texting at the table. I tried to take a ... Read more

  • A night in India (well, sort of)

    8/9/2014 12:19:02 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Out with a friend last night. We had a spectacular dinner at a tiny, hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant we never knew was there. I'm still in rap... Read more

  • Low Spark lately

    8/6/2014 10:59:32 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I know I haven't been as active lately, and I should apologize for it. I'm just tired, cranky and discouraged. I'm not really feeling the Spark o... Read more

  • The soup recipe and other stories

    8/3/2014 12:15:01 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    For the last several months I've had vivid, intense dreams when trying to sleep. A few weeks ago I tried a batch of kale-chorizo soup (my o... Read more

  • Getting my dweeb on

    8/2/2014 12:49:18 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Apparently I'm a certifiable dweeb. I've watched the School Chefs episode of Chopped at least a dozen times and STILL get tears in my eyes.... Read more

  • RIP James Garner

    7/20/2014 12:35:10 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Big tears in my eyes this morning. Maverick...Rockford...Murphy's Romance (one of the sweetest movies ever). You will be sorely missed. Read more

  • Halfway through July

    7/17/2014 6:28:28 PM, by EMMAFLY

    Just like that, the month is half over and I have some time to myself before the semester starts... now what do i do? I've been a bit of a... Read more

  • Weather or not

    7/15/2014 10:09:31 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    A tropical front has parked right over us, so it's hot, sticky and just plain miserable. Waiting for things to cool and dry out -- or at least gi... Read more

  • Saturday drowse

    7/12/2014 8:02:38 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    This morning I went out to breakfast with my carpool buddy. She had pancakes and eggs, I had chicken fried steak and eggs. Yes, I know I'm woeful... Read more

  • Wrung out

    7/11/2014 9:51:22 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I truly don't know why I take days off. We got in so many payments that nobody logged or posted while I was gone that I've spent all four days th... Read more

  • Herb infographic

    7/5/2014 9:11:58 PM, by WINE4GIRL

    This is a pretty cool herb chart that can offer some ideas when looking at what do do with those glorious herbs you are growing! www... Read more

  • Stray vacation Friday thoughts

    7/4/2014 8:57:50 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I'm watching the "judge" shows like I always do when I'm home on weekdays. Every time I do, at least one woman sues an ex-boyfriend saying, "I wa... Read more


    7/3/2014 9:47:59 PM, by EMMAFLY

    *cue battle roar* Ok, so the June Challenges have finally been defeated with only one extra day needed. Woohoo! The last week was a bit to... Read more

  • V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N

    7/2/2014 10:05:14 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    (PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one here old enough to remember that song!) I am officially on vacation. Shoes off, enjoying a cold beer an... Read more

  • Monday night

    6/30/2014 9:54:08 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Today was month-end, normally the craziest day of the month at work. Surprise -- this month it was the easiest day of all! My boss actually left ... Read more

  • Packing and swim suits

    6/30/2014 5:28:32 AM, by THINRONNA

    Phase one on my packing is complete! I have sorted through all of the possibilities when it comes to my clothes and the kids clothes. Phase two... Read more

  • a new beginning

    6/29/2014 4:31:33 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Today is the first day of Ramadan and I am feeling blessed. I have so much to be thankful for. I have been obsessing over things that aren't wo... Read more

  • Random Sunday stuff

    6/29/2014 11:50:52 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Last night I watched a special called Outrageous Wedding Cakes. "Outrageous" doesn't begin to describe it. One cake weighed 820 pounds, served ov... Read more

  • Why do I do this?

    6/28/2014 1:47:26 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    This week has been a (w)itch. Thursday we got an $83,000 check from one insurer. It was complicated and required careful handling more than usual... Read more

  • Only three days to vacation

    6/28/2014 12:30:20 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Well, workdays, anyway. But I am SO looking forward to it. Work has been nuts and I'm bled out, emotionally and physically. Maybe it's becau... Read more

  • Whoo Hoo! Tax money!

    6/27/2014 4:56:02 AM, by THINRONNA

    I was on edge the past few weeks that my tax money would not come before vacation but today mine came! Patrick's came yesterday. Whoo HOO! Nor... Read more

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