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Set Backs and Jumps Forward
4/24/2014 10:06:50 AM,  0 COMMENTS

As a pastry chef at a family bakery, holidays are the busiest times for me. The three big ones are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. I got so swamp...  Read more


Running in the dark
4/24/2014 10:06:42 AM,  1 COMMENTS

With cold and rain, and a thesis due, my training has slipped a bit. I've tried to push myself back into it as the 5k is Sunday. Yesterday's ru...  Read more


Anthony Is Back In Australia...
4/24/2014 9:45:47 AM,  0 COMMENTS

And this old house is so quiet and so lonely!...  Read more


Am exercising in the morning at home....
4/24/2014 9:30:01 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Hi Spark Friends, I am exercising in the morning at has been cold outside and I enjoy the privacy of the indoor morning workouts.....I wa...  Read more


Challenge needed and stuff
4/24/2014 9:27:28 AM,  0 COMMENTS

So I am looking for a good challenge. A challenge that will push me to work out, to watch what I eat and push my limits. I really want to lose 20 po...  Read more


Being the best me!!!!
4/24/2014 9:05:53 AM,  1 COMMENTS

First and formost I want to get back to eating healthier and getting to my goal weight of 150 pounds. My short term goal for now is to get back into a...  Read more


4/24/2014 8:13:28 AM,  1 COMMENTS

nice and chilly this morning (28) i love it!...  Read more


4/24/2014 6:30:49 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Stephanie keeps me from eating too much at work. Reminds me to eat healthy....  Read more


4/24/2014 5:52:52 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I got up this morning and exercised first thing. I met Jamoke on you tube and got some great inspiration. Went on to start walking away the pounds,...  Read more


Recieving from Giving
4/24/2014 5:52:12 AM,  16 COMMENTS

I have received so much from giving to the AMC as an Information Volunteer and Naturalist. Working at the Pinkham Notch Visitor's Center during Spri...  Read more


Blog #5
4/24/2014 4:55:44 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Ok.... I missed a few days of this but I can say that I did miss it. I have been holding steady and avoiding the candy. I didn't avoid it on Sunday....  Read more


Today's Inspiration
4/24/2014 12:24:39 AM,  5 COMMENTS

" As we become purer channels for God's light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not ...  Read more


4/24/2014 12:20:26 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Enjoy y be good your day to enjoy be blessed and prayers hugz...  Read more


Accountability never hurt anyone....
4/23/2014 11:47:17 PM,  2 COMMENTS

so here goes. Gotta track my weekly mileage and I'm going to begin with 12 since it's been such a busy, exhausting and not so terrific week. That'll g...  Read more


Wednesday, April 23, 2014
4/23/2014 10:13:16 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Another Wonderful Wednesday...  Read more


Stamina??? NOT!
4/23/2014 9:57:21 PM,  5 COMMENTS

So yesterday I got in a short workout before I took my mom into the city for a few things she needed and a few veges for me...I didall weights premix....  Read more


I feel so much better
4/23/2014 9:45:13 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I know it is trendy, but going gluten free has made a great difference for me. Actually because it is trendy, I resisted going gluten free for a...  Read more


Adjusting to changes
4/23/2014 9:15:35 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I am really adjusting to changes. I am accepting that I cannot control illness or outcomes. I'm more flexible to delays or rescheduling activities....  Read more


What have I done for me?
4/23/2014 9:01:41 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Spring Challenge this week is me time: Made the most of waking up early by doing that wonderful SP Qi Gong video in addition to Spring into Shape...  Read more


Call Me Fumble Fingers!
4/23/2014 9:00:13 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Today I knocked over a stool with several containers of different beads and findings. It took forever to pick them up. They fell under my elliptical...  Read more


Life in the Super Fast Lane
4/23/2014 8:42:09 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I am finally getting the chance to sit down and do some Sparking. Life has been so hectic the past few weeks, and tonight I am home alone for a while...  Read more


Starting to build the habit and feeling the results
4/23/2014 8:24:54 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It has been a full 6 weeks since I got serious about losing weight and changing my life. I have approached it much differently this time. I am reall...  Read more


a missed opportunity
4/23/2014 7:37:09 PM,  2 COMMENTS

i slept so long today i missed a chance to see my baby girl. the good news is i will have another chance soon as i have to remain here for a few days...  Read more


4/23/2014 6:38:34 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Off to the really enjoying what i am doing there at present and the fact I get through it quickly and it seems to be having an effect....woo...  Read more


Kindness and forgiveness - for myself
4/23/2014 5:47:59 PM,  1 COMMENTS

So, I'm not exactly what one would call consistent in this blogging thing! Same for my nutrition tracking, fitness, etc. But I keep returning. I k...  Read more


27 days until my wedding...but who's counting??
4/23/2014 5:42:25 PM,  3 COMMENTS

That's right, fellow sparkies, I am back and with more motivation than ever before! I can't believe that my last blog post was almost THREE years ago....  Read more


4/23/2014 4:34:23 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I have been feeling really guilty about not getting much exercise in, so I purchased the Hip Hop Abs CDs about 2 weeks ago. It was my intention to do...  Read more


a sunny spring day
4/23/2014 4:31:53 PM,  7 COMMENTS

a day to get some stuff sorted out and to get outdoors. now i am relaxing after what turned out to be a very stressful day for me. my daughter sends h...  Read more


Hello Sweet Sparklers
4/23/2014 2:32:21 PM,  5 COMMENTS

May God bless your day and may you be grateful all day...  Read more


It's a PRECIOUS privilege to be ALIVE, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love
4/23/2014 1:51:55 PM,  46 COMMENTS

67 Every morning I arise, I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity for another day. It's another chance to do things right, to e...  Read more


I brought a salad for lunch...
4/23/2014 1:46:13 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I did... really I did and then the kind nurse pacitioner decided to be so sweet and purchase pizza for the staff so long sory short - I have asalad f...  Read more


4/23/2014 1:31:51 PM,  1 COMMENTS

off to prepare for tonites class. last one for the week...i'm so tired i cant even think.....  Read more


JUST DO IT! (thanks nike)
4/23/2014 1:27:55 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Excuse me excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! I made up my mind this time!!!!!!!! 10 minutes (at least) a day to melt the fat awa...  Read more


4/23/2014 1:14:55 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Wow = two more pounds came off. It doesn't sound like much but a little is better than nothing. It got a little confusing because I've been using th...  Read more


looking for another good Challenging Team
4/23/2014 12:55:39 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am looking for a team to join that has competitive challenges. I want to have more motivation to work out, to lose weight, to have more accountabil...  Read more


Day 350
4/23/2014 12:15:05 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Rest Day. Feeling good....  Read more


the next phase
4/23/2014 11:18:11 AM,  4 COMMENTS

left a dear lifelong friend in sunny Florida. We have been together for 40+ years / but our dreams have left us 1200 miles apart in this nearly senio...  Read more


Im still here!
4/23/2014 11:13:47 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I am still here, and trying to do what is best for me. I seriously want to get it in my head that I do not need to pay money for a program , on what...  Read more


Day 577: Just Because You
4/23/2014 11:01:06 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Feeling a little better today. Still very drained though. Managed to get in 120 minutes of exercise yesterday, mostly in little spurts and light...  Read more


Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole
4/23/2014 10:30:32 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Hello Sparkfamily! Who likes hashbrowns raise your hands? Well then, take a peek at this! Ingredients~ 2- 12 ounce bags frozen, shredded has...  Read more


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