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Easter Brunch
4/20/2014 9:49:49 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Happy Easter, everyone! I weighed in today at 165.4. But, I'm sure it was just water weight. And after today's brunch, I'm probably back up to 167...  Read more


DAY 2: Day out shopping
4/19/2014 11:36:44 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today I went to the local mall to buy a dress for Easter Sunday. I love shopping and I love fashion. Unfortunately, the styles I like don't necessar...  Read more


Focusing on goals
4/18/2014 10:20:19 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm back on SparkPeople. I have lost 6 pounds since January 1st. But, I haven't been as focused as I'd liked to be. Starting Saturday, I'm really g...  Read more


4/18/2014 9:28:24 AM,  4 COMMENTS

So, about a week ago, I quit Facebook. There wasn't any real "reason" for it. I just am bored of it and realized that I don't really enjoy it. It w...  Read more


Fear is my new motivator
4/17/2014 1:17:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It hit me hard earlier today about how I really need to change my lifestyle and the way I eat. It is harder to lose weight when you have PCOS but I w...  Read more


I am just so happy :)
4/11/2014 11:27:32 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Has been awhile since I've blogged on SP. I have been tracking (most days) and trying to find ways to keep myself moving. Scheduled and routine exer...  Read more


Looking For An English Cottage With Lilacs
4/10/2014 11:02:33 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm sending this blog to my teammates who live in Europe. I'm looking for a picture of a cottage that has purple lilacs. If, in your walk-abouts, yo...  Read more


4/9/2014 10:05:06 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Scarily few weeks in the semester and a final portfolio, written report, and presentation all due by May 2. Then there's job hunting and keeping up wi...  Read more


Day 1 - Off to a good start
4/7/2014 4:28:58 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Day one to a new me. I am following the Hungry Girl Diet to get a jump start on my weight loss and see how to eat without it being fast food. Be...  Read more


Not giving up!
4/6/2014 3:49:28 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Today I weighed and only lost 1 lb. Feeling a bit discouraged but I want let this stop me. I know I am losing inches. So, I will continue to push forw...  Read more


I beat McDonald's!!!!
4/4/2014 10:51:11 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I had to drop my son off to school early for a school trip. We went thru McDonald's and not only did I purchase his breakfast, but I got food to take...  Read more


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
4/2/2014 11:19:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS

If I don't change my ways, my weight will kill me. Two years ago I got on spark people and as I read back on my blogs and see how motivated I was...  Read more


Spring has sprung me in a positive direction
4/1/2014 7:45:57 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Yesterday I did about 2 and half hours of yard work and it just felt so nice outside. I wanted to head out there today but my lower back was a little...  Read more


No excuses!
3/27/2014 2:06:44 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I looked my past plan over and I broke it down to where its not so overwhelming. I have no excuses and I just need to get up and start my days the ri...  Read more


Adaptation, not excuses
3/25/2014 1:17:26 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I made a great big batch of healthy Asian coleslaw this week. Shredded cabbage, carrots, edamame, sesame-cilantro dressing. I ate a bowl of it....  Read more


Great Falls
3/22/2014 6:21:58 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Great walk on the Potomac today. The weather finally warmed up, and while I've done the MD side of Great Falls, I have not seen it from VA. Not many l...  Read more


Angry running!
3/21/2014 12:28:19 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Was just reading another blog at a completely unrelated site, discussing breakups. The comments were giving ideas for how to recover. One thing that I...  Read more


I'm back in the game!!
3/18/2014 1:15:43 PM,  4 COMMENTS

After many months of not bothering to try to get healthy and fit, today is the day I make that change. I have been so wrapped up with nursing school...  Read more


Rodes City Run 10K
3/8/2014 11:08:43 PM,  1 COMMENTS
n-10k.html...  Read more


It's a Good Day
3/6/2014 9:13:27 AM,  2 COMMENTS

It is another good day. My scale saw a new low! I was very excited. I am now down 16 pds from my highest weight. I have a blouse on today that I h...  Read more


Wednesday Weigh In
3/5/2014 11:09:07 PM,  1 COMMENTS
gh-in.html...  Read more


Be Happy
3/5/2014 10:29:43 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Yesterday was a good day. I logged everything, I ate pretty well, and I walked. I made it over 10k steps yesterday. I was very excited. I did not...  Read more


A 5 Mile Run
3/4/2014 10:26:36 PM,  1 COMMENTS
html...  Read more


Off To A Good Start
3/4/2014 10:54:59 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Yes, I know it is only Tuesday and only one day is done, but it was a successful day, so I am going to build on that. I logged everything yesterday!...  Read more


Slacking off
3/3/2014 1:36:18 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Slacking off is the only explanation. Yes I could explain that I was super busy Friday and Saturday, but I still could have taken 10 mins to write....  Read more


Haywire Morning
2/25/2014 12:15:34 PM,  1 COMMENTS

This morning started out good. I got up at 5:30 and went to my 6:00 Pilates class. I felt great when I got home. My husband had to go to work early...  Read more


Weekends are the Hardest
2/24/2014 2:57:24 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Does anyone else feel this way? I do great all week long. I eat at regular times, I log every day, I count everything and then the weekend comes.......  Read more


Tight Pants
2/23/2014 2:28:14 PM,  1 COMMENTS

The other day I put on a pair of jeans and they were a little tight. It was a b!tch slap in the face. I know that I need to change. But for me to c...  Read more


Anthem 5K Race Report
2/22/2014 4:44:39 PM,  0 COMMENTS
e-report.html...  Read more


Happy Friday - It is no more excuses day!
2/21/2014 11:58:59 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So I am on day 2 of blogging. I was shocked that anyone read my one yesterday. But it made me feel good that there were people watching and willing...  Read more


My First Blog
2/20/2014 11:36:40 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Yes, this is my first blog. I do not even read blogs. But I read the article that says blogging can help with weight loss and I definitely can use h...  Read more


Leg day!
2/20/2014 10:46:24 AM,  1 COMMENTS

What a great feeling! I started my day at the gym with my trainer. I started working with John in mid-December and after a challenging weeks (Christ...  Read more


4000 grams 40 days!
2/19/2014 5:44:09 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Last night I was sitting with my papers to assess where I was standing this year financially since the year is almost over. I began counting and...  Read more


Stupid Brain
2/17/2014 2:05:08 PM,  1 COMMENTS

This morning I was doing dishes and thinking about why I haven't been trying hard enough to eat better and to exercise. I had this long talk with mys...  Read more


I'm still alive. Really.
2/15/2014 11:51:48 PM,  1 COMMENTS

But... I have 2 jobs now. I do so much lesson planning and teaching, you'd think I liked it or something. ;) I really do like it, actually. I'm...  Read more


Trying to spark
2/12/2014 10:34:00 AM,  9 COMMENTS

I haven't done much on SP lately. But, I have still be eating pretty good and have been losing weight, so that is good. David is doing good....  Read more


Using my bounty
2/10/2014 11:21:46 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Today I made an apple pie for DH with my Granny Smith apples from the bountiful baskets. I also used Leeks for the first time in a potato soup. It w...  Read more


Beat the night time hungries
2/9/2014 1:24:26 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Last night even though I kept waking up I didn't go eat the tortilla chips I've been nibbling on at night. I had a small protein shake before getting...  Read more


Starting again!!!!
2/8/2014 7:04:50 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Today I am starting again46 ----writing down everything I put in my mouth. Today I had already eaten 320 calories before breakfast due to hungry attac...  Read more


Bountiful Baskets
2/7/2014 11:08:36 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Well I had a nice surprise tonight. I picked up my first “Bountiful Baskets”. It was all of $15 + $3 handling fee. I didn’t know what to expect of...  Read more


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