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  • Sleepless night

    2/22/2017 7:06:46 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Woke up in middle of night and can't get back to sleep.... Read more

  • starting over again :(

    2/22/2017 6:36:16 AM, by BECKYBANTA7075

    I quit smoking on 12-31-2016. My hubby quit with me. It's honestly been quite easy this time. I think we were just finally ready. Now the next ch... Read more

  • My Health Matters!

    2/22/2017 5:26:37 AM, by JSTETSER

    This week, I've been reminded (again) about how important my health is to my family. My little grandchild Gabby had brain surgery yesterday. ... Read more

  • Going forward again

    2/21/2017 11:45:10 PM, by JOANN25

    It has been a while since I have came close to 10000 steps. Today I did 9132. Every gain is good for me. I started the day ready to move. Hou... Read more

  • Whole30 Day 17

    2/21/2017 9:12:48 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I have noticed fewer migraines in the past two weeks, though I am still getting headaches... just not migraines. There is a difference in intens... Read more

  • February 21 2017

    2/21/2017 7:36:53 PM, by CBULLIS1

    So another great day workout done and played outside. But food is over I'm wounding should I be eating back some of my calories? I never have be... Read more

  • Really!!

    2/21/2017 7:36:19 PM, by MRSBKM

    2 days in a row I have gone over my calories. While today was only by 43 calories, I am still mad with myself because I really want to be dedic... Read more

  • Eye Dr Day

    2/21/2017 6:57:00 PM, by TABBYKAT75

    Tuesday Youngest girls back in school today. Middle ... Read more

  • Day 1383

    2/21/2017 5:11:04 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Did 5 of 6 exercises. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Back and ready to go-again!

    2/21/2017 4:16:39 PM, by SIKKID2

    After a very prolonged absence from Spark, I am starting over yet again. 2015 and 2016 have got to go down as the worst years of my life so far.... Read more

  • Day 13: No Sleep

    2/21/2017 3:55:31 PM, by MDAUGH4

    Yesterday sucked after I got home from the gym. Just sucked. I was already so irritable and I think some of that was the medicine. But then it da... Read more

  • Know Your Limits

    2/21/2017 2:35:11 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    With me, there seems to be no limits until I smash into them headfirst. I always go with gumption, try to surpass myself, and forget about my own... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/21/2017 2:04:30 PM, by MOMMY445

    another mild day here today, with the rest of the week being milder than is usual at this time of the year. my daughter says hi. all of the birds... Read more

  • SPOILER...Atonememt

    2/21/2017 1:54:22 PM, by JLAMING263

    C. Scott Grow The atoning sacrifice had to be carried out by the sinless Son of God, for fallen man could not atone for his own sins. Through H... Read more

  • Day off

    2/21/2017 1:47:43 PM, by ELLA320

    I am unable to do anything today, I overdid it the last couple days. So hopefully back tomorrow.... Read more

  • Tin Man!

    2/21/2017 12:48:00 PM, by PSALMISTLD

    So, week five came in and left like a lion, and conversely, week six came in like a lamb, a very sick lamb! My get up and go needed a kick in th... Read more

  • My son's 22nd birthday dinner

    2/21/2017 11:49:44 AM, by VIVIANLEE5689

    My first real challenge is this evening. My youngest turns 22 today and he wants Red Lobster for dinner. I have went through their menu and alr... Read more

  • Yesterday was great - today? Even better

    2/21/2017 11:17:28 AM, by MARIHELEN

    Was ON it yesterday with eating, working out, getting steps in, etc. My husband and I are trying to do this together which definitely helps. ... Read more

  • 2017

    2/21/2017 10:45:20 AM, by DRDANNO

    Just started the 1st of January and only down 2 pounds. A little frustrating to say the least. Starting yesterday, I decreased my calories in goa... Read more

  • Believe you can

    2/21/2017 10:11:44 AM, by 4CONNIESHEALTH

    ... Read more


    2/21/2017 9:36:06 AM, by LIN1263

    Look under your daily exercise, at the bottom where it says tools & settings, go to map your route and click.Then put your city and starting addr... Read more

  • I Succeed With the Help from My Friends!

    2/21/2017 5:21:51 AM, by JSTETSER

    One reason that I am doing so well with my healthy goals is because I'm getting others involved with my goals. I write every day and tell my fri... Read more

  • Hard

    2/21/2017 2:54:28 AM, by HISFLIP15

    Finding it hard to stay with in the 1500 calorie this week. Got my daughter and grandson down for the week.xx... Read more

  • In ONLY 2 lbs I will be at my 100 lbs LOSS !!

    2/21/2017 1:22:14 AM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    I am a member of the 5% challenge (on the Spirited Under dog team) in which we do to learn and practice new (to some, well at least the first few... Read more


    2/21/2017 1:21:40 AM, by LIN1263

    I am doing well at my goal of 2,500 minutes of exercise this month, I hope i see my fitness trainer soon to arrange to see the hospital dietitian... Read more


    2/20/2017 11:35:06 PM, by JOANN25

    I have been in Austin 4 days last week so still have not got where i should be. At the moment I am working on income tax and it is taking all my... Read more

  • I am responsible

    2/20/2017 10:44:37 PM, by 4CONNIESHEALTH

    ... Read more

  • Whole30 Day 16

    2/20/2017 10:24:21 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I woke up early today, for no good reason. So I walked Cooper early, then got my grocery shopping done early. I had planned on doing a deep cle... Read more

  • Monday

    2/20/2017 9:27:41 PM, by NCFITCHICK

    Well, February has been a really difficult month. First my family gets sick (nothing major. Just severe colds). So being mom and wife it's up to ... Read more

  • Back in Action

    2/20/2017 8:43:20 PM, by PUZZLEPOPPLES

    So, i was having foot problems and couldn't do normal workouts. I rested my foot, started walking to slowly get back into things, then got lazy. ... Read more

  • Blew it!

    2/20/2017 8:24:23 PM, by MRSBKM

    Totally blew the calories today. Now I feel sick from the junk food. Tomorrow is another day! I have just got to get back on track. The last ... Read more

  • February 20 2017

    2/20/2017 7:44:37 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a good day. Went to work. Got home did turbo jam for 40 min and played outside for an hr. Also eating was well. I still have a few hr left i... Read more

  • just me.... trying again

    2/20/2017 6:31:05 PM, by KRISTY927

    so I have been MIA for awhile...335 days to be exact....335 days ago my status was I am going to start being good to me....... well here I am....... Read more

  • Day 1382

    2/20/2017 2:45:27 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Quotes

    2/20/2017 1:18:58 PM, by LOULOU1709

    The only way to finish your workout IS TO START! DO ONE THING today to make you feel PROUD of yourself. Wake up with DETERMINATION. Go to ... Read more

  • Day 12: Weekend Catch-up

    2/20/2017 1:01:16 PM, by MDAUGH4

    Well I survived another weekend without reverting to my mostly sedentary, calorie and carb packed habits. I didn't do fabulous, but I didn't mess... Read more

  • 2017

    2/20/2017 11:09:16 AM, by DRDANNO

    Yesterday, while performing my walking and elliptical work-out. I got a glimpse of myself (Full body) and I was surprised by what I saw. Now I un... Read more

  • Recommittment

    2/20/2017 10:26:30 AM, by KATELYNSARA

    Yo-yo dieting is what I seem to do best, and it seems like no matter how many times I lose weight, I always manage to gain it back. This time is ... Read more

  • Comfort in repetition

    2/20/2017 10:18:12 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Sometimes I am so happy on my SP site, checking out what everyone is doing and finding comfort knowing that others share my struggles and feeling... Read more

  • Looking Forward

    2/20/2017 9:36:30 AM, by MARIHELEN

    I am the Queen of starting over, getting back in the saddle, dusting myself off, picking myself up..etc. etc. etc. I am moving on and forwa... Read more

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