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To buy or not to buy-- Taking a Poll!!
7/31/2014 12:30:21 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Today I had my second trip to Kroger without buying soft drinks! It was liberating to blow right past that aisle with my buggy! 10 days as of today...  Read more


A Surprise Fit
7/31/2014 10:37:25 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Yesterday, as I went into the locker room work. I was talking to a few colleagues, and at the same time walking to get a pair of scrubs. I noticed tha...  Read more


Back in the Saddle!
7/31/2014 4:37:35 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Today I was back at the youth work. Recovery from last week's intensive youth camp is over. I can't take anymore time off. I spent a good five days ge...  Read more


The Best Day of My Life
7/31/2014 1:18:19 AM,  9 COMMENTS

The Best Day of My Life Today, when I awoke, I suddenly realized that this is the best day of my life, ever! There were times when I...  Read more


Went to class today
7/30/2014 1:09:47 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I went to class today at the Y. Missed monday's class because I had a dental appointment. I was hoping today's class would help my foot pain ease up...  Read more


7/30/2014 11:35:52 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Sparkcoach wants me to write, I know I've had a good workout when.....I was in a swimming pool. All othe4 forms of exercise just seem terrible an...  Read more


Charity Has An Adventure at the U-Pick Farm
7/29/2014 11:09:37 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Today's Focus was clean eating. I wanted to try some of the Superfoods for Osteoarthritis that I read about in the nutritions articles here at SparkP...  Read more


Check Up
7/29/2014 10:18:50 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I had a check up today with my doctor. She is pleased that both my blood pressure and weight are lower than they had been. I don't need to go back...  Read more


Day 8- Epiphany or Lack Thereof
7/29/2014 3:38:14 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Finally posted all my blogs so far. Might as well get them out there. Then, I can stay on top of it rather than having weeks and weeks to post. I t...  Read more


Day 7- A Week Without
7/29/2014 3:36:31 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Time to play catch up. I havenít taken the time to write this weekend, but today makes the 7th day since I have had a soft drink. I really canít beli...  Read more


Day 4- I go out walkingÖ
7/29/2014 3:34:32 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Still no soft drinksÖ.I canít believe it. I think the headaches are gone now. My husband said he is so proud of me. That really means a lot. ...  Read more


Day 2- Iíve got my tight pants onÖ
7/29/2014 3:31:00 PM,  1 COMMENTS

End of Day 1 update A day without Ale-8 or soft drinks of any kind and I survived! I feel great! I didnít miss it at all. Haha Just kidding. ...  Read more


Day 1: Fat Tuesday
7/29/2014 3:26:26 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Day 1: Fat Tuesday. It begins. Nope, not Mardi Gras. But itís Tuesday and I feel too fat. I decided to take food journaling to the next level...  Read more


Background/Birth of a Blog
7/29/2014 3:23:54 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Iíve been hovering around 150 for a while now and 150.5 was my highest weight 9th months pregnant with my daughter in December 2003. I only got to 14...  Read more


7/29/2014 2:47:05 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I will not be exercising today as it is a recovery day for me. I tend to get a bit panicked on recovery days. It feels like "slacking" and I get conce...  Read more


Exercise how's and when's
7/28/2014 9:45:27 AM,  2 COMMENTS

GENERAL Exercise is as basic a need as eating. I believe in a fitness lifestyle in which you achieve a balance between your eating habits and how an...  Read more


Dave Update
7/28/2014 3:25:03 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Dave is continuing to improve. Stitches came out this week. The multitude of cuts are healed. Swelling is gone. Still needs narcotics for pa...  Read more


7/28/2014 2:28:25 AM,  3 COMMENTS

One of the reasons I started this whole Wellness journey is to maintain personal integrity. As a youth worker, one of the main things I teach youth is...  Read more


Cloud Chaser!
7/27/2014 11:24:38 PM,  13 COMMENTS

A sizeable thunderstorm swept through our area earlier in the morning, however a check of the radar showed that the rain was OVER! Woo hoo! Out on our...  Read more


Day 105 Update: Hot!
7/27/2014 8:51:38 PM,  47 COMMENTS

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and ready for a positive week of taking one small step at a time to reach your goals! Today is Day 105 of...  Read more


Aging gracefully
7/27/2014 5:22:43 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I agree that aging can be hard, but the saying "GROWING UP SEEMS TO BE GIVING UP THE JOYS OF BEING YOUNG AT HEART/ FEELING ALIVE " doesn't have to be...  Read more


7/27/2014 3:03:34 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Sparkcoach wants to know... what will I do with my too big clothes? Keep them or get rid of them? If they aren't maternity clothes, then to goodw...  Read more


New start
7/27/2014 11:32:57 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I have used this site with much success off and on for years. I am now going to use the blog part again because I am starting on a new journey. So m...  Read more


7/27/2014 3:31:27 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I am completely spent. Emotionally, physically, spiritually. I am back from a week at teen camp where i worked with the high needs girls as a cabin co...  Read more


Plantar fasciitis
7/26/2014 1:35:57 PM,  2 COMMENTS

After dealing with pain in my right foot off and on for the last month, month and a half I finally went in and had it checked out by a dr. Based on m...  Read more


7/25/2014 9:58:20 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience. - Victoria Holt Power words/quote. No further words need...  Read more


7/25/2014 6:17:48 PM,  28 COMMENTS

189 I UNDERSTAND. Gosh I REALLY, REALLY UNDERSTAND now how being prepared and organized helps you to stay on track. Lately I have bee...  Read more


Day 102 Update: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
7/24/2014 6:01:57 PM,  69 COMMENTS

Today is Day 102 of the 10+ streak. Iím at 20 minutes so far today Ė including 3 minutes of calf raises while waiting for an appointment. Good n...  Read more


fill in the blank
7/24/2014 4:21:53 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Going clothes shopping makes me feel... Complicated. Until recently I was pregnant. I liked shopping for clothes as a pregnant lady. It was...  Read more


7/23/2014 11:54:10 PM,  14 COMMENTS

If you have come to a place and it looks like an ending, look around. For every ending creates a new beginning. - Bob Perks I am at the end...  Read more


The Fest music
7/23/2014 8:32:22 PM,  5 COMMENTS

For King & Country Colton Dixon Mandisa Third Day...  Read more


Day 101 Update: Teaching My Boys to Jump Rope
7/23/2014 8:19:46 PM,  71 COMMENTS

Hi everyone! Today is Day 101 of the 10+ streak Ė first first day of the second 100. Iím currently at 45 minutes for the day. Todayís highl...  Read more


Free Movie today.
7/23/2014 7:15:40 PM,  27 COMMENTS

I found this free movie called Feeding Obesity. I haven't watched it yet, but plan to.  Read more


other people
7/23/2014 2:22:58 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Sparkcoach asks if anyone else in my life is benefiting from my healthy lifestyle. As I write this, my 2 month old is nursing, laying in my lap...  Read more


Life's Gems
7/23/2014 1:22:42 PM,  15 COMMENTS

528 I am really cheap, thrifty, or penny wise. When I shop, I look for bargains. My pennies are scares so I must make them go far. I...  Read more


Day 100 Update: New Project Ė Back To My Roots
7/22/2014 8:45:04 PM,  133 COMMENTS

Woohoo Ė today is Day 100 of the 10 or more fitness minutes streak! Iím at 33 minutes so far today. Yesterdayís funny fitness highlight is that my c...  Read more


I deserve
7/22/2014 1:37:06 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Yesterday I went for a walk with a friend of mine who is also trying to lose weight. Along our walk we started talking about how we eat because we fee...  Read more


7/22/2014 11:45:09 AM,  72 COMMENTS

PROGRESS is PROGRESS no matter how small. 104 I finally feel as if I am back to making progress. It is slow and hard, but it's happening...  Read more


The Fest
7/22/2014 10:27:09 AM,  8 COMMENTS

If you live near northeast Ohio, you should check out This year it will be Sun. Aug. 3. It is a fabulous day with 4 national Chri...  Read more


to me health means...
7/22/2014 10:03:11 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Health means feeling good physically and mentally....  Read more


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