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  • it's thursday

    2/11/2016 10:50:30 AM, by MOMMY445

    a really,really cold day here today. the next few days are going to be really cold here. i made sure that my daughter was warmly dressed this mor... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    2/11/2016 6:27:33 AM, by RO2BENT

    Easy day yesterday at work and at home been some quality time with kids and refill both vehicles with gas. Another easy day at work today and pla... Read more

  • alright!

    2/10/2016 12:31:14 PM, by MOMMY445

    i found out today that i got into an academic program i signed up for that will help me with my math even more. i start it on tuesday and it is n... Read more

  • Goals and Rewards

    2/9/2016 1:28:55 PM, by CHERRY666

    Sparker DarkOrange (Hi!) made a list of goal weights and rewards, and it's inspired me to do the same. 210/"Getting started" reward - Crocod... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/9/2016 8:37:27 AM, by MOMMY445

    another nice day here today. it snowed a bit last night here and that is fine with me and my daughter. i have a few errands to run today. having ... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    2/9/2016 6:26:41 AM, by RO2BENT

    I still felt tired all day Monday and my legs are still sore not sure I really got enough good sleep yesterday. Went for a short 2 mile jog befo... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/8/2016 8:21:04 AM, by MOMMY445

    another week is now underway. a weekend to basically relax for me. i have a lot to get done this week. i have one job interview this week for sur... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    2/8/2016 6:55:42 AM, by RO2BENT

    Went to a Super Bowl pregame party and had 1 cup of chili and half of a cupcake along with my usual dinner salad and that's it. Slept in this mor... Read more

  • Sat sun

    2/7/2016 8:56:52 AM, by RO2BENT

    Not getting enough sleep! No alarm clock for work tomorrow. Easy Saturday with family yesterday, church, visiting family, and making salads for t... Read more

  • Fri Sat

    2/6/2016 7:33:47 AM, by RO2BENT

    Got the kids to grandmas houses and got to the bus to the Cavs game yesterday (surprise loss!). Up early this morning to get kids early, will spe... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/5/2016 8:00:04 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! time to unwind and relax for me and my daughter. all of the birds say hi. i will be trying an exercise dvd later on ... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    2/5/2016 6:24:40 AM, by RO2BENT

    Still kind of recovering from extra hard workout and lack of sleep I feel ready to run today.... Read more

  • what a beautiful day

    2/4/2016 9:11:36 AM, by MOMMY445

    it looks like this job will just go for this week. that is fine with me. i have an interview set up for next week for a full time job. my daughte... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    2/4/2016 6:52:50 AM, by RO2BENT

    Got the last of the fat clothes to Goodwill yesterday along with getting some pavers from grandmas now and getting a good nights rest after tonig... Read more

  • Ah yes, February. One of my favorite months.

    2/3/2016 8:40:13 AM, by CDCSMITH2013

    Never been a fan of Valentine's Day. I'm one of those people who is all for a second Halloween. I do really love chocolate though and since tha... Read more

  • Tue Wed

    2/3/2016 6:55:15 AM, by RO2BENT

    Pretty good day with short sleep, had to slow down a bit at cardio kickboxing. Was excited to not set alarm, but had trouble sleeping again. We'l... Read more

  • Day 688 - Feeling Great!

    2/3/2016 12:00:43 AM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Water: 2/7 Meal prep: 1/7 Exercise: 0/4 I've decided to post my stats for my February self challenge as a way to keep myself accountable... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/2/2016 12:13:24 PM, by MOMMY445

    i got the job! i start tomorrow and it goes until next wednesday! woo hoo! i am soooooo excited and happy! it has been a really long time since i... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    2/2/2016 6:26:34 AM, by RO2BENT

    Monday turned out better than I thought with not getting as much sleep as I'd like but it was a busy day at work and I had a little coffee and th... Read more

  • Day 687 - February Goals

    2/1/2016 4:10:48 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Man, I feel like I'm getting so lazy. I'll track my food for most of the day then give up in the evenings because I'm just not in the mood for me... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/1/2016 8:37:36 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new day and a new month have begun! off to a fresh start for me today. i like to change things up when a new month starts. i do have some erran... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    2/1/2016 6:24:14 AM, by RO2BENT

    In typical Sunday fashion I was making my salads for the week in the afternoon and I actually felt energized which means I think I'm pretty much ... Read more

  • Sat Sunday

    1/31/2016 8:20:47 AM, by RO2BENT

    Easy morning and early afternoon yesterday with a little running around, then for my birthday Lewis Black in the evening (too political). Typical... Read more

  • it's saturday

    1/30/2016 1:04:11 PM, by MOMMY445

    i had another interview yesterday for a different job. if i get this one, i would start next wednesday and go for at least a week. things are loo... Read more

  • Fri Sat

    1/30/2016 11:40:24 AM, by RO2BENT

    Easy Friday at Red Robin, Costco, Toys R Us. Today, skating lessons, grandmas, and Lewis Black show.... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    1/29/2016 6:52:37 AM, by RO2BENT

    Another evening of mostly rest yesterday still recovering from this head cold will take it easy again today in hopes that I can run tomorrow. Pro... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    1/28/2016 6:24:08 AM, by RO2BENT

    Took it easy yesterday cold took hold from not sleeping well the night before went to bed early you tonight well still groggy not sure how well I... Read more

  • Day 683 - Just Checking In

    1/28/2016 12:07:24 AM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Hello everyone! Today's blog is going to be short because I'm exhausted and about to head to bed soon. Work today was incredibly overwhelmin... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/27/2016 3:38:10 PM, by MOMMY445

    i feel that the job interview went well. i will know in a few days whether or not i get this job. i am continuing to look in the meantime. my dau... Read more

  • Half-marathon Training

    1/27/2016 3:03:08 PM, by HILLSLUG98239

    I'm still recovering from a bad cold that knocked me out over the MLK holiday weekend. I skipped several workouts - from the 15th through the 19t... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    1/27/2016 6:51:40 AM, by RO2BENT

    Easy day at work yesterday drop some stuff at Goodwill had quality time and dinner with the family then did cardio kickboxing. Should be an easy ... Read more

  • Day 682 - My Body Is Like A Maxed Out Credit Card

    1/26/2016 11:14:44 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I had a random thought today while at work: my body is like a maxed out credit card. I came to this conclusion as I was looking at my credit card... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    1/26/2016 7:52:55 AM, by MOMMY445

    a mild and slightly rainy day here today. the weekend i just relaxed with my daughter. today i have some errands to do and some course work to ge... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    1/26/2016 6:27:19 AM, by RO2BENT

    The pump had to be replaced on the boiler again the old one wore out after just two years and the kids got baths while I reassembled the house af... Read more

  • Day 681 - I Need To Write For Me

    1/25/2016 11:06:29 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Hey everyone! It's been a bit since I wrote a blog post. Things have been crazy. The biggest reason why I haven't been writing is because I had a... Read more

  • Hanging in

    1/25/2016 9:19:27 PM, by JODITEE

    So far it's been a good couple of weeks. I've lost about 3 pounds and have made good choices for the most part. I have enjoyed a couple of dinner... Read more

  • Another interesting thing about the grasshopper

    1/25/2016 8:17:27 PM, by CDCSMITH2013

    I am not entirely sure I even got the quote exactly right. It's an oldie from The Secret Policeman's Balls (a fundraising show way back when). ... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    1/25/2016 6:27:43 AM, by RO2BENT

    Typical Sunday yesterday except forgot to give the little ones a bath so I'll do that today also got to see uncle Greg who has been spending a lo... Read more

  • Sat Sun

    1/24/2016 9:15:32 AM, by RO2BENT

    Easy morning yesterday with one kid, karate lesson, then momma home, groceries, dinner, dropped kids at grandmas' houses, then went to bar to wat... Read more

  • Off to a Nice Start: What's Working

    1/23/2016 1:18:18 PM, by JPONCIN

    This year, I'm down 7 lbs. from when we got home from our holiday vacation. I call that success so far! I'm eating really well and feeling very g... Read more

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