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GOD is just too GOOD!!!
4/23/2014 7:42:54 PM,  1 COMMENTS

No matter what I've done. No matter how I feel. No matter how I treat myself or others, God is ALWAYS there to forgive this BROKEN MAN!! Give a lis...  Read more


Daily inspiration and Birth verse for April 23:
4/23/2014 7:06:50 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Daily inspiration: There are far more solutions than problems and knowing this is very empowering. Lord, in the encounters of my daily life, may I ch...  Read more


30 Spring Foods for Weight Loss - #9 Nashi Pear (Asian Pear)
4/23/2014 6:56:10 PM,  1 COMMENTS
&_mid=5844032&_rid=5844032.7203.354306.2 encourages us to shop...  Read more


Yesterday And Today....
4/23/2014 6:44:07 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Yesterday was not a very Sparkly day for me. I felt blah all day long. Nothing hurt, just no energy and no get up and go. I only exercised 10 mins. an...  Read more


Smile For Today---Wed.
4/23/2014 6:20:05 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I met a man who had been married for 66 years. “Amazing. 66 years!” I said. “What’s the secret to such a long, happy marriage?” “Well,” he...  Read more


Just had a 30 min conversation with DS on phone
4/23/2014 5:45:01 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Good evening; DS plate is full. He talked reasonably & intelligently with me. doctor found out that he has a "mass" or something at the end of his...  Read more


The hare and the tortoise…
4/23/2014 5:03:15 PM,  3 COMMENTS

The hare and the tortoise… I have a problem. You remember the story of the tortoise and the hare right? Well I am the hare. As sad as I am to adm...  Read more


It makes you wonder
4/23/2014 5:01:07 PM,  1 COMMENTS

what is preventing me from losing weight? I am back after another break and wonder what stops me from continuing. well I cannot say I am not continu...  Read more


Happy Administrative Assistant Day!
4/23/2014 4:51:10 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Happy Administrative Assistant Day! Although I am not an admin I still am counted as a valued member of our organization. So for you guys do as...  Read more


Wacky Wednesday
4/23/2014 3:29:23 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Life can be mighty strange in courthouses. Angry folks, depressed folks, sly folks, scared folks. Mostly I see scared folks. Mostly. Today: angry...  Read more


4/23/2014 2:18:39 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I am off to work today not that I want to as I have to go to the other hospital which as you know I hate as the other one that I am suppose to work wi...  Read more


Transform Your Thinking or you will continue to struggle...
4/23/2014 2:07:32 PM,  3 COMMENTS

It's that time of the month: evaluating how things went during the month and deciding how to proceed from there. One thing that I noticed I was...  Read more


It's a PRECIOUS privilege to be ALIVE, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love
4/23/2014 1:51:55 PM,  19 COMMENTS

67 Every morning I arise, I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity for another day. It's another chance to do things right, to e...  Read more


4/23/2014 1:36:29 PM,  1 COMMENTS

This is a prayer from Pastor Bobby Schuller that I think pertains to so many Spark People. I know that I am blest when someone answers a question or...  Read more


Extreme Measures
4/23/2014 1:14:36 PM,  8 COMMENTS

That's one way to make sure you found them all. 18...  Read more


where is april going
4/23/2014 1:01:32 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Checking in and going slow Harold improving each day as is weather Easter came and went. Made a trip to Terre Haute, In. Son wanted us to visit and...  Read more


Garden, garden and more garden
4/23/2014 12:14:25 PM,  1 COMMENTS

A lot of my workouts are gardening. I'm not talking about pulling a few weeds either. It's serious root digging and relocation of plants. But...  Read more


Today's Motivation
4/23/2014 12:06:27 PM,  2 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Wednesday's Motivation
4/23/2014 11:25:51 AM,  3 COMMENTS

"In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired." Author Unknown...  Read more


Healing well
4/23/2014 10:49:02 AM,  1 COMMENTS

So I tried to go back to work on Monday, doctor said shouldn't be an issue. Well I ended up having to take a half day because it was uncomfortable. An...  Read more


Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole
4/23/2014 10:30:32 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Hello Sparkfamily! Who likes hashbrowns raise your hands? Well then, take a peek at this! Ingredients~ 2- 12 ounce bags frozen, shredded has...  Read more


What motivates me this week?
4/23/2014 9:29:54 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Write a blog about something that motivates you to stay on track this week. My biggest motivator this week is that I am sick and tired of being s...  Read more


Remembering My Father
4/23/2014 9:22:40 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Today is anniversary of my father's birth. If living he would be 90 today. He died suddenly at the age of 78, and I still miss him. He was born and...  Read more


Those we love...
4/23/2014 8:49:59 AM,  17 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Just thinking.....
4/23/2014 8:30:15 AM,  3 COMMENTS

To lose must lose a lot of other things....mental clutter (bad attitudes, grudges, mental patterns that are traps)...physical clutter.....  Read more


sore but not in pain
4/23/2014 8:25:24 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I maybe sore but not really in pain. I was in pain somewhat last night which is a relief. I am happy for that. I am just glad he was gentle with me wh...  Read more


4/23/2014 8:06:25 AM,  1 COMMENTS

have a good day...  Read more


2 days in a row 5 am gym classes
4/23/2014 7:58:20 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Really trying to fit the exercise in this week. It's nice when getting out of class now at 6 am, it's light out. Hopefully next week things will be ca...  Read more


Day 43......morning post
4/23/2014 7:53:25 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Good Morning! Wow are the days literally flying by! With typing the day each day on my blog, it is a reminder of just how fast time does go! To...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Wednesday, April 23, 2014
4/23/2014 7:31:04 AM,  6 COMMENTS

LACK OF SLEEP Ever not got enough rest? Either from a sick child, or staying up late or just not sleeping well? Lack of sleep affects our focus....  Read more


Had to rattle my dags...
4/23/2014 7:17:34 AM,  5 COMMENTS

...This morning to get to work in time. I've become used to a leisurely start to my day, reporting to Zumba at 9.15, so 8.30 was a shock to the sys...  Read more


Haha how many of us have felt like this?
4/23/2014 7:12:22 AM,  6 COMMENTS

...  Read more


4/23/2014 6:43:43 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am very proud of myself. My family wanted Burger King for dinner. I went there and bought food only for them and nothing for myself. I didn't ask fo...  Read more


Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think
4/23/2014 6:23:49 AM,  21 COMMENTS

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said; BUT, they will always remember how you made them feel.” ALWAYS remember thi...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/23/2014 5:29:26 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Apr 23, 1969: Sirhan Sirhan Receives Death Penalty ~~"On this day in 1969, Sirhan Sirhan is sentenced to the death penalty after being convict...  Read more


Screwing Up VS. Giving Up
4/23/2014 4:39:27 AM,  49 COMMENTS

I pretty much consider myself an expert on the topic of "giving up" when it comes to weight loss. In all my previous attempts, I always ended up...  Read more


Let it come, stay, or go.
4/23/2014 4:33:02 AM,  16 COMMENTS

Is there something you need to let go of today? I know I have a few things. Buh-bye!! Blessings to you!! 390...  Read more


4/23/14 Saint Quote of the Day
4/23/2014 1:19:46 AM,  7 COMMENTS

You are firmly convinced about our Lord, who is truly of the race of David according to the flesh, Son of God according to the will and power of God,...  Read more


" keep going" my detox day 1
4/23/2014 1:03:56 AM,  9 COMMENTS

I did it again. I've over indulge myself this Easter. Not just one day but total of 5 days. And scale does not lie. It was a big rising number o...  Read more


Graduate School
4/23/2014 12:42:16 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Easter always brings refresh newness of spring time, new birth, new life. I like to take stock of 2014 so far, this being my birth month and bridal s...  Read more


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