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Happy Sunday/Happy Easter
4/20/2014 9:47:14 AM,  0 COMMENTS

May you all have a blessed day!!...  Read more


DAY 110 of 2014: HAPPY EASTER!!!
4/20/2014 7:20:07 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I have always loved Christmas and Easter. As a child, that meant toys and/or LOTS of candy. I remember a basket full of candy, and not the cheap cra...  Read more


4/20/2014 6:58:22 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Psalm 103:2-4 {{KJVB}} Bless the LORD my soul, and forget not all His benefits: V:2 Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy disea...  Read more


4/20/2014 3:58:00 AM,  2 COMMENTS

The tomb is empty!... The captives to sin have been set free!... Christ arose...Jesus is LORD!!... The women came to the tomb... a...  Read more


4/20/2014 3:25:41 AM,  2 COMMENTS

THE RESURRECTION We hold so close to our hearts The cross where Jesus died But so much more than the blood-stained cross Is that Jesus came...  Read more


Bible Verse for the Day
4/20/2014 3:21:29 AM,  1 COMMENTS

"I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies" (John 11:25)....  Read more


Hallelujah, He is Risen...
4/20/2014 3:13:36 AM,  1 COMMENTS

May you all have a Blessed Easter Celebrating our Resurrected Savior, He is Alive, He is Risen, just as He said...God's Blessings.. Easter...  Read more


4/20/2014 12:42:14 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Good morning all you wonderful people, BUONA PASQUA AND HAPPY EASTER 172 Yesterday I was doing fine, then sadness filled every part of my...  Read more


Crazy in a Box
4/20/2014 12:31:00 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit ...  Read more


another pound lost
4/19/2014 11:27:14 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I lost another pound this week, I wonder where it goes, maybe to someone who could use it. 5k training is going well....  Read more


another pound lost! !!!!!.
4/19/2014 11:24:18 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Well, I lost another lb this week, I wonder where it goes, maybe to someone who could use it. 5k training is going well. 43...  Read more


Messier and Messier
4/19/2014 11:06:25 PM,  1 COMMENTS

After 2 months of watching people working on remodeling my kitchen and dining room into a more open space. I can see the end coming. We are looking...  Read more


Happy Holidays!
4/19/2014 9:52:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

To All My Spark Friends, Everyone have a safe, blessed, healthy, holiday season! 247 MJ 449...  Read more


a solemn Saturday
4/19/2014 9:14:02 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Pondering the sealed tomb...leaders request a guard at the tomb... the sepulchre is made fast......  Read more


Wagon? What wagon?
4/19/2014 8:40:23 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Wagon.. right: The one I have fallen from! After a few days of no exercise, meal planning that has not taken on follow thru and much success behind me...  Read more


DAY 109 of 2014:
4/19/2014 6:49:40 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I am sure for some people it wasn't an issue. For others it was a total let down. For others it was probably a relief. It POURED yesterday and pret...  Read more


Holy Saturday
4/19/2014 6:05:58 PM,  1 COMMENTS

The day following Good Friday is Holy Saturday. This is usually called Easter Eve in Anglican churches, and is held as a traditional time for baptism...  Read more


My old treadmill died :( BUT I headed to the gym.
4/19/2014 4:23:45 PM,  3 COMMENTS

This time of year I had been enjoying doing my cardio by walking outside. But this morning I was stuffed up and worried about my upper respiratory in...  Read more


Shopping in the rest of the store...
4/19/2014 4:13:25 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I needed some new shirts as my old ones are either getting too big :) or worn out. Summer temps are here in Arizona, so it was time for some casual s...  Read more


weekly round up, bleeh, I'm tired
4/19/2014 3:17:26 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I worked an 80 hour week in 5 days. I'm tired. I have one day off to do laundry, plan menus, batch cook, and then will work another 60 hours in 6 day...  Read more


"What is Holy Saturday?"
4/19/2014 2:58:46 PM,  16 COMMENTS

184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 As always 229 and 304 for your show of interest in this blog. The following comes from...  Read more


Ok, my son is a great motivator
4/19/2014 2:36:56 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I was looking through a catalog and complained that the clothes I liked didn't come in my size. He looked me square in the eyes and said, "Do somethi...  Read more


Day 279-286 on the Journey!!
4/19/2014 12:12:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Hey Sparkfriends, Unfortunately I haven't been very on track for the past couple of days. I've been struggling with a stomach bug and so I wasn't...  Read more


My Three day Weekend!
4/19/2014 12:11:53 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I am taking a much needed break from the yard work to blog. We spent the past year and a half building a walkway bordered by a planter box that goes...  Read more


sickness is no excuse
4/19/2014 12:10:01 PM,  0 COMMENTS

So I started off yesterday with a slight fever which broke by 9 a.m., same again today. But because I was not feeling good I used it as an excuse to...  Read more


That was then - This is now - A Crossroads?
4/19/2014 12:04:04 PM,  7 COMMENTS

For some reason, today , I was prompted to look back at my original SP persona page (Triffik). Lo and behold, I was kind of shocked that there were...  Read more


A Winner is Just a Loser Who Tried One More Time
4/19/2014 11:49:38 AM,  55 COMMENTS

That is so true! So many people have told me that they could never do what I have done, but I don't believe it. Why? Because I didn't believe I cou...  Read more


Happy Easter
4/19/2014 11:20:59 AM,  8 COMMENTS

This time of the liturgical year makes me reflect on my past and future. When I look back at last year, I was very broken. I was depressed, my activ...  Read more


Homemade salad dressings
4/19/2014 7:27:53 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Dijon Vinaigrette w/ Garlic 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon minced fresh garlic 3 tablespoons champagne or distilled vinegar Kosher salt a...  Read more


4/19/2014 7:03:05 AM,  6 COMMENTS

What a large amount of gratitude i have for the sacrifice God made for me...  Read more


4/19/2014 7:01:08 AM,  11 COMMENTS

EXCEPT the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Psalm 127:1 {{KJV...  Read more


The Resurrection (Poetry)
4/19/2014 5:21:39 AM,  11 COMMENTS

THE RESURRECTION We hold so close to our hearts The cross where Jesus died But so much more than the blood-stained cross Is that Jesus came...  Read more


Bible Verse for the Day
4/19/2014 4:50:10 AM,  10 COMMENTS

But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since by man came death, by Man also came t...  Read more


Celebrating Our Risen Savior...
4/19/2014 4:47:22 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Good Morning All, Wishing you all a Blessed Easter Weekend, Isn't it wonderful to be a believer, to know that Jesus has risen from the dea...  Read more


Better Start
4/19/2014 12:24:05 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Today had a much better start. I was up a little early so I read my email, did a short strength video and got ready to do some running around. I am...  Read more


It's finally happening!
4/19/2014 12:11:34 AM,  34 COMMENTS

It's a big day today. It's one of those I've been secretly waiting for. Secretly because I was not meant to focus on weight loss goals but rather heal...  Read more


Good Friday of Holy Week
4/18/2014 11:02:49 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Friday of the week is the Good Friday. This is the day on which Jesus was crucified outside the walls of Jerusalem, at the top of the Calvary hill. An...  Read more


Reflection of the last few weeks
4/18/2014 9:09:32 PM,  8 COMMENTS

These last few weeks has had more down days than up, just can't seem to get in the mood to do anything. Ever have days where you listen to the little...  Read more


Fitness Minutes: Q 2 2014
4/18/2014 6:42:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Goal 2,000 Minutes per month Apr 1- 0 minutes Apr 2- 0 minutes Apr 3- 0 minutes Apr 4- 0 minutes Apr 5-0 minutes Apr 6- 0 minutes A...  Read more


A new chapter....
4/18/2014 5:45:57 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I have over the last several months been battling something very unhappy inside of me. I looked back at my life and I realized I have worked so hard...  Read more


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