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  • How things are going lately

    3/27/2017 11:09:56 AM, by ADF1981

    Overall, I feel like things have been going well lately. I feel like my efforts are good as far as working towards my goals. But, I've gotten n... Read more

  • Fear of failure, fear of success

    3/16/2017 6:30:16 PM, by HUMMINBIRRRD

    For months I've been meaning to start up doing yoga every morning. Last year I went through a 2-month phase of yoga every morning, and the benefi... Read more

  • Fear of self-sabotage

    3/11/2017 9:37:08 AM, by HUMMINBIRRRD

    I ate 4,000 calories yesterday. 🙁 It wasn't a large amount of food, I just made really bad choices. I had an interview early in the a.m. so I ju... Read more

  • Stream of consciousness

    2/27/2017 9:57:30 PM, by HUMMINBIRRRD

    I've been so low and it's effecting me differently right now. Normally I would go straight to comfort overeating. But since I'm tracking my food,... Read more

  • Rollercoaster

    2/22/2017 7:03:08 PM, by HUMMINBIRRRD

    One of the most difficult things about being on a weight loss (and physical health improvement) journey is the neverending up and down. One minut... Read more

  • Quick update

    1/23/2017 3:52:36 PM, by ADF1981

    I just wanted to pop on here and do a quick update on what I've been up to. For the most part, I've been on track. I've tracked most days excep... Read more

  • Update, goals, etc

    1/18/2017 9:25:42 AM, by ADF1981

    I'm finally getting around to posting an update. It's not a particularly motivating one as I have not been on track and my weight is up. But, I... Read more

  • Day one!

    1/2/2017 10:38:50 AM, by DEEDEE0705

    Day one of gym and eating healthy. I got back onto SparkPeople because it helped me so much before! Everyone here is always great. I did the e... Read more

  • New year, decisions, and goals

    12/31/2016 10:54:12 PM, by ADF1981

    First, if this comes out wonky it's because I typed it on my iPad. Don't judge me! I'll try my best. I've been wanting to blog, but with the h... Read more

  • A Rough Couple of Weeks

    12/12/2016 12:09:42 AM, by DAILYCHOICES

    In addition to all the physical issues I've been having, this past week and a half have been rough. Read more

  • Update, holidays, stuff

    12/2/2016 12:08:50 PM, by ADF1981

    Whoa, November flew by. Like seriously. A blink and it's December. I'm usually an early bird with holiday decorating and I just started yester... Read more

  • Fri-yay feels

    10/28/2016 11:08:49 AM, by ADF1981

    YESSSS! It's Friday. TGIF and all the Friday crap sayings you can think of. It has been a good week, but I am so happy it's done. I've been o... Read more

  • They say never skip a Monday

    10/24/2016 11:35:22 AM, by ADF1981

    Today's workout was shoulders and triceps. It was super tough because I am still getting used to my new reps/sets plus heavier weight. It was s... Read more

  • The weight of weighing in

    10/22/2016 9:02:38 AM, by ADF1981

    As I mentioned in my past few blogs, I haven't weighed since before vacation. It's been two weeks. This morning I considered not weighing, beca... Read more

  • Random thoughts and it's Fri-yay!

    10/21/2016 2:07:22 PM, by ADF1981

    Today is a good day. It's Friday and I don't have a ton to do. I've walked the dogs, gone to the gym, and started some laundry. The weather is... Read more

  • Cooking, workouts, and stuff

    10/20/2016 2:44:15 PM, by ADF1981

    Today I'm cooking all the food. Seriously. I've cooked ground turkey, chicken, breakfast cookies, and some burrito meat/bean filling for the ki... Read more

  • Update

    10/17/2016 3:46:29 PM, by ADF1981

    Hello there! It's almost been a month since I blogged. Every time I thought about sitting down to blog, I'd realize either there was no way the... Read more

  • A Successful Weekend

    9/21/2016 12:20:52 AM, by DAILYCHOICES

    This past weekend, I flew from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Seattle, Washington for my friend's son's wedding. I was flying in on Friday and lea... Read more

  • Finishing C25K, thoughts, and what I'm doing now

    9/19/2016 11:19:45 AM, by ADF1981

    I know I say this a lot, but I've been busy and it's kept me from blogging since I don't sit down at the computer much. We adopted a puppy a cou... Read more

  • Drawing the line

    9/19/2016 7:36:35 AM, by DIALYN50

    I'm old enough to remember a time before the Internet. I don't look back on it with nostalgia until someone runs into me because they are so obs... Read more

  • The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women

    9/11/2016 8:17:36 PM, by DAILYCHOICES

    So Friday, I attended a dance class entitled "The A... Read more

  • On the move again

    9/8/2016 10:29:20 AM, by DIALYN50

    It looks as if the worst of the heat may be over and we are finally moving into weather that is more moderate and more like autumn. My organizer... Read more

  • Trying not to be judgemental and yet I am

    9/6/2016 8:50:11 AM, by DIALYN50

    A friend of mine is in the hospital with a compound fracture in her ankle. A couple of years ago she adopted a cat, which she returned to the sh... Read more

  • Sometimes it takes a fall

    9/2/2016 8:33:27 AM, by DIALYN50

    I fell not too long ago. I managed to get up with no harm done, but falls are nothing to take lightly, especially at my age when bones are more ... Read more

  • C25K Weeks 6 and 7

    9/1/2016 9:36:12 AM, by ADF1981

    Running has been going well, but it's gotten very hard. I think it's more in my head than physically hard. Tomorrow I will finish up week 7. L... Read more

  • Loop the Loop

    8/31/2016 11:57:19 AM, by DIALYN50

    I do make to do lists and I have no argument as to their usefulness but, in my old age, they don't seem to quite be enough to nudge me to do cert... Read more

  • Some days just work out

    8/28/2016 8:53:41 AM, by DIALYN50

    I don't mean "work out" as in exercise, but a day in which the jigsaw puzzle of the "to do" list fit together the way we hope when we create it. ... Read more

  • Only a Game

    8/27/2016 10:11:59 AM, by DIALYN50

    Keep in mind that I don't follow any sports, and I only played sports when forced to by school curriculum. I watched my brother play baseball be... Read more

  • I've been hiding

    8/26/2016 12:18:14 PM, by REDSPIRALWOMAN

    As some of you know, my sister had a medical incident in March which left her with cognitive damage. She is steady improving but through all thi... Read more

  • Food, goals, and stuff

    8/25/2016 11:16:41 AM, by ADF1981

    My food has been all breakfast all day pretty much lately. I'm serious. Every meal and snack is breakfast type stuff. Yesterday I actually ate... Read more

  • The light's on me

    8/25/2016 8:36:29 AM, by DIALYN50

    A friend of mine and I went to dinner last night. It was a beautifully prepared dinner in a pleasant atmosphere and we were having a great time ... Read more

  • C25K update

    8/24/2016 2:14:27 PM, by ADF1981

    Things are going well with C25K! On my last blog, I mentioned that I still had to complete week 5 day 3 that afternoon. It completely caught me... Read more

  • The circling birds

    8/24/2016 7:37:53 AM, by DIALYN50

    Yesterday I had changed into my nightgown early. I had no more reasons to stir out side and I was tired. Of course that means that I would have... Read more

  • Worst Case Scenario Man

    8/23/2016 10:57:58 AM, by DIALYN50

    I love my brother; I really do. He took care of our mother during the last years of her life and no one could have been more devoted. These fac... Read more

  • Starting where I am at

    8/22/2016 7:37:41 AM, by DIALYN50

    For a long time, I delayed doing things until everything was perfect (which it never was). I had to have enough time, enough supplies, enough sp... Read more

  • Dog Walking 101

    8/21/2016 11:18:14 AM, by DIALYN50

    My Bella has been teaching me about dog walking and I thought I would share her expertise. Keep in mind that she is 14 years old and I have bad ... Read more

  • Me, a bright spirit?

    8/20/2016 7:50:58 AM, by DIALYN50

    I've never been one of those positive people who find the good in every situation and look forward to having things change for the best. My moth... Read more

  • C25K Weeks 4 and 5

    8/19/2016 11:34:16 AM, by ADF1981

    It's been a while since I've logged on to post an update. Things are still going well. I've got a ton of excuses why I haven't been on here. I... Read more

  • His friend asked about me

    8/19/2016 8:45:45 AM, by DIALYN50

    My brother has several friends from his high school days, and that is important for him since they provide a safety net in many ways. He doesn't... Read more

  • Many forms of clutter

    8/18/2016 8:13:28 AM, by DIALYN50

    It's easy to identify piles as stuff as clutter, but I realize I have other clutter to deal with too. One is the clutter that is the additional ... Read more

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