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  • What Keeps You Motivated?

    4/20/2018 2:40:58 PM, by CROCHET2002

    Week 2 Day 5 It was a shorter workout, only 20 minutes or so. I found it to be relaxing and enjoyable. How I'm staying motivated? I'm n... Read more

  • it's friday!

    4/20/2018 1:42:41 PM, by MOMMY445

    woo hoo! the weekend is here! hurray! it is going to be a sunny and mild weekend here. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! not... Read more


    4/20/2018 11:31:10 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing ok had great workout this morning then came home and cooked hubby 5 plates of food breakfast and dinner so no mor... Read more

  • Playground Reminders and Suitable Substitutes

    4/20/2018 9:51:25 AM, by CHIRUKEN

    I kinda feel like I’ve been on a teeter-totter for the last couple of weeks. My weight has been going up and down, usually within about a 4lb ra... Read more


    4/20/2018 9:27:53 AM, by SMIDGON

    Thank you all so much for all the encougement. I really do need ones that have my back. Yesterday morning while getting my bath, I came ... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/20/2018 7:51:14 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Sorry, we ignore cats. ... Read more


    4/20/2018 12:58:58 AM, by JOANN25

    Thursday was the day I made 9879 steps. I dedicated the day to housework and exercise. I completed 3 rooms of cleaning including washing mirror... Read more

  • Tool for success

    4/19/2018 12:20:49 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    I was scanning the feed today and saw some creative, motivational ideas. I am going to go find my Legos and build a wall - one brick per pound o... Read more

  • walking

    4/19/2018 12:16:29 PM, by RADIOWIFE

    my husband and I got outside and walked a little I found out how out of shape I really am...just a short distance hurt my back..and I was winded.... Read more

  • *Sigh* Spring is a Tease

    4/19/2018 11:47:39 AM, by CROCHET2002

    Apparently, Spring is a big tease. Today it's 38 degrees (F) and rainy. On a positive note, my grass is nice and green and thick! Week 2 Day... Read more

  • Gain From My Father

    4/19/2018 11:42:31 AM, by JULMATT

    Today when I came home from PT on my knee I was in a rush mode, because my dad has an appointment at 1. I decided that we would eat leftover m... Read more

  • Good News / Bad News

    4/19/2018 11:27:46 AM, by BETHS60

    I try to weigh myself every day, so that I don't ever dig myself into a hole that I can't get out of. But I track my weight with a 10 day moving ... Read more


    4/19/2018 11:26:20 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing ok had great workout still pushing forward hopefully my daughter can get herself in shape now and they are friend... Read more

  • it's thursday

    4/19/2018 10:48:33 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful spring day here today! a bit on the cool side,though that is okay with me and my daughter. from tomorrow onwards, there is supposed t... Read more

  • C'mon weekend!

    4/19/2018 10:11:29 AM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    In Austin, the weekend starts on Thursday nights and then everyone is jazzed because it's Friday. Went out to a tea room for lunch to celebrate e... Read more

  • Thursday morning

    4/19/2018 9:16:24 AM, by PICKIE98

    Not much new here. I continue to do some PT exercises, but nothing new. I am still amazed that I do not need to rise and go to work every morni... Read more

  • Thursday...

    4/19/2018 9:04:08 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Thinking if I join a gym, I might do better. Can't get motivated by myself, but if I was somewhere where others are motivated, it could be a good... Read more

  • 4.19.2018 weigh in day

    4/19/2018 8:12:14 AM, by LTRINH9

    Well today is my normal weigh in day and to my surpri... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/19/2018 7:54:28 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Remarkable hero's Sparke... Read more

  • Hump day !

    4/18/2018 10:59:36 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Been a sleepy 2 days. Not much else accomplished. Worked too hard on the paper disposal ;-P Begun: 4/1/2018 238.2 1st goal: 5... Read more


    4/18/2018 10:38:18 PM, by JOANN25

    Although I see the discipline using the clock to start your meals and snacks, it doesn't work for me. I have too many distractions to set a cer... Read more

  • Sometimes I Really Hate Being Right

    4/18/2018 2:33:05 PM, by CHIRUKEN

    My doctor’s appointment was this morning. The good news? She’s happy with the progress I’ve made in regards to my weight and efforts to improve... Read more

  • Non food rewards

    4/18/2018 1:33:47 PM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    A trip to the hair salon today for a change of pace. Plan to get a pedicure for my next reward.... Read more

  • !? Is Spring Finally Here ?!

    4/18/2018 1:26:42 PM, by CROCHET2002

    Week 2 Day 3 of the 3 week Yoga Retreat and today I can honestly say I was sweating! The temperature outside is 60 degrees (F) and I'm sure that ... Read more

  • Realizations...

    4/18/2018 12:54:09 PM, by AVETTFAN

    I think perhaps the biggest mistake I have made during my weight loss journey has been not logging my foods. I've never been a techy girl. There ... Read more


    4/18/2018 11:40:40 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing ok no gym today had to go to court for daughters divorce and now they still friends no hollering or cursing he pa... Read more

  • Reduced pain for me!

    4/18/2018 11:15:41 AM, by PGHMIMI1

    For the last 2 years, after a fall, I have suffered chronic pain. I don’t like taking meds, so I was always looking for an alternate way to feel... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    4/18/2018 10:09:47 AM, by MOMMY445

    a really nice spring day here today. my daughter says hi! i will be getting outdoors in a while to enjoy the weather. it feels good to finally be... Read more

  • Wednesday morning

    4/18/2018 9:06:35 AM, by PICKIE98

    The sun is shining and no gale force winds! I have no appointments today, but did make one for a filling fix. I plan on putzing around home... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/18/2018 8:20:33 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Oh my! Sparkers... Read more

  • Recipe Update

    4/18/2018 8:18:40 AM, by JULMATT

    My new and unnamed recipe turned out to be a great meal. Calories was kind higher than it thought, but it was a very filling meal, so you didn... Read more

  • Hump day...

    4/18/2018 7:50:56 AM, by TWEDEE777

    No loss, no gain. Snow today again. When will spring get here? Hope you all have a wonderful day!!... Read more

  • Day 2

    4/18/2018 7:48:33 AM, by JOCEN86

    I managed to avoid eating emotionally yesterday. Kept busy with my girls. Today we are going to the museum and I’ve already planned my food for... Read more

  • Crossing the finish line

    4/17/2018 6:31:56 PM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    Tax season is over for me! Finished my day, ignored the chicken nuggets and dipping sauces and ate clementine oranges instead. Love those! And th... Read more

  • 4.17.2018

    4/17/2018 2:29:59 PM, by LTRINH9

    Today has been a pretty decent day so far have had some side pain but working through it. I am proud I have not taken a seroquel in almost 2 we... Read more

  • ?? Insomnia and Exercise ??

    4/17/2018 12:14:47 PM, by CROCHET2002

    I have been awake since 8:30 am on Monday, April 16th. At the time of this post - that's 27ish hours straight. Sometimes I just can not get to sl... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    4/17/2018 12:12:36 PM, by MOMMY445

    the weather has finally improved enough for me to venture out. my daughter went to school no problem this morning. she says hi to everyone! there... Read more


    4/17/2018 11:34:53 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing good great workout this morning trying to have great day my inches are really coming off my belly so when i start... Read more

  • Tuesday...

    4/17/2018 10:46:10 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Lost my cousin yesterday. She had cancer. Saw her 3 weeks ago and she was doing pretty good. Never know how much time we have. Carpe diem!!... Read more

  • Tuesday morning

    4/17/2018 9:14:46 AM, by PICKIE98

    I finally picked up the phone and contacted the dental office. I had to buy a dental supplement when I went on Medicare, so there was a lot of... Read more

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