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  • Day 130 Found my spark

    11/27/2015 10:29:33 PM, by ROBFIL

    Today was a stressful time for some at work as one of the kids in our class left for another school. Being a smaller school there was some big st... Read more

  • Black Friday

    11/27/2015 10:23:54 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Did I rush out to buy buy buy? No I rolled out of bed at 9:30. Did this and that and read some. I will think about what I will give at a slow... Read more

  • pedometer

    11/27/2015 9:39:22 PM, by MISTYPULLEN

    I lost a pedometer that I had logged over 2.5 miles on today and I hate that. I can't have it on my belt loop, shoe, or in my pocket as it doesn... Read more

  • The Toilet Seat

    11/27/2015 8:30:24 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Charlie's wife, Lucy, had been after him for several weeks to paint the seat on their toilet. Finally, he got around to doing it while Lucy was ... Read more

  • Goodbye

    11/27/2015 8:06:15 PM, by ANA3400

    I've decided that sparkpeople isn't the right place for me right now, so I'm saying goodbye. Since being diagnosed with gastroparesis I've been... Read more

  • Finished my 30 day challenge

    11/27/2015 4:05:30 PM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    On to the next one...what should it be? December is cookie month in my eyes. I bake and decorate lots of different kinds. It is so difficult not ... Read more

  • Rough....

    11/27/2015 1:53:40 PM, by SA555Y

    I hope every one had a Awsome Thanksgiving :-):-):-) I am trying to get back. yes yesterday u was alone a normal day. i was suspose to go over... Read more

  • Planning for Christmas.

    11/27/2015 1:44:22 PM, by SAKURASPRINKLES

    I realise it is pointless to keep a low calorie count over the holidays. It is not going to happen. It is not about will power, it is about com... Read more

  • Busy Shopping Day

    11/27/2015 12:14:19 PM, by DWROBERGE

    It is in the high sixties with lots of sunshine on the Gulf Coast. Exercises are going well. Calories remain below 1300. Weight is still down.... Read more

  • Lost streak

    11/27/2015 11:22:39 AM, by CJKAYA

    I am not as disappointed in my slight weight gain from Thanksgiving. Only .5 pound (still stuck) in 10# loss. I am more disappointed with the fa... Read more

  • After Holiday Binging

    11/27/2015 10:09:37 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Don't continue to binge just because there was a holiday. Holidays are a one day affair. Healthy lifestyles are a journey, not a wagon to be go... Read more

  • Sleepy...

    11/27/2015 9:53:05 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    DD slept pretty well considering she got to bed late last night. Me sleepy though...... Read more

  • Thankful Day 3

    11/27/2015 8:16:07 AM, by MEKISSA

    5 things I am thankful for today 1- I am thankful that my boyfriends layoff came at a time when the bills are all paid, the kitchen is full ... Read more

  • Black Friday RUN

    11/27/2015 7:53:13 AM, by DSCROW

    I had a nice run this morning ... Read more

  • Day 1

    11/27/2015 7:42:18 AM, by RYLIE19

    I'm sure there's plenty of us that are starting or re-starting our weight loss journey now that Thanksgiving is behind us! I'm hopeful and optim... Read more

  • Friday's Funny

    11/27/2015 5:09:22 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • Foggy Friday

    11/27/2015 4:38:11 AM, by MADZOYA

    Calorie intake Good. Had an extra scoop of soup, as it was cold and I was hungry. Not above my range. Exercise Walked home and the... Read more

  • Overdid it

    11/27/2015 3:10:44 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    I knew I would. Thanksgiving dinner is a huge temptation for me and I messed up.... Read more

  • Day 129 Found my spark

    11/27/2015 1:11:31 AM, by ROBFIL

    My focus wasn't there at work but it was still a good day at work.As long as I leanr from things is what matters. I noticed my knees were not hur... Read more

  • thankful blog #4

    11/27/2015 12:17:01 AM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I am going to make this one short and sweet.I am thankful for a warm bed to sleep in and a pillow to put my head on each since some don't even ha... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/26/2015 10:19:39 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Our day went well with no family blowups. One more thing for the thankful list. Hope yours went as well. ... Read more

  • My Thanksgiving

    11/26/2015 8:25:00 PM, by 40NOW2007

    Spent the day in my nightgown and robe and watched TV. Started cooking early afternoon. Had a late dinner. ... Read more

  • Blew through my max calorie count

    11/26/2015 8:11:20 PM, by MISTYPULLEN

    I did move more and still blew through what I had set for myself for calorie wise. I hate that. I'm glad i'm adding more time each day for exer... Read more

  • How Was Your Thanksgiving?????

    11/26/2015 7:25:48 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    We went to my brother's home for Thanksgiving today. He lives about 35 miles south of us. We all bring a part of the menu, so that my SIL doesn... Read more

  • Enjoying the family

    11/26/2015 7:07:23 PM, by DSCROW

    We have spent the day at Cades Cove and Gatlinburg today and it was great fun. I did snack a bite here and bite there of things I shouldn't but ... Read more

  • Winner -Not!!

    11/26/2015 6:43:23 PM, by _LINDA

    I have been scratching to win an Air Miles contest online for a month now without any luck, so when I logged in to play the daily contest this mo... Read more

  • Sad and tired

    11/26/2015 2:30:11 PM, by IMRAN99

    Feeling sad and tired today. Got hammered at work yesterday. Today was a better but trying to make things better is so exacting. Not to make thin... Read more

  • Need to Change!

    11/26/2015 1:19:51 PM, by SASSYGIRL0801

    So here I am, sitting at work, trying to figure out how to change my life. People who haven't struggled say 'it's easy, just leave things behind ... Read more

  • hello

    11/26/2015 12:34:37 PM, by SJBDVM

    I started back on SparkPeople this weekend. I haven't really started using the menus yet, but I plan to do that next week (after the holiday). ... Read more

  • Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

    11/26/2015 10:12:32 AM, by PACEKA1

    One of the joys of Thanksgiving is wishing everyone... Read more

  • Not Again...

    11/26/2015 9:51:44 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    Another crappy night for me...... Read more

  • Thankful day 2

    11/26/2015 9:23:17 AM, by MEKISSA

    5 things I am thankful for today. 1- I am thankful that my boyfriend is home with me today. 2- I am thankful that we are going to get some jobs d... Read more

  • my workouts

    11/26/2015 8:06:16 AM, by BROKEDOWN

    I think I give at least 80 percent or higher. It's trying to have the energy to do them on my work days. Since I work 12 hour shifts.... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/26/2015 7:30:05 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Be thankful, love your family and friends, pray for those less fortunate, praise God. ... Read more

  • Thanksgiving

    11/26/2015 7:24:00 AM, by CALART

    I am thankful that I have gotten rid of of 6# so far! I am thankful for the pool at the YMCA. I am thankful for my supportive friends & family.... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    11/26/2015 5:08:32 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • Full of energy

    11/26/2015 4:17:55 AM, by MADZOYA

    Calorie intake On the spot. Still tracking, still on track. Exercise Walked home, went to the gym at night. Did the 1st day of the... Read more

  • Friends & Thanksgiving Wish ;-) 11/26

    11/26/2015 1:19:37 AM, by PDSLIM

    Amazing Acts of Animal Cooperation
    rid=872002 And Happy Thanks... Read more

  • Journey Day 141: Hindsight is gonna be 20/20

    11/25/2015 11:47:02 PM, by WRITE-OWN-STORY

    OK guys. I've debated on sharing this with y'all for a couple of days before realizing that due to the beauty of the Internet, I will probably n... Read more

  • exercise.

    11/25/2015 10:20:49 PM, by MISTYPULLEN

    I'm liking the little bit of exercise I do each day and doing more each day. Even though it's not weight loss movement, it is extra movement tha... Read more

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