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OMG. What NOW...
8/23/2014 1:17:24 AM,  1 COMMENTS

My dad is in big trouble... He's 85, and he has been falling a LOT over the last several months... two weeks or so ago he fell through the guard...  Read more


Two days with spark friends, one of the BEST two days of the year,
8/22/2014 10:50:43 PM,  8 COMMENTS

DH and I drove to Stockton Springs Maine. I always love the little restaurant there and it is right on rote 3 heading us up to Acadia National Park...  Read more


Things I usually do
8/22/2014 10:13:29 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am an imperfect perfectionists. I tend to have all or nothing thinking. I say for example I want to read or listen to scriptures daily. I go alon...  Read more


Make It Hard to Be Bad
8/22/2014 9:46:35 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I was just reading on the sparkpage of WOUBBIE (question: why are our 'names' always in all caps?) and she shares something that I think is absolutel...  Read more


Go Faster…Post 1/2 Marathon Thoughts
8/22/2014 9:12:56 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This is the official time from the half 4:59:20.3 22:51/M. Completing the Half Marathon I must say has been a sense of accomplishment and...  Read more


10 hours til we hit the road...
8/22/2014 9:04:52 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Today has been a busy day. It started off slow with sleeping in. After I got up I ate some breakfast and gave the kitchen a good cleaning. Not...  Read more


Posting my exercise.
8/22/2014 8:09:19 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Day 88 of exercise in 2014 (not a streak) Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) ⊗ 12 minutes 57 calories burned I have laundry to fold and...  Read more


School started !
8/22/2014 6:26:55 PM,  4 COMMENTS

So 2 of my kids are in school , my oldest graduated last year. He is looking for a job and hopefully he will be heading to take classes soon also. ...  Read more


Vacationing in Michigan
8/22/2014 6:06:52 PM,  0 COMMENTS

This weekend my family rented a house in Petoskey. We went to Machinac Island today. You have to take a ferry across to the island. My husband and I w...  Read more


Pretty hot Day - motivation is where?
8/22/2014 3:55:53 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Last night was amazing, husband and I went to a Dinner Theater for his birthday. We saw 'Elementry - sherlock holmes' it was great. Dinner there...  Read more


Finally weight loss
8/22/2014 2:01:11 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I lost 5 pounds this week!!!! I feel like I am finally on the down side of the plateau. Lots of family drama at the moment, but I am on track and...  Read more


Countdown day 90 --aiming at eventual 100% compliance with suggested eating plan
8/22/2014 12:42:40 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I have been advised to more slowly follow the ALCAT eating plan based on my food sensitivities. So I don't have to be "perfect" yet. 41 In 3 months...  Read more


8/22/2014 12:25:03 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Today we hiked a trail that was poorly marked, and did not end up at our desired destination. Tomorrow we WILl find the plane crash site on Mt Water...  Read more


Happy Friday
8/22/2014 12:20:27 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Friday is my favorite day because I have an entire weekend to look forward to. And, tonight, my husband and I are going to see "Wicked" in Salt Lake C...  Read more


The lurking Food Dragon
8/22/2014 12:00:01 PM,  7 COMMENTS

So this week is about reviewing the 7 tools of the book. Yesterday was an impromptu road trip. My daughter's ride to camp fell through and there wa...  Read more


Be an Angel Day
8/22/2014 8:14:06 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Be an Angel Day When : Always August 22 Be an Angel Day encourages us to do acts of kindness, and to help others. This special da...  Read more


Blessings, August 22, 2014
8/22/2014 7:56:40 AM,  3 COMMENTS

My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. I had a great first week of school. 2. Fundraise...  Read more


If the SHOES fit---
8/22/2014 7:29:56 AM,  23 COMMENTS

331 --I bought 2 pr of colourful runners , yesterday-- I was so excited to try them out!--(incidentally they felt so good-'specially on my one sore...  Read more


Fabulous Friday
8/22/2014 6:59:05 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Up early to get chores done. Exercises going well. Weight is steady. Calories remain below 1500. Trivia is at 96%. Looks like a great day here....  Read more


Sign for my computer to improve
8/22/2014 6:51:50 AM,  13 COMMENTS

At doctor visits I always regret not having done the things to make my "numbers" better. To remind myself , I made a sign to tape on my computer:...  Read more


Burn more fat by 1 min. high intensity exercise alternated with 20 min. of moderate exercising.
8/22/2014 6:35:29 AM,  3 COMMENTS

A Cardio Obsession Ramp up cardio, burn calories and fat. Sounds simple enough, but the latest science on exercising for weight loss says otherwi...  Read more


We got home late after a great time.
8/21/2014 10:54:38 PM,  27 COMMENTS

I do have pictures. TERRI's DH has shown me how to do some other things on my tablet and he was very helpful and patient. DH and I were able to g...  Read more


Thank You Mercola for Natto, The Japanese Superfood
8/21/2014 10:20:36 PM,  2 COMMENTS

So I've been reading about Natto from Mercola for quite some time. Finally, I got the courage and bit the bullet. It's time to make some Natto. W...  Read more


Rethinking who I think I am.
8/21/2014 9:11:34 PM,  5 COMMENTS

For some reason I was taught as a child to doubt every compliment. My former stepmom was a very sad person. As I think back she apparently wanted to...  Read more


Stress eating...
8/21/2014 9:11:31 PM,  9 COMMENTS

T Minus one more day until vacation and the stress is really setting in. I keep trying to tell myself the trip is worse in my mind than it will be in...  Read more


I haven't had to put any water in the pool this summer.
8/21/2014 8:50:40 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Day 87 of exercise in 2014 (not a streak) Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) ⊗ 14 minutes 66 calories burned We had thunderstorms this...  Read more


I'm off today :)
8/21/2014 5:03:32 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I've been taking some me time off from working 7 days a week and it feels great! I got my grocery shopping done and depending on the weather will go...  Read more


Thursday update
8/21/2014 4:38:43 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Up early so my wife could go to exercise class. I had a dentist appointment for cleaning. Exercises are going well. Weight is steady. Calories rem...  Read more


Frustrated With Tracking
8/21/2014 4:38:13 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I am sick of tracking. I eat about 1300 calories a day. I plan my meals and cook them from scratch. In an effort to incorporate more vegetables int...  Read more


The Day Has Turned Around
8/21/2014 3:43:29 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Recovering from P/T was a bit easier today. Muscles are definitely protesting in the way of leg cramps but Victoria's routine was much more gentile th...  Read more


Happy Thursday...
8/21/2014 12:42:00 PM,  3 COMMENTS

My fasting blood glucose was 139 this morning, and when I examine my food history yesterday, I can't figure out why. Big D is a tricky disease. I can...  Read more


Blessings, August 21, 2014
8/21/2014 11:30:33 AM,  2 COMMENTS

My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. New staff members. 2. New students. 3....  Read more


BLC Opened to newbies!
8/21/2014 10:57:14 AM,  2 COMMENTS

If any of you are interested in the BLC, here is your invite to come check it out!! It keeps you going and challenged. Holiday are upon us very soon....  Read more


Real Attainable Goals
8/21/2014 10:38:26 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I just think after reading a few blogs that I want to write out some of my most attainable goals here. 1) Get off all diabetic medications! Contr...  Read more


Not A Good Day So Far
8/21/2014 9:40:31 AM,  6 COMMENTS

So not feeling well today. I was so tired and sore from Physical Therapy Tuesday that I slept most of yesterday. And silly me forgot to take my meds....  Read more


Each day is brighter and brighter!
8/21/2014 8:58:25 AM,  2 COMMENTS

All I have to do is keep looking forward. I do not did to sweat the small stuff. I will not let thing bring me down if I slip up because the next mi...  Read more


National Senior Citizens Day
8/21/2014 8:42:24 AM,  6 COMMENTS

National Senior Citizens Day When : August 21st National Senior Citizens Day honors our elderly population. On this day, we are encour...  Read more


Back to school time ---BSG Sensational Sisters Blog 3
8/21/2014 8:14:46 AM,  10 COMMENTS

So the blog challenge for week 3 of the Sensational Sisters team is to blog about "How does the "Back To School" time affect you? Do you have your par...  Read more


A lotta non-sense!
8/21/2014 7:23:26 AM,  19 COMMENTS

Well, it's Thursday-----but--to himself, (who does NOT have a weight problem!)--it is his Friday--He is off every Friday. Right now Himself is in t...  Read more


Learning And Luxury Camping!
8/21/2014 5:49:32 AM,  23 COMMENTS

We have a small used camper that we take with us on our trips. It is in good shape, and we love it. It allows us to stay where we want to be, and...  Read more


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